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Nectar Memory Foam vs Nectar Hybrid Mattress Review


Written by Lauren

Last Updated: 23rd November, 2021

Nectar is a well-established mattress and bed in a box company, who have been supplying mattresses since 2017. The company strives to provide customers with a comfortable night sleep by using premium materials and high-quality manufacturing. Nectar also believes in providing high-quality products at competitive prices, and they frequently offer deals and savings to help make their mattresses more affordable.

The Memory Foam and Hybrid Mattresses were designed and constructed with Nectar's beliefs and values in mind, using high-quality materials and comfortable layering. While there are many similarities between the two mattresses, there are also some notable differences which we will explore in this comparative overview. We will also look at the key features of each mattress and the possible benefits they can offer.

Comparison Table in Conclusion

If you've already made your mind up, or if you're looking for a more in-depth review of each mattress, here are the complete, detailed reviews on both the Memory Foam and Hybrid Mattresses. Both products have been subject to testing to ensure all the information is accurate and reliable.

Nectar Memory Foam vs Nectar Hybrid Mattress Discount Codes

Nectar has provided an exclusive discount code which is frequently updated. You can also access other Nectar savings and discounts through their website or other third-party sites.

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Nectar Memory Foam vs Nectar Hybrid Mattress Construction

The Memory Foam Mattress and Hybrid Mattress have many similarities in their construction and layering. They both have a memory foam layer, which can provide comfort and pressure relief. In addition, the dynamic support layer and supportive base layer can be found in both mattresses to offer targeted support in different areas of the body. 

A notable difference between the two mattresses is the micro spring layer found in the Hybrid Mattress. This layer is designed to add breathability by increasing airflow and drawing heat away from the body.

Cover Comparison

Nectar Memory Foam Cover

The Nectar Memory Foam Mattress uses a thick quilted cover that is designed to draw heat away from the body. The cover also consists of a mesh texture with non-slip features to hold everything in place. A possible drawback is that the cover is not removable or washable, so it's advised to spot-clean.

Nectar Hybrid Cover

Similar to the Memory Foam, the Hybrid Mattress also features a quilted cover which is designed to encourage airflow. The top half of the cover is hollow, whereas the lower half has anti-slip properties. The cover is removable but is not machine-washable. 

The two Nectar mattress covers are almost identical, with both featuring quilted covers, which are designed to draw heat away from the body and promote airflow. They also both have anti-slip fabric included in the construction.

Both mattress covers are not machine washable, however, they are removable. making it more manageable and easier to spot-clean.

Materials & Layer Comparison

Memory foam mattresses are known for their cushioning properties and their ability to use temperature to mould to the sleeper's body. Memory foam was first invented by NASA, who designed the material to create extra cushioning for test pilots. That being said, it's no surprise that memory foam can also provide pressure relief due to its soft and comfortable feel. 

The downside to memory foam is that it tends to retain heat and may not be an ideal option for hot sleepers. To combat heat retention, hybrid mattresses were created to provide added breathability due to the airflow throughout the springs. This can also create a good balance between the cushioning of the foam and the support and bounce from the springs.

Nectar Memory Foam Layers

The Nectar Memory Foam mattress consists of 3 layers:

  1. Dynamic Support Layer: The polyfoam layer is designed to offer support and temperature regulation. As this layer is placed at the top, it aims to combat the heat retentive memory foam layer at the base of the mattress. 
  2. Memory Foam Layer: The central layer provides both comfort and support for any body type. Memory foam also has pressure relieving properties for aches and pains. 
  3. Supportive Base Layer: The base layer consists of 7 zones that aim to provide firm support and comfort to areas of the body. The castellated layer also targets the hips and shoulder to aid in spinal alignment.

Nectar Hybrid Layers

The Nectar Hybrid mattress has been constructed with four layers:

  1. Dynamic Support Layer: The first layer has been constructed with foam and has been designed to offer breathability and temperature regulation. It also helps offer added support and bounce. 
  2. Memory Foam Layer: The memory foam layer has been designed to offer pressure relief by providing comfort and support to different parts of the body, such as the shoulders, hips and legs. The foam can also help with spinal alignment. 
  3. Micro Springs Layer: The spring layer consists of micro-springs that allow for air to flow throughout and help draw heat away from the body.  This is boxed in with a memroy foam layer.
  4. Supportive Base Layer: The final layer includes 7 different zones, which target different areas of the body to offer added support.

The construction and layers found in both mattresses are very similar, with a notable difference being the micro springs in the Hybrid Mattress. The addition of springs can provide more breathability and an increased amount of airflow. 

Both mattresses contain layers of memory foam, which can be heat retentive but can also provide cushioning and pressure relief. The presence of a supportive base layer in both mattresses also helps to offer comfort and support to different areas of the body.

The Nectar Hybrid mattress may be the better option if you are looking for a cooling sleeping experience.

Nectar Memory Foam vs Nectar Hybrid Mattress Firmness & Feel

Nectar Memory Foam Mattress Firmness

The Nectar Memory Foam Mattress has been given a 6.5 out of 10 for firmness, which provides it with an overall medium-firm feel. The top layer offers more cushioning, whereas the base gives more support.

Nectar Hybrid Mattress Firmness

The Hybrid Mattress also has a medium-firm feel and a firmness rating of 6.5. This firmness rating can appeal to a wide range of sleepers as it sits somewhat in the middle of the scale.

Firmness is mainly subjective, and factors such as weight, preferences and sleeping position can affect how firm the surface feels for the sleeper. Due to this, it can be helpful to take advantage of trial periods or test the mattress out in-store to see if the firmness level is to your satisfaction. 

With that being said, both mattresses are rated as a medium-firm feel, which is a popular choice amongst many sleepers as it creates a balance between support and comfort. Research✓‌ has also revealed that a medium-firm surface can be beneficial as it can alleviate lower back pain.

From our testing we found the Nectar Memory Foam mattress to be more supportive for heavier individuals. The Nectar Hybrid mattress is softer than advertised, making it a better option for lighter individuals.

Nectar Memory Foam vs Nectar Hybrid Mattress For Couples

When purchasing a mattress for couples, it can be helpful to keep an eye out for mattresses with good motion isolation. A mattress with good motion isolation means that there is little disturbance to the other side of the mattress if you or your partner is moving around. This is ideal for restless sleepers or those who tend to wake up easily due to their partner's movements.

Aside from sleeping, if you're also using the mattress for sex, there are other features worth looking out for. Mattresses with springs can provide a good bounce; however, they also tend to produce more noise than dense memory foam mattresses. On the other hand, memory foam can retain more heat, which is not ideal for sexual activity or for those who share a bed with a hot sleeper.

With that being said, there are advantages and drawbacks to both memory foam mattresses and those containing springs. Therefore, it's helpful to consider your own personal preferences and decide what features are the most important for you and your partner.

Nectar Memory Foam Motion Isolation

Memory foam is known to have good motion isolation properties due to the dense structure of the material. Due to the large quantities of memory foam in this mattress, our test showed it had very little motion transfer.

Nectar Hybrid Motion Isolation

Due to the spring layer, there is a little more bounce when compared to a full memory foam mattress. When tested, the mattress has less motion isolation than the Memory Foam mattress but still provides reduced disruption due to the presence of foam layers.

As both mattresses contain large amounts of foam and memory foam, both products have a good amount of motion isolation. 

However, the Hybrid Mattress seemed to have reduced motion isolation due to the springs and their bouncy properties.

The memory foam mattress showed strong-motion isolation, even when subject to heavy bouncing. This can make it a good option for restless or light sleepers who don't want to be disturbed while sharing a bed.

Pressure Relief Comparison

Memory foam is known for providing pressure relief due to its contouring abilities and the way it can mould to the sleeper's body. As both mattresses contain substantial amounts of memory foam, pressure relief was shown to be effective. 

When testing both mattresses, we found that weight was distributed evenly for side and back sleepers while providing a good amount of support. For side sleepers, both mattresses could take pressure away from the hips and shoulders while being tested.

It's worth noting that heavier people may witness some sinkage due to the spring layer. Whatsmore, heavier stomach sleepers could experience the hips dipping into the mattress, which could cause problems with spinal alignment.

Nectar Memory Foam Pressure Relief Results

Nectar Hybrid Pressure Relief Results

Nectar Memory Foam vs Nectar Hybrid Mattress Comparison

In summary, here is a comparison table that may help you further understand some of the key differences and similarities found between the two mattresses.

TypeMemory FoamHybrid
Top LayerPolyfoam Layer Polyfoam Layer
Layer 2Memory Foam Layer Micro Spring Layer
Layer 3Polyfoam Base LayerMemory Foam Layer
Layer 4N/APolyfoam Base Layer
Max Weight (2 people)26 stone or 145kg per person26 stone or 145 kg
DeliveryFree, 1-5 business days Free, 1-5 business days
ReturnsFree Free
Trial365-nights 365-nights
WarrantyForever Forever
Price (without discount)£769-£1,284 £659-£1,049
DiscountsBest Nectar Discounts CompilationBest Nectar Discounts Compilation
Our ReviewNectar Memory Foam RatingNectar Hybrid Rating
Although we update The Mattress Guide regularly, data and information can be changed by the manufacturers/ brands. Please confirm with the mattress company before purchasing.

Should I Buy A Nectar Memory Foam Or Nectar Hybrid Mattress

Admittedly, there are many similarities between Memory Foam and Hybrid Mattresses. They both boast a forever warranty and a 365-day trial period, which means you can test the mattress out in your own home throughout all four seasons.

Whatsmore, both mattresses have similar construction and layering. They contain layers of memory foam, which is beneficial for pressure relief, as well as providing comfort and cushioning. Memory foam also helps with motion isolation, which could be beneficial for those who share a bed. If these qualities seem appealing, the Memory Foam mattress may be a better option, although it may not be ideal for hot sleepers.

For those who tend to sleep hot, the Hybrid mattress may be more beneficial as it can offer an increased amount of breathability due to the airflow found in the spring layer. The springs can also provide a bouncy feel. However, the Hybrid mattress may not have the same high levels of motion isolation as the Memory Foam mattress due to the added bounce.

Another significant difference is that although both mattresses are ranked as medium-firm on the firmness scale the Nectar Memory Foam mattress is slightly firmer when compared to the Hybrid version. While firmness is subjective, this ranking is often appealing to a wide range of sleepers as it sits in the middle and can offer a comfortable balance.

We Would Recommend Buying a Nectar Memory Foam Mattress If You Are Looking For:

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Nectar Discount Voucher Code
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Nectar Memory Foam vs Nectar Hybrid Mattress
  • A mattress which provides pressure relief
  • High levels of motion isolation
  • A comfortable cushioned feel

We Would Recommend Buying A Nectar Hybrid Mattress If You Are Looking For:

45% Off All Mattresses
nectar discount code voucher uk
Nectar Discount Voucher Code
T&Cs apply.Show More
T&Cs apply. Show Less
Nectar hybrid vs Nectar memory foam Mattress
  • A mattress with added bounce
  • Increased airflow and breathability
  • A removable mattress cover


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