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Best Cooling Mattress UK 2022


Written by Lauren

Last Updated: 17th January, 2022

Many people struggle to get a perfect sleep at night. While there could be multiple reasons for this, many people believe that they are simply too hot throughout the night to sleep the eight hours they most certainly need.

Out of the few options available, one of the best ways to keep yourself cool at night is by investing in a cooling mattress. As most mattresses retain heat to keep you warm, if you experience overheating and night sweats throughout the evening, then investing in the best cooling mattress to suit your needs might be worth considering.

The benefits of cooling mattresses do not run short; while keeping you cool, they can keep you comfortable for longer, and they can benefit your mental health.

Sometimes all that’s missing between poor and good mental health is the ability to sleep. Continue reading for an all-encompassing review of some of the best cooling mattresses for hot sleepers on the market.

(Important Facts, Studies, Advice, Considerations & FAQs In Conclusion)

Silentnight Eco Comfort Breathe Pocket 1200 MattressPocket SprungMedium60 Nights exchange
5 Years
TheraPur ActiGel Plus Response 3200 MattressPocket SprungMediumNA Nights
1 Year
TEMPUR CoolTouch Original Elite MattressMemory FoamMediumNA Nights
10 Years
Dormeo Fresh Deluxe Memory Foam MattressMemory FoamMedium-Soft60 Nights
15 Years
John Lewis Natural Collection Hemp 2500 MattressPocket SprungMedium60 Nights
7 Years
Millbrook Wool Luxury 1000 Pocket MattressPocket SprungMedium-Firm60 Nights exchange
10 Years
Prices are referring to the single size. Information may be subject to change, please check with the brand/manufacturer before purchasing.

1. Silentnight Eco Comfort Breathe Cooling Mattress

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silentnight eco comfort cooling mattress
(Image credit: Silentnight)
• Microclimate Sleep System
• Medium-firm mattress
• Scientifically recommended for spinal alignment 
• Couples
• People who enjoy spring mattresses
• Sleepers who prefer greater support

Silentnight’s Eco Comfort Breathe Mattress has received excellent customer reviews, potentially making it a great cooling mattress for many sleepers. One of the best features of this cooling mattress is the Microclimate sleep system, exclusive to Silentnight. This system aims to promote maximum cooling comfort by having three layers that work separately to keep you cool.

The first layer is the Breathable Coolmax Sleep Surface that uses small fibres to draw moisture from the body, which aids moisture and bacteria control whilst encouraging breathability. The second layer consists of Eco Breathe Fibres to help prevent you from overheating. Lastly, the third layer is made up of Eco Comfort Fibres, which also help to drain moisture and keep your mattress clean and fresh.

This Eco Comfort Breathe mattress functions using a 1200 spring system which offers tailored support to each person. The springs have been created to fully support the weight of your entire body and also help to maintain structure in the mattress when you move throughout the night. Another benefit is that it has also been zoned, which has been scientifically proven to promote spinal alignment and support your whole body.

This medium-firm mattress is 29cm thick and has an average price point when compared to other cooling mattresses.

(Video credit: Silentnight)

2. TheraPur ActiGel Plus Cooling Mattress

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therapur actigel plus mattress
(Image credit: TheraPur)
• Pillow top mattress
• Handcrafted in the UK
• ActiGel cooling layer
• People who prefer hypoallergenic materials
• Sleepers who enjoy reduced motion transfer
• People with extra money to spend

Dreams offer a highly reviewed medium-firm mattress at the higher end of the price scale for cooling mattresses. Despite its higher price point, you have the option to pay monthly with 0% interest with a one-year manufacturer guarantee.

One of the main features of this cooling mattress is the TheraPur ActiGel Plus Response 3200, which essentially consists of ActiGel and PurFibre layers. Both of these layers are intended to improve the airflow throughout the mattress, which regulates the temperature of the whole product.

Moreover, the mattress includes an ActiCool pillow top for extra comfort. This cooling nature of the mattress aims to help you stay hygienic and fresh.

Within the mattress, there are 2744 pocket springs that contour your body and keep the mattress steady and still. The springs also seek to maintain bodily support and comfort you as you sleep. In addition, the materials used to create this mattress are hypoallergenic, which is ideal for those sensitive to certain materials.

3. TEMPUR CoolTouch Original Mattress

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Dreams Discount Voucher Code
Up to 60% OFF selected items | T&Cs apply.
Up to 60% OFF selected items | T&Cs apply. Show Less
tempur cooltouch mattress
(Image credit: TEMPUR)
• 10-year warranty
• Open-cell memory foam
• CoolTouch technology
• People with a higher budget
• People who enjoy foam mattresses
• Sleepers wanting pressure relief

This well-reviewed TEMPUR mattress is 25cm thick and medium-firm. It consists of premium memory foam, which can potentially provide great lumbar support and aid spinal alignment. Despite being somewhat firm, this mattress is designed to be gentle on your body and aims to provide both comfort and cooling.

With TEMPUR, what keeps you cool throughout the night is their exclusive CoolTouch technology. The CoolTouch feature is embedded into the cover of the mattress, which seeks to absorb and manage your body heat as you sleep, as well as being cool to the touch.

The cooling mattress also has an open-cell structure, which means that the mattress is engineered to contour to your body shape. This is designed to allow pressure distribution across the whole mattress, letting you experience relief from common pressure points. This feature means that TEMPUR technology may help you feel more supported if you regularly wake up feeling sore.

4. Dormeo Fresh Deluxe Cooling Mattress

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dormeo fresh deluxe cooling mattress
(Image credit: Dormeo)
• Ecocell cooling foam
• Mattress in a box
• Silver fibres
• Sleepers who enjoy a softer mattress
• People who prefer memory foam
• People on a budget

Dormeo has created a medium-soft cooling mattress that has received top reviews from many customers. The Fresh Deluxe Memory Foam Mattress is 20cm in depth with 4cm of memory foam, with the latter helping to reduce motion transfer.

This cooling mattress has been created by combining Ecocell and memory foam, which is designed to offer comfort while maintaining ventilation and increased breathability. The Ecocell foam consists of a 3-dimensional cell structure with elastic qualities aimed to heighten air circulation and provide support.

In addition, to try to combat odours caused by night sweats, the cooling mattress includes silver fibres, which are believed to have anti-bacterial properties and can absorb moisture.

As well as the cooling properties, the mattress is also anti-allergenic and has sanitized protection, which should protect the mattress from unwanted bacteria and dust mites. Dormeo also offers a 60-night comfort trial and a 15-year warranty.

5. John Lewis & Partners Natural Hemp Mattress

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john lewis natural hemp mattress
(Image credit: John Lewis)
• Eco-friendly
• Breathable hemp and cotton material
• Natural fillings
• People who value sustainability
• Those looking for mattress with trial
• People who prefer pocket springs

The Natural Collection Hemp 2500 Pocket Spring Mattress is an eco-friendly and sustainable cooling mattress that comes with a seven-year guarantee and the opportunity to opt-in to recycle your old mattress.

The materials used within this cooling mattress are breathable hemp and cotton, which can help promote airflow throughout the mattress. These filings are also highly absorbent, meaning if you sweat during the night, your mattress should maintain its freshness and hygiene.

Adding to its sustainability, 50% of the materials used are sourced and grown from a local farm, as well as the mattress cover being chemical-free.

Within the mattress itself is the award-winning Cortec pocket spring system whereby the springs have been manufactured closer together, providing more support for the individual. These springs naturally contour to your body shape and can help even out pressure by distributing body weight. As Cortec springs are light in structure, they can also increase ventilation when paired with natural fillings.

6. Millbrook Wool Luxury Cooling Mattress

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millbrook wool luxury cool mattress
(Image credit: Millbrook)
• Mattress with sleep trial
• Handmade in the UK
• Embedded with wool
• Those with a lower budget
• Sleepers who enjoy edge support
• People who prefer natural materials

The Millbrook Wool Luxury Mattress is a well-reviewed cooling mattress with customers praising its comfort and support. Handmade in the UK, the mattress comes with a 60-night sleep trial and a ten-year warranty.

Millbrook uses Wool Luxury 1000 within its cooling mattress, which is combined with cotton. The thick wool is used to create a springy feel which is highly breathable and can help you cool down while regulating temperature. The addition of cotton should also help remove moisture whilst adding extra comfort.

This cooling mattress sits at the medium-firm range on the firmness scale and is designed to be high-quality with its edge-to-edge support, which helps maintain its durability and prevent the sides from caving in. The 1000 pocket springs provide even further support when combined with the wool by allowing the mattress to mould to your body shape and reduce motion transfer.

Moreover, the mattress cover is infused with a material known as M-Pure, which is marketed as a natural, plant-based treatment.

Why Temperature Is So Important For Sleep 

If you've ever wondered why we fall asleep and wake up at specific times, the answer is due to your circadian rhythm. This is a natural process that helps to regulate your sleeping cycle. However, this can be interrupted by factors such as light and temperature, causing you to lose out on sleep. 

ideal cooling temperature for sleep

For this reason, it's wise to try to aim for the ideal temperature, which is believed to range from 18°C - 20°C. In fact, research✓ has shown that the wrong temperature at night can have significant effects on falling asleep, sleep calmness and even your appetite. A study✓ involving hundreds of thousands of participants also suggested that increased nighttime temperatures can lead to a lack of sleep. 

Overheating And Night Sweats 

A common problem related to overheating while sleeping is night sweats✓. This issue is caused by numerous factors, such as natural occurrences like menopause and low blood sugar levels, as well as psychological issues, such as anxiety. If this is the case, seeking professional medical help may be the best option.

Hot flashes may be difficult to distinguish from night sweats ... (they) may begin with an unpleasant heat sensation in the chest, neck or abdomen. A sudden warmth and visible skin redness.

Juan J.Remos, MD

Additionally, there are also external factors that could be disturbing your sleep. For example, alcohol or drug use, including particular medication and painkillers, which can all cause overheating. 

night sweats in bed

To avoid overheating, our body naturally prepares for a cooler night sleep by dropping a few degrees as you approach bedtime. Although, there are some extra steps you can take to ensure a good night's rest. The obvious option is to regulate the room temperature; however, there are also many mattresses and accessories designed for cooling. 

Types Of Mattresses For Cooling 

There are plenty of mattress types available which claim to help cool you down at night, although some are more effective than others. When choosing a cooling mattress, you should consider breathability, airflow and the types of layers within the mattress. 


Latex is a naturally sourced material often combined with springs or foam to create a supportive and comfortable mattress. Due to its elastic properties, latex can contour to your body shape and allow for pressure relief. 

Latex is an excellent choice for cooling as it's known to be a temperature regulating material and can increase airflow, as many latex mattresses have been aerated or have holes added. Natural latex is recommended over synthetic or blended as it's known to be more effective in trapping and dispersing body heat. 

Memory Foam

Memory foam is made using polyurethane material that is sensitive to body heat and can therefore mould to your body shape. Due to this, it's best known for providing a high standard of comfort and relieving pressure by distributing your body weight. 

Despite memory foam mattresses being popular amongst many, they may not be the best option for cooling as they retain heat due to their dense material. A better alternative could be an advanced memory foam mattress which includes larger holes for better airflow whilst maintaining the same comfort level. Another possible choice could be cooling infused memory foam mattresses which can help to cool you down. 


Polyfoam is similar to memory foam as they both tend to use the material polyurethane. However, polyfoam differs from memory foam as it doesn't trap as much heat and is better at regulating temperature. This is partly due to its elastic properties, which allows the mattress to push against your weight rather than compressing body heat. 

An alternative to the standard polyfoam is open cell polyfoam which contains larger air bubbles to help with breathability and temperature regulation. Polyfoam is often used in cheaper mattresses. However, the downsides are that it isn't known to be very durable or eco-friendly. If you are eco-conscious, take a look at some organic mattresses on the market.


Innerspring mattresses have been around for a long time and are therefore common in many homes. These mattresses include layers of springs and coils and to some degree the more springs, the greater the support. This support can appeal to those who prefer a firmer mattress with a springy feel which could be ideal if you're looking for a mattress for heavier people.

As innerspring mattresses include spring coils within their layers, this makes it ideal for better airflow. For greater comfort, some of these mattresses have memory foam in their layers. Yet, it's important to check that the layers are thin enough so airflow can be evenly distributed. 

Mattress Cooling Infusions 

Infusions are often added to the foam in mattresses and offer different properties and benefits for sleepers. This is ideal for those who want the comfort level found in memory foam mattresses but prefer to stay cool at night. Here are some recommendations for those looking to avoid the heat: 

mattress cooling infusions
  1. Gel Infusion: This is a popular choice as gel is known for its water-like abilities in that it's able to absorb heat from the body. Gel mattresses are great for temperature regulation, and many have also claimed that they are cooler to the touch. 
  2. Charcoal Infusion: A relatively new concept, this infusion works well with open-cell memory foam as it is designed to increase breathability and airflow. With that being said, there is little evidence surrounding exactly how effective charcoal infusions are at cooling.  
  3. Graphite Infusion: Graphite is a carbon that is known for being resistant to heat. This is due to its structure containing 'pores' that can draw heat away from the body. When combined with foam, it may help cool down the mattress by absorbing and assisting in dissipating body heat. 

Accessories To Help Cool Your Mattress 

Mattresses are a great place to start if you require a cool night's sleep. However, if you're unable to invest in a new mattress, plenty of other solutions are available. Mattress accessories can range from specialised covers to cooling pads, all of which can offer different benefits depending on your preferences. 

Did you know?
Age matters when it comes to overheating. Elderly people and young children are more likely to experience sleep disturbances due to the heat than adults and older children.

Mattress covers are an easy and affordable way to gain a cooler sleeping experience. Bamboo toppers and covers have gained popularity as the material is known to not conduct much heat and can therefore be very breathable. Additionally, it is often naturally sourced and contains hypoallergenic qualities. Another mattress cover to consider is lycra, a stretchy and synthetic material that can provide plenty of airflow, this material is often also used as a mattress protector. It makes for a suitable alternative to a cotton cover as it may offer increased breathability. 

Aside from covers, there are plenty of cooling mattress pads to choose from. A cooling pad is a thin layer placed on top of your mattress, which can be made from various materials, such as cotton or gel infusions. These pads help to regulate temperature, while some use technology to cool down the mattress surface. 

Hot Sleepers: What To Avoid 

If you're prone to sleeping hot and need a change, there are several things you could avoid to get a cooler night's sleep. 

avoid overheating
  • Blankets: While linen and light-weight cotton blankets may help cool you down, there are some materials to avoid. Dense fabrics such as wool, fleece and cashmere are likely to increase your body temperature and could be less breathable.
  • Memory Foam Toppers: Memory foam can be a comfortable option for hot sleepers when infused with other elements such as charcoal or graphite. However, memory foam is designed to hold onto heat on its own and is therefore not ideal for those wanting to stay cool. Try seeking out a cooling mattress topper or a mattress topper including gel.
  • Clothing: When your body cools for the night, your hands and feet may warm up as heat escapes from these body parts; therefore, removing socks is a simple way to stay cool. When it comes to P.J's, you should avoid anything made from wool or flannel. A good alternative could be silk pyjamas
  • Pillows: As with memory foam mattresses, you should also be cautious of pillows with high-density foam as they tend to retain heat. A good option could be to invest in a cooling pillow.

Frequently Asked Questions 

How to keep cool on a memory foam mattress? 

Aside from regulating the room temperature, you can also invest in light-weight cotton or linen sheets, which are best known for being breathable and can help cool you down. 

How to cool down your memory foam mattress? 

An affordable option is to add mattress covers using materials such as bamboo or lycra. You can also use cooling pads/toppers as an extra layer on top of your mattress. 

What is the best mattress to keep you cool?

This entirely depends on your preferences, though latex and innerspring mattresses stand out when it comes to cooling properties. Gel-infused memory foam is also a good option for those seeking comfort with added cooling benefits.

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