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Best Mattress for Couples 2022


Written by Lauren

Last Updated: 9th February, 2022

Selecting a mattress is a difficult task on its own; with a partner, it adds another set of preferences into the mix. Many factors have to be taken into account with the hope that no one has to compromise. We at The Mattress Guide hope to guide you in choosing the right mattress for you and your partner.

(Important Facts, Studies, Advice, Considerations & FAQs In Conclusion)

Nectar Memory Foam mattressMemory FoamMedium-firm365 Nights
Forever Years
Brook + Wilde Lux mattressHybridSoft, Medium or Firm100 Nights
10 Years
Emma Original mattressMemory FoamMedium200 Nights
10 Years
Tweak Slumber Duo mattressModularSoft, Medium & Firm100 Nights
10 Years
Prices are referring to the double size. Information may be subject to change, please check with the brand/manufacturer before purchasing.

1. Nectar Mattress

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best mattress for couples uk nectar mattress
(Image credit: Nectar)
• Quilted cooling cover
• 7 zone support base
• 365-night trial
• Eco-friendly individuals
• Those who enjoy edge support
• Sleepers who prefer medium-firm

The Nectar mattress aims to use its various layers to provide both comfort and support for you and your partner. The mattress uses 12% memory foam and is a medium-firm feel, which is a popular firmness level amongst many.

The mattress from Nectar includes various temperature regulating features, such as its quilted cooling cover and dynamic support layer, both aiming to increase airflow. The memory foam layers are designed to support the body while providing pressure relief.

Nectar offers a 365-night trial and a forever warranty. In addition, Nectar mattresses state that they are 100% carbon neutral, with all cardboard packaging coming from sustainable forests.

2. Brook and Wilde Lux Mattress

brook wilde lux partner mattress
(Image credit: Brook + Wilde)
• 2000 mini pocket spring layer
• Wave technology
• Made in the UK
• Those who value motion isolation
• Sleepers seeking spinal alignment
• People who prefer hybrid mattresses

Designed and manufactured in the UK, Brook and Wilde offers their premium mattress in soft, medium and firm. All firmness levels claim to provide comfort and pressure relief using the various layers within this 28cm thick mattress.

This mattress has two spring layers, a 2000 mini pocket spring layer, and below are full-size pocket springs for extra push back and support. To balance against the firm springs, a layer of memory foam aims to eliminate motion transfer while moulding to the body. There is also a support foam layer that seeks to aid spinal alignment by using 'wave technology'.

Finally, the Brook + Wilde mattress comes with a 100-night home trial and a 10-year guarantee. Additionally, the mattress is delivered with free premium delivery.

3. Emma Original Mattress

emma mattress uk
(Image credit: Emma)
• Airgocell layer
• HRX foam
• Visco-elastic foam
• Those who prefer foam mattresses
• Sleepers looking for back support
• Hot sleepers

The Emma Original mattress is a great consideration for those couples looking for a mattress designed for all types of sleepers. It has high customer ratings and claims to be the UK's most awarded mattress.

The Emma mattress is a 4-layered memory foam mattress. It has its own Airgocell foam layer, which is used to promote breathability and temperature regulation. In addition, the mattress contains visco-elastic foam to help with pressure relief and mould to the body. The final layer uses HRX foam which aims to support the back and promote spinal alignment.

Included with the Original mattress from Emma is a 200-night trial for you to try it out in the comfort of your home, as well as a 10-year warranty to ensure the mattress stands the test of time.

4. Tweak Duo Mattress

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tweak slumber discount code voucher uk
Tweak Slumber Discount Voucher Code
Save £100 on the Tweak mattress! | T&Cs apply.
Save £100 on the Tweak mattress! | T&Cs apply. Show Less
best mattress for couples tweak duo
(Image credit: Tweak Slumber)
• Dual mattress
• 1000 individual pocket springs
• Open-cell comfort layer
• Couples with different preferences
• Those with allergies
• Sleepers who enjoy edge support

The Tweak Duo mattress is designed with couples in mind as you can choose your own split firmness level, ranging between soft, medium and firm. Moreover, Tweak Slumber offers one free layer change if you have tried out the mattress and find it's not perfect for you.

The seamless mattress split aims to reduce motion transfer while providing customisable comfort for individual sleeping positions and body weights. The mattress includes 1,000 encapsulated full-sized springs to ensure enough pushback and edge support. Springs are also known to allow better airflow, so this may be a great consideration if you are a hot sleeper. Additionally, a layer of zoned polyurethane foam provides comfort and an open-cell comfort layer to provide breathability.

The Tweak Duo mattress comes with a 100-night trial and a 10-year warranty. Deliveries and returns are at zero cost to you.

The Unusual Origins of Bed Sharing 

Sharing a bed with your other half is largely regarded as the norm nowadays; however, this hasn’t always been the case. Earlier history saw families and friends sharing beds for reasons such as security, necessity or comfort. Fast forward to the Victorian period, sharing a bed became frowned upon, new knowledge of diseases and germs led people to think it was unhealthy. Some even believed that sharing would cause the weaker individual to drain the strength from the stronger

bed sharing history

In the 1920s, many affluent couples continued to sleep in separate bedrooms, yet for everyone else, twin beds gained popularity for being trendy, modern and hygienic. It wasn’t until the 1950s that attitudes started to shift, with many associating separate beds to signify a failing marriage. The sexual revolution surrounding the 1960’s further promoted bed-sharing and brought us to where we are today.

Mattress For Couples: Considerations

When selecting the perfect mattress for you and your partner, it is important to know what to expect from your purchase and to find the ideal solution for both of your sleeping needs. Below we outline the main considerations before buying a mattress as a couple.

Did you know?
A study✓ showed that men tend to sleep longer and get up later than women. They found this could be due to men having an increased sense of security.

Motion Isolation

Motion isolation is a common term in the mattress world and means how much energy/movement is absorbed by the mattress when one moves. No one wants to roll and awake their partner or be woken up from the other's movements. Having great motion isolation is a huge benefit for most couples; it can be the difference between a perfect nights sleep and not sleeping at all.

motion isolation and transference

A study✓ involving 40 couples found that when one of them moved, there was a 50% chance of the other getting disturbed. With that being said, motion isolation mattresses could be a good fit for light sleepers or those who tend up get up during the night.

Memory foam and foam combination mattresses can be a good option for reduced motion transfer as they can absorb and dissipate movement very well.


When purchasing a mattress, sex could be an important aspect, especially for couples. A good mattress for sex should be durable while offering a good amount of support. Firmer mattresses tend to supply both these benefits, while softer mattresses may be more prone to sinking and sagging over time.

Noise is also something to take into consideration. Spring mattresses tend to be louder than foam mattresses. However, the latter is also known for heat retention, which may not be ideal for sexual activity or hot sleepers.

Hybrid and spring mattresses provide a good amount of bounce for sex but lack motion isolation. These types of compromises can be decided based on you and your partner's personal preferences.

Firmness And Feel

Perhaps the most important aspect when deciding on a new mattress for couples. The firmness is rated on a scale from 1 to 10, 1 being the softest and 10 being the firmest. The online mattress brands currently out there in the UK generally offer firmness from 4 through to 8.

best mattress firmness for couples

A firmer mattress may be preferable for heavier individuals since it may be less likely to sag under pressure. Edge support is also good for heavy people and those who like to take up more space in the bed. For those suffering from back pain, research✓ has shown that a medium-firm mattress is generally the best option.

This may be the biggest issue if you and your partner have different preferences. However, modular mattresses offer customizability that lets you choose the firmness of each side.


When sharing a bed, body heat can naturally raise the temperature, especially if you're sleeping with a hot sleeper. Those enjoying an active sex life may also prefer the benefits of a cooler mattress.

Despite memory foam having many beneficial qualities, it is also known to retain heat. A good way to avoid this would be investing in an open-cell or gel-infused foam mattress. In contrast, spring mattresses tend to be much cooler as air can travel throughout the springs and promote breathability.

Fun Fact!
Research✓ into different indoor temperatures found that the most comfortable sleeping temperature is around 23°C (73.4°F).

If purchasing a new mattress isn't possible, a good alternative could be to use a gel mattress topper or a cooling mattress topper to help regulate the temperature.

The Right Sized Mattress For Couples

The size of your mattress is highly dependent on you and your partner's body size, as well as your individual preferences. The most recommended mattress size for couples is the king size, it offers enough personal space for each of you yet is also intimate enough.

We put together a list of all the sizes currently available in the UK. Please take a look to see what size best suits you and your partner (we suggest at least a double size mattress). Some brands offer more sizes than others, but they all offer at least the standard double, king and super king sizes.

Small single size mattress 75x200
Single size mattress 90x190
Small double size mattress 120x190
Double size mattress 135x190
King size mattress 150x200
Super king size mattress 180x200
EU small single size mattress 80x200
EU single size mattress 90x200
EU double size mattress 140x190
EU double L size mattress 140x200
EU queen size mattress 160x200
Emperor 200x200

Mattress Types For Couples

There is a variety of mattress types and materials currently available in the UK. It can get a little overwhelming when choosing the right one for your personal preferences, even more so when considering those of your partner. Here we will break down the 3 most common mattress types, alongside their pros and cons for couples.

mattress types for couples
  1. Memory foam: A popular choice amongst many, memory foam mattresses provide good levels of motion isolation and noise reduction, which can be beneficial for sex and light sleepers. The soft feel and cushioning can also be effective at providing pressure relief. A possible downside is that memory foam is known to be heat rententive, so if you're a hot sleeper, consider open-cell or gel infused memory foam for a cooler feel.
  2. Pocket sprung: Pocket sprung mattresses consist of layers of springs and coils, which can sometimes be combined with foam. These mattresses tend to be more firm and can therefore offer durability and support; making it a good option for sexually active couples. The springs also allow for added breathability. However, if a spring mattress is on the firmer side, it may not provide as much pressure relief. Moreover, mattresses with coils may not be the best option for noise reduction.
  3. Latex: A good eco-friendly option, latex is a naturally sourced material made using the sap from trees. The elastic, bouncy feel found with many latex mattresses may appeal to couples as it can allow for good ease of movement. Moreover, latex mattresses can offer a cooler feel with reduced motion transfer. Unfortunatley, latex mattresses may be more expensive than others on the market.

Benefits Of A Dual Mattress

A dual mattress or zip link mattress is usually a larger sized mattress that is divided into two different levels of firmness. This is a great option for couples who vary in body weight, sleeping position or have different preferences. It also allows you to consider your own needs rather than making compromises.

For heavier individuals and front or back sleepers, a firmer side could be a suitable fit as it will support your spine rather than letting it sag, which may be the case with softer mattresses. For side sleepers, a soft or medium-firm mattress will help to cushion the hips and shoulders whilst providing pressure relief. Dual mattresses not only solve these conflicting preferences but also reduces motion transference with their split foam design.

If you can't afford a new mattress, or you simply want to test varying degrees of firmness, it's worth considering a single sized mattress topper. There are plenty of firm or soft mattress toppers available to suit your preferences.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the best mattress for heavy couples?

While this depends on personal preferences, a medium-firm to firm feel can help to prevent the sinking and sagging often found in softer mattresses. A firm mattress topper may also help to add extra support.

The best mattress for couples who toss and turn?

A mattress with reduced or zero motion transfer can help to avoid disruptions due to movement. Memory foam and latex mattresses tend to be good for providing reduced motion transfer.

What size is a king-size mattress?

In the UK, a king-sized mattress measures 150x200. See above for all sizes and dimensions. 

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