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Emma Original Vs Emma Premium Mattress Review


Written by Andrea

Last Updated: 30th September, 2021

In this Emma Original vs Emma Premium mattress review, we're taking a look at two very popular products on the UK sleep market. Emma is one of the leading mattress brands in the UK with over half a million units sold of their hugely popular Emma Original mattress. But we hear that its hybrid sibling, the Emma Premium (formerly known as the Emma Original Hybrid) is quickly gaining more popularity so we wanted to compare them side by side to draw our own conclusions and to help you draw yours.

It's important that we keep in mind that we're comparing two different types of mattresses here, with the Original being a memory foam mattress and the Premium being a hybrid mattress. There are going to be some obvious differences thanks to the presence of springs in the Premium and the memory foam in the Original, but maybe less than you'd expect.

Comparison Table in Conclusion

If you have not already gone through our in-depth review on both the Emma mattresses we would highly recommend you do so. We will highlight the main differences between the two in this review but there might be details covered in the individual reviews that could be answering questions that you might have before making your decision.

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We aim to not only give you all the necessary information about the mattresses in question, but also the best possible price. Below is a discount code that can hopefully come in handy when making your decision on your new mattress.

Emma Original vs Emma Premium Construction

It's easy to be fooled into thinking that the Emma Premium is going to be a lot more exclusive, given its name. In fact, the two mattresses are made with high-quality materials which are standard for Emma, and the main difference being the springs that are added to the Emma Premium.

The two mattresses are structured a bit differently but with clear intentions in mind. While the Emma Original is designed to fit a majority of sleepers and their preferences, providing a comfortable sleep experience, the Emma Premium is a bit more of a niche product, aiming to help you sleep cooler while providing excellent support. Let's break the layers down to see exactly how the two compare to one another.

Cover Comparison

Emma Original And Emma Premium Cover

Starting from the very top, these two mattresses are exactly alike. They both feature the same cover made primarily of polyester. The white top half of the cover is 100% made of polyester and has a stretchy and soft feel to it. The underside is grey and made of 87% polyester and 13% polypropylene, making it more resistant to abrasion.

The bottom features a non-slip coating, helping the mattress to stay in place on slippery surfaces. There are also four handles attached to the mattresses, two on each side, making them easy to manoeuvre and rotate.

Since the cover is the exact same on both mattresses there's no clear winner. What's worth noticing though is that the handles could be a bit sturdier in relation to the weight of the mattresses and especially so for the Emma Premium due to the springs that make it extra heavy.

Materials & Layer Comparison

Here's when things are starting to get interesting and even more difficult to pick a winner since the constructions of the two mattresses are quite different and purposely so. Both mattresses are so-called bed in box-mattresses, which mean that they come delivered rolled together and vacuum-packed inside a box, which is a very cost-efficient and handy way for the brands to transport and deliver their mattresses.

As previously mentioned the Emma Original is a memory foam mattress and the Emma Premium is a hybrid mattress. Memory foam is great for:

  • Pressure relief.
  • Couples thanks to its motion isolating properties.
  • Those who enjoy a hugging feel.

Hybrid mattresses are usually a good option for:

  • Those who need some additional support.
  • Hot sleepers, as more air can flow through the springs than through dense foam.
  • People who enjoy a bit more bounce to their mattress. Hybrids are often great mattresses for sex.

Emma Original Layers

The Emma Original mattress consists of 3 simple layers:

  1. Airgocell® - Emma's signature foam. This trademarked foam is designed to allow for better airflow as it contains a higher amount of air pores than traditional polyurethane foam, helping you to sleep cooler.
  2. Memory foam - The middle layer is made of memory foam which acts as a transition layer between the top and bottom foam and adds to the pressure relief of the mattress.
  3. Base layer - A sturdy base foam layer with castellated zones to help improve the sleeper's spinal alignment.

Emma Premium Layers

The Emma Premium mattress is constructed of 4 layers:

  1. Top Comfort Layer - The top layer is made of Emma's trademarked Airgocell® foam with open-pore structure for enhanced airflow.
  2. Memory Foam Layer - Pressure relieving memory foam makes up the second layer to help you sleep more comfortably and to isolate motion from a potentially restless partner.
  3. Additional Comfort Layer - Emma has opted for adding a second Airgocell® layer to further enhance breathability and comfort, as well as acting as a transition layer on top of the springs.
  4. Zoned Pocket Sprung Layer - A layer of full-sized pocket springs brings great support to the mattress while allowing for air to flow even more freely, helping you sleep cooler. The zoned springs aim to keep your spine correctly aligned while sleeping. Around the springs sits a foam wall that ensures that the springs stay in place, but also helps support the edges of the mattress from sagging.

It is quite clear that the Emma Premium is more advanced than the Emma Original but this doesn't necessarily have to be an advantage unless you suffer from overheating at night. Then the Emma Premium is your go-to mattress. It also provides excellent support for all sleeping positions, including front-sleepers.

The Emma Original is a very comfortable mattress that adapts to the sleeper's body and most sleeping positions and does a decent job at releasing hot air from the mattress so that you don't get too hot. It's an ideal mattress for those who don't have too specific needs at night.

Both mattresses have a recommended maximum weight capacity of around 20 stone, or 130 kg, per sleeper. For heavier individuals, we recommend checking out our best mattresses for heavy people.

Emma Original vs Emma Premium Firmness & Feel

Emma Original Firmness

The Emma Original is considered to be a medium-firm mattress which is what most sleepers tend to prefer.

Emma Premium Firmness

The Premium is also considered a medium-firm mattress although some mattress reviews consider the premium a bit firmer than the original.

Firmness is a very subjective topic and although both mattresses are rated the same on the firmness scale, some people consider the Premium a bit more firm than the Original. In our opinion, they feel very similar in terms of firmness but the Premium feels more supportive, making it a suitable mattress for people with back problems and front-sleepers.

The Emma Original is especially comfortable for side-sleepers and back-sleepers and adapts very nicely to the sleeper's body.

Emma Original Vs Emma Premium For Couples

A restless partner can be a nightmare if you have the wrong mattress. Some pocket-sprung and hybrid mattresses tend to transfer a lot of movement across the bed, meaning that if your partner moves you will feel it on your side. Memory foam is generally great at isolating motion which is why foam mattresses are often recommended for couples. However, some hybrid mattresses still perform well when it comes to motion transfer and the Emma Premium is definitely one of them.

Emma Original Motion Isolation

The Emma Original showed, not too surprisingly, excellent results on our tests, transferring very little movement despite our heavy bouncing on one side. The presence of memory foam in this mattress is noticeable, making it a great mattress for couples.

Emma Premium Motion Isolation

We were more positively surprised when testing the Emma Premium for motion transfer, expecting a decent result as the mattress also contains a layer of memory foam but it exceeded our expectations. The difference in motion isolation between the two mattresses is very small, making even this one a suitable mattress for couples.

With both mattresses showing great results on our tests it's hard to pick a clear favourite when it comes to motion isolation. The Premium does transfer a little bit more movement than the Original but the difference is minimal and the results are quite impressive for being a hybrid mattress.

Pressure Relief Comparison

This is probably the point where the Emma Original gets to shine a little brighter than the Emma Premium. As previously mentioned, memory foam mattresses tend to be great at providing pressure relief and we can see proof of that here. Both mattresses performed very well on our tests but the Emma Original is the better one of the two, especially for back-sleepers and front sleepers.

It is however important to keep in mind that the Emma Premium performs a bit better in terms of support, which means that it naturally will have a bit more pushback than the Original. For those suffering from pain in joints, we would recommend the Emma Original and for those with lower back pain or heavier individuals, we would recommend the Emma Premium.

Emma Original Pressure Relief Results

Emma Premium Pressure Relief Results

Emma Premium vs Emma Original Comparison

If you're liking the sound of both mattresses so far we will try to make it a little bit easier for you by inserting a side-by-side comparison in a table here below so that you can compare the two Emmas even better.

Type Memory Foam Mattress Hybrid Mattress
Layers 3 4
Cover Polyester with handles and machine washable Polyester with handles and machine washable
Top Layer Airgocell® Airgocell®
Layer 2 Memory Foam Memory Foam
Layer 3 Polyfoam Base Airgocell®
Layer 4 NA Pocket springs
Depth 25cm 25cm
Max Weight (2 people) 20 stone or 130kg per person 20 stone or 130kg per person
Made In UK UK
Firmness 6.5/10 (Medium-firm) Medium-firm
Delivery Free, 1-3 business days 3-7 business days
Returns Free Free
Trial 200-nights 200-nights
Warranty 10-years 10-years
Price (without discount) £449-£899 £799-£1,319
Discounts Best Emma Discounts Compilation Best Emma Discounts Compilation
Our Review Emma Original Review Emma Premium Review
Although we update The Mattress Guide regularly, data and information can be changed by the manufacturers/ brands. Please confirm with the mattress company before purchasing.

Should I Buy An Emma Original or Emma Premium?

It is clear that both mattresses are high-quality mattresses that are made with a clear purpose, making it impossible to crown a winner as they are suited for different types of sleepers. While the Emma Original is a great and priceworthy mattress that is very comfortable to most sleepers, the Emma Premium is much more of a niche product that isn't ideal for just anyone.

The Emma Original offers fantastic pressure relief, is comfortable in all sleeping positions and comes at a more affordable price. The Emma Premium provides excellent support and can help you sleep less hot thanks to its cooling features such as the added layer of Airgocell® foam and the enhanced airflow through the springs.

Both mattresses come with a very generous trial period of 200 nights and 10 years of warranty. The Emma Premium is clearly the more advanced mattress but unless you're looking for those exact features we're sure you'll enjoy the Emma Original as well.

We Would Recommend Buying The Emma Original Mattress if you are Looking For:

Emma Origina vs Emma Premium
  • A memory foam mattress that provides excellent pressure relief.
  • A comfortable and durable mattress that covers the basic needs of most sleepers.
  • An award-winning, high-quality mattress that comes at an affordable price.

We Would Recommend Buying an Emma Premium Mattress if you are Looking For:

Emma Premium vs Emma Original
  • A highly supportive mattress that doesn't feel too firm.
  • A mattress that can help you sleep cooler.
  • A hybrid option with normal-sized springs with minimal motion transfer.


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