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Emma vs Casper Mattress Review


Written by Kyle

Last Updated: 1st January, 2022

In this Emma vs Casper "Cover Off", we compare these two brands which are arguable the most known memory foam mattresses in the UK. Both share many similarities but which mattress is better for you? Emma or Casper?

Take a scroll through our Emma vs Casper mattress comparison where we compare the well-awarded Emma Original mattress against the highly rated and popular Casper mattress.


We always recommend heading over to our in-depth reviews to uncover some extra information that we have researched:

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Emma vs Casper Mattress Construction

For both of these memory foam mattresses, we take a look at each individual foam layer and explain their function in the mattress. You will notice both are similar in terms of looks however the Casper mattress has an extra foam layer, could this be the deciding factor?

Let's jump into this Emma vs Casper comparison and begin with the cover.

Cover Comparison

Emma Cover

Emma took a very practical approach when engineering this cover which we think is very wise in today's age. The Emma mattress cover is made with handles for easy rotating, it's machine washable and has anti-slip elements at the bottom of the mattress. The actual cover is soft to the touch and is totally made from polyester. Polyester is a great material as it is easily maintained and its 3D knitting allows for better breathability.

Casper Cover

The Casper mattress cover is very similar to Emma's cover with one major difference which we will discuss in the verdict bellow. The Casper cover is made from 99% polyester and 1% elastane which gives it that stretchiness. The cover also includes 4 handles for manoeuvering and is also washable at 40°C.

Verdict - After reading that I'm sure you must be asking yourself what is the difference. There is one, the big difference is the Emma mattress cover is machine washable whereas Casper recommends washing their cover with a damp cloth, detergent and warm water.

Materials & Layer Comparison

In this Emma vs Casper mattress review, we will also look at what makes these memory foam mattresses different. As they both have a foam only design its safe to say that there will be little bounce but also great motion isolation which them a perfect mattress for couples.

*If you are looking rather for a hybrid mattress with strings you can take a look at our Emma Hybrid mattress review or Casper Hybrid mattress review for more.

Emma Layers

Emma takes the approach of less is more. The Emma Original mattress is a 3 layer foam design which includes an:

  • Airgocell® top layer - Emma's very own trademarked foam. This layer is an open-cell polyurethane foam that is far more breathable than regular polyfoam thanks to its pore structure.
  • Memory foam - Emma's body contouring feeling comes from this very layer that also acts as a transition between the top layer and the supportive base.
  • Base layer - Most of the upward support comes from this layer which also has channelled zoning that allows for proper spinal alignment.

Casper Layers

Here Casper engineered their popular mattress with 4 foam layers:

  • Open-cell polyfoam – This open-pored technology aids in combating overheating at night. It has more air bubbles than generic polyfoam to ensure more airflow.
  • Memory foam layer – Visco-elastic memory foam adds comfort to the mattress as well as slow responsiveness to cushion movements.
  • Polyurethane foam layer – Regarded as the transitional layer to seamlessly transfer body weight through the layers.
  • High-density polyfoam – The channelled cut-outs ensure optimal spinal alignment in any sleeping position.

Verdict - Both Emma and Casper offering the same layers and materials which the exception of an additional transitional layer in the casper mattress. Generally more strategically placed layers result in a smoother transition of body weight throughout the layers.

Comparing Firmness & Feel

emma vs casper firmness comparison
(Image credit: The Mattress Guide)

Emma Firmness

As with most mattresses we review, they are trying to produce a mattress that suits most sleeping styles and with that a medium feel mattress. The Emma Original mattress is a 6.5/10 in terms of firmness on our virtual scale.

Casper Firmness

As with the Emma, the Casper mattress also is regarded as a medium-firm mattress and is also placed on the mid 6.5/10 mark on our firmness scale.

Verdict - With a medium firm feeling mattress you can't really go wrong unless you are specifically looking for a firm or soft mattress because of your sleeping habits. Both the Emma or Casper mattress will serve well if you are not needing any specialised mattress.

Emma vs Casper Comparison

We have also included a useful table in this Emma vs Casper mattress comparison review, that way you can browse the main aspects side-by-side.

Type Memory Foam Memory Foam
Layers 3 4
Cover (100% polyester) with 4 handles and machine washable (99% polyester & 1% elastane), washable & includes 4 handles
Top Layer Airgocell® (3cm) Open-pored polyfoam (3,8cm)
Layer 2 Memory foam (2cm) Memory foam layer (3,8cm) 
Layer 3 Polyfoam base (19cm) Polyfoam layer (3,8cm) 
Layer 4 NA Polyfoam base (12,7cm)
Depth 25cm 25cm
Max Weight (2 people) 20 stone or 130kg per person 22 stone or 140 kg per person
Made In UK UK
Firmness 6.5/10 6.5/10
Delivery Free, 2-5 business days Free, 1-3 business days
Returns Free Free
Trial 100-nights 100-nights
Warranty 10-years 10-years
Price £299-£649 £400-£800
Discounts Latest Discount Latest Discount
Our Review Emma Rating Casper Rating
*Although we update The Mattress Guide regularly, data and information can be changed by the manufacturers/ brands. Please confirm with the mattress company before purchasing.

Should I Buy an Emma or Casper Mattress?

Both are great modern-day mattresses that should be considered however there are some differences as to why we would pick on over the other.

If you want to see where we rate these mattresses in our Best Mattress UK post, please feel free to browse it as displayed.

We Would Recommend Buying an Emma Mattress if you are Looking For:

emma comparison casper
(Image credit: Emma)
  • A balanced and versatile memory foam mattress.
  • A mattress with excellent reviews and awards.
  • A durable and easily maintained mattress.

We Would Recommend Buying a Casper Mattress if you are Looking For:

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casper comparison emma
(Image credit: Casper)
  • A memory foam mattress.
  • A long-lasting mattress that can hold a great deal of weight.
  • A mattress with an extra transition layer.

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