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Best Mattress Brands 2022


Written by Kyle

Last Updated: 10th January, 2022

The mattress industry is saturated with products and brands. In this Mattress Brands Review, we will list some of the most popular and most competitive brands in the UK market to date. This article is designed to be used as a guide in your mattress choosing research, briefly explain what each brand has to offer and ultimately give you a better idea of what is out there.

In the UK you will find traditional brands as well as bed-in-a-box mattress brands

These are some of the best mattress brands you can expect a good mattress from. This list is in no particular order (Important Considerations in Conclusion).

1. Silentnight

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silentnight mattress brand
(Image credit: Silentnight)

Silentnight is the UK’s most trusted bed brand, as voted by Citizens and customers who also voted them the best in innovation, quality and service. The Silentnight mattress brand have been in the industry for 70 years (founded in 1946 in Skipton, North Yorkshire) and are referred to as a ‘Superbrand’, with their mascots, the hippo and duck, being recognisable and ‘iconic’ in their own words.

Did you know 1 in 5 homes in the UK have a Silentnight Product?

Silentnight is outspoken against modern slavery and advocate for the human rights of workers in the industry. In terms of their products, Silentnight test not only the materials as they go through manufacturing but they even have the final products tested by scientists. One of the outcomes of these tests is that the Slientnight Mirapocket mattresses were found to improve spinal alignment and posture. Silentnight have also made a move into the sustainability field and has brought out some eco mattresses. The Silentnight brand is also a carbon-neutral organisation, been awarded the Furniture Makers’ Company Sustainability Award for 2017, partnered with the UK’s leading marine charity, the Marine Conservation Society and they are the first bed company to be accredited under the Furniture Industry Sustainability Programme (FISP).

2. Tempur

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(Image credit: Tempur)

Tempur prides itself on being the only mattress and pillow recognised by NASA. Tempur came into the industry after developing their Tempur Material, for NASA, or more specifically for Astronauts.

As Tempur say, ‘Tempur Material is Memory foam but no other memory foam is Tempur’. The Tempur material is at the heart of Tempur and here are some interesting facts about the material: Fewer than 10 people on Earth know how to make it and all who know work for Tempur, Tempur material is both fluid and spring-like. These days, Tempur are a leading brand in the mattress industry, using their revolutionary Tempur Material in each product.

With Tempur, you have an option from a few types of mattresses, with each mattress type coming in various depths and size variations. That’s a lot of options.

As for their Social responsibility they are proud to be supporting the Mental Health Foundation.

3. Emma

emma mattress brand
(Image credit: Emma)

Emma started as out as a German company (Frankfurt), however manufacturing its products in the UK. Every new product starts with a response to customer feedback, it is then developed in-house by Emma engineers and designers. This includes upgrades to their current mattresses as well. Emma started with a single product, the wildly popular Emma Hybrid Mattress (many believe that the Emma Original was their first mattress), which has had many upgrades since it reached the market in 2015. To date, Emma has some additional mattresses on the market which seem to be making waves in the bed-in-a-box industry. According to Emma, the Emma Original was UK’s No. 1 most awarded mattress back in 2019.

The Emma mattress brand made news when it hit record high sales and emerged as the world's leading D2C sleep brand. To add to their success they have also brought out what they call the worlds most advanced smart mattress, the Emma Motion.

4. Simba

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simba brand
(Image credit: Simba)

In 1979, Simba originally supplied thread to mattress manufacturers. After selling thread to be used in over 35 countries and 50 million mattresses, Simba decided to make their very own mattress. In 2002, the Simba that we know today, who have a goal of creating the perfect mattress, was born. Simba hired the leading experts in the industry to drive their goal, a product that was designed to produce the perfect night’s sleep.

Simba took conventional materials, like springs and foams, and redesigned them to suit the bed-in-a-box industry and even went as far as to create their very own Simbatex layer of comfort, which is an open-cell foam layer. The Simba mattress brand is said to have made use of over 10 million sleepers research profiles which included sleep profiles and body profiles of those sleepers. Simba then used these profiles to conduct many tests to best suit all of the sleep profiles and body profiles collected. Once again this was in line with their goal, providing perfect sleep for everyone. 

You will notice that Simba uses high tech materials and designs as they seem to be wanting to separate themselves from other mattress brands and position themselves in the sleep with tech category. This seems to have worked well as they have sold over 1 million mattresses and received many industry awards.

5. Hypnos

hypnos brand
(Image credit: Hypnos)

Hypnos are a British Family-run mattress company that has been in the mattress industry for over 100 years. They are known internationally for making handcrafted deep pocket spring beds, that you can find in some of the finest yachts, hotels and palaces across the world.

Hypnos pride themselves on the family legacy that continues with the Chairman, who is the fourth generation to run the company. At Hypnos, the mattresses are sustainably designed, eco-friendly and tailor-made or should we say handcrafted. Hypnos have refined their comfort features and style elements to provide customers with a choice of the best on offer from Hypnos. This allows you to pick and choose which elements your Hypnos will be handcrafted with and ultimately how it will look. This puts the Hypnos brand in the luxury mattress category.

The most standout feature about the Hypnos mattress brand is that it has a Royal Warrant. Royal Warrants have always been regarded as proving the very highest standards in excellence, quality, service and innovation within the United Kingdom.

6. Eve

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eve sleep brand
(Image credit: Eve)

Eve came into the industry in 2015, the founders wanted to be able to buy a quality mattress with little risk, but online. This lead to the now popular Eve Sleep company being founded right here in the UK.

Their goal or mission is to provide the best sleep possible for different sleepers. This resulted in Eve creating over 70,000 prototypes before the first final product was created. Instead of trying to make a one size fits all, Eve rather devotes their resources to creating products for different sleep types.

Further to this point Eve also embark on wellness campaigns, promoting better sleep across the world. Whether that be through sleep products, partnerships with professionals or even campaigns to protect peoples right to sleep. The campaign to protect people’s sleep is an interesting read if you have some free time. Eve offers various mattresses catered at different price points.

7. Nectar

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nectar mattresses
(Image credit: Nectar)

Nectar is one of the most intriguing mattress brands in the UK bed-in-a-box industry. Their focus, which began as a dream of creating the most comfortable mattress, is now on memory foam mattresses but more specifically, on countering the heat retention that memory foam is known for.

The team at Nectar features industry experts, who are responsible for driving the company’s goal forward. Nectar source high-quality materials and inspect/ test their products throughout the manufacturing process. A stand out feature at Nectar is their 365-Night Trial, which allows you to test the mattress in your home for a full year, risk-free, this is among the largest periods in the mattress with trial sector.

The trial is enough to write home about, but Nectar doesn’t stop there. They also offer a forever warranty, yes, a warranty that will last as long as you have the mattress. For specifics on the Forever Warranty, check their Warranty Policy.

The nectar mattress brand is also the first mattress company in the UK to be Climate Neutral.

8. Dreamcloud

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(Image credit: DreamCloud)

Dreamcloud is part of Resident (owns the Nectar brand too), which is a house of brands providing better choices for customers when it comes to everyday home products. They currently offer the Dreamcloud Luxury Hybrid Mattress.

Each Dreamcloud mattress is made from the highest quality materials and includes a Dream Plush layer which is a breathable foam layer. The Dreamcloud mattress is Residents attempt to target the luxury mattress sector also while offering a forever warranty. The mattress also comes with a 365-night trial period, allowing you to truly put the mattress through its paces for a year, without the risk of losing your refund. Remember to always read all terms and conditions of trials and warranties.

9. Dormeo

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dormeo mattress brand
(Image credit: Dormeo)

Dormeo is a European brand, bringing Italian-designed, European-quality to the world. Dormeo has been in the memory foam mattress industry for over 15 years and its products have reached over 40 countries across the world.

Each Dormeo Mattress has an Ecocell Core which adapts to your body’s shape and temperature. The memory foam used to make the Ecocell and other layers are also hypoallergenic, making it ideal for those who are prone to allergies or skin irritations.

Dormeo also developed what they call their Octaspring layer, which has won awards in the aviation industry as well. Dormeo has a couple of types of mattresses to choose from, these are broken up by class type, which is mainly Dormeo Memory, OctaSmart Essential, OctaSmart and Dormeo Ocatspring.

10. Sleepeezee

(Image credit: Sleepeezee)

Sleepeezee has been a manufacturer of luxury beds and mattresses since 1924. Every product is made right here in the UK, at the Sleepeezee factory in Rochester which is based in Kent to be exact. The factory has over 300 expert craftspeople who build bespoke beds to Sleepeezee’s premium standards.

Sleepeezee even supports local and national charities, as family values are at the heart of their business. This brand aims to create natural mattresses by making use of natural materials and wood that is bought from sustainably managed forests. Sleepeezee is dedicated to helping the environment by sourcing environmentally friendly materials and is even part of the Furniture Industry Sustainability Programme.

Sleepezee is also one of the few mattress brands that have a royal warrant.

The mattresses available are separated by collection types. At Sleepeezee you can choose from a range of collections and these are the Cooler Collection, PocketGel, Hybrid Collection, Royal Backcare Collection, Pure, Campaign for Wool, the Jessica, G memory Collection and the Perfectly British Collection. 

11. Harrison Spinks

harrison spinks
(Image credit: Harrison Spinks)

Harrison Spinks are a 5th generation, proudly British, family-sleep-company who have over 180 years of experience in crafting the finest mattresses. They are dedicated to being the world’s leaders in sustainable comfort innovation, they even go as far as to find new ways for their business to work with the planet.

Interestingly to point out is Harrison Spinks attempt to promoting British wool is their affiliation to the British Wool Marketing Board (BWMB).

Harrison Spinks products start their journey on a farm, where not only are the prize sheep reared but where flax and hemp are grown as well. All materials are handcrafted together in the Harrison Spinks factory which is based in Yorkshire. Harrison Spinks offer limited collections to choose from, these are the Lunar Collection and the Somnus Collection.

12. Relyon

relyon mattress
(Image credit: Relyon)

Born in the Somerset town of Wellington, Relyon began life as a wool manufacturer in 1858. The name Relyon came from a mission to provide beds that you can “Rely On”.

All of Relyon’s products are made using handcrafted skills, and time-honoured traditions. Relyon provides a range of collections to choose from, these are the Heritage, Classic, Contemporary and AIS. Visually, Relyon mattresses look the part, in terms of luxury and detail expected from a long-serving manufacturer. Each product contains great support and comfort, handcrafted right here in Great Britain. Relyon is members of the Furniture Industry Sustainability Programme and supports its goals and aims.

13. Hyde And Sleep

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hyde and sleep
(Image credit: Hyde & Sleep)

Hyde and Sleep are a local, award-winning brand from Dreams, whose mattresses are made here in the UK by a team of experts at Hyde and Sleep. They offer a mix of hybrid mattresses and memory foam mattresses.

The stand out feature of the Hybrid mattresses is the use of HD Pocket Springs. These are designed to adjust individually to the contours of your body, helping reduce painful pressure points. The memory foam mattresses include zoned support and pressure-relieving memory foam layers. The collections on offer, starting with the hybrid options, are; Orange, Rasberry, Blueberry. The memory foam options are; Lemon, Lilac and Carbon. Every Hyde and Sleep mattress is completed with a breathable sleep surface that was not only designed to provide a soft-to-touch sleep surface but also adds a layer of comfort to the mattress.

14. John Lewis & Partners

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john lewis mattresses
(Image credit: John Lewis)

At John Lewis & Partners, all members of the company are partners. This unique company is host to many various brands, even some from this list of brands. John Lewis has its own mattresses available as well, while still offering mattresses and products from other brands.

John Lewis is dedicated to maintaining and improving its corporate social responsibility and sustainability. This includes environmental awareness, policies and principles, procurement of services or materials and more. The mattresses available from John Lewis, which are named under the John Lewis brand are separated by collection name. Some of the collections include; the Classic collection, Essentials collection, Ultimate collection and the Natural collection.

15. Vispring

(Image credit: Vispring)

The Vispring brand came to life in 1899 when a British engineer, James Marshall, developed a supportive mattress with springs for his wife. This revolutionary design was then commercialised in 1901.

Vispring initially began outfitting the ships of the era with mattresses, perfectly sized for the ocean cabins. Notably, Vispring developed the worlds first pocket-sprung divan, which was known as the Vibase.

Vispring now has a range of mattresses available, all being pocket sprung mattresses. The difference comes in the spring layers and the fillings surrounding the springs. Since the early days, Vispring has looked at alternative fillings for their mattresses. This was in an attempt to not only go cleaner and greener but to also find new possibly even softer fillings.

16. Dunlopillo

(Image credit: Dunlopillo)

Dunlopillo is a sleep company whose main goal is to provide sustainable comfort. This is done by making use of 100% pure Dunlopillo latex, which is derived from sustainably managed plantations.

An interesting fact is that the trees from which the latex is made come from plantations that purify over 90 million tons of carbon dioxide per year. Latex mattresses with latex derived from rubber trees is said to contain naturally occurring anti-allergenic, anti-bacterial and anti-microbial properties.

Dunlopillo also makes use of what they call Actipro technology in their fabric, which was designed to protect against dust mites, odours and allergens. Dunlopillo offers 2 ranges, the Signature Collection and the Go Collection.

17. Dreams

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dreams brand mattress
(Image credit: Dreams)

Dreams is a proud British company that has been in operation since 1985. Dreams are an industry giant that has many brands under their belt. They have cemented their place in the industry over these past years and have many other brands available through either their stores or online.

While they do offer various other brands, you can get a Dreams Workshop mattress which is proudly made in Britain. All dreams workshop mattresses are a variation of a pocket sprung mattress. For memory foam mattresses you can easily check the other brands available at Dreams. Dreams also offer their customers the option of shopping for mattresses by size, type, brand or comfort grade. As Dreams have physical stores, be sure to check which mattresses come as a bed-in-a-box, otherwise, you’d have to locate a store near you for delivery or collection.

Some facts about Dreams:

  • 10,000 mattresses, bases and headboards are made by Dreams per week from its Factory in Oldbury, West Midlands
  • They have over 200 stores nation wide.
  • The Dreams website attracts close to 20 million visitors per year.

18. Happy Beds

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happy beds
(Image credit: Happy Beds)

Happy beds might consider itself a young brand, but that hasn’t interfered with their progress. Since the start of the company in 2010, it has become one of the UK’s fastest-growing brands, by design. With a dedication to exceptional customer service and equally as pleasing product quality.

Happy beds ensure customer satisfaction and service by offering full support 7 days a week. They even offer a 30-days money-back guarantee for some products and in case of any issues that could arise. Many goods are also protected by a 5-year manufacturer guarantee.

Customer service comes into play wherever you interact with the company. This is even the case when choosing your mattress in the ‘build your own mattress’ section. For mattress types, Happy Beds have orthopaedic mattresses, bunk bed mattresses, trundle mattresses and rolled mattresses.

Happy beds are often a go to mattress site for those looking for a cheap mattress on a budget.

19. Dunelm

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(Image credit: Dunelm)

Dunelm is the UK’s no.1 homewares retailer, with 6 brands under their belt. For the mattress side of things, the options are vast. Dunelm offers Pocket Sprung Mattresses, Open Coil Mattresses, Memory Foam Mattresses, Latex Mattresses, Mattress Toppers, Mattress Protectors and mattresses sized from Single to Super King. Take some time to view the customer reviews of the mattresses as there are not many mattresses with bad reviews.

Given that Dunelm has physical stores, they have updated their ways of working to have a click and collect option. This means you can check out your item online and collect it from your nearest store. Dunelm also offers all types of bed frames, as well as kids beds and headboards, in case you’re looking to finish the whole room off with some style.

20. OTTY Sleep

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otty sleep mattress brand
(Image credit: OTTY)

OTTY is a young sleep company based in the heart of Yorkshire. OTTY came about when the founder recognised the link between a good night's sleep and the effect it has on energy levels and productivity. With this, the founder saw a gap in the market and OTTY’s goal was born, to revolutionise the industry with a “perfect mattress at the right price”.

OTTY has a dedication to helping all people sleep better, whether that be through their donations to charities or even the discount available for those who work in the military or police. The OTTY mattress brand focuses on hybrid mattresses, utilising the support of springs and the comfort of memory foams. You can choose from a variety of hybrids at OTTY.

It is also worth mentioning that OTTY is the only boxed mattress brand to win an NBF Award.

21. Brook + Wilde

brook and wilde mattress brand
(Image credit: Brook + Wilde)

Brook + Wilde are a local “Great British Brand” which includes them in the top 150 brands listed by Country and Town House Publication.

Brook + Wilde have put a great deal of research into their products and have won several industry awards for this. Our favourite feature of Brook + Wilde mattresses is their unique layering and stand-out covers.

They are also dedicated to helping the environment by working with organisations that plant trees and rehabilitate forests around the world. You will find their products to be on the premium side of things, so if your budget allows for it we would highly recommend taking a look.

22. Ergoflex

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ergoflex bed brand
(Image credit: Ergoflex)

Ergoflex has been in business since 2006, being one of the first company’s to vacuum pack, seal and box their mattresses. This mattress brand were also one of the first companies to pioneer the “we only sell one mattress model”.

Ergoflex also pride themselves in being for business as long as they have.

The ONLY mattress-in-a-box brand trading longer than their warranty period.

This business model utilises all the technology available at a company to produce a single, high-quality product aimed at people looking for a mattress for back pain. At Ergoflex you can buy the Ergoflex 5G Mattress which comes with a proprietary foam layer, Cool-Sleep airflow system, a Tencel Woven Cover and more. The key mention here is their proprietary foams. Instead of using foams from the market, Ergoflex designed their very own high-density specification foam, which is only available in their mattress and since the one product business model includes selling direct to customers, the mattress is only available from Ergoflex.

23. REM-Fit

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remfit brand
(Image credit: REM-Fit)

Rem-Fit is a long-standing member of the sleep community, with 40 years in the mattress industry. Their focus is on helping their customers live a better life, through sleep. They achieve this goal by producing award-winning mattresses and other sleep items.

This mattress brand's vision is to “provide industry-leading sleep technology with a 5-star customer experience!” one of the benefits when purchasing a REM-Fit mattress is the 15-year full replacement guarantee. REM-Fit offers a small range of mattresses, targeting different sleepers and sleeping types.

REM-Fit also does its part in aiding those less fortunate. Every returned mattress is donated to their partner charity, The British Heart Foundation.

24. Vesgantti

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vesgantti mattress brand
(Image credit: Vesgantti)

Vesgantti was founded in 2012 and then set out to create a “perfect mattress” that could work in concert to improve your rest. To achieve this they spent over a year and put in more than 5,000 hours of actual sleep tests. They spent that time working on different memory foam combinations, until they “got it right”, as they claim.

One of the stand out features of the Vesgantti mattress brand is its ability to offer very affordable memory foam mattresses. These are independently tested to ensure that they meet local regulations and are safe for all. The mattresses that are on offer from Vesgantti are the hybrid mattresses and the memory foam mattresses. Vesgantti also offers other furniture items such as bedding and lighting.

25. Sealy

sealy beds
(Image credit: Sealy)

Sealy is one of the most known mattress brands and is a local sleep company that has been in the business of making beds for over 100 years. All of their mattresses and beds are proudly hand made right here in the UK with the included addition of a 5-year guarantee on selected models.

Sealy makes use of Posturepedic Technology in their mattresses which combines “smart innovation, precise engineering and industry-leading research and testing to ensure quality and durability.” The mattresses available at Sealy are Allergy UK approved.

26. Slumberland

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bensons for beds discount code voucher uk
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(Image credit: Slumberland)

Slumberland is a mattress brand under Bensons for Beds, which is the UK’s leading bed retailer that also offers a diverse range of bed frames and other furniture.

Slumberland offers pocket sprung, memory foam or open coil mattresses that each target a different sleep need. Some of the beds available from Slumberland are the Amari Ortho Mattress, Rollo Hybrid Duo Mattress, Rollo Hybrid Duo Plus Mattress, Zemira Ortho-Comfort to name a few. To see the full list of the mattresses and mattress combos available you can check the website, which has bed bases and mattresses as package deals.

27. JAY-Be

(Image credit: Jay-Be)

Jay-Be was founded in Yorkshire, England, and have been in the business of sleep innovation for over 100 years. The company can trace their heritage to the industrial revolution, born out of a passion for comfort innovation and manufacturing, in their own words.

Jay-Be works closely with 100’s of bed and mattress specialists, even working with many of the worlds most famous branded retailers. The Jay-Be brand is best known for its folding beds and kids mattresses. Jay-Be also does their bit to help the environment and have actively diverted 84 million plastic bottles from landfill oceans.

Jay-Be had also been a finalist for the NBF sustainability 2020 - 2021 award. This shows their progression over the years in creating more sustainable products.

28. Millbrook Bed

millbrook beds brand
(Image credit: Millbrook Beds)

Millbrook Beds are designed in the US and handmade right here in the UK. What began as a small bedding workshop in the Millbrook area of Southampton, took off when the company refurbished and carpeted the entire Union-Castle Fleet.

Materials and workmanship are at the heart of the company’s values and remain so to this day. Speaking of material, the wool used in Milbrook’s products are authentic Hampshire Wool. The mattresses available from the Millbrooks mattress brand are split up into collections. The Collections are the Grandeur Collection, Majestic Collection, Splendour Collection, Luxury Quilted, Pillow Top Collection, Ortho Collection, Motion Collection and the Hospitality Collection. Another notable feature is that Millbrook Beds are upholstered using natural fillings.

29. IKEA

ikea mattres sbrand
(Image credit: IKEA)

IKEA is a Worldwide Company that began its life in Almhult, Sweden. Today they have 445 stores worldwide in an attempt to bring functional furnishings at prices low enough, that as many people as possible can afford them.

Since they are a furnishings company, IKEA offers a wide range of bedroom finishes and accessories. IKEA offer Beds, Mattresses, Mattress Toppers and more. They aim to have a product that suits any customers needs.

Mattress Brands Conclusion

These are some of the most notable and best mattress brands you should look into when choosing a mattress.

You should find a range of mattresses on offer from all types, prices and models. make sure to read into the fine print of the trials (if there is one) and the mattress warranty or guarantee as in many cases a mattress is not just a product but an investment into better sleep.

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