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otty mattress review

OTTY Mattress Review

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For this OTTY mattress review, we look at what makes this value-option such a versatile mattress here in the UK. The OTTY mattress is a hybrid mattress this means it’s a combination of foam layers and pocket springs. The specs are impressive and the stand out feature is the full-sized pocket springs. This is also one of the most affordable online mattresses we have reviewed.

Scroll down for the OTTY mattress review (SUMMARY AT THE END).  

OTTY Mattress Construction 

We will start off this OTTY Hybrid mattress review by saying that it is a hybrid mattress utilising springs and foam and is hypoallergenic. This means it is a low hazard to those who are prone to allergies, it’s very unlikely to cause an allergic reaction. The OTTY mattress is also Certipur and Europur certified. This is a voluntary testing, certification programme for the environment, health and safety properties of polyurethane foam used in bedding and upholstered furniture applications.

The OTTY mattress also stands out compared to the abundant online mattress out there with its unique 4-layer design + side layer. P.S. if you looking for a foam only mattress, take a browse through our OTTY Flex mattress review.

otty mattress layers
OTTY Mattress Layers
(Image credit: OTTY)

OTTY Mattress Cover 

The OTTY cover is made from 97% polyester and 3% spandex. Polyester is a very durable material that is also flexible and resistant to wrinkles and shrinkage. 

The OTTY mattress cover is removable and machine washable. The cover can easily be removed by simply unzipping it. The top and bottom part of the cover can be disconnected if you wish to wash them separately. OTTY recommend washing the cover at a maximum temperature of 40ºC.  

The design of using a pored cover also helps with airflow and heat dispersion.   

otty mattress cover review
Machine Washable Cover
(Image credit: OTTY)

OTTY Mattress Layers 

1. Cool Blue Gel Memory Foam (3cm)  

This top layer is a big deal, it is memory foam that has a blend of gel beads. This infusion helps with breathability and durability, as it won’t break down as quickly as foam. Plain memory foam has slow responsiveness and is known for retaining heat. The gel infusion increases responsiveness and helps with heat dispersion.    

otty mattress top layer
Top Memory Foam
(Image credit: OTTY)

2. Transition Foam Layer (3cm) 

This layer is self-explanatory. It ensures a smooth transition between the cooling top layer and the spring layer beneath it. The foam used is polyfoam which is standard in the online mattress world.    

otty middle layer
Polyfoam Layer
(Image credit: OTTY)

3. Encapsulated Pocket Springs (14cm)    

The full-sized pocket spring layer is what sets this mattress apart from its competitors. OTTY state that the king-size mattress will have 2000 pocket springs and smaller sizes will have less proportionally. 

The springs are 14cm in height which is considerably taller than the micro-coils other online mattresses offer. The OTTY mattress is perfect for those individuals looking for more bounce in a mattress. 

Encapsulated means the pocket springs are boxed in by support foam. The downside to pocket springs is the tendency to have a roll-off nature but by boxing them in this mitigates the effect and adds extra support on the sides.   

otty hybrid springs review
14 cm Spring Layer
(Image credit: OTTY)
Full-Sized Springs
(Image credit: OTTY)

4. Side Layer (17cm) 

Here we have the side layer which is very unique, this keeps all the layers together and ensures enough edge support when you get out of bed or for those who like sleeping closer to the circumference of the mattress.   

otty edge support layer
Edge Support Layer
(Image credit: OTTY)

5. Base Layer (4cm) 

Finally, this is the final layer which offers a base for the spring layer to sit on. This ensures the springs are not placed directly on the surface but also protected from beneath.

otty mattress base layer
Base Layer
(Image credit: OTTY)

How Thick Is The OTTY Mattress?

The OTTY Hybrid mattress has a total thickness of 25cm, this is the perfect depth for most bed frames. The mattress can also hold a maximum weight of 22 stone or 138kg per person, this is based on two people sleeping on the bed. 

Mattress Firmness 

In this OTTY mattress review, we score it a 7 out of 10 on our firmness scale. The firmness is no surprise, with its tall sturdy pocket springs, you will get a firmer mattress.    

the mattress guide otty firmness
OTTY Firmness 7/10
(Image credit: The Mattress Guide)

The OTTY mattress has a unique firmness feel, it is not a hard feeling mattress but rather a push back feeling mattress. We would recommend this mattress for those looking for a medium-firm mattress. 

spinal alignment
Spinal Alignment
(Image credit: OTTY)

OTTY Mattress Design

Most of the online mattresses we have reviewed have the common grey, white and blue colour scheme. The only explanation is that the brands wanted to go for a neutral look that appeals to the majority of sleepers in the UK. 

We have reviewed a few mattresses here in the UK and it’s always a pleasure to see a brand move away from the industry standard, thanks OTTY for the hint of green.   

otty mattress design
Simple with a Touch of Green
(Image credit: OTTY)

OTTY Mattress Trial Period and Warranty

The OTTY Hybrid mattress comes with a 100-night trial. This means you can try out the mattress in the comfort of your own home without strange salesmen watching you. 

If you are unsatisfied within that period you can simply contact customer service and they will do the rest but they do warn you might not want to give it back. If you do decide to return it, OTTY will collect it at no extra cost to you.  

The OTTY mattress also comes with a 10-year warranty which is standard for online mattress brands these days. It is still a great warranty, this shows the confidence OTTY has in its mattress.     

otty mattress trial
100-Night Trial
(Image credit: OTTY)
otty delivery and refund
Free Delivery and Returns
(Image credit: OTTY)

otty guarantee
10-Year Warranty
(Image credit: OTTY)

Mattress Delivery   

The OTTY mattress generally arrives in a 158cm x 44cm x 44cm box but the size will depend on the size. The mattress is rolled and sealed in polycarbonate (plastic) wraps and includes an unboxing tool

The delivery time frame is 1-3 business days, this is very nice to see as not many other online mattresses can deliver in such a short time frame.    

OTTY mattress delivery
Rolled, Sealed and Boxed
(Image credit: OTTY)

Additional Services  

OTTY offer a Saturday delivery if you are not available during weekdays. This can be selected at the checkout for an additional fee of £20.  

Additionally, they also offer a premium 2-man delivery team. They will deliver your new OTTY mattress to your room of choice, set it up for you and can collect your current mattress and bring it in for recycling. This is for a £30 fee. 

Planned delivery is also available from OTTY. This is a great option for those who are very busy and need everything planned out. This is at a cost of £20.  

Payment Options

  • Debit/Credit Card  
  • Paypal
  • Amazon Pay
  • Dividebuy (0% financing)

OTTY Mattress Price and Sizes

From this OTTY mattress review, you will be pleased to know that this is a very well priced mattress. They are generally 15-25% better priced than the competition. What’s even more interesting is that OTTY has brought out an, even more, budget-friendly mattresses, the OTTY Essential mattress (budget-friendly) and the OTTY Flex mattress (great value). We would really recommend you view those reviews before deciding.

The OTTY mattress can be ordered online in these 9 sizes. These are standard prices make sure to have a look at the DISCOUNTS PAGE for the best price and make sure to find the best OTTY deals on the internet.

SIZEDIMENSIONSPRICE (excl. discount code)
Single size mattress90x190x25 cm£375
EU single size mattress90x200x25 cm£450
Small double size mattress120x190x25 cm£550
Double size mattress135x190x25 cm£600
EU double size mattress140x200x25 cm£650
King size mattress150x200x25 cm£700
EU King size mattress160x200x25 cm£750
Super king size mattress180x200x25 cm£800
Emperor size mattress200x200x25 cm£850

*prices may be subject to change  

OTTY Mattress Customer Reviews 

But please don’t just take our word from this OTTY Hybrid mattress review, take a look at what some customers had to say about the mattress.  

otty mattress customer reviews trustpilot
(Image credit: Trustpilot)

Trustpilot reviews

OTTY Mattress Awards  

It is great to see a company like OTTY that is providing a great value-price mattress, still, go out and receive multiple awards. Take a browse through our top mattresses this year.

product of the year review
“It’s rare that you get to describe a product as life-changing, but this year’s Product of the Year (OTTY)  is certainly that.”
(Image credit: ExpertReviews)
real homes otty award
“Is the OTTY Hybrid worth it? Yes, 100 times, yes! I would genuinely rate this a great all-rounder that is not too hard, nor too soft.”
(Image credit: Real Homes)
nbf retailer of the year
OTTY sleep we’re awarded the small online retailer of the year by the national bed federation – the most prestigious bed organisation in the UK. 
(Image credit: NBF)


  • OTTY donate a large proportion of their returned mattresses to local organisations and charities, they have even donated to Englands women’s football squad.  
  • OTTY is big on workplace equality and diversity, their Leeds-based warehouse is fully run by its own disabled workforce.      
  • The OTTY is also vegan.        

Should I Buy an OTTY Mattress?  

There are many online mattresses out in the UK at the moment which are very similar but OTTY mattress definitely stands out. We would recommend the OTTY mattress who is looking for:  

  • A hybrid mattress with extra push back.    
  • An above-average firm mattress.  
  • The best option if you don’t want to break the bank.        
Excellent a very fair priced mattress with excellent spring push back and bounce. Versatile, durable and great value, are the first words that come to mind. We would highly recommend viewing their site.
Material Quality9
Motion Isolation8.5
Edge Support9
Sex/ Bounce9.5
Company Reputation9.5
Value for Money9.5
100-night risk-free trial
10-year warranty
Fast free delivery and returns
Full-sized springs
Machine washable cover
Great price
No mattress handles
    I purchased the Otty and all was good with speedy delivery and ease of purchase etc.
    After about a month my wife and I both found ourselves waking up to bad backs and aches and pains. I asked OTTY be email within the 100 day trial to return the mattress and then heard nothing. we bimbled along waking up aching and just put up with it. After another 12 months I realised that the OTTY had to go. I contacted OTTY and they said that they had never received an email from me. I searched and found the email sent within the trial period and sent it to an OTTY representative to show I had requested a return. When searching I found an email from OTTY in my junk telling me to contact returns. There was never any follow up from OTTY asking what was wrong or to try and appease my situation just get the impression they stay silent hoping the 100 days expire.
    The reasons for my not following up at the time are many and too long winded to go into on here. My OTTY mattress has now developed slopes from the centre to the outside edge, almost have to cling on for dear life. Several emails to the OTTY representative and he just states “You did not return in trial period so sod off” or words to that effect.
    There are plenty of good reviews on here so maybe their mattresses are good and I just got a faulty one? or maybe others like the slope and it helps them dream of the skiing holiday when they went of piste! All I can say is if you have an issue and need to return you will need to be onto them every day and record everything to ensure you get a return and refund. I was prepared to let them see if the mattress was faulty and replace if it was.
    Simba or Emma may be a better choice who knows. I do know based on my experience I would warn anyone off purchasing from this company.

  2. JULY 2019.

    A seriously shocking delivery service from these people. Over-sold their stock, meaning they then could not deliver it to us, despite confirming a delivery slot (a four hour slot in the middle of the day), only to then cancel during the delivery slot because they realised they did not have the stock.

    When delivery was eventually made they missed the four hour slot, meaning two full work days were wasted sitting at home waiting for the delivery.

    Topped off by an aggressive phone call from management when I made a complaint.

    In other words: only purchase their products if you are unemployed/retired/work from home. Somehow, the certainty (and manners) that Amazon, Ocado and every other online supplier can provide has escaped these people.

    1. Hi Jacqueline,

      Thanks for your comment. Well, the OTTY mattress is on the firmer side of medium-firm but this, of course, depends on a few factors as weight etc. The full-sized springs do give it that extra push-back and firmness. However, if you are looking for a pretty firm mattress we would recommend you look at our REM-Fit 500 Ortho mattress review as that is probably the firmest mattress we have reviewed.

      Just remember you can always try the mattress within the trial and see if it’s a right fit for you 🙂

      Best of luck and if you have any more questions we will gladly help.

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