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Best Luxury Mattress 2021

Last Updated: July 5, 2021

There are many reasons why people rather look for a luxury mattress as compared to a regular mattress. Luxury mattresses have the wrap of being more comfortable, being made of higher-quality materials, more durable and last longer.

Here is our list of the Best Luxury Mattresses you can buy in a box, in the UK right now (Important Considerations in Conclusion).

Brook + WildeElite mattressHybridSoft, Medium or Firm100 Nights
10 Years
DreamCloudDreamCloud mattressHybridMedium-firm365 Nights
Forever Years
EvePremium Hybrid mattressHybridMedium-firm100 Nights
10 Years
REM-Fit600 Lux mattressHybridSoft-medium100 Nights
15 Years
SimbaHybrid Pro mattressHybridMedium-firm100 Nights
10 Years
LeesaLuxury Hybrid mattressHybridMedium-firm100 Nights
10 Years
TempurHybrid Elite mattressHybridMedium-firm100 Nights
10 Years
*Prices are referring to the single size unless stated with a (*). Information may be subject to change, please check with the brand/manufacturer before purchasing.

1. Brook + Wilde Elite Mattress

brook + wilde elite best luxury mattress uk
(Image credit: Brook + Wilde)

The winner of our Best Luxury Mattress UK Award goes to Brook + Wilde, a British company aiming to create the UK's most premium mattress in a box.

The Brook and Wilde Elite mattress was designed and is manufactured right here in the UK. Following the success of the Brook and Wilde Lux mattress, they have improved upon their own design and created the Elite mattress. The Elite is an impressive 6 layer design (excluding the cover), with not 1, but 2 separate spring layers and some innovative sleep technology in between. Brooke and Wilde are dedicated to providing revolutionary comfort and support for you. Let’s unpack the Elite mattress layer by layer.

Brook and Wilde Elite mattress Construction

The Brook and Wilde Elite mattress is a 6 layered, hybrid design, that uses memory foam, springs and revolutionary sleep technology. The top half of the cover, which is a four-way-stretch cover, is breathable and allows for air circulation, keeping things cool from the top. The top cover can also be unzipped and popped in the wash at 30 degrees Celcius, ensuring it remains in top luxurious quality. The lower half of the cover is a non-slip base, this layer keeps all the other layers in their place, below you, providing support and luxurious comfort. The mattress cover includes mattress handles for easy adjustments and moveability.

The first of the internal layers, starting from the top, is a memory foam protector. This layer allows the top cover to move freely while also ensuring that the first memory foam layer can work independently. This means that friction is taken away between foam and fabric, allowing both layers to perform as intended. 

The second internal layer is the thermo-regulating top layer. This layer is a blend of sustainable natural raw materials. These include a refreshing natural balm and soybean oil. The use of these elements promotes deeper and more restful sleep. Additionally, this layer is made up of open-cell technology, which makes the layer highly breathable with added high-level moisture evaporation. This results in your mattress being cooler for longer, further promoting deep sleep.

The third internal layer is also the first spring layer. Made up of 2500 mini pocket springs, this layer provides push back and bounce, which regular foam designs lack. The pocket springs were specifically engineered to move with you, as you turn and shift while sleeping, to constantly react to you and reduce pressure points while you sleep. The springs move independently to ensure that you receive the right amount of push back and responsiveness at the right pressure points, whenever you move.  

The fourth internal layer is the wave technology layer. This layer is made from specialist foam, which has superior cushioning qualities that relieve pressure. The support foam layer has added depth and density in the upper area of the mattress, which aids in spinal alignment and is targeted at shoulder care and support. The unique wave technology provides support and pressure distribution, ensuring that your spine is aligned as you sleep or even shift through the night. This results in 4 zones of support

  1. Neck support - supporting your head and neck, keeping your head aligned with your spine
  2. Shoulder support - A softer sink under the shoulders, to provide support and relieve pressure
  3. Hip support - Supports natural curves of your body, producing targeted lumbar support 
  4. Leg support - Lower leg and foot support, better aligning your whole body

The fifth internal layer is the second spring layer. With 1000, tall springs, this spring layer is designed for extra push-back and bounce, promoting more responsiveness in your mattress. This layer will put that extra spring in your step. 

The sixth and final internal layer is the support base layer. This layer is engineered to specifically support the taller spring layer above it. This layer also provides a sturdy base for all your layers and thanks to the non-slip cover below, it’s not going anywhere. This strong foundation allows all previous layers to work as intended, better promoting lasting comfort and support throughout your night.

Brook + Wilde Extras

The Brook and Wilde Elite mattress also comes with a choice of firmness. You can choose from soft, medium or firm feel. The soft feel is supportive, with added levels of cosiness. The medium feel is a blend of support and sink. The mix of softness and resistance provides supreme levels of comfort. The firm feel provides a firmer level of support whilst remaining supremely comfortable. This feel is less springy but more supportive.

Included in your purchase is a free premium delivery, which is a 2 man delivery team that delivers to your room of choice. This includes free returns or a firmness change, where you can request either firmer or softer feel mattress or even request a full refund. Refunds and returns can be arranged within the included 100-night trial. This trial allows you to test the mattress’ firmness, the feel and decide whether it’s for you or not. The Elite mattress is covered by a 10-year guarantee, allowing you to rest easy knowing it’s covered for many years to come.

2. DreamCloud Mattress

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dreamcloud best luxury mattress uk
(Image credit: DreamCloud)

Having received many customer reviews and having a successful run in the US, the DreamCloud mattress is now available in the UK. The DreamCloud mattress which is a close second on our Best Luxury Mattress UK picks is also manufactured in the UK, for all UK orders. With insane extras like a never before seen warranty length and extended trial period, this mattress has a lot to offer. The DreamCloud mattress is a 4 layer design, excluding the cover.

DreamCloud Construction

The DreamCloud mattress is a hybrid design, consisting of 4 internal layers and a supremely soft quilted cover. This luxury hybrid combines breathable foams and ActivEdge™ coils to provide high-level heat distribution and support. 

The first of the layers is the quilted and double tufted cover. The cover combines premium softness with activated cooling technology which makes the cover highly breathable. Thanks to the use of phase change materials, the cover produces a temperature-controlled sleep surface that is also designed to be supremely comfortable. Also included are mattress handles for convenience when shifting things around in your room.

The first internal layer is DreamCloud’s own DreamPlush memory foam. This is a layer of luxurious, highly breathable foam. By placing this layer first, it ensures that you feel a deep contouring and pressure-relieving feel as you lay down. Thanks to the slow response of memory foam, this layer forms to the shape of your body well, even as you move about while you sleep. 

The second internal layer is the supportive foam layer. This layer is a quicker reacting, firmer foam layer that not only assists in shaping around your body quicker but also acts as a transition layer between the soft memory foam layer and the spring layer beneath. Whether you sleep on your side, back or stomach, this layer keeps you cradled and supported throughout the night. 

The third internal layer is the ActivEdge™ Coil Layer, which consists of 15 cm premium pocket springs with ActivEdge™ technology. This layer provides exceptional support across the entire mattress and thanks to the ActivEdge™ technology, your sleep surface goes all the way to the edge of your mattress. Thanks to the spacing between the coils, the air is free to flow through your mattress, which better allows heat to escape, keeping you cool. This layer also minimises motion transfer, which means that only the springs you affect will respond. This works best for those with restless partners and allows them to be restless without messing your sleep up. 

The fourth internal layer is the support foam base layer. This layer is designed to further absorb motion and provide additional support. The base foam also provides a base for the coils to sit on, ensuring that they are stable and ready to work.

DreamCloud Extras

Included in your purchase of a DreamCloud mattress is a free premium delivery service, which makes use of a 2 man delivery team delivering to your room of choice. Additionally, DreamCloud offers a crazy 365-night trial period, allowing you to test the mattress out in your room for a full year. If you arent pleased with the mattress, you can return it for a full refund within the trial period. Think the trial is long? DreamCloud offers a forever warranty, ensuring that your mattress will last “a lifetime” as they say.

3. Eve Premium Hybrid Mattress

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eve hybrid premium mattress
(Image credit: Eve)

The Eve Premium Hybrid mattress is from the top shelf at Eve. this hybrid design consists of full-sized springs, the latest foam technology including Eve’s patented Floatfoam®, a removable and washable cover with added benefits and more. Designed to support all types of sleepers, this is the business end of Eve’s products. The Eve Premium Hybrid mattress has a medium-firm feel and is deeply cushioned. Let’s get into the particulars of the mattress and see what’s what.

Eve Premium Hybrid Construction

The Eve Premium Hybrid mattress is a hybrid design, that utilises full-sized pocket springs, premium foams including the patented floatfoam® and a quilted cover with added benefits. The mattress is an 8 layer design including the dual cover, which sits on the top and bottom of the mattress. 

The Eve Premium Hybrid mattress cover is made from  97% polyester, 2% elastane and 1% silver. Tiny silver strands are woven into the cover which creates an antibacterial and antimicrobial sleeping surface. Thanks to the polyester and elastane, the cover has a soft feel and is thick and durable. The top cover can be removed and popped in the wash at 40 degrees Celcius keeping your surface in pristine condition. The lower part of the cover has a non-slip coating. The antislip base, which secures the layers of your mattress, keeps everything right where it should be, below you. 

The first inner layer is the Floatfoam® layer. It is designed to feel soft and soothing as soon as you lay down. This graphite infused foam layer has a soothing softness and pressure relief properties. Thanks to the graphite infusion, this layer also works to actively keep you cool. This and the next layer provide the softness of the mattress. 

The second inner layer is also a graphite infused foam layer. The memory foam layer with active cooling has a snug softness that hugs your body, keeping the pressure off. The graphite in these first 2 layers actively removes heat when your body gets hot, keeping you cool as you sleep. 

The third inner layer is a denser foam layer, designed to support and align your spine. This layer provides a base for the first 2 cooling, soft and hugging memory foam layers above. This layer also acts as a transition layer, coming between the top 2, soft foam layers and above the spring casing. 

The fourth inner layer is the foam casing layer. This layer provides edge support, ensuring that your mattress doesn’t sag on the edges. It also encases the springs to keep them contained and in place. This layer also acts as a transition layer, separating the foams from the springs to better work at their individual tasks, providing soft comfort and cooling you when things get heated.

The fifth inner layer is a spring layer. Using 1500 full-sized, pocket springs, this layer provides supreme support that adapts to your every move and wriggles. This gives you the support exactly where you need it, even when changing sleeping position in the night. Thanks to the spacing of the springs, this layer is highly breathable and allows the air to flow through the mattress. 

The sixth inner layer is the lower half of the foam casing. This layer surrounds and contains the springs, keeping them in place while it also provides edge support, so you don’t get that rolling off feeling near the edge. This layer sits upon the antislip base, which is the lower half of the cover.

Eve Extras

The Eve premium hybrid mattress comes with free delivery and returns, and an impressive 100-night trial. This allows you to try it out in your home and if it isn’t for you, Eve has a returns policy where you can receive a full refund within the trial period. Your mattress is also covered by a 10-year warranty, ensuring it can stand the test of time.

4. REM-Fit 600 Lux Hybrid Mattress

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remfit 600 lux mattress uk
(Image credit: REM-Fit)

Made in the UK, The REM-Fit® 600 Lux Hybrid Mattress is a 5 layer hybrid design, excluding the cover. The mattress is a soft-medium feel mattress with a removable and washable cover, with its own added benefits but we will get to that. Follow along as we outline the key features of this luxury mattress.

REM-Fit 600 Lux Hybrid Mattress Construction

The REM-Fit® 600 Lux Hybrid mattress is a hybrid design with multiple layers. The cover of the mattress is made from Re-Ax fabric, which is not only silky soft to the touch but also hypoallergenic so it won’t cause any sniffles or allergies. The knitted cover is also thermoregulating, which means that it allows for great air movement throughout the mattress. The cover is removable and machine washable. 

The first internal layer is a new feature in the industry. This is a comfort memory foam layer with added zoning. This layer which is unique, as zoning is usually at the base of the mattress, and designed to care for the bonier areas of your body. The added cushioning reduces pressure build-up as well. The foam itself is an open-cell foam layer, which is 30x more breathable than regular foams. This means that the first foam layer will reduce heat retention, which memory foam is known for. 

The second internal layer is the mini spring layer. This mini spring layer is targeted at the more intricate areas of your body. The 2,500 mini springs are designed to produce gentle contouring support for your intricate areas. This mini spring layer works with the full spring layer below.  

The third internal layer is the 1,000 premium encapsulated pocket springs. This layer is the whats what in the construction and provides the support for the mattress. The 2 spring layers work together to produce a luxurious and cushioned sleep experience. These durable yet comforting springs ensure that your spine is always comfortably aligned. The spacing of the springs makes both spring layers highly breathable and allows for air-flow through your mattress, keeping things cool and comfortable. 

The fourth internal layer is the edge support layer. This foam encapsulated wall layer not only contains and secure the springs but also provides edge support. This basically means that the edge of your mattress will have the same tension as the centre, and will also not have that roll-off feeling. 

The fifth and final internal layer is the high-density foam support base. This layer not only provides a strong and sturdy foundation for your mattress but also ensures its durability. Thanks to the foundation, the mattress can support 40 stone, for a minimum of 15 years. (20 stone per sleeper) the foundation layer also ensures that your mattress remains in place, with every layer working as intended.

REM-Fit Extras

The REM-Fit 600 Lux Hybrid mattress comes with free next-day delivery or day of choice delivery. Also included is a 100-night trial period, to test or trial the mattress in your room and make sure it is the one for you. The REM-Fit 600 Lux Hybrid mattress has a 15-year warranty, protecting and ensuring your purchase for many years to come. 

5. Simba Hybrid Pro Mattress

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simba pro mattress
(Image credit: Simba)

The Simba Hybrid Pro mattress is manufactured right here in the UK, in a factory in Leeds to be specific. Simba also uses 100% British steel for the springs and 100% heat regulating and moisture wicking British wool. The hybrid design includes the use of foam and springs in a mattress, the Simba hybrid Pro mattress has a spring layer that is enclosed in a 100% polyester pocket. Also included in this mattress are interesting comfort properties, with the foams having added benefits. Follow below as we unpack each layer of the Simba Hybrid Pro mattress.

Simba Hybrid Pro Construction

The Simba Hybrid Pro is a 4 layer design, excluding the cover, that makes use of 3 different types of foam layers and a unique enclosed spring layer. The mattress cover is made from 100% polyester, giving it a stretchy feel. Added benefits of the cover include a hypoallergenic sleep surface, which means that it won’t give you the sniffles or allergies. The knitted cover is a soft feel surface that we suggest you protect with a mattress protector. The cover includes 4 mattress handles. For the best long-term sleeping experience and to make your mattress last, Simba suggest that you rotate the mattress every few months. We suggest using a mattress protector to keep your sleeping surface that same knitted comfort as when it arrived.

The first internal layer is the open-cell Simbatex® foam layer. This layer is highly breathable, allowing air to flow through the mattress. The foam is also infused with graphite, which means that it won’t retain heat. This combined with the open-cell structure, promotes airflow and allows heat to escape. 

The second internal layer is the conical spring layer. This layer uses up to 5,000 conical pocket miQro springs, enclosed in a 100% polyester pocket. The placing of the spring layer closer to the top of the mattress allows for the balancing out of sleeping disparities. This position also provides more responsiveness and bounce for the sleeper. The conical shape of the springs allows each spring to collapse completely using all of its space to respond and react to your movements. The enclosed case keeps the springs in place and gives the layer some extra comfort, keeping the springs just out of reach from your body. 

The third internal layer is the high definition foam layer. This is a polyurethane-based foam layer, that acts as a transition between the base below and the spring layer above. Simba uses its very own Edge lift technology, which provides support on the edge of your mattress. This layer is designed to give you a single tension across the mattress, with no roll-off feeling on the edges. 

The fourth and final internal layer is a base foam layer. This layer is made from a high-density polyurethane foam which provides a stable and strong foundation for your mattress. Also included in the foam are 7 zones for support. These zones have grooves cut out of the foam in different parts of the mattress. The zoning is targeted at hips and shoulders, allowing more give in these areas and better response. This layer ensures that your spine is aligned and supported. Thanks to the grooves, this layer is also highly breathable and allows the air to flow through or out of your mattress.

Simba Extras

Included in your Simba Hybrid Pro mattress is free delivery and returns policy. The Simba Pro also includes a 100-night trial, where you’re free to test the mattress as you like, if you change your mind you can return it for free and receive a full refund, within the trial period. Thanks to the 10-year guarantee, you can rest easy knowing that your mattress is covered for at least 10 years.

6. Leesa Luxury Hybrid Mattress

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leesa luxury hybrid mattress uk
(Image credit: Leesa)

The Leesa Luxury Hybrid mattress is proudly manufactured in the UK and comes as the latest and best from Leesa. What took 25 years in improvements and design innovation come together to produce this Hybrid. Lessa is a sleep company dedicated to sleep innovation, they also donate a mattress to charity for every 10 that they sell. So your purchase will be towards a good cause.

Leesa Luxury Hybrid Construction

The Leesa Luxury hybrid mattress is a 5 layer design excluding the cover. The mattress has 4 foam layers designed to produce different results or features, a spring layer and a single knitted cover. The mattress cover is a seamless single length of fabric, knitted with their iconic 4 stripes you can easily tell which way you’ve been laying. This is not only to look luxurious but also allows for ease of reference when rotating the mattress, which is suggested to lengthen its lifespan.

The first internal layer is Leesa’s very own Avena® foam layer. This top layer doesn’t retain heat and is softer than regular foam. Also interesting about this layer is that the foam is 100% recyclable and even hypoallergenic so it won’t cause the sniffles or any allergies. The foam itself promotes airflow, keeping things cool while also providing enough bounce for free movement. 

The second internal layer is the recovery memory foam layer. This memory foam layer provides body contouring and pressure relief. With the slow response of memory foam, this layer is a transition to the denser layer below, apart from its body-hugging properties of course. 

The third internal layer is the support foam layer. This stabilising layer acts as a transition between the memory foam layer above and the spring layer below. This high resilience foam layer creates a seamless transition between the layers. 

The fourth internal layer is the spring layer. Leesa has included 15cm individually wrapped premium pocket springs, which move independently and respond to your movements. This continues the body contouring that the first layers provide, ensuring that however you lay you will be supported snugly. The individual wrapped springs also allows for space and air in between the layer keeping things cool and comfortable. 

The fifth and final layer is another support foam layer. By using 2 high-density foam layers on both the top and bottom of the springs, this creates a solid foundation for your mattress. Thanks to this layer foundation, your mattress has a strong and sturdy base, designed to also contour to you relieving pressure. 

Leesa Extras

The use of contouring throughout the mattress makes the Leesa Luxury Hybrid suitable for all sleepers, whether that be back sleepers, side sleepers or front sleepers. Included in your purchase is a 100-night trial, where you are welcome to test the mattress at home and ensure its the right one for you. You also receive free delivery with your purchase which takes at minimum a week to arrive. This is due to the fact that every Leesa mattress is made to order. The Leesa Luxury Hybrid has a 10-year warranty which assures you the customer that it will last for at least 10 years, if not Leesa have you covered.

7. Tempur Hybrid Elite Mattress

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tempur hybrid mattress elite uk
(Image credit: Tempur)

Finalising the Best Luxury Mattress UK picks we have Tempur, one of the leading mattress brands not only in the UK but globally as well. For this list, we include the Tempur Hybrid Elite mattress. Tempur is top of the bed-chain in terms of its foam materials. What started as a material to aid the astronauts at NASA during take-off, became a leading brand in the mattress industry. Let’s get into the Hybrid Elite and all its layers.

Tempur Hybrid Elite Construction

The Tempur Hybrid Elite is a 4 layered design, excluding the cover. They make use of 3 different foam layers with a single spring layer, wrapped up in a luxurious QuickRefresh™ cover. The QuickRefresh™ Cover is made of 99% polyester and 1% elastane. Its is also removable and washable up to 60 degrees Celcius. This allows you to rest easy without a protector, allowing the soft to touch cover to work. The lower half of the cover is also removable and washable. 

The first internal layer is the Advanced Tempur® material layer. This soft foam layer instantly cushions you as you lay down providing superb comfort. This foam layer was designed to be more flexible than standard foams. Thanks to its soft texture, it is placed first to produce soft comfort as you lay down. 

The second internal layer is the Dynamic support technology layer. This layer includes visco-elastic cells, which actively mould and adapt to your body as you sleep or even move. This layer is placed in between the spring and top foam layers to better distribute and support your weight. Thanks to its placing it also balances out pressure disparities. 

The third internal layer is the Precision™ Micro Coils layer. Tempur calls their coils micro, which in the industry usually means that they are 2,5cm tall. However, Tempur Precision™ Micro Coils are 10cm tall. This extra height provides supreme response and support. All while aligning your spine and keeping you in a balanced sleeping positon. 

The fourth and final internal layer is the Durabase™ Technology layer. This Visco foam layer is denser than the other layers and provides a strong and stable base for your mattress. Interesting about this layer is that it is made with the cleanest raw materials as well as being produced in a clean and environmentally friendly manner.

Tempur Extras

Tempur offers free home delivery, setup and returns on their products. The delivery team consists of a 2-man delivery system, which delivers and sets up your mattress for you. Delivery takes a while due to demand, usually 14 - 28 days. With your mattress you receive a 100-night trial, where you can test your mattress without any pressure, ensuring that it is the one for you. The Tempur Hybrid Elite also comes with a 10-year guarantee, protecting your purchase against time and allowing you to rest easy.

Difference Between a Luxury Mattress and a Regular Mattress.

There are a few things that stand out, below we have labelled the most important differences.

Premium Comfort

Mattresses in the Luxury category are known to not compromise on any comfort. If you have had the privilege to stay overnight at a 5-star hotel, you may have experienced one of the best nights sleep, that is because these hotels and resorts invest in only the top tier mattresses. Luckily for you, you can now have a luxury mattress in the comfort of your own home.

Cost of Quality

Luxury mattresses incorporate the best materials and quality in order to provide a mattress made for royalty. Extensive attention to detail in the smallest of parts of the mattress. These manufacturers and brands don't cut on quality to create a mattress for those with a few extra pounds to spare.


Luxury mattresses give you a sense of exclusivity because you may know that not everyone is sleeping on such a premium mattress as the one you are on. We do warn you, It may be difficult to get out of bed in the mornings. What is great about our list below is that all of the listed luxury mattresses include a trial that way you get to be 100% sure this is the right mattress for you.

Best Luxury Mattress UK Conclusion

Coming up with our best luxury mattress brands in the UK for 2021 wasn’t an easy task. In the United Kingdom, there are multiple great premium mattresses, as our domain is in the bed-in-a-box industry we stuck with that.

Even though we landed on what we believe are the top picks, we would like to mention that this list will always be developing and our perspectives are likely to change as new mattresses are released into the market. Please note that as mattress brands constantly change their data there may be some inconsistencies, however, we are continuously updating our site to keep our information up to date.

We are not doctors or experts. At The Mattress Guide, we are a bunch of sleep enthusiasts that enjoy writing about all things sleep and have had years of experience in this field and we just want to provide you with as much information that's easy to understand so you can make a decision on which mattress is best for you.

Please do head on over to all our in-depth mattress reviews to help you come to a better conclusive decision with your next mattress.


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