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Emma Essential Mattress Review


Written by Kyle

Last Updated: 26th January, 2022

In this Emma Essential mattress review, we take a look at a new budget mattress from Emma. The Emma Essential mattress is a foam mattress that uses the highly breathable foams on the market, according to Emma. 

Following the success of the Emma Original mattress, which was the UK’s most-awarded-mattress, Emma’s design team have now created a mattress that they say is designed for everyone and at a very competitive price point. This review will put that claim to the test, as we go through the properties of the mattress, materials used, layers and more. 

Follow along in this detailed Emma Essential mattress review, or if you prefer your dessert first you can check out the (SUMMARY AT THE END).

Emma Essential Mattress Construction 

The Emma Essential Mattress is a foam mattress that is made here in the UK and undergoes strict testing to meet local regulations. This speaks to the quality of the build, as there are strict manufacturing regulations in the UK, which ensures healthier and safer products are made. The Emma Essential mattress follows a 2 layer foam design, which is less than the traditional 3 layers you find in memory foam mattresses

The Emma Essential mattress combines temperature regulating and breathable hybrid foam with durable and supportive HRX foam. This combination is designed to provide an excellent sleep experience, with some interesting properties, but we will get to that when we dive into the layers.

emma essential construction
(Image credit: Emma)

Emma Essential Mattress Cover 

The cover of the Emma Essential Mattress is designed in 2 halves. The first is the temperature-regulating top cover, which is made out of 100% polyester. These breathable, polyester fibres help prevent overheating, keeping the sleep surface cool. The bottom half of the cover contains the sidewalls and the bottom of the cover. Made out of 89% polyester and 11% polypropylene, the cover even features a non-slip base, helping to secure it onto your bed frame. 

The Emma Essential mattress cover is washable at up to 40 degrees celsius, ensuring that your sleep surface remains clean and pristine, all while keeping you cool. The cover also features 4 mattress handles for convenience and manoeuvrability. It is essential to rotate your mattress head-to-toe every now and then, to ensure you always receive the benefits evenly across the mattress.

emma essential cover review uk
(Image credit: Emma)

Emma Essential Mattress Layers 

1. Breathable Hybrid Foam

The top layer of the Emma Essential mattress is made from temperature-regulating and breathable hybrid foam.

The hybrid foam is designed as an open-pored foam layer. The open pores in this layer allow the air to flow through the mattress. The design is made to actively disperse heat and wicks away all moisture. This promotes a sweat-free sleep experience, night after night.

The key feature of this layer is that the open-pores allow the air to flow freely in the mattress, moving through every part and crevice.

breathable hybrid foam
(Image credit: Emma)

2. Supportive HRX Foam     

This layer has what Emma call supportive HRX foam, which is made from durable foam.

This layer provides the necessary support while aligning your spine correctly and relieving pressure. This is thanks to the innovative zoning in this layer, which are specially designed cut-outs in the foam. These cut-outs support your hips and shoulders, while pressure is distributed across the mattress. This allows your spine to align correctly, while the pressure is dispersed. There are 7 zones in total all targeting specific areas of the body.

These channels are also known to allow for enhanced breathability throughout the layers.

supportive foam and zoning
(Image credit: Emma)

How Thick Is the Emma Essential Mattress?

The Emma Essential Mattress has a total depth of 18cm, which is considerably less deep than the standard 25cm, 3 layer designs on the market. The simpler design allows for it to be marketed at a better price, make it excellent for kids or guest rooms and also even bunk beds.

Emma Essential Mattress Firmness 

The Emma Essential mattress is regarded as a medium soft feel mattress. It is important to remember when looking into softer mattresses that support is vital, that is why they have incorporated a supportive HRX foam base still provides an adequate foundation for the mattress.

emma essential firmness review
(Image credit: The Mattress Guide)

As a medium feel mattress is regarded a 6.5 on the scale, we have placed the Emma Essential mattress just below that. However the firmness feeling will of course depend on your weight.

Aesthetics and Design 

The Emma Essential mattress has a simple, clean, cloud-like white cover, with white mattress handles. This is one of the most popular colours in the bed-in-a-box mattress market, as it creates an inviting feel.

essential design
(Image credit: Emma)

Emma Trial and Warranty 

Unlike the other Emma mattresses, the Emma Essential mattress is advertised without a trial period. However, when we contacted support over the online chat, we were told that it comes with a 14-night trial. Please be aware this may change so always make sure to ask them first.

The Emma Essential mattress does come with a 5-year guarantee, giving you some peace of mind that it is built to last. Further to the point, Emma insists that in the unlikely event that you experience any problems, during the guarantee period, simply contact them know and they will sort it out for you (whatever that means).

Emma Essential Mattress Delivery 

The Emma Essential mattress includes free delivery to your front door. Each mattress arrives factory-fresh and conveniently wrapped in an easy-to-move box. Deliveries usually take 7-10 working days to arrive at your front door.

emma mattress box delivery
(Image credit: Emma)

Additional Services Offered by Emma

Emma has adopted a no-contact delivery system, which benefits the current Covid-19 pandemic and its social distancing requirements. This removes the contact between you and the delivery driver, so no more needing to sign for your order.

Emma provides you with details of your shipping so that you know where your mattress is. Once it’s on your doorstep, the driver takes a picture and notifies you of its arrival.

Payment Options

  • Debit/Credit Card  
  • Paypal
  • Klarna (0% installments) 

Emma Essential Mattress Price and Sizes

The price of an online mattress plays a big part in deciding if its the one for you. That’s why we have added the sizes and prices of the Emma Essential mattress in the table below. 

Kindly note that these are the standard prices from Emma. If you’re looking for a deal, check out our DISCOUNTS HERE for big exclusive savings.

SIZE DIMENSIONS PRICE (excl. discount code)
Emma Essential Single size mattress 90x190x18 cm £159
Emma Essential Small double size mattress 120x190x18 cm £199
Emma Essential Double size mattress 135x190x18 cm £219
Emma Essential King size mattress 150x200x18 cm £239
Emma Essential Super king size mattress 180x200x18 cm £249
*prices and availability may be subject to change

Emma Mattress Customer Reviews 

The Emma Essential mattress is a new addition to the award-winning Emma range. Therefore, it does not have many customer reviews as of yet however you can have a look at what some customers had to say about the company and whole Emma product range.

It is always wise to take a look at what some existing customers have said about the product. You can find these from third party platforms.

Emma Essential Mattress Awards 

Again because of how new it is on the market, it has not got any awards but it is made by the same team that designed the Emma Hybrid mattress and the Emma Original mattress, which was UK’s most-awarded-mattress.

We have included the Emma Essential Mattress in our Best Budget Mattress list. It may be worth your while to head on over there to see what options you can find at this price range.


Should I Buy an Emma Essential Mattress? 

With the number of mattresses available online, it can be hard to decide which is best for you. We would recommend the Emma Essential mattress to anyone who is looking for:

  • A foam mattress with very breathable foams, producing a cooler sleep experience than other foam designs. 
  • A mattress that is designed for most people and sleeping types.
  • A mattress made for those on a budget.
Emma Essential Mattress Review
Material Quality
Motion Isolation
Edge Support
Sex/ Bounce
Company Reputation
Value for Money
5-year warranty
Free delivery and returns
Machine washable cover with mattress handles
Not as deep as other mattresses on the market

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Material Quality
Motion Isolation
Edge Support
Sex/ Bounce
Company Reputation
Value for Money
Final Score


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