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Best Dreams Mattress 2021

Last Updated: September 6, 2021

When you are looking for the perfect mattress for your home, you have a lot of options to choose from. Many homeowners opt for the brands that they have heard of and this is often for good reasons. Typically, brands like Dreams are known for their high-quality products and customer service so are often a safe bet, they have even partnered with Team GB.

Of course, when you are looking for a mattress from Dreams, that’s when things get a little complicated.

Dreams offer a wide range of options with a mattress to suit everyone. Not only that but they have mattresses in over 200 stores nationwide and the brand is rated with 5 stars from third-party platforms.

To help you narrow down the options for your bedroom, we will take you through a selection of great Dreams mattress options that you can choose from (Important Considerations in Conclusion).

DreamsAnnison Pocket Sprung MattressPocket Sprung MattressMedium40 Nights Exchange
1 Year
DreamsMaitland Pocket Sprung MattressPocket Sprung MattressFirm40 Nights Exchange
1 Year
DreamsCampbell Pocket Sprung MattressPocket Sprung MattressMedium40 Nights Exchange
1 Year
DreamsHarris Traditional Spring MattressPocket Sprung MattressFirm40 Nights Exchange
1 Year
Hyde & SleepHybrid Raspberry Rolled MattressHybrid MattressFirm40 Nights Exchange
1 Year
TempurCoolTouch Original Elite MattressMemory Foam MattressMedium40 Nights Exchange
10 Years
Prices are referring to the single size. Information may be subject to change, please check with the brand/manufacturer before purchasing.
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1. Annison Pocket Sprung Dreams Mattress

Annison Pocket Sprung dreams Mattress
(Image credit: Dreams)

The Annison Pocket Sprung Mattress from Dreams is a high-quality product that is available in a variety of sizes. You can purchase this mattress in any size from single to super king so there is one for every bed. Purchasing this mattress from Dreams will give you the opportunity to make use of free delivery which can come in a week, depending on your postcode.

Made in the UK, this mattress collection is actually the official sleep partner of Team GB which certainly makes it one to consider. Comfort is a crucial selling point in this mattress as it has 667 pocket springs and a medium comfort grade. There is an additional memory foam layer that can relieve sensitive pressure points and support your body as you sleep.

Comfort is also provided with the quilted finish of the soft-touch knitted fabric. According to Dreams, the pocket springs distribute any weight on the mattress easily, so you won’t have to worry about your partner tossing and turning in the night.

When you purchase the Annison Pocket Sprung Mattress from Dreams, you will benefit from a 1-year guarantee. It is single-sided, but you can easily rotate it head to toe to ensure it maintains its quality for a long time. There are handles on there to make this process simpler.

Customer reviews for this mattress are high with many commenting on the comfort levels that it provides. However, to benefit from the quality of this mattress, you will need to be willing to pay a bit more than the average mattress. For those looking for something that is suitable for athletes, this is one to consider.

2. Maitland Pocket Sprung Dreams Mattress

Maitland Pocket Sprung Mattress
(Image credit: Dreams)

Some people prefer soft mattresses while others like them to be firm. If you are in the latter category, then you might just be interested to hear more about the Maitland Pocket Sprung Mattress. This option from the Dreams UK collection has a firm comfort level and is designed to support your body as you sleep. There are up to 1,225 individually wrapped pocket springs that make up this mattress and ensure it is of firm comfort.

The Maitland Pocket Sprung mattress is made in the UK and is approved for use by Team GB which indicates the high level of quality that you will receive if you consider this option. Dreams has added some deep layers of luxurious fillings for added comfort and support, alongside a tufted mattress with a traditional damask cover.

With a large number of springs in this mattress, you will find that the weight in your bed should be distributed evenly. Its firmness and spring support make it also a great mattress for heavier people.

This option comes with a 1-year guarantee from Dreams and to maintain it properly, you can easily rotate and turn it over each month as it is double-sided. According to Dreams, you should try to rotate weekly for the first three months and then every month after that.

The Maitland Pocket Sprung Mattress comes in a range of sizes from single to super king. The price point is around average for this kind of mattress and customer reviews agree that it is worth the spend. There are thousands of reviews with many commenting on just how impressive this mattress is.

Overall, we found that this mattress option is great for those who enjoy a firm sleep.

3. Campbell Pocket Sprung Dreams Mattress

Campbell Pocket Sprung dreams Mattress
(Image credit: Dreams)

For many people, having a medium comfort level as they sleep is a high priority. Sometimes, a firm mattress can be too hard and a soft one just isn’t right. With the Campbell Pocket Sprung Mattress from Dreams, you can benefit from an all-round general comfort level. This mattress comes in single, small double, double, king and super king sizes so you can find the right option for your home. With a reasonable price point, this option might just work for you.

So, what makes it so comfortable? This is a popular mattress because it is made up of 667 individually wrapped pocket springs. Dreams has also added a thick layer of memory foam that can adapt to your body as you sleep. With the blend of the pocket springs and the foam, you can expect motion isolation which is a big factor when searching for a mattress for couples.

For those looking for a soft surface, this mattress has a soft-touch knitted fabric cover and handles to ensure you can easily rotate it each month. It is also worth noting that this mattress also joins the Team GB collection offered at Dreams and so you can be sure that it is up to the standard of Olympic athletes.

As with most mattresses from Dreams the Campbell Pocket Sprung mattress comes with a 1-year guarantee. The majority of customers have reviewed this mattress with five stars, and many have noted the support that it offers and the value for money. Overall, it is clear that this mattress can offer you a comfortable night’s sleep and ensure your body is supported.

4. Harris Traditional Spring Dreams Mattress

Harris Traditional Spring Mattress
(Image credit: Dreams)

If you are looking for a mattress that offers a high level of quality at a lower price point than average, you should take a closer look at the Harris Traditional Spring mattress from Dreams UK. This mattress comes in small single, single, double and king and is handcrafted in the UK. When you purchase it from Dreams, you will also get a 1-year guarantee.

According to Dreams, this mattress has a firm comfort grade, and this is due to the way in which it has been made. Within the soft-touch damask cover, you’ll find 288 traditional open springs. These springs are hourglass-shaped, and they are designed to conform to your body as you sleep. This offers a similar feeling to memory foam without the expensive price tag that often comes with that.

Additionally, you will find a layer of soft filling inside of this mattress which adds to the overall comfort levels. For those who enjoy a firm night’s sleep, this mattress is a good option to consider. The Harris Traditional mattress is single-sided, so you won’t be able to flip it over. However, Dreams suggests that you rotate it head to toe relatively frequently to ensure it stays in a good condition for quite some time.

This mattress is one of the more budget styles in the Dreams collection, but customer reviews are still very positive. Many have rated it with some commenting on the bounciness that it offers. Other reviews suggested that it is extremely comfortable and pleasing on the eye.

Based on what we have read about this mattress, we would suggest that it would be suitable for a range of homeowners who want something that they can rely on for a good night’s sleep without having to pay over the odds.

5. Hyde & Sleep Hybrid Raspberry Rolled Mattress

Hyde & Sleep Hybrid Raspberry Rolled Mattress
(Image credit: Dreams)

Amongst the Dreams collection of mattresses, you’ll find some that offer a cooling effect. One that offers this, and much more is the Hyde & Sleep Hybrid Raspberry Rolled Mattress. This option is made in the UK and comes in a range of sizes from single to super king. You’ll find that the price point is around average, and this is very reasonable because of the layers used.

This mattress is made up of 1426 pocket springs which ensure that it has a firm comfort grade. These micro pocket springs can adjust to the contours of your body and ensure that any pressure points are relieved as you sleep. Not only that but the memory foam ensure that you receive superior comfort as you sleep.

Dreams has added a high-density foam base to this mattress to create zones of air flow. This, coupled with the luxurious breathable cover on the outside of the mattress, ensures that you are not overheating when you sleep. This cooling effect is often very desirable with homeowners.

One of the most attractive points about the Hyde & Sleep Hybrid Raspberry Rolled Mattress is the fact that it comes in a box, rolled for your convenience. This means that you can easily transport it to your home and let it roll out into position. You’ll even get free delivery when you purchase this mattress from Dreams, alongside the 1-year guarantee.

Many customers noted just how comfortable this mattress is and mentioned the convenience that the bed in a box feature offers. Overall, we would recommend this mattress to those who are looking for a deep layered mattress that keeps them cool at night without compromising on comfort.

6. TEMPUR CoolTouch Original Elite Mattress

TEMPUR CoolTouch™ Original Elite Mattress
(Image credit: Tempur)

Are you on the hunt for a premium mattress that you can rely on for many years? The TEMPUR CoolTouch Original Elite Mattress from Dreams might just be a good option for you to consider as this product is made with well-known materials. To prove this to you, Dreams offers a 10-year guarantee when you purchase this product so you know that it will stand the test of time.

There are a few key features that make this premium mattress desirable including the fact that it is made from memory foam. It has a medium comfort grade and uses TEMPUR material to ensure your body is supported as you sleep. Not only that but you’ll notice that the open-cell structure ensures that it will return to its structure, like other memory foam mattresses. This product is 25cm deep and comes in single, small double, double, king and super king sizes.

While comfort is a main feature in the TEMPUR CoolTouch Original Elite Mattress, you’ll also find that it has been designed to be cool to touch. The CoolTouch material has been woven into the cover on the mattress and this works to absorb any heat as you sleep making it a great mattress for those who sleep hot. This ensures that you can stay cool during the night and avoid having a restless sleep. Tempur have also added a QuickRefresh cover which you can wash and keep clean.

This no-turn mattress is highly rated by customers who have purchased the premium product. Some customers noted the comfort levels and the fact that it has helped to reduce back pain. Overall, we would suggest that this mattress is best suited to those who need a good blend of comfort and cooling tech and aren’t on a tight budget.


Dreams has a huge selection of mattresses, so you won’t find it difficult to find one that suits your requirements. Whether you are looking for a cooling mattress or a firm one that will support you as you sleep, you should check out some of these best Dreams products from the companies range of products. Hopefully, we have helped you to narrow down the options.

Up to 60% OFF
dreams discount code voucher uk
Dreams Discount Voucher Code
Up to 60% OFF selected items | T&Cs apply.
Up to 60% OFF selected items | T&Cs apply. Show Less


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