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Nectar Mattress Review


Written by Kyle

Last Updated: 12th April, 2022

In this Nectar mattress review, we will be diving into one of the worlds fastest growing direct-to-consumer mattress companies. They are UK's first 100% climate-neutral bed in a box mattress and now working with a British manufacturer.  

The Nectar Mattress or also known as the Nectar Memory Foam Mattress is currently the only mattress company in the UK offering a 365-night trial and a forever warranty.

✓ Side sleepers and back sleepers
✓ Sleepers looking for pressure relief
✓ Couples
 • Hot sleepers may find it too warm
 • Heavier front sleepers may need more support
 • Edge support

(Summary in Conclusion with Important Considerations)

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Nectar Discount Voucher Code
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Mattress Performance Test

1. Pressure Relief

nectar mattress pressure relief test

Polyurethane and memory foam is known for being good at taking pressure off the sleeper’s joints. Our tests showed that the Nectar mattress provides excellent pressure relief while still being supportive.

• Side Sleepers➮ Pressure is well distributed without the feeling of added pressure on the hips or shoulders.
• Back Sleepers➮ It is supportive yet also very comfortable in the upper layers to accommodate this sleeping position.
• Front/ Stomach Sleepers➮ Depending on your weight heavier sleepers may find the stomach region to sink into the mattress.

2. Temperature Regulation

nectar temperature control

The biggest question mark when it comes to memory foam mattresses tends to be the amount of heat that is stored in the mattress. For being a memory foam mattress the heat retention is average as expected.

Most of the top heat seemed to dissipate rather quickly when we did the tests. However, the thick, quilted cover seems to help trap the heat a bit longer, which is something to consider if you are a hot sleeper. 

3. Spinal Alignment

spinal alignment test

The Nectar Mattress seems to be very well designed for spinal alignment which is possibly the most crucial aspect when looking to buy a mattress. It comes with zoned areas that allow for the hips and shoulders to sink a bit deeper into the mattress, while other areas stay on the surface, maintaining an aligned spine.

This is especially good for side sleepers that tend to pull their spine slightly out of alignment when placing one leg in front of the other. Leg or knee pillows may help to alleviate the pressure put on the spine and legs.

4. Motion Isolation

The Nectar mattress could be a good mattress for couples, due to its motion-isolating properties. Testing showed that, despite heavy bouncing on one side of the mattress, the other side did not notice much of the movement. If your partner is a restless sleeper you should still be able to rest relatively undisturbed.

5. Edge Support

Memory foam and foam mattresses are known to be lacking in this area and don’t stand out as exceptionally good when compared to a traditionally sprung mattress.

The support is good on the inner parts of the edges but you will feel that it gives way close to the edges. This should be taken into consideration if you are searching for a mattress for couples. Make sure to get a big enough mattress size for the two of you to sleep comfortably.

Nectar Mattress Firmness  

Nectar follows the one mattress firmness for all principle, research has shown✓ that spinal alignment and even distribution is best maintained on a medium-firm mattress.

The Nectar mattress is regarded as a 6.5 out of 10 firmness, with 10 being the firmest. Our Nectar mattress review can confirm that the firmness grade is around that area where it feels soft from the top layers but then is well supported from the base.

nectar mattress firmness

We always recommend trying it out for about 2-3 weeks for your body to get used to it and receive all the benefits the mattress has to offer. 

By supplying a medium firmness mattress, Nectar should suit most of the UK market. If you do find yourself on one of the extreme ends, we would recommend you take a look at our soft mattress or firm mattress recommendations.

Nectar Mattress Construction & Certifications

Following over three years of product development, the Nectar mattress is equipped with an advanced three-layer design and innovative adaptive cooling technology for optimised support, temperature regulation and body alignment.  

We did a bit of investigating for this Nectar Mattress review and found it’s designed & fully manufactured in the UK without any harmful chemicals.

The mattress is Certipur certified. Certipur is a voluntary testing, analysis and certification programme for the environment, health and safety properties of polyurethane foam used in bedding and upholstered furniture applications.  

Nectar uses FSC approved packaging for its mattresses. The Forest Stewardship Council® or FSC helps take care of forests and the people and wildlife who call them home. The FSC system helps companies choose wood, paper and other forest products from well-managed forests and/or verified and recycled sources.

Finally, Nectar mattresses also comply with the UK fire regulation BS 7177 code. Which ensures the mattress is safer with regards to fire ignition.

nectar mattress fire resistance review

The mattress is also marketed as hypoallergenic, which means it is relatively unlikely to cause any sort of allergic reaction.  

What's more, is the Nectar Mattress is climate neutral. by partnering with ClimatePartner they have calculated their carbon footprint which they then can offset. To see how much CO₂ they have offset, head on over to their Nectar CO₂ offset tracking ID making them a decent sustainable mattress.

Nectar Mattress Layers 

nectar mattress foam layers
  1. Top Foam Layer - The Nectar Dynamic Support Layer is made from polyfoam, the reason for placing it above the memory foam layer is to help combat the heat retention properties of memory foam.
  2. Middle Memory Foam Layer - This memory foam layer helps you remain at a consistent level of comfort throughout the night. This layer also helps balance out pressure disparities and act as a medium to transition through layers.
  3. Supportive Base Layer - The 7-zone base layer is made to provide optimum comfort and firmer support targeting the hips and under the shoulders. Mattresses for back pain should help keep your spine in a neutral position in all sleeping positions. This layer is castellated which means it has cut out grooves in the shoulder and hip areas, to allow for them to sink deeper into the mattress for correct spinal alignment especially when sleeping on your side. Another benefit of the turret structure is it also helps with airflow.

We recommend you consider the Nectar Hybrid mattress if you want a layer of mini springs for added beathability.

Nectar Mattress Cover

Nectars cover is designed to independently draw heat away from your body and to allow airflow. The cover is well designed in terms of comfort and pressure relief as it is quilted but did seem to hold onto heat.

Below the top half is the grey underside is extra resistant to abrasion. What we particularly like is that the mesh texture has non-slip elements. 

It must be mentioned that the cover is not removable for washing. They only advise spot cleans.   

If you are looking to keep your Nectar mattress spotless, waterproof and hygienic you should look into getting a mattress protector.

How Thick Is The Nectar Mattress?

All your bed sheets should fit the Nectar mattress, its thickness is advertised at 25cm which is standard. What is not standard is that it can hold up to 46 stone or 292kg.

nectar mattress thickness uk

This is one of the most durable mattresses we have reviewed making it also an option for heavy persons in certain sleeping positions.

Mattress Trial 

If there is one thing to take away from this Nectar mattress review it’s that Nectar is the first and only mattress company to offer a 365-night trial in the UK. That is 3X longer than the average.

If you are unhappy with your mattress within a year of purchase, contact Nectar and they will arrange collection and refund you. After digging a bit deeper we found that fewer than 3% of Nectar customers returned their mattresses. Of course, we cannot confirm this however, from our knowledge the average in the UK should be around 10-15%.

Try Nectar for a full year, the longest trial in the industry.

The idea behind it is to allow anyone to trial the mattress in the comfort of their own home for a year and to get a true feeling if this mattress is best for them. 

We would have to recommend you closely read the conditions of this trial period so you are fully aware of the terms.

Nectar Mattress Lifetime Warranty 

The first and only mattress company to offer a forever warranty, Nectar believes that your Nectar Mattress should be the only mattress you’ll ever need which goes against the traditional thought of replacing your old mattress every 7-10 years. This speaks volumes in the confidence they have in their mattress.  

Looking at the Terms & Conditions we found the most important points to be:

  • The Nectar Mattress and cover is covered by the original purchaser
  • Retain a copy of the receipt as proof of purchase
  • Warranty terminates when the original owner sells or gives up ownership
  • Mattress needs to be purchased from Nectar

What Defects Are Covered?

  1. Visible indentation greater than 4cm arising from normal use
  2. Material degradation, split or crack, despite normal usage and proper handling
  3. Defects from the assembly of the mattress cover

What's Not Covered?

  1. Mattress and/or cover subject to misuse etc.
  2. Usual softness arising from the foam pressure-relieving material
  3. The mattress and/or cover not being "new", in other words previously owned

Warranty Remedy

Within the first 10 years of ownership a new Mattress and/or Cover will be sent for replacement. After 10 years the affected part will be repaired or replaced, during this time frame, you may incur transportation costs.

From all of our mattress reviews, the Nectar mattress definitely takes the cake when it comes to the trial period and warranty. Again, make sure to read the terms and conditions as we have just highlighted the main points in our own words. Be aware that the T&C's may change.

Nectar Mattress Delivery  

The delivery will be a 2-man delivery service (may not always be available) which you don’t see very often, this is especially useful for those living on upper floors or for the elderly.

The mattress will arrive rolled, vacuum sealed and in a 50cm x 50cm x 106cm box. Included in the box is a manual and a cutting tool.

nectar mattress delivery

Nectar offer home delivery within 48 hours of purchase for UK mainland (Scotland highlands and offshore within 3-10 days). This is one of the fastest delivery time frames we are currently aware of but be aware that these times may change during high selling seasons.

This can be combined with a planned delivery service which lets you choose a weekday you would like them to deliver it, easy and convenient. As always, services are subject to change.

Additional Services

Nectar also offers old mattress removal, simply tell them you would like them to get rid of your current mattress and they will do so at an additional cost.

Payment Options

  • Debit/Credit Card  
  • Stripe
  • Splitit (0% financing)

Price and Sizing

Our objective in this Nectar Mattress review is to provide as much information as possible so you can make an informed decision and price may be the biggest factor.  

The Nectar mattress can be ordered online in these various sizes.

SIZEDIMENSIONSPRICE (excl. discount code)
Nectar Single size mattress90x190x25 cm£549
Nectar Small double size mattress120x190x25 cm£699
Nectar Double size mattress135x190x25 cm£699
Nectar King size mattress150x200x25 cm£799
Nectar Super King size mattress180x200x25 cm£899
Prices and availability may be subject to change  

The Nectar mattress has a larger sibling called the DreamCloud mattress, it also has a 365-trial and forever warranty. It has not been in the UK market for as long but it has started to make a mark in the luxury and premium mattress niche.

If your budget allows, we would highly recommend briefly visiting DreamCloud to see which mattress may be a better suit for you.

Nectar Mattress Discount Code  

These are standard prices make sure to have a look at our Voucher Page or even better the comprehensive Nectar Mattress Discount Codes compilation, where we list the top places to purchase a Nectar mattress so you can find huge savings.

up to 60% Off All Mattresses
nectar discount code voucher uk
Nectar Discount Voucher Code
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Nectar Mattress Customer Reviews  

Please take a look at what some of their customers had to say about the Nectar mattress.

Although we give a transparent view in this Nectar mattress review, we always recommend you read customer reviews as they have many other viewpoints which may be helpful for you. 

  • Trustpilot | Trustpilot customer reviews (4.4/ 9,900+)

Make sure to read the positive and negative customer reviews. We like to always look through the average reviews (3 stars) this may show a more accurate account of the mattress and overall experience as they do not have their emotions involved when writing their review.

Nectar Mattress Awards

Nectar has really been making waves here in the UK. Here are some approvals and awards from other trusted organisations.

We also highly rank the Nectar Mattress in our Best Mattress UK recommendations and is recommended in our Memory Foam Mattress picks.

  1. The Mattress Guide Best Memory Foam Mattress
  2. Real Homes Loves
  3. Indy Best
  4. Good Housekeeping Institute Approved
  5. Evening Standard Feature


  • Nectar is the first and only mattress company in the UK that has offset all emissions of the mattresses. That’s thanks to their forest protection offset project in the Amazon rainforest – Santa Maria, Brazil.      

Nectar Mattress Competitors and Comparison

The Nectar mattress has many rivals in the UK.

The main way they seem to differentiate themselves is by offering a larger trial and warranty as well as being committed to sustainability programs.

Here we have included their main competitors whereby they are constantly compared to. This will be constantly updated with the latest comparisons to better help you find which mattress is best for you.

  1. Nectar Memory Foam vs Nectar Hybrid Mattress
  2. Simba vs Nectar Mattress
  3. Emma vs Nectar Mattress

A simple indication of mattress search popularity within the UK can be sourced from Google Trends✓. Here you can find some of their main competitors.

nectar competitors
(Image credit: Google Trends)

Nectar Mattress FAQ's

What base can you use with the Nectar mattress?

Most foundations, bases, slatted or divans work well with the Nectar mattress even an adjustable frame. Nectar does not, however, recommend placing the mattress directly on the floor.

Are there any freebies with the Nectar mattress?

Nectar for as long as we have been following them has included 2 free Nectar pillows with the mattresses they sell (from double size and up). We are not sure how long this will last so make sure to take advantage.

Is there an "off-gassing" smell associated with the Nectar mattress?

Because of the quality foams used, there is limited or no "new smell". If there is a smell they advise that this will dissipate very quickly and is the smell of the packaging rather than the mattress.

Should I Buy a Nectar Mattress?  

To conclude this Nectar mattress review we would like to say, there is no doubt that they offer great value for money.

The 365 night trial period and forever warranty easily show confidence in their mattresses.  We would recommend the Nectar mattress to those looking for:  

  • A great value for money mattress.  
  • An unbeatable trial period, service and warranty.    
  • A memory foam mattress with excellent pressure relief for side and back sleepers.
Nectar Mattress Review
Material Quality
Motion Isolation
Edge Support
Sex/ Bounce
Company Reputation
Value for Money
365-night risk-free trial
Forever warranty
Free delivery and returns
Excellent pressure relief
Extremely durable
Cover not removable and machine washable
Lack of EU sizes available

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Material Quality
Motion Isolation
Edge Support
Sex/ Bounce
Company Reputation
Value for Money
Final Score


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