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Nectar Vs Emma Mattress Review


Written by Kyle

Last Updated: 28th September, 2021

The Nectar and Emma mattress are among the most popular and researched mattresses that come in a box. Here we compare Nectar vs Emma in a detailed way and include a side by side table analysis.

Emma is known best known for having sold over a million mattresses worldwide and is considered by some as the most awarded mattress.

Nectar, on the other hand, jumped later into the UK market but has taken it by storm by offering a mattress with an unrivalled trial period and warranty which we will get into in this Nectar vs Emma Mattress comparison.

Here we differentiate the two so you can better decide which makes more sense for you, the Nectar or the Emma mattress. We have compared them side by side and highlighted their unique pros and cons.

Comparison Table in Conclusion

If you have not already gone through our in-depth review on both the Nectar and Emma mattresses we would highly recommend you do so.

Although we try to capture the main differences there may also be some additional information from each review that may sway your decision or even bring light to an idea that you may not even have considered.

Nectar vs Emma Mattress Discount Codes

We not only want to assist in giving you all the important differences between the two mattresses but help you get the best price.

Here we have our coupons from both Nectar and Emma which we constantly update and also in some cases receive exclusive discount codes which you are free to use.

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Nectar vs Emma Mattress Construction

Not only the materials used but also the positioning of the materials can have a huge impact on how the mattress feels, its durability and overall comfort.

The constructions are both very similar with one main difference.

Both mattresses have a supportive base layer, a memory foam middle layer and a third foam layer on top. The difference sits in this top layer where Emma uses their own, trademarked Airgocell foam which has more air pores than the normal polyurethane foam that Nectar uses. Both are meant to combat the heat retention that is common in foam mattresses but the Airgocell is slightly more advanced.

We have a whole explanation on memory foam mattresses.

Cover Comparison

Nectar Cover

The Nectar cover is made from polyester and has been designed to draw heat away which helps with mattress air circulation.

Emma Cover

Emma has also opted for a polyester cover. The underside of the base cover has non-slip elements to help keep the mattress in place and also includes mattress handles for easier manoeuvring. That being said, the handles could be a bit sturdier given the weight of the mattress.

Both the Nectar and Emma mattress cover are designed to wick away moisture and yet still remain comfortable. As both utilise polyester as the main cover material you can be certain that they're made to be durable, wrinkle-free and breathable.

A major difference is that the Emma cover is made to be removable and machine washable, making this very practical in today's world. The Nectar cover is not recommend laundering but rather "spot cleaned" with soapy water.

Additionally, The Emma mattress includes handles for easy rotating to prolong its lifetime whereas the Nectar does not. But maybe it won't need once you find out the warranty Nectar are offering.

Materials & Layer Comparison

As previously mentioned if you go for the Nectar or Emma mattress you will find a very similar layer compilation. Both are made from 3 foam layers, which seems to be the industry norm in the bed in a box scene.

Memory foam mattresses are topped with a layer of temperature-sensitive viscoelastic material (memory foam). This makes the shape of the mattress change to fit the shape of your body. Since body weight is evenly distributed by memory foam, your head and neck should remain properly aligned through all three primary sleeping positions. This gives it the feeling of moulding itself to the shape of your body.

If you’re heavier, you’ll find this offers that cradling and contour often lacking in other mattress types. They also offer a high degree of support.

Memory foam has a few benefits which may interest you;

  • It helps to provide a true body fit
  • Memory foam can help to relieve pain because of its pressure-relieving properties,
  • Finally, it is slow in nature, producing a motionless surface. which is why memory foam mattresses are a great option for couples.

Emma has broadened their offering and now also sell a hybrid mattress version known as the Emma Premium mattress.

Nectar Layers

The Nectar mattress consists of:

  1. Dynamic support layer - A top polyfoam layer meant to help release heat that's can be trapped by the memory foam layer.
  2. Transition memory foam - An additional memory foam layer that adds extra pressure relief.
  3. Supportive base layer - A firmer base foam with the main function of generating support for Nectar mattress.

Emma Layers

The Emma mattress is constructed of 3 simple layers:

  1. Airgocell® - Emma's signature foam. This is a polyfoam that is created to incorporate more air pockets, making it easy for air to flow through.
  2. Memory foam - A mid memory foam layer that acts as a bridge from the top layer and sturdier base. It also adds some pressure relief to the overall feel of the mattress.
  3. Base layer - An essential foundation to give support and push back.

As you will notice they have a similar structure in terms of layering with the exception of the top layers. The Emma mattress may be a bit less "body contouring" than the Nectar but slightly more breathable, thanks to the extra air pores.

Both the Nectar and Emma mattresses have base layers that have been castellated. This means they have incorporated cut out channels in areas where your hips or shoulders would lay. This helps to ensure an aligned spine even when sleeping on your side.

The Nectar mattress seems to be the more durable as it can hold up to 292kg or 46 stone (23 per sleeper) whereas the Emma mattress holds up to 260kg or 40 stone (20 per sleeper). The Nectar mattress may be the better choice for heavy individuals looking for a mattress.

Nectar vs Emma Firmness & Feel

Nectar Firmness

The Nectar mattress is considered a medium-firm mattress and sits in the middle of the firmness scale at around 6.5/10 with 10 being very firm.

Emma Firmness

Emma too is classified as a 6.5/10 putting it in the medium-firm mattress class.

Because the majority of UK sleepers will find themselves looking for a medium-firm feeling mattress, the online mattress brands have created a mattress to fill this need.

Firmness and comfort are, however, very subjective topics so it is important to keep that in mind.

As the Nectar mattress and Emma mattress are considered medium you should expect a balanced feel. it is important to mention that the nectar mattress may have a softer initial feel because of the slower response top memory foam layer but many customers have also stated it feels firm to them.

Here are some recommendations and tips you should take into consideration if you are specifically looking for a soft mattress or firm mattress.

Nectar Vs Emma For Couples

When sleeping next to someone it's good to have a look at the motion transfer of the mattress, especially if that someone is a restless sleeper. Motion transfer refers to how much you feel the movement from your partner on your side of the bed when he or she tosses and turns. Generally, foam mattresses are much better at isolating motion while hybrid mattresses or pocket-sprung mattresses are better mattresses for sex as they provide some extra bounce.

Nectar Motion Isolation

Our tests showed great results for motion isolation for the Nectar mattress as the video shows. Despite our heavy bouncing on one side of the bed, little motion was transferred over to the other side which could make the Nectar a good mattress for couples.

Emma Motion Isolation

The Emma mattress also shows excellent results according to our tests with very little movement detected on the other side of the bed. This could also be a good option for a restless sleeping couple who don't want to disturb one another.

These two mattresses both showed exceptional results in our tests for motion transfer. The Emma Original seems to be slightly better at isolating motion (although the difference is minimal) while the Nectar has a bit better edge support, meaning that the edges are less likely to sag than on the Emma.

Pressure Relief Comparison

Both mattresses performed very well overall on our tests for pressure relief, being supportive enough for most sleeping positions while still providing pressure relief in critical areas such as hips and shoulders. Heavier individuals that sleep on their front may feel that there's a lack of support for their mid-sections, allowing for the stomach to sink a bit too deep into the mattress, putting some added pressure on their lower back in the case of both mattresses.

The Emma mattress showed slightly better results for pressure relief when sleeping on the back and front compared to the Nectar, and both mattresses showed almost identical results for side sleeping.

Nectar Pressure Relief Results

Emma Pressure Relief Results

Nectar vs Emma Comparison

We have inserted a side by side comparison table for the Nectar vs Emma review. Hopefully, this helps you to decide which is better for you, the Nectar or Emma mattress.

Type Memory Foam Memory Foam
Layers 3 3
Cover Polyester (100% polyester) with handles and machine washable
Top Layer Polyfoam Layer Airgocell®
Layer 2 Memory Foam Layer  Memory Foam
Layer 3 Polyfoam Base Layer Polyfoam Base
Depth 25cm 25cm
Max Weight (2 people) 26 stone or 145kg per person 20 stone or 130kg per person
Made In UK UK
Firmness 6.5/10 6.5/10
Delivery Free, 1-5 business days Free, 1-3 business days
Returns Free Free
Trial 365-nights 200-nights
Warranty Forever 10-years
Price (without discount) £769-£1,284 £449-£899
Discounts Best Nectar Discounts Compilation Best Emma Discounts Compilation
Our Review Nectar Rating Emma Rating
Although we update The Mattress Guide regularly, data and information can be changed by the manufacturers/ brands. Please confirm with the mattress company before purchasing.

Should I Buy a Nectar or Emma

To finalise this Nectar vs Emma mattress comparison, we have the following to say and summarise some points to be considered.

Possibly the main selling point of the Nectar mattress is its forever warranty (please read all the fine print) and its 365-night trial. A whole year is unheard of in the mattress with free trial industry.

Emma does provide a lengthy trial period which is more than enough in our eyes. Generally, you could say it can take up to 3 weeks to fully feel the benefits of a new mattress and can therefore determine if you want to keep it or not.

If you compare the Nectar and Emma mattress in terms of UK awards, features and recommendations, you will find the Emma has received more press. This may also be because the Emma mattress has been around longer.

Interestingly is that Nectar upholds climate-neutral manufacturing, making it a sustainable mattress, which is not yet that common in the UK. This means they have found strategies to offset their carbon footprint during the manufacturing process so it is fully carbon neutral once it arrives at your door.

If you would like to extend your comparison range and find out about some other similar mattresses in the UK. We would highly recommend you visit our Best Mattress post.

We Would Recommend Buying a Nectar Mattress if you are Looking For:

45% Off All Mattresses
nectar discount code voucher uk
Nectar Discount Voucher Code
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nectar vs emma comparison
  • A memory foam mattress that is manufactures in a sustainable manner.
  • A mattress with an unbeatable trial and warranty.
  • A durable mattress that will also suit heavier individuals.

We Would Recommend Buying an Emma Mattress if you are Looking For:

Emma vs Nectar comparison
  • A balanced mattress made for all sleeping types.
  • A mattress that has won multiples awards and features.
  • A mattress that is breathable and good for couples.


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