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Brook and Wilde Ultima Mattress Review


Written by Kyle

Last Updated: 31st December, 2021

The Brook and Wilde Ultima mattress is said to be the most technically advanced mattress from Brook and Wilde. Although Brook + Wilde are relatively new to the UK mattress market they have been progressing rapidly.

The “bed in a box” industry is booming and continues to be filled with products from various brands. This already heavily saturated market features a lot of similar designs and product specifications. With this said, we can look at something different from Brook + Wilde in the form of their Ultima Mattress.  

In this Brook and Wilde Ultima mattress review, we will highlight the key aspects, properties, features and layers that the Brook + Wilde Ultima Mattress comes with. We will also take you through any benefits and extras from Brook + Wilde, finishing up with a summary of all of our findings. Follow along in this in-depth review of the Brook + Wilde Ultima Mattress (SUMMARY AT THE END).

Brook and Wilde Ultima Mattress Construction 

The Brook + Wilde Ultima Mattress is proudly designed and manufactured right here in the UK.

Brook + Wilde has been busy in development and we’ve seen a huge jump in the specifications of their products. They now introduce the most innovative and technology-filled hybrid mattress yet, with a full 10 layers! 3 of these layers form part of the cover, whilst the others form part of the internal layers. 2 of these internal layers are spring variations, with others being memory foam, but we will get to the specific layer breakdown below.

Brook and Wilde manufacture in the UK and therefore have to comply with the safety BS 7177 standards which deem the mattress as “fire retardant” and free from Chlorofluorocarbons (CFCs) which deplete our ozone layer.

The Brook + Wilde Ultima Mattress also features Brook + Wilde’s Wave Technology, which is their very own design. Wave Technology is designed to correctly align your spine, by making use of 4 different zones in the shape of a wave. Namely, Neck Support, Shoulder Support, Hip Support And Leg Support. The Neck Support aligns your neck with your spine, while the Shoulder Support features a softer sink under the shoulders to relieve pressure and provide support. The Hip Support is designed to support the natural curves of your body and give you targeted lumbar support. Lastly, the Leg Support features zonal lower leg and feet support that also better aligns your spine.

brook wilde ultima mattress layers
(Image credit: Brook + Wilde)

Brook and Wilde Ultima Cover 

The Brook + Wilde Ultima Mattress cover is a clean and sophisticated dual colour design, with a navy blue base and a clean and fresh white top cover.

The design follows Brook + Wilde’s style and will look similar in design to the other mattresses in their catalogue. The cover of the Ultima features 3 of the innovative layers out of the 10 total layers. The top cover is made from Thermic fabric which is designed to cool up to 2 degrees celsius. This premium top layer was designed to be soft-to-touch and has microcapsules built-in which proactively manage body temperature. This is done by storing and releasing any excess heat from your body or the sleep surface.

This focus on heat release speaks to the care put into the design of the Ultima. From the first touch, it is designed to be responsive and active, making your sleep better from the word go, or the word ‘sleep’ in this case. 

Below the top cooling thermic cover, the mattress is protected by low friction, woven fabric. This mattress cover layer was designed to be breathable, allowing air to flow, while also acting as a buffer between the top cover and the first of the memory foam layers below.

Also featured on your cover are 4 mattress handles, exactly where you would expect them on a Brook + Wilde Mattress, on the sides. Mattress handles are particularly necessary for mattresses with this many layers as they aid in manoeuvrability.

The final feature of this detailed cover is the anti-slip base that makes up the lower, navy blue half of the cover. This anti-slip base layer was engineered to ensure that the mattress remains in position throughout the night, keeping all layers aligned and in place supporting and comforting you. 

Brook and Wilde Ultima Mattress Layers 

The Brook + Wilde Ultima Mattress has 10 layers in total, 3 of those layers being part of the cover. Below we will cover the remaining 7, internal layers.

1. Breathable Top Layer  

The first layer of memory foam is the breathable layer, that is designed to invite cool and refreshing airflow to the surface. This is done with the help of the innovatively designed zonal perforation. These are carefully calculated zones that feature cutouts to better allow the air to flow.

2. Refreshing Comfort Layer

This layer of memory foam is specifically designed to bring comfort as close as possible to the sleep surface. Made out of innovatory, large open-cell structure memory foam, this layer was engineered to allow for 4 times the regular airflow. This creates a layer of optimal breathability and comfort, with the breathability continuing from the first layer, going further down and away from your sleep surface.

3. 2,000 Nano-spring’s Twin layer

The first of the spring layers are not even designed to provide the support and structure, this layer of nano-springs is instead engineered to evenly distribute your weight across the entire mattress. This is done by having a dual-layer of nano-springs, supporting each other in distributing your weight. This layer was ergonomically designed to evenly distribute your weight, which basically means that it was made to fit and align with the human body naturally.

side sleeping position
(Image credit: Brook + Wilde)

4. Unique Support Layer

This layer is the first so far that is designed to be supportive. How supportive? Well, that is for you to decide. This layer is also the customisation aspect of the Brook + Wilde Ultima Mattress. This layer affords you, the customer, a choice of firmness. The Brook + Wilde Ultima Mattress is available in soft, medium, firm or extra-firm feel. So, the choice will be yours, depending on your preference.

5. Dynamic Airflow

This layer might be the most out there, apart from the wave technology that we will get to, in terms of technology. The Dynamic Airflow system was designed to actively and continuously draw cool air into the core of your mattress. From here, the system engages with the springs to push cool air upwards towards the sleep surface and through the mattress.

ultima mattress airflow
(Image credit: The Mattress Guide)

6. 4,000 Pocket Spring Twin-layer

With all layers being for comfort or cooling up till no, this layer provides the bounce and pushback for the mattress, literally giving you an extra spring in your sleep and step. Once again Brook + Wilde make use of a double spring layer for a more secure and stable response.

This design ensures that the spring layer has enough force to pushback against the layers and your body weight.

7. Support Foundation

The last of the internal layers is a high-density support foundation. This layer was designed to give the mattress its durable structure, allowing you to rest easy knowing that the mattress and all its clever layers are well supported by the foundation. On top of that, you as the sleeper can rest easy knowing that the strong “built-to-last” foundation will keep you sturdily supported.

This is also supported by the Brook + Wilde Ultima mattress guarantee which we will go through later in this review.

How thick is the Brook and Wilde Ultima Mattress?

The total thickness of the Brook + Wilde Ultima Mattress is a solid 30cm. This is 5 cm deeper than the industry usual 25cm.

Your bed sheets and fittings will still work but will be snug. The Ultima can comfortably hold up to 18 stone or 114kg per person.

Brook and Wilde Ultima Mattress Firmness 

The Brook + Wilde Ultima Mattress comes with an option of your choice of firmness. You can select from either a soft, medium, firm or even extra firm feel. The unique supportive layer is what changes with your choice and it sits in the centre of the Ultima mattress.

brook and wilde ultima mattress firmness
(Image credit: The Mattress Guide)

Of course, firmness is subjective but here are some illustrations to help you better understand where the firmness levels sit on the virtual scale. The most common comfort firmness level sold by other beds in a box is around a 6. Also known as the goldilocks comfort level, not too hard and not too soft.

Mattress Design

The Brook + Wilde Ultima Mattress follows Brook + Wilde’s luxurious standards. It features a dual colour cover with mattress handles as well. The ultima features a lower blue section with an upper white section, separated by a clean and contemporary zip.

brook wilde ultima design
(Image credit: Brook + Wilde)

Brook and Wilde Trial Period and Warranty  

As we have become accustomed to in the “mattress with trial” industry, the Brook + Wilde Ultima Mattress comes with a 100-night trial. This allows you to test your mattress in the comfort of your home and ensure that your selection is the correct one for you. 

This also means that if the mattress isn’t ideal for you, then Brook + Wilde will either refund you or replace your firmness level with a different one. This requires communication with Brook + Wilde directly and may be subject to terms and conditions, so we suggest that you make sure the first time to avoid any complications. An interesting fact is that any mattresses sent back are donated to the British Heart Foundation

Additionally, you receive the industry-standard 10-year warranty with your purchase. This means that your mattress was built and designed to last for a minimum of a decade, if it fails at all during this time, then you are covered by the warranty. For specifics on the warranty, we suggest reading Brook + Wilde’s warranty policy. 

In terms of service to their customers, Brook + Wilde stand out in the industry. They are primarily concerned with customer satisfaction both in their products and in the additional services and responses to customers.

Mattress Delivery & Box

The Brook + Wilde Ultima Mattress comes complete with a premium delivery service. This consists of a two-man delivery team that drop your mattress off at the room of your choice. This is perfectly suited for those needing help getting the mattress upstairs.

Always striving to excel, the Ultima is neatly vacuum-packed in a 100cm x 50cm x 50cm box for convenient transportation and delivery. Since the Ultima is made with your personal choice of comfort, delivery takes between 8 and 12 weeks to arrive.

brook + wilde delivery
(Image credit: Brook + Wilde)

Additional Services  

Brook + Wilde even offer a reminder and notification setting for the delivery of your mattress. The day before delivery, you will receive a 2-hour window in which you can expect to receive your mattress. On the day of delivery, the driver will call 30 minutes before to ensure that you are available to collect. You can even select a Saturday delivery slot, depending on your location.

Payment Options

  • Debit/Credit Card  
  • Paypal
  • Amazon Pay
  • Apple Pay
  • PayPal

Brook and Wilde Ultima Mattress Price and Sizing

Regardless of features and all the technology in mattress, a crucial aspect of deciding whether to get the Ultima mattress is its price. This is why we try to highlight as many benefits as possible and in terms of this Brook + Wilde Ultima mattress review, we find that the Ultima is highly-priced which is possibly due to the sheer number of layers and materials that it has. 

Below you can find the standard prices and sizes of the Brook + Wilde Ultima Mattress. Kindly note that these prices are excluding any discounts. If you’re looking for the best deals then head on over to our mattress discounts page or alternatively to our Best Brook and Wilde mattress deals.

Brook + Wilde Ultima Double size mattress 135x190x30 cm £1,799
Brook + Wilde Ultima King size mattress 150x200x30 cm £2,099
Brook + Wilde Ultima Super king size mattress 180x200x30 cm £2,499
*prices and availability may be subject to change  

If you are not willing to splash out such a sum but still want. quality mattress from B+W. We recommend you also have a look at the Brook + Wilde Elite and Brook + Wilde Lux mattress.

Brook and Wilde Ultima Customer Reviews 

As the Brook and Wilde Ultima mattress is very new there does not seem to be many reviews yet but, we will be sure to update this section once we come across them.

Brook + Wilde Mattress Awards

Brook + Wilde have truly grown in this industry and have received many awards through the years. These all being awards that carry a lot of weight in this industry. You can see the awards listed below.

  1. Which? Best Buy
  2. Grand Designs Loves
  3. Real Homes Loves
  4. Country & Town House Great British brand

Still undecided? Compare this product with our top picks on our website, whichever category you are looking for, we’ve got a list of our top picks.  Examples of our lists include the Best Mattress UK list, Best Hybrid Mattress picks, Top Memory Foam Mattresses, Top Luxury Mattresses or more.


  • What is called “we plant trees”, for every Brook and Wilde mattress bought, a tree is planted, so with your purchase, you will be directly responsible for reducing the Earth’s carbon footprint.  
  • A 0% financing option can be used, but only with purchases over £500.

Should I Buy a Brook and Wilde Ultima Mattress?  

To conclude this Brook + Wilde Ultima Mattress review we can definitely say that the 7 internal layered hybrid, with a 3 layer cover,  is among the top of the category in this industry. The Brook + Wilde Ultima Mattress is right for those looking for:

  • A superior quality mattress with extra bounce and pushback
  • A mattress with 4 firmness levels to choose from
  • A jam-packed hybrid with excellent service and after-sales-support
Brook and Wilde Ultima Mattress Review
Material Quality
Motion Isolation
Edge Support
Sex/ Bounce
Company Reputation
Value for Money
100-night risk-free trial
10-year warranty
Free 2 man delivery
Dual pocket spring and nano-spring layers
Choice of firmness from 4 options
Limited size options
Not many customer reviews

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Material Quality
Motion Isolation
Edge Support
Sex/ Bounce
Company Reputation
Value for Money
Final Score


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