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Noa Mattress Review

Last Updated: September 8, 2021

Before we get into this Noa Mattress Review it is always useful to get an understanding of the company's back story and how it came about. This helps to gauge what solution the product is solving and where it may be heading into the future. 

The Noa brand is inspired by one of the founders' sons, 'Noah' which means "to bring peace and comfort". This is not only what goes into the design of their mattresses but how Noa wants their customers to feel. With this philosophy, they have served in Canada, Singapore, Australia and now the United Kingdom.

In this Noa Mattress Review, we will be taking a look at their most popular model. Follow along in this in-depth review, where we will be unpacking the Noa Mattress by highlighting the layers, materials used and the properties that they were designed to have. 

If you prefer concise information, as opposed to an in-depth look, then head on down to our summary at the end, where we highlight the key points from this review.

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Noa Mattress Construction

The Noa Mattress is a hybrid mattress. Hybrid mattresses make use of springs and memory foam, in a best of both worlds design. The aim of a hybrid is to provide the comfort of memory foam and the sturdy support of a spring layer.

The Noa Mattress is built using 5 internal layers, each with its own functions, materials and more but we will get to the specifics in the layers section to come.

The mattress industry is regulated, to ensure customers safety when using products. More specifically, regulations make sure that no harmful chemicals or processes are used to manufacture materials for mattresses. Every layer of the Noa Mattress has its own certificate from a regulation body, stating that they are safe for use.

The cover and AirCell internal layer are both OEKO-TEX certified while the other foam layers used are REACH certified, which is regarded as the European equivalent to CertiPur-US. The last certification is with regards to all the materials used and what type of odour gets released. The certification states that the materials are all low in Volatile Organic Compound✓. This basically means that the materials have a low odour release.

noa mattress materials and layers
(Image credit: Noa)

Noa Mattress Cover

The Noa Mattress is completed in a stylish cover. The top half of the cover is a hand-tufted, Tencel poly-knit, pillow-top fabric. Thanks to its design, the top cover is designed to be breathable which means that it allows for airflow, so, any heat that is expelled will flow right through and out of the mattress. This is especially important if you are looking for a cooling mattress

The top cover is hypoallergenic and antibacterial, thanks to the Tencel used in the cover that creates these natural properties in the fabric. The hand-tufted cover also helps lower body impressions over many uses which even helps prevent wrinkling of the cover. The main purpose of the cover is to secure all the layers of the mattress in their place.

Keep in mind that the cover is not removable or washable. Noa suggests that customers make use of a mattress protector to protect the sleeping surface of their mattress. If need be, the cover of the mattress can be spot cleaned.

See our in-depth article on how to clean a mattress for a more hygienic sleeping environment.

Noa Mattress Layers

1. Cooling Gel Memory Foam

Memory foam has a reputation for retaining heat and therefore creating a warmer sleep environment. This is why Noa included an infused gel into the memory foam layer, to actively target overheating. This is a popular strategy memory foam mattresses use to combat the side effects of memory foam.

This layer was designed to contour and cushion your body where it needs it most, providing deep pressure relief. The gel infusion was designed to wick away heat from this layer and with the help of the breathable cover, the heat is designed to be able to escape your mattress.

2. AirCell Layer

There is not much information about his foam, however from researching dozens of mattresses we have found that many incorporate an additional "cooling foam layer". These layers generally include larger and/or more air pockets in the foam to allow for air to flow easily through.

This AirCell foam layer is perforated and is designed to offer more bounce than the upper memory foam layer.

3. Transition Layer

Not all sleepers are alike, some can sleep peacefully regardless of disturbances and some can be woken from the tiniest of noise or disturbance. For those who are easily woken’, Noa has included a transition layer. This layer not only smoothes the transition between foam and springs but also has adaptive properties.

This property is called motion isolation, which means that when you move this layer is made to keep your movements isolated to where you are, without disturbing your partner. This is a particularly important feature if you are looking for a mattress as a couple.

4. Premium Pocket Springs

The 4th internal layer and base of the mattress is the pocket spring layer. This layer is made using thick-gauge steel and each spring is individually wrapped in a highly permeable mesh material.

The springs are 18cm in height, this is important to note as many hybrid mattresses will claim springs but when looking into the layers you will find they are about 2cm in height.

The material used to encase the springs is highly breathable and allows for greater airflow. Usually, the springs being separated creates airflow but Noa has gone above that to use breathable materials to encase the springs, allowing air to flow through the individual springs as well. The spring layer was designed to provide bounce and durability.

5. Perimeter Edge Support

The final internal layer is a 9cm tall, high-density foam wall layer. This layer sits around the base of the mattress and encases the springs in their area. This means that the springs can only move within the confines of the wall and ensures that the springs stay beneath you.

This layer also removes the contact with the springs, allowing you to get the benefits of springs without having to feel them on your body. This layer was designed to minimise sagging and provide additional durability. Sidewalls also have the benefit of creating a wider sleep surface, meaning you can sleep across more of the mattress and still feel supported.

Mattresses that come in boxes generally don't have the best edge support if you were to compare them to traditional mattresses. So, keep this in mind and look for mattresses with added edge support if this is an important factor for you.

How Thick Is The Mattress?

The Noa mattress is slightly thicker than their competitors in the UK market and comes in at 28cm. The average is around 25cm however your current sheets should fit. The Noa mattresses have a recommended maximum weight capacity of approximately 75 kgs (165 lbs) per sleeper. This is an estimated number and only to ensure that the sleeper can experience all the features of the mattress as advised.

Noa Mattress Firmness

Now that we have covered the layers and the cover, we can comment on the firmness of the overall mattress.

The Noa mattress is rated as medium-firm to firm, or a 7 out of 10 on the firmness scale, with 10 being firm. Noa state that the Noa Mattress is suited for all sleepers and sleep types. Many boxed mattresses rate themselves a 6.5 out of 10. Apart from the different materials, the additional 3 cm in depth could also be a reason the Noa mattress is rated slightly firmer.

noa mattress firmness review

Firmness is a difficult topic to cover as it is rather subjective and depends on your weight, sleeping preference and materials used among other things. Luckily mattresses with trials allow you to fully determine how suitable a mattress will be for you and your unique preferences.

noa mattress side sleeper
(Image credit: Noa)

Aesthetics and Design

The Noa Mattress is finished in a two-tone cover. The top part of the cover is white, which is a classic industry look, while the sides are grey. All parts of the cover are quilted in a stylish finish.

The Noa mattress design follows more of a premium or luxury mattress design from an aesthetic point of view.

noa home mattress design
(Image credit: Noa)

Noa Mattress Trial & Warranty

The Noa Mattress comes with a 100-night trial period. This allows you to test the mattress and ensure that it was the right selection for your preferences. Within the 100-night trial period, you have an option of returning your mattress for a full refund (no questions asked basis). Remember to always read through the T&C's. one point that stood out was that refunds are limited to 1 refund per household.

The returned mattresses are either donated to local charities or recycling organisations. We wouldn't be surprised if we see Noa start selling their returned mattress at a fraction of the price such as Emma, Nectar and OTTY.

In the long run, the Noa Mattress is protected by a 15-year warranty. That means that you are covered for a decade and a half. The warranty begins when the mattress reaches your home, which means that the trial period and warranty period run together from receiving the mattress. Also, take your time to read the terms.

Noa Mattress Delivery

With a Noa Mattress, you receive free delivery to your home. Deliveries usually take 2-7 business days, which excludes public holidays or weekends,  to arrive. This timeline only applies to items that are in stock and are sure to vary during busier times.

(Video credit: Noa)

Additional Services Offered by Noa

You can book a free one-on-one consultation with a member of Noa’s team, where they can help and answer any questions you may have.

Payment Options

  • Debit/Credit Card  
  • Paypal

Noa Mattress Price & Sizes

The price of an item, especially when shopping online, determines whether or not it is a fit for you. This is why we include the prices and sizes of the mattress that we are reviewing.

Below we have created a table that displays the mattress size, dimensions and price. Kindly note that all prices are standard as they appear from Noa. if you are looking for the best deals and discounts then head over to our mattress discounts page.

SIZEDIMENSIONSPRICE (excl. discount code)
Noa single size mattress90x190x28 cm£669
Noa small double size mattress120x190x28 cm£849
Noa double size mattress135x190x28 cm£789
Noa king size mattress150x200x28 cm£999
Noa super king size mattress180x200x28 cm£1,149
Prices and size availability may be subject to change

Noa Mattress Customer Reviews

Besides the price, customer reviews are a good indication of what it’s like living with a product.

When looking at Noa mattress reviews, take a look at the Noa Home UK site, keep in mind that these reviews could be mixed from all the countries they operate in. Also, we always recommend looking at third-party review sites as these may be less subjective. This is especially the case when you want a product but need that extra bit of practical information. 


  • Noa recommends that you rotate your mattress head-to-toe every 3-6 months.

Should I Buy a Noa Mattress? 

To conclude this in-depth Noa mattress review, we can summarise the points that we have covered thus far. The Noa Mattress is a hybrid design that has 4 internal layers with an added edge support layer. The layers include a cooling gel-infused memory foam, AirCell foam, adaptive transition foam layer, pocket spring layer and finally the high-density sidewall layer. Every layer has its own certification declaring that it is safe for use within its category.

The cover is made using Tencel and has a hand-tufted finish. Some of the properties of the mattress are that it is hypoallergenic, antibacterial. The Noa mattress can be spot cleaned if need be and should be rotated head-to-toe every 3-6 months. With the Noa Mattress, you are covered with a 100-night trial, giving you 100 nights to return the mattress if need be. In the long run, you’re covered by a 15-year warranty. 

We would recommend the Noa Mattress to those looking for a:

  • Hybrid mattress with 5 internal layers
  • Mattress with a cooling gel memory foam layer
  • Hybrid mattress with edge support and encapsulated pocket springs
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Noa Mattress Review
Material Quality
Motion Isolation
Edge Support
Sex/ Bounce
Company Reputation
Value for Money
100-night risk-free trial
15-year warranty
Free delivery and returns
Cooling gel memory foam layer
Added edge support
Tencel hand-tufted cover
The cover is not removable

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Material Quality
Motion Isolation
Edge Support
Sex/ Bounce
Company Reputation
Value for Money
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