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Harrison Spinks Mattress Reviews

Last Updated: September 7, 2021

Harrison Spinks is a British mattress brand and manufacture of high-end mattresses. They have their own farm in Yorkshire that they use to source the materials for their mattresses, and they have taken many steps to ensure that they are as sustainable as possible. They pride themselves on handmaking their products and have won many awards throughout their history.

All of their mattresses are created by expert craftsmen and women, and their development team is always searching for new innovations that they can bring to their product lines.

Those who are interested in Harrison Spinks mattresses will discover three collections that might interest them.

Let’s look at these in a little more detail in these Harrison beds reviews (Important Considerations in Conclusion).

1. Harrison Spinks Lunar Collection

harrison spinks lunar
(Image credit: Harrison Spinks)

The Lunar mattresses are made from a variety of materials and are guaranteed to be 100% free from foam, glue, and other chemicals. Any springs used in these mattresses are 100% recyclable. If you buy a Lunar mattress, it will be delivered to you rolled and packed with eco-friendly materials. You can accept it at your front door or have it delivered to a room of your choice, where it can be unrolled and left to properly acclimatise (these services depend on which platform you purchase a Harrison Spinks mattress from). This easy convenience will make it easy for you to order and receive the Lunar mattress, especially as Harrison Spinks keeps a collection of these in stock.

There are several mattresses within the collection. The Air and the Relax are both turn-free Harrison Spinks mattresses, making them brilliant low maintenance options. The Air mattress has a medium firmness and has 3900 springs and soft, breathable cotton. The Relax is made to be a little softer and has 8700 springs. This mattress is made from a blend of silk, cashmere, and British wool.

The third mattress in this collection is the Eclipse. This is a dual-sided mattress, so you can switch between the different sides to make better use of its different properties. It has a medium firmness and is made from British wool, flex, and hemp. These materials are designed to help to regulate your temperatures properly and will also wick away any moisture that your body might make while you sleep, making this a more suitable mattress for those who sleep hot.

2. Harrison Spinks Somnus Veritas

harrison spinks mattress somnus veritas review
(Image credit: Harrison Spinks)

Harrison Spinks’ Somnus collection is made of two halves, the Lifestyle and the Veritas. The Veritas beds make use of their innovative Sensa Intelligent Pocket Springs to deliver comfort and support where you need it the most. This mattress makes use of Harrison Spinks’ signature double-tiered spring system so that anyone who rests on this mattress will be properly supported, no matter the position that they sleep in.

There are around a dozen of different mattresses in the Veritas collection offering between 7200 and 42,600 springs, so you have many to choose from depending on what you like. This allows you to track down the spring density that best suits you. Just remember when choosing a mattress, more springs don't always mean better.

The Veritas collection is crafted from wool, hemptex and flax, and tree-silk cotton so it should be a soft place for you to spend the night. Wool mattresses have a range of benefits that you should be aware of. Harrison Spinks also gives you the opportunity to create a bed that is going to be a comfortable place for you to rest for many years to come. All Veritas mattresses come with a 7-year guarantee that should help to give you peace of mind that they are going to last. You can also work with Harrison Spinks to create a luxury headboard and divan using different materials to help make your bed into a very comfortable and special place. However, these mattresses can also be bought and used on regular bed frames if you so wish.

3. Harrison Spinks Somnus Lifestyle

somnus harrison spinks lifestyle mattress
(Image credit: Harrison Spinks)

The Lifestyle mattress, one part of the Somnus collection from Harrison Spinks, is designed to deliver comfort in any position. It comes with a 7-year guarantee for the mattress and bed frame, while the motor and electrics have a 2-year guarantee.

The base of this bed is fully adjustable. Whether an occupant is at rest, watching television, or reading, this bed can adjust to give you the support that you need. The controls for the base are located on a remote that hangs just off the side of this adjustable bed. However, you can also set up an app that is controlled by Bluetooth on your smartphone.

The mattress of this bed is made using Harrison Spink’s Sensa Intelligent pocket spring system. This uses springs to perfectly contour the shape of your body and is designed to provide adequate spinal support, making it a potential mattress for those with bad backs. This mattress is made from Egyptian cotton, British eco wool, and mohair.

You will find two options if you are considering the Lifestyle mattress. One has 12,000 springs and the other has 16,000. These differences are in the mattress and not the base itself. If you like a firmer feeling mattress that offers more support, you might wish to consider the 16,000-spring mattress. However, both models are still going to be able to offer exceptional levels of comfort and ease to help you have the good night’s rest that you need.


If you are searching for a brand that is going to be able to deliver on quality and comfort, Harrison Spinks is a great option. Their commitment to innovation means that they are able to use the traditional techniques they have developed over their long years as a brand with the latest procedures to create mattresses of the highest quality.

For those who wish to buy from a British company that is committed to delivering outstanding quality in a sustainable manner, this list of Harrison mattress reviews should help. Across the Lunar, Lifestyle, and Veritas collections, you will find plenty of options that will help to give you a good night’s rest.

You will notice a wider range of Harrison Spinks mattresses online. Each mattress can offer something slightly different, but all still deliver the high quality that we expect from a luxury brand such as Harrison Spinks.

Harrison Spinks Mattress Reviews
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