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Premier Inn Pillow Review

Premier Inn is the UK's largest hotel brand, with more than 800 hotels across the country. Due to the large number of visitors staying in their rooms, Premier Inn makes it a priority to provide a comfortable night's sleep with high-quality beds, mattresses and bedding. For those who enjoy their rest at Premier Inn, you […]

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The Fine Bedding Company Pillows Review

The Fine Bedding Company is a business with over 100 years of experience and sells a variety of bedding products, such as duvets, linens, toppers and pillows. The Fine Bedding Company promises to deliver on quality, innovation, sustainability and technology. Currently, their bedding is available from,, as well as across the UK in department stores, […]

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The Original Groove Pillow Review

In this Original Groove Pillow review, we're checking out a newcomer on the pillow market that already has thousands of five-star reviews. Sleeping on a good pillow is something we all can benefit from and most people know that, theoretically. But buying a good pillow is often overlooked unless we already have pains in our […]

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Emma Premium Microfibre Pillow Review

The Emma brand has been growing rapidly and gaining momentum with the help of online exposure, awards and press. There is no wonder why they are now extending their product portfolio and introducing a new pillow to customers - the Emma Premium Microfibre Pillow which was once called the Emma Cloud Pillow. The Premium Microfibre […]

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IKEA Pillows UK Review

IKEA was founded in 1943 and has grown to be the world’s largest furniture retailer. They have 378 locations worldwide and have created products across many different household areas. This includes many types of mattresses and bedding that people all over the world use. Having the right bedding is crucial for your night’s sleep, and […]

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Tempur Pillow Review

Tempur is well-known for its excellent range of mattresses. However, these are not the only products that they offer. If you are searching for a supportive pillow, you should consider some of the ones from Tempur. The right pillow is a search that is just as important as the right mattress. This is because your […]

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OTTY Deluxe Pure Bamboo Pillow Review

In this OTTY Deluxe Pure Bamboo Pillow Review, we will be looking at an interesting addition from OTTY. The product in question is OTTY’s first bamboo pillow and claim to be the first charcoal and bamboo pillow in the UK market. You might be wondering why OTTY would use charcoal and bamboo in their product, […]

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MyPillow Review

In this Mypillow Review, we take a look at the pillow taking the tv advertising world by storm. With apparently over 40 million pillows sold, MyPillow is now in the UK market.  The MyPillow team have even established a UK-based factory, to cater for the UK market, with the factory being based in Coventry. With […]

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REM-Fit 500 Pillow Review

The REM-Fit 500 Cool Gel Pillow or REM-fit 500 Pillow for short is a gel-infused memory foam pillow that's made to support all sleeping types. We, of course, had to jump onto it and dissect it and see what makes this pillow so popular. Just a quick backstory, REM-Fit focuses on sleep recovery and bring […]

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REM-Fit Snow Pillow Review

If you are a bit of a hot head sleeper this cooling REM-Fit Snow Pillow may be the solution for you. The pillow's name itself is quite a statement, "snow pillow" as if you'll get a brain freeze from using the pillow. But what in fact they are trying to communicate is the cooling features […]

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