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Hypnos Mattress Reviews


Written by Kyle

Last Updated: 1st January, 2022

In this Hypnos mattress reviews, we look at the 9 categories offered by Hypnos. The Origins, Pillow Top, Luxury No Turn, Royal Comfort, Regal, Regency, Natural Comfort, Orthos Support and E-Motion collections.

Hypnos mattresses have been around for over a century and are a fifth-generation family business. They are handmade in their Buckinghamshire workshops and are made for some of the worlds finest palaces and hotels. The Premier Inn Hotel is one of them and has generated quite some hype as many people have been asking what mattresses are used there because they are so comfortable.

Interestingly, Hypnos mattresses and beds are delivered to the Royal Family as well as their visiting dignitaries and are currently the only bed maker to supply all of the Royal residences. This is a testament to the highest standards Hypnos mattresses and beds upheld themselves to.

(Video credit: Hypnos)

Let's gets started and hop right into this Hypnos mattress review and go through the different collections and also where you can find a retailer as Hypnos does not sell them directly from their site. 

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Hypnos Mattress Reviews & Which Hypno Mattress Should I Buy?

Although we will go into detail on all 9 collections offered by Hypnos, it is important to understand the standards, processes and materials used for each.

As stated by Hypnos themselves, all Hypnos mattresses use a mixture of natural and sustainable fillings as well as their special pocket spring system. However, depending on the model it is slightly tweaked to offer a different comfort and firmness/ support.

Hypnos also creates and designs other mattress models exclusively for the use of some retailers which may not be included in this list, however we cover the collections offered and are most popular.

Hypnos is a carbon-neutral business and were the first bedmaker to be awarded this status and on top of this great achievement, Hypnos is also a British award-winning company. All these statuses, certifications and awards really do indicate what quality we are to expect in a Hypnos mattress. here we begin with the Hypnos mattress collections:

Please see availability and compare prices from the following retailers for your best savings

1. Hypnos Origins Mattress Review

hypnos origins mattress review
(Image credit: Hypnos)

Hypnos Origins Mattress Specifics

This range of Hypnos mattresses values the places, animals and people behind the creation of these mattresses. This is Hypnos' so to speak ethical and sustainable collection.

Hypnos works closely with Red Tractor which is the UK's biggest farm and food standards scheme. That way you know the Hypnos Origins mattresses are responsibly sourced and from 100% British wool as well as sustainably sourced cotton.

(Video credit: Hypnos)

Hypnos Origins Mattress List

  1. Cotton Origins 6
  2. Wool Origins 6
  3. Cotton Origins 7
  4. Wool Origins 8
  5. Cotton Origins 8
  6. Wool Origins 10
  • Price Range £1,100 - £1,800

2. Hypnos Pillow Top Mattress Review

hypnos pillow top mattress review
(Image credit: Hypnos)

Hypnos Pillow Top Mattress Specifics

These Hypno mattresses are probably one of the most popular from the Hypnos collection as they offer an additional comforting "pillow-top" sleep surface, similar to a mattress topper. The soft pillow top surface lets the sleeper sink into the mattress a bit more so it would be an option for those looking for a more "hugging feeling" in a mattress.

The Hypnos Pillow Top mattress has a no turn mattress design, is non-allergenic and features 37.5® active technology which helps to keep your core temperature regulated.

(Video credit: Hypnos)

Hypnos Pillow Top Mattress List

  1. Pillow Top Celestial
  2. Pillow Top Stellar
  3. Pillow Top Astral
  4. Pillow Top Aurora
  • Price Range £799 - £1399

3. Hypnos Luxury No Turn Mattress Review

hypnos luxury no turn mattress review
(Image credit: Hypnos)

Hypnos Luxury No Turn Mattress Specifics

This collection is one of the more affordable options and is crafted with practicality in mind. These Hypnos mattresses are engineered for easy maintenance and use without compromising on comfort. The design allows you to rotate it but you do not need to turn it.

The Hypnos Luxury No Turn includes their ReActiveTM pocket spring system. These springs have up to 10 active coils which allows for the springs to better contour your body.

hypnos spine neutral mattress

Hypnos Luxury No Turn Mattress List

  1. Luxury No Turn Superb
  2. Luxury No Turn Supreme
  3. Luxury No Turn Deluxe
  • Price Range £499- £1,099

4. Hypnos Royal Comfort Mattress Review

hypnos royal comfort mattress review
(Image credit: Hypnos)

Hypnos Royal Comfort Mattress Specifics

The Hypnos Royal Comfort range consists of two mattresses, the Sovereign and the Eminence. It is made from latex, lambswool, as well as hand, teased wool, these materials wrapped around the hourglass-shaped springs.

These handmade mattresses can be made for your bespoke needs. Depending on your sleeping preference you can choose from soft, medium and firm comfort levels.

Hypnos Royal Comfort Mattress List

  1. Eminence
  2. Sovereign
  • Price Range £699 - £1399

5. Hypnos Regal Mattress Review

hypnos regal mattress review
(Image credit: Hypnos)

Hypnos Regal Mattress Specifics

The Regal mattress collection is made from a mix of cashmere and pashmina wool (softer and lighter as compared to cashmere) as well as viscose Belgian Damask which is soft to the touch, breathable and is flexible.

Here you can also choose between a medium, firm or extra firm firmness level for your specific sleeping needs.

Hypnos Regal Mattress List

  1. Elegance
  2. Signature
  • Price Range £599 - £1,299

6. Hypnos Regency Mattress Review

hypnos regency mattress review
(Image credit: Hypnos)

Hypnos Regency Mattress Specifics

This mattress collection from Hypnos features their so-called "God of Sleep" design. By incorporating natural materials and responsibly sourced bamboo yarn, alpaca and camel hair and the finest wool from New Zealand.

These natural materials all make up the comfort layer for a luxurious feel.

(Video credit: Hypnos)

Hypnos Regency Mattress List

  1. Clarence Sublime
  2. Sandringham Sublime
  3. St. James Sublime
  4. Hampton Sublime
  • Price Range £1,299 - £2,599

7. Hypnos Natural Comfort Mattress Review

hypnos natural comfort mattress review
(Image credit: Hypnos)

Hypnos Natural Comfort Mattress Specifics

Similarly to the Regency range, the Hypnos Natural Comfort collection also puts a lot on emphasis on the origins and material responsibility. Made from all-natural materials such as New Zealand wool, alpaca, fleece and horsetail. Creating a comfortable yet also breathable mattress.

natural materials
(Image credit: Hypnos)

Hypnos Natural Comfort Mattress List

  1. Willow Natural Sublime
  2. Maple Natural Superb
  3. Aspen Natural Supreme
  4. Hazel Natural Deluxe
  • Price Range £999 - £1,649

8. Hypnos Orthos Support Mattress Review

hypnos orthos support mattress review
(Image credit: Hypnos)

Hypnos Orthos Support Mattress Specifics

The Orthos range is designed by Hypnos' sleep specialists for those who prefer a firmer and more supportive mattress. Generally, those suffering from back pain opt for more supportive mattresses to help keep the spine aligned.

The Hypnos Ortho mattress is a blend of their pocket spring technology and their traditional hand crafting processes. The mattress is often matched with a solid top, non-sprung divan bed that way you get to feel the complete support system from the mattress.

Hypnos Orthos Suppport Mattress List

  1. Orthos Elite Alpaca
  2. Orthos Elite Cashmere
  3. Orthos Elite Silk
  4. Orthos Elite Wool
  • Price Range £899 - £2, 199

9. Hypnos E-Motion Mattress Review

hypnos emotion mattress review
(Image credit: Hypnos)

Hypnos E-Motion Mattress Specifics

The new addition by Hypnos is the adjustable divan and mattresses. This collection is perfect for those that like the tilt for reading or even watching movies. The E-motion range comes with a controller so you can effortlessly adjust the inclination from the comfort of the bed.

The E-motion divan comes with spacious drawers for storage, as for the mattress the mattress is made to the same standards as the non-adjustable Hypnos mattresses.

hypnos e-motion adjusted
(Image credit: Hypnos)

Hypnos E-Motion Mattress List

  1. E-Motion
  2. E-Motion Plus
  • Price Range - Varies

Hypnos Mattress Firmness 

Mattress firmness is an important aspect to consider when purchasing a new mattress. That is why we put together a virtual scale for this Hypnos mattress reviews page. These ratings should be used as a guide as we have collected these from customer reviews as well as online sources which may have biases because of personal preferences and different body weights.

As some Hypnos mattresses are made to your bespoke needs and firmness preferences it is best to consult with a retailer or Hypnos before purchasing one.

hypnos mattress firmness review
(Image credit: The Mattress Guide)

Hypnos Mattress Guarantee  

The mattresses and divans all carry a 10-year guarantee from the date of purchase to give you further peace of mind in the long run.

Price and Sizing

Here below we have summarised the price range of each Hypnos mattress collection depending on the sizes, do keep in mind that with discounts and exclusive retailer deals these prices do vary. It is best to visit the retailers and compare prices.

Also don't forget to stop by our DISCOUNTS & VOUCHER CODES page for the latest savings. 

COLLECTIONPRICE RANGE (excl. discount code)
Hypnos Origins Mattress£1,100 – £1,800
Hypnos Pillow Top Mattress£799 – £1399
Hypnos Luxury No Turn Mattress£499- £1,099
Hypnos Royal Comfort Mattress£699 – £1399
Hypnos Regal Mattress£599 – £1,299
Hypnos Regency Mattress£1,299 – £2,599
Hypnos Natural Comfort Mattress£999 – £1,649
Hypnos Orthos Support Mattress£899 – £2, 199
Hypnos E-Motion MattressVaries
*prices and availability may be subject to change  

Please see availability and compare prices from the following retailers for your best savings

Hypnos Mattress Customer Reviews  

Hypnos Customer testimonials and reviews are a great source to see how current customers feel about, the mattress, service and brand as a whole.

These you can find either on the site itself or from third parties.

Should I Buy a Hypnos Mattress?  

To conclude this Hypno mattress reviews post we would have to say that a Hypno mattress is possibly a good consideration for those where the price is not that important. The luxury materials put together by hand, set these mattresses on the premium side of the spectrum.

From our research we found that customers love these mattresses but with some complaints about its durability.

We would recommend a Hypno mattress for those interested in a:

  • Hand-crafted mattress.
  • Mattress made from premium materials.
  • Mattress offering bespoke comfort levels.
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Below is a rough guideline summary on certain aspects, this is an average of the models. Depending on specific models the factors may give or take.

Hypnos Mattress Reviews
10 year guarantee
Premium materials
Eco-conscious company
Average customer reviews

2 comments on “Hypnos Mattress Reviews”

  1. I have purchased the Hypnos Brilliace mattress, it is the worse mattress I've ever bought worse than the one I've replaced it for, its dipped in the middle, no spring to it at all, I've had to purchase another mattress. Furniture Village are sending repair people to inspect it, I want a refund ot a repair they've sent me a mattress that is unfit for purpose, nothing like the one I tried in the shop, I've read review after review with the same story, even a customer in the shop told me the same happened to them, Hypnos don't want to know neither do furniture village, once they've got your money they're not interested.

  2. 2.5
    Steer clear of the Hypnos mattress.

    We had a cotton origins 7 delivered mid May. We are due an inspector sometime this week from the store we bought it from. Unfortunately the mattress has collapsed after only 5 Months, probably less than that really. We have only just decided to investigate the matter. It cost £1820 from the retailer. My advise after reading this review would be dont buy one. I also contacted Hypnos direct, the response was, ‘contact the retailer’. Doesn’t sound ver promising. ?

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