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Bensons for Beds Mattress Reviews


Written by Kyle

Last Updated: 1st January, 2022

Here, In this Bensons for Beds mattress reviews, we look at some of the most popular mattress brands this retailer has to offer. These include the iGel, Tempur, Silentnight, Mammoth, Sensaform, Bespoke, Slumberland, Snooze and JAY-BE Simply Kids mattresses. We also explore their pricing, mattress specifics and how customers see Bensons for Beds as a whole.

Bensons for Beds was originally founded in 1950, 20 years later and they have over 250 stores in the UK, become a FIRA (Furniture Industry Research Association) member, become even more environmentally-friendly and has snagged NBF Retailer of the Year.

Now that we have a short introduction of Bensons, let's gets jump right into this Bensons for Beds mattress review and take a look at some beds.

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Bensons for Beds Reviews

Bensons for Beds is UK's largest mattress retailer and although Bensons sell all types of bedroom furniture online, they are predominantly known for their beds and mattresses. They have a large range of mattresses on offer, from memory foam mattresses to hybrid mattresses to even cot bed mattresses.

Mattresses from Bensons for Beds include a 40-night comfort guarantee, where if you don't find the mattress comfortable after 40-nights they can exchange it for a new one. There are some T&Cs so please do read up on this. Additionally, Bensons for Beds offer their own 5-year guarantee for beds which we will cover later.

These are just some of the great perks you receive when ordering a bed from Bensons for Beds. The downside to this is that their prices would be marked up a bit more when compared to some online-only brands.

(Video credit: Bensons for Beds)

We will be touching on some of their best selling mattresses, which are also very well-known brands here in the UK. Below are some of our Bensons for Beds mattress reviews.

1. iGel Mattress Review

igel mattress review
(Image credit: Bensons for Beds)

iGel Mattress Specifics

The mattresses from iGel that Bensons for Beds are selling are developed to combat heat retentive properties by using phase change materials to work with your body temperature. The iGel mattresses are also engineered to offer some additional pressure relief and with their vast range of firmness options, there is almost always an option for what you are looking for.

Some iGel mattress problems or cons that we have noticed from some customers are their complaints about the steep prices. It may be best to purchase the iGel mattress during times when Bensons for Beds are offering their largest discounts.

iGel Mattress List

  1. iGel Pegasus mattress
  2. iGel Alexus mattress
  3. iGel Orion mattress
  4. iGel Celestial mattress
  • Price Range £759 - £1,399

2. Tempur Mattress Review

bensons tempur mattress review
(Image credit: Bensons for Beds)

Tempur Mattress Specifics

One of the most internationally recognised mattress brands that gained much of their attention from their secret Danish-made foam formula. Tempur mattresses from Bensons for Beds have excellent ratings but very few of them. This could be because they are a bit on the pricier side and can be classified on the luxury spectrum.

Tempur Mattress List

  1. Tempur Oslo mattress
  2. Tempur Malmo mattress
  3. Tempur Aspen mattress
  4. Tempur Helsinki mattress

These Tempur mattresses could be exclusive to Bensons for Beds as we have not heard of them before and are different to the standard collection which you can find out more about from our full review.

  • Price Range £1,359 - £1,899

3. Silentnight Mattress Review

bensons silentnight mattress reviews
(Image credit: Bensons for Beds)

Silentnight Mattress Specifics

If you are looking for a bed that has some pretty decent budget mattress options, then Silentnight from Bensons for Beds may be a great starting point for your search. Bensons for Beds largest mattress range comes from Silentnight, you will find most comfort levels from each mattress type and at an affordable price.

There have been some mentions of concerns over the mattress longevity, so make sure you pick one with a long guarantee or warranty.

Silentnight Mattress List

  1. Too many Silentnight mattress options from Bensons for Beds to list here.
  • Price Range £159 - £999

4. Mammoth Mattress Review

mammoth benson for beds mattress reviews
(Image credit: Bensons for Beds)

Mammoth Mattress Specifics

The bhealthy range from Mammoth consisting of three models at Bensons for Beds are made from Medical Grade™ foam. This innovative foam is engineered to provide additional comfort by responding rapidly to the weight and shape of the sleeper.

Apart from the Medical Grade™ foam the mammoth mattress has great cooling and regulating properties however some concerns about durability have been raised.

Mammoth Mattress List

  1. Mammoth Lesina mattress
  2. Mammoth Turano mattress
  3. Mammoth Lugano mattress

There is also a bhealthy kids range available at Bensons for Beds.

  • Price Range £719 - £1,449

5. Sensaform Mattress Review

sensaform mattress reviews
(Image credit: Bensons for Beds)

Sensaform Mattress Specifics

The Sensaform beds sold at Bensons for Beds predominantly come in a bed set (mattress + divan) and even as a set are cheaper than some of the only mattresses sold over at Bensons.

Sensaform mattress reviews are mixed, from positive comments like excellent value for money and quality to some negative comments about the comfort when first sleeping on the mattress. We always suggest sleeping on a new mattress for at least 21 days for your body to "get used" to the new feeling which takes a while depending on how long you have been using your old mattress.

Sensaform Mattress List

  1. Sensaform Airstream Memory mattress
  • Price Range £599 - £999

6. Bespoke Mattress Review

bespoke collection
(Image credit: Bensons for Beds)

Bespoke Mattress Specifics

Bensons for Beds Bespoke range by Staples could be somewhat compared to the Hypnos mattress collection. These mattresses take a more traditional and natural approach by incorporating materials such as silk, cashmere and 100% British wool. These mattresses are handcrafted and offer a large range of comfort options, colours and storage and headboard options.

Many customers are happy with the comfort variety and therefore are pleased with the initial feel of the mattress, we also found some complaints about sagging down the road.

Bespoke Mattress List

  1. Pure Etopia mattress
  2. Pure Euphoria mattress
  3. Pure Tranquility mattress
  4. Pure Serenity mattress
  • Price Range £769 - £1,849

7. Slumberland Mattress Review

slumberland mattress review from bensons
(Image credit: Bensons for Beds)

Slumberland Mattress Specifics

Bensons for Beds also offer a small range of Slumberland mattresses. These mattresses are predominately pocket sprung and are low to mid-priced making them appeal to the majority of sleepers in the UK.

Overall customers are very happy with their slumberland mattress from Bensons for Beds with some concern raised about the durability in the long run. Make sure to look into a slumberland mattress with a longer guarantee e.g. 8-10 years to be covered in the long run.

Slumberland Mattress List

  1. Slumberland Vantage mattress
  2. Slumberland Esprit mattress
  3. Slumberland Halo mattress
  4. Slumberland Plaza mattress
  5. Slumberland Latina mattress
  • Price Range £369 - £699

8. Snooze Mattress Review

snooze mattress
(Image credit: Bensons for Beds)

Snooze Mattress Specifics

Snooze is a mattress brand offering very competitive prices for most mattress types. They have mattress options that utilise ortho foam, memory foam and reactive latex layers. The sizes Bensons for Beds have from Snooze are the standard UK sizes; single, double, king, super king.

Although they are very well priced, you can find some remarks about the comfort left by customers after using the mattress for some time.

Snooze Mattress List

  1. Snooze Skye mattress
  2. Snooze Neon mattress
  3. Snooze Zest mattress
  4. Snooze Echo mattress
  • Price Range £239 - £599

9. JAY-BE Kids Mattress Review

jay-be kids mattress reviews
(Image credit: Bensons for Beds)

JAY-BE Kids Mattress Specifics

If you are looking for a kids mattress or even cot bed mattresses, Bensons for Beds have a range for that too. The JAY-BE mattress for kids collection have some excellent features, such as anti-allergy, foam-free and waterproof options.

Parents are generally very happy with their purchase from Bensons for Beds as these mattresses include features that most parents would be looking for in a kids bed.

JAY-BE Kids Mattress List

  1. JAY-BE Simply Kids Anti-Allergy mattress
  2. JAY-BE Simply Kids Foam Free mattress
  3. JAY-BE Simply Kids Waterproof mattress
  • Price Range £89 - £176

Bensons for Beds Mattress Guarantee  

Although the mattress manufacturers offer their own guarantee or warranty on their mattresses. Bensons for Beds also guarantee to repair or replace your bed due to faulty materials or defective workmanship at no cost to you for up to 5-years. Even if this is in excess of the mattress or bed manufacturer’s guarantee.

Standards terms and conditions do apply so please inform yourself on this before purchasing a mattress from Bensons for Beds.

Price and Sizing

For this Bensons for Beds review, we included a summarised table of the most popular brands offered by Bensons for Beds so you can further investigate which of the brands fall more into your budget.

Please use this Bensons for Beds mattress price list as a rough guide as they are almost always offering some sort of discount and prices are constantly changing. Also, don't forget to stop by our Best Bensons for Beds Discount page for the latest savings. 

MATTRESS BRAND PRICE RANGE (excl. discount code)
iGel Mattress £759 – £1,399
Tempur Mattress £1,359 – £1,899
Silentnight Mattress £159 – £999
Mammoth Mattress £719 - £1,449
Sensaform Mattress £599 – £999
Bespoke Mattress £769 – £1,849
Slumberland Mattress £369 – £699
Snooze Mattress £239 – £599
JAY-BE Kids Mattress £89 – £176
*prices and availability may be subject to change  

Bensons for Beds Mattress Customer Reviews  

Seeing what some customers had to say about the mattresses, beds, service and overall experience they faced from Bensons for Beds is a good indicator on whether you purchase will be a sweet deal or a frustrated mistake.

With over 170,000 reviews left on Bensons for Beds Trustpilot page and a total score of "Excellent" is quite an achievement if you ask us.

Should I Buy a Bensons for Beds Mattress?  

If you are looking for that additional customer assurance such as a 40-night comfort guarantee and a 5-year guarantee and a great mattress range to choose from then Bensons for Beds would be a great option and one you should look into.

To conclude this Bensons for Beds mattress reviews, we would recommend buying a mattress from them if you are in search of:

  • Great after purchase customer care.
  • A mid-high priced mattress with many types and comfort options to choose from.
  • A 40-night comfort guarantee & 5-year guarantee from the retailer.
Up to 50% OFF beds & mattresses
bensons for beds discount code voucher uk
Bensons For Beds Discount Voucher Code
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Bensons for Beds Mattress Reviews
40-night comfort guarantee
5-year guarantee
Excellent customer reviews

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