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Nectar Mattress Discount Codes and Black Friday Promo

Last Updated: September 7, 2021

If you are looking for the best Nectar mattress discount code, promo code, deals or Black Friday savings you have come to the right place. We searched Nectar's UK selling channels to find the Nectar mattress and their appropriate offers.

These discounts are summed up in this post to help you get the best saving possible. A mattress is an important investment as well as at times expensive, we want to help alleviate the stress of buying a Nectar mattress and offer some guidance on where you can save the most money.

Below is a short summary of the Nectar mattress discounts, keep scrolling to learn more and where to find them.

NectarBlack Friday Coupon/ Promo CodeUp to £100 OFF + 2 Free pillows
NectarBundle DealUp to £450 OFF
Amazon UKAmazon SaleNA
Mattress OnlineSaleUp to 20% OFF
eBay, Wowcher & Living SocialSavingUp to 60% OFF*
Discounts and information may be subject to change, please check with the brand/manufacturer before purchasing.
nectar mattress discount code
(Image credit: Nectar)

The Nectar mattress has become very popular in the UK bed in a box or also known as the mattress in a box market. Largely because of their unique value proposition; a 365-night trial, which is unheard of for a mattress with a trial and their "forever warranty" but we will get into the specifics later.

Below is our complete list of speculations, reviews and of course what you came here for money saving promo codes, vouchers and overall best Nectar mattress deals.

What deals we expect to see from Nectar Black Friday 2021

With mattress companies keeping a close eye on each other, they are constantly battling to provide the best mattress at the best price point. This constant rivalry and constant deal changes play well into the hands of a potential mattress buyer.

Nectar generally has a relatively constant discount of around £100 + 2 free pillows throughout the year, with odd promos of £250 OFF and even 40% off the Nectar mattress. When these come along you can be sure we will update our Mattress Discounts Page.

Previously, for the buying spree of Black Friday, Cyber Monday and Boxing Day we have seen savings of up to 33% + two free premium pillows. We expect this to increase this year.

nectar mattress sale

Best Nectar Mattress Discount Codes and Promo

Before jumping straight into the buying phase you may want to find out a little more about the Nectar mattress or if you are already sold you can head down to the bottom of the post to see all the best discount codes we have collected.

Here is just a brief rundown of the Nectar mattress and what you will be investing in:

Nectar Mattress

mattress specifics
(Image credit: Nectar)

Specifications - Made from 2 layers of memory foam (giving it one of the highest percentages of memory foam used in memory foam mattresses) and a final dense base layer with zoning for better support. this is all wrapped in an adaptive cooling cover that is designed to draw heat away.

Sizes - single, small double, double, king size and super king size.

Height - The Nectar Memory Foam Mattress is 25cm in depth.

Firmness - Medium-firm mattress (6.5/10 with 10 being a very firm mattress).

Current Nectar Mattress prices without discount code

Nectar mattress - UK Single  90x190x25 cm£414
Nectar mattress - UK Small double120x190x25 cm£549
Nectar mattress - UK Double 135x190x25 cm£549
Nectar mattress - UK King size 150x200x25 cm£649
Nectar mattress - UK Super king size 180x200x25 cm£749
Prices and deals/ codes as of the date of this post & may be subject to change

Pros - Some of the main reasons why customers get the Nectar mattress is because of its year-long trial period. Its forever warranty (make sure to read the fine print) gives buyers trust in its durability, making it also very attractive for heavy individuals looking for a mattress. It has a good chunk of memory foam for those enjoying the pressure-relieving benefits it brings. Interestingly it has a Climate Neutral Manufacturing process (Nectar has offset over 3.8 million kg of CO2). Finally, we cannot forget to mention the features and approvals from the likes of Real Homes, Evening Standard, GHI and Ideal Home.

Cons - There is generally very little that can go wrong with a mattress that comes with a trial especially a 365-night trial. The only points we can deduct are for having a lack of EU sizes which some people will need and the cover is not machine washable. Spot cleanings with a mild detergent and letting it air dry is advised.

Other Nectar Deals

Since Nectar has entered the UK market, they have brought out some great mattress additions. From time to time these accessories will be discounted or are part of a Nectar Mattress bundle deal which we will get into shortly.

pillow voucher
(Image credit: Nectar)

Nectar's very own premium pillow (which often comes free with the mattress) is made from memory foam and are covered in a Tencel fabric.

nectar weighted blanket
(Image credit: Nectar)

Weighted blankets have become quite the hype. This all-natural bamboo weighted blanket is said to help relieve stress through  ‘deep pressure therapy'.

ALL Nectar Mattress Discount Codes and Promo Codes 2021

A comprehensive compilation of all the best Nectar mattress discount codes, promo codes and savings.

1. Nectar Website Best Discount

We regularly update our Nectar Mattress discount/promo code with the most recent deal they have live from their website.

We also are given exclusive codes to display such as for Black Friday which will also then be updated. Currently, this is the best voucher from Nectar.

Save up to £519
nectar discount code voucher uk
Nectar Discount Voucher Code
Save Up to £519 With Any Mattress + Free Gifts T&Cs apply.Show More
Save Up to £519 With Any Mattress + Free Gifts T&Cs apply. Show Less

*Prices and deals/ codes as of the date of this post & may be subject to change

Nectar offer discounts when you purchase a bundle from them. They currently have 3 bundle deals;

  1. Nectar Essential Bundle includes; the mattress, duvet, 2 pillows, protector and bedding set
  2. Nectar Premium Bundle includes; the mattress, bed frame, duvet, 2 pillows, protector and bedding set
  3. Nectar Luxury Bundle includes; the mattress, bed frame (luxury bed with headboard) , duvet, 2 pillows, protector and bedding set

Bed bundles are a great offer from all mattress brands as they can offer you larger savings if you increase the value of your purchase basket or cart.

Depending on the mattress size you purchase but currently, you can save up to £350 with the Nectar Essential Bundle, up to £450 with the Nectar Premium Bundle and up to £379 with the Nectar Luxury Bundle.

nectar mattress deals
(Image credit: Nectar)

The promos from Nectar are free for all to use. We have not found any NHS mattress discount or special saving for police officers and students.

2. Amazon Best Nectar Sale

When the Nectar first came to the UK they were available from Amazon but have for some reason stopped selling them through the platform.

We thought it would still be a good idea to include the link to their page as they may re-open the sales gates from Amazon and from our experience we have found some great price reductions over at Amazon.

Nectar mattress - UK Single  £414
Nectar mattress - UK Small double£549
Nectar mattress - UK Double £549
Nectar mattress - UK King size £649
Nectar mattress - UK Super king size £749
Prices and deals/ codes as of the date of this post & may be subject to change

3. Nectar Mattress Online Discount

Mattress Online is a very well rated online mattress retailer by Trustpilot. They have a few advantages as to why you should buy from them, for example, their next day delivery.

Currently Mattress Online is selling the Nectar mattress at 20% OFF, do make sure to head over there to see if this deal is still standing.

4. Best Refurbished Nectar Deal

Wowcher and Living Social are both very similar in terms of promo structures but as far as we are aware, they have different target groups. We thought to add both links as they may for some reason offer different savings and thus you will be able to see them.

Currently, eBay, Wowcher and Living Social are offering the Nectar mattress from £179 and up to 60% savings. You will have to act quick as they have limited stock.

If you are wondering why they can be offered at such a discounted price, you are asking the right questions. These are known as refurbished or renewed Nectar mattresses. That means they are the returned Nectar mattresses from the trial period, quality checked for any damage and the cover is then replaced. Don't forget to read all the fine print.

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