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Best Cot Bed Mattress 2022


Written by Lauren

Last Updated: 17th January, 2022

Reviewed by:
Andrea Grace
Baby Sleep Expert

If you consider the amount of time babies and toddlers spend sleeping, selecting the best cot bed mattress for your child should require thorough research and consideration. Finding the ideal mattress can ensure a comfortable night's sleep while avoiding any issues that may arise due to selecting the wrong mattress.

As well as comfort, safety should also be an important factor, and purchasing the right mattress can really help to put a parents mind at ease. Please keep reading for the most important aspects regarding cot mattress safety and considerations, as well as our top picks.

(Important Facts, Studies, Advice, Considerations & FAQs In Conclusion).

Eve BabyHybrid30 Nights
5 Years
Panda Kids BambooMemory Foam30 Nights
5 Years
Mother Nurture Classic Spring Cot Bed MattressHybridNA
John Lewis & Partners Pocket Spring Cotbed Mattress Pocket SpringNA
4 Years
The Little Green Sheep Natural TwistNaturalNA
5 Years
Silentnight Safe Nights AirflowFibre60 Nights
3 Years
Prices are referring to the cot bed mattress 140 x 70 cm size and information may be subject to change. Please check with the brand/manufacturer before purchasing.

1. Eve Baby Mattress

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cot bed mattress eve baby mattress
(Image credit: Eve)
• Luxury foam layer
• Premium pocket springs
• 5-year guarantee
• Parents seeking bed bug protection
• Those who prefer a hybrid construction
• Individuals wanting a machine washable cover

The Eve Baby mattress is an award-winning mattress with many positive customer reviews. It comes in two sizes, the baby cot mattress size (60 x 120 cm) and the cot bed mattress size (70 x 140 cm). The Eve Baby mattress meets all legal UK safety and regulatory requirements and is Certi-PUR certified, which means no harmful chemicals were used in the manufacturing.

The cover of the mattress uses an antibacterial treatment that aims to eliminate any bugs and harmful germs. To ensure cleanliness, the cover is also machine washable at up to 60℃. In addition to the cover, there is also a waterproof protector to protect the mattress from liquids and bed bugs.

Within the layers, there is a luxury foam layer that is designed to offer support and durability. The foam encapsulates a layer of premium pocket springs, which can adapt to movement while adding support and breathability.

Importantly, this cot bed mattress also complies with BS 1877-10:2011+A1:2012 and BS 7177-2008+A1:2011 standards. The Eve Baby mattress is delivered free of charge and comes with a 30-night trial and a 5-year guarantee.

2. Panda Kids Bamboo Mattress

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panda kids cot mattress uk
(Image credit: Panda)
• Hydro-foam layer
• AirFlow Foam
• Nanotechnology
• Eco-conscious individuals
• Infants with sensitive skin
• Children up to 5 years old

The Panda Kids Bamboo Mattress is a cot bed mattress suitable for newborns all the way up to 5 years of age. The mattress comes in two sizes, the Panda Cot mattress (120 x 60cm) and the Panda Cot Bed mattress (140 x 70cm).

The cover is made from bamboo; it is designed to be highly breathable and uses nanotechnology to create a waterproof layer. Included in the cover there is also an anti-slip layer with micro-silicone grips to keep the mattress securely in place. The cover is removable and machine washable for practicality.

The mattress itself has been constructed used 6 layers in total, which includes Hydro-Foam and AirFlow Foam. The hydro foam is essentially gel-infused memory foam that has been created to increase airflow and prevent overheating. The AirFlow Foam helps to distribute weight and relieve pressure points.

All Panda products adhere to the Oeko-Tex Standard 100. This means the Panda kids mattress has been tested to ensure they are safe for babies and sleepers who suffer from sensitive skin. The mattress comes with a 30-night trial and a 5-year guarantee.

3. Mother Nurture Classic Spring Cot Bed Mattress

Mother Nurture Classic Spring Cot Bed Mattress
(Image credit: Mother Nurture)
• Nursery grade foam
• Tensile Bonnell springs
• Hypoallergenic
• Children up to 4 years old
• Those who prefer a double-sided mattress
• Parents seeking a water-resistant surface

The Mother Nurture Classic Spring Cot Bed Mattress uses a hybrid construction to create a firm mattress feel ideal for young infants. The mattress comes in 3 different sizes: 120x60x10cm, 132x69.5x10cm and 140x70x10cm. Mother Nurture states that their mattress is suitable for ages 0 - 48 months.

This cot bed mattress is built using layers of springs and foam. This includes 2 layers of open-cell nursery grade foam designed to offer firm support and comfort. In between the foam, you will find a layer of tensile Bonnell springs that are included to provide even further support. In addition, there is a water-resistant, hypoallergenic mattress surface alongside an added water-resistant layer at the base of the mattress.

For convenience, the mattress cover is removable and washable, and the mattress itself is double-sided. Additionally, the mattress is hypoallergenic and claims to be free from harmful chemicals. The spring cot mattress also meets UK standards with the BS number BS EN 16890:2017.

4. John Lewis & Partners Pocket Spring Cotbed Mattress

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Visit John Lewis and Partners for the latest sales!! | T&Cs apply.
Visit John Lewis and Partners for the latest sales!! | T&Cs apply. Show Less
John Lewis & Partners Pocket Spring Cotbed Mattress
(Image credit: John Lewis & Partners)
• Polyester sleeping surface
• 10cm depth
• Water-resistant
• Those who prefer pocket spring mattresses
• Parents who prefer a removable cover
• Infants up to 4 years of age

John Lewis & Partners offer their best-selling pocket sprung cot bed mattress to provide maximum support. The mattress has the standard size of 140 x70cm with a depth of 10cm and is suitable for newborns and those up to 4 years old.

This water-resistant cot bed mattress has been built using 30% foam and 70% steel, giving the mattress the firm feel recommended for babies and infants. To add extra comfort, there is also a soft polyester sleeping surface that has been designed to be breathable and regulate body heat. Additionally, the sleep surface is removable and washable, helping to kill any germs or bacteria.

According to their website, the mattress has received positive reviews, with comments highlighting the breathable cover and overall comfort and sturdy feel of the mattress. Be aware that John Lewis recommends waiting 24 - 48 hours before using the mattress due to the nature of shipping.

5. The Little Green Sheep Natural Twist Cotbed Mattress

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John Lewis Discount Voucher Code
Visit John Lewis and Partners for the latest sales!! | T&Cs apply.
Visit John Lewis and Partners for the latest sales!! | T&Cs apply. Show Less
the little green sheep natural cotbed mattress
(Image credit: John Lewis & Partners)
• Coconut fibres
• Natural latex material
• Free from harmful toxins and chemicals
• Those who prefer natural materials
• Infants with allergies
• Parents seeking a dual-sided mattress

Mattress experts, The Little Green Sheep, offer this dual-sided mattress that uses natural materials, such as certified wool and cotton. The mattress also meets UK sizing standards, being 140x70cm and has a depth of 10cm.

This Little Green Sheep mattress is handmade and uses only 4 natural materials. This includes breathable cotton and supportive coconut fibres, which aim to relieve pressure points. Natural latex works with the coconut fibres to create comfort and support. Finally, hypo-allergenic wool is used to help regulate temperature and acts as a naturally fire-proof material.

The Little Green Sheep Twist mattress has been designed to be so natural that your child sleeps in a pure and healthy environment, free from toxins, harmful chemicals, fire retardant sprays or adhesives. This cot bed mattress passes BS 7177 and BS16890.

It is worth noting that this mattress is not waterproof, and Panda recommends purchasing an added mattress protector. The mattress includes free delivery and a 5-year guarantee.

6. Silentnight Safe Nights Airflow Cot Mattress

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silentnight safe nights cot mattress
(Image credit: Silentnight)
• 3D mesh cover
• Foam-free core
• Treated with Purotex
• Those who value breathability
• Parents seeking a chemical-free mattress
• Individuals looking for fibre-based materials

Silentnight have been in the sleep product industry for over 70 years. The Silentnight Safe Nights Airflow Cot Mattress is designed to allow breathability for a cooler night's sleep. The mattress comes in 2 different sizes, the Airflow Cot Mattress (120 x 60cm) and the Airflow Cot Bed Mattress (140 x 70cm).

The cot bed mattress includes a removable and washable cover which includes a 3D mesh cover to promote free airflow. This cover is also treated by Purotex (100% natural treatment) and is also hypoallergenic, meaning it is unlikely to cause any allergic reaction.

This cot bed mattress has a foam-free core which promotes safety and can make it easier to clean. The chemical-free mattress aims to provide high levels of comfort while offering support and pressure relief for the child.

Upon purchase, you will receive free delivery and a 3-year guarantee.

Experts Advice

When your child is ready to move from their cot to a bed, here are some tips to help things run smoothly.

Move anything harmful out of the room. Let them help set up the new bed. After their usual routine and final cuddle/chat/story in the new bed; say goodnight and leave the room. Tell them that you will be back soon to check on them. Return to them regularly if they need it, and gently praise. If they get out of bed, calmly take them back. Do it quietly, but as soon as they are in bed, praise them. If they keep getting out of bed, consider putting a stair gate in the door. This will keep them safe and allow you more control. Once the gate is in place, if they get up and call you from the gate, you call back to reassure and then return every few minutes to put them back to bed. Unless you don’t mind getting up in the night, it is best that you are not in the room with him when they go off to sleep.
In the morning, offer lots of cuddles, with warm and specific praise. “You slept in your bed!”

Child & Baby Sleep Expert Andrea Grace

Cot Bed Mattress Check List 

On average, your baby will require around 13 - 16 hours of sleep throughout the day and night. As your infant cannot communicate their needs and desires, it’s crucial to do the necessary research to find what’s best for your child. Here are some important points to consider when searching for the ideal cot bed mattress. 

cot bed mattress checklist


In a study✓ involving 3005 paediatricians, almost 100% stated that they would recommend using a firmer mattress for infants. This is likely due to the fact that firm mattresses have been proven to decrease the chances of SIDS✓

However, as the infant grows into a toddler, a softer or medium-firm mattress may be more suitable to provide comfort and pressure relief. If you are unsure when exactly to switch to a softer mattress, it is recommended to seek advice from a medical professional. 


It is important to make sure the mattress you are buying for your toddler fits perfectly into the cot. You should ensure that there is little to no space on the sides to prevent the infant from getting any body parts trapped. 

The most common type of cot bed mattress size is 140 x 70 cm, and there should be a distance of at least 50cm between the top of the mattress and the top of the cot. It’s worth checking the measurements of the cot beforehand, so you know what size mattress will snuggly fit in.


Mattress types and materials should be durable and firm; this can prevent sagging, which may be dangerous for young infants. In addition, a waterproof or water-resistant cover will help to keep the mattress surface clean. 

Eco-friendly and organic mattresses are also a popular choice as they may be less likely to release any harmful toxins or VOC’s, which research✓ found is commonly found in polyurethane foam. 


Many mattress companies now offer double-sided cot bed mattresses, which come with different levels of firmness. This can make the mattress last longer as you can use the firmer side for younger infants and the softer side for when they transition into a toddler. 

Did you know?
A study✓ found that one-week-old infants generally had an equal amount of sleep during the day and night. It was found that after 16 weeks, infants were sleeping double the amount of sleep at night than in the day.

Cot Bed Mattress Types 

When choosing a mattress for an infant, it’s important to be aware of what the different mattress types can offer. The materials used can alter the firmness and comfort, which can both be key in ensuring your child has a safe and peaceful sleep. 

cot bed materials
  • Pocket Spring & Hybrid: Pocket sprung mattresses typically consist of layers of springs with thin layers of foam, whereas hybrid mattresses tend to have a more even balance of foam and springs. These mattress types can offer a good level of firmness and durability, which is recommended for infants. They can also offer increased breathability due to the airflow throughout the springs. 
  • Foam: Typically made from polyurethane foam, also known as polyfoam, these cot bed mattress types tend to range from medium to firm. That being said, if you are considering a foam mattress, a firmer feel is recommended for young infants. It is also important to check that the mattress bounces back under pressure rather than cushioning and contouring, especially around the infants head. 
  • Organic: Often made from natural materials, such as cotton or wool, organic mattresses may reduce exposure to toxic gases or chemicals. Organic latex mattresses are also known to have fewer chemicals and can be allergy-friendly due to latex’s natural origins. However, it is important to check the materials used when purchasing as some mattress companies may exaggerate the organic properties. 

Infant Safety 

Despite being rare and low-risk✓, it is always worth taking precautions to reduce the likelihood of SIDS. It is widely recognised that a firm mattress is preferable for infants as it can prevent suffocation due to the cushioning often found in softer mattresses. One study✓ found that the safest sleeping environment for an infant is with a firm mattress while placed in the supine position.  It also found that you should remove any soft objects or loose bedding away from the infant. 

infant safety

You should also make sure the cot bed mattress include BSI numbers BS 1877-10:2011+A1:2012, BS 7177:1996 or BS EN 16890:2017. These standards ensure that the cot bed mattress you are buying is in line with British Standards concerning safety.

Good to know!
To reduce the risk of overheating, getting the right room temperature for your baby is important. To ensure a comfortable sleep, the recommended temperature is between 20° to 22.2°C. (68° and 72°F)

Cleaning A Cot Bed Mattress 

When it comes to babies, cleanliness can understandably be a challenge. However, with regards to mattresses, there are some simple solutions to ensure a good level of hygiene for your child. 

cleaning a cot mattress
  1. A quick and easy way to clean the surface is by purchasing a mattress with a removable and washable cover 
  2. Many cot bed mattresses are now waterproof or water-resistant and should be easily cleaned by using a cloth or sponge
  3. Try to avoid using any harsh chemicals while cleaning as it can be harmful to the baby if inhaled 
  4. Check that the mattress cover does not have any cracks or tears; research✓ has found this can increase bacteria growth on the surface and inside the mattress 

Second-Hand Cot Bed Mattresses 

Purchasing a second-hand mattress is an easy and convenient option for many, especially as one child will likely only use this mattress for around two to three years. However, there has been some research that suggests there could be a link between used mattresses and SIDS - although, it is important to note that the likelihood of SIDS is relatively low. Despite this, there are precautions and considerations you can take to ensure the mattress is as safe as possible. 

One of the most important things to check when using a second-hand mattress is the firmness. As the mattress has been used, you should check that it has retained its firm feel, can bounce back into shape and that there is no sagging. This is to prevent any risk of suffocation. 

Regarding cleanliness, you should make sure the mattress has no tears or holes, as well as being waterproof as this can reduce the risk of bacteria growth. Additionally, it’s worth being aware of the cleaning products previously used on the mattress to ensure they won’t be harmful to your child, especially if your child has allergies.

Frequently Asked Questions

What size is a cot bed mattress?

The UK standard size for a cot bed mattress is 140x70cm. The standard size for a baby cot mattress is 120x60cm.

What cot bed mattress should I buy?

For young infants, it is recommended to buy a firmer mattress that is durable and will not be prone to sagging. A water-proof cover may also be beneficial.

When to move from cot to bed? 

This depends on your child; however, most children generally go from cot to bed between the ages of two to three years old.

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