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Emma Motion Smart Mattress Review


Written by Kyle

Last Updated: 26th January, 2022

Emma Sleep the company behind the most popular Emma Original Mattress (which we highly rank in our Best Mattress UK Guide) and Emma Premium Mattress, has had a super successful year. With a growth rate of more than 170%, the sleep brand turned over €405m (£350m) last year, compared to €150m (£130m) in the previous year. Emma sold 1.5 million mattresses in 2020, the highest number of any direct to consumer sleep brand.

Our goal is not to build the best mattresses in the world, our goal is to improve sleep"

CEO & Founder Dr. Dennis Schmoltzi

Emma has now revealed a new smart mattress called the Emma Motion or as they call it the worlds most advanced mattress. This mattress is engineered to challenge the status quo and bring a personalised experience by adapting to your sleeping preferences.

It will first be launched in the Dutch and French market but we will be sure to keep you updated as to when it will be here in the UK.

Emma Motion Mattress Construction

The Emma team has dedicated over 2 years in developing a mattress that works while you sleep and is made and designed in Germany.

The Emma Motion is designed to register how the sleeper is positioned and respond in a way to ultimately always make sure that your spine is correctly aligned. This is particularly interesting for complex sleepers who frequently change sleeping positions throughout the night.

The Emma Motion Mattress is currently made of:

  • A cover (predominantly polyester with some polypropylene)
  • Diamond degree technology foam and viscoelastic foam
  • Infinite AI Sensor Mat
  • Motion fields inside an HRX foam
emma motion layers
(Image credit: Emma)

How The Emma Motion Mattress Layers Work

The top Proven Diamond degree technology foam includes millions of heat conducting graphite particles (graphite is slowly becoming popular is some of the mattresses in the UK market) this is designed to regulate the sleeping climate by dissipating excess body heat.

The Infinite AI Sensor Mat, just below the top comfort foam layers is made from a dense grip of sensors (some say a network of 360 sensors) which can detect the slightest pressure movements. As your body moves during sleep these sensors analyse and process the data in realtime and with the help of AI it can translate the data into your current sleeping position.

In order to achieve these results Emma has programmed a neural networks with several terabytes of data which help ensure that the recordings are as accurate as possible.

The next move would be that the Silent Move IQ technology interprets this data and transmits it to the dual motion fields which then adjust. These fields are strategically placed at the shoulder and hip area to help ensure the correct spinal alignment. This will then either relieve pressure or add support depending on your sleeping position. This is designed to be done both smoothly and silently which we can image to be an extremely difficult task.

This is the gist on how the Emma Motion is engineered to work but we will have to see the true results once it hits the market.

(Image credit: Emma)

To add to this mattress, Emma will also come out with the Emma Motion Control App which is designed to give the user customisability. It allows the sleeper to adjust the settings to the right degree you find comfortable. These settings will be remembered (sort of like with the seats of fancy cars) and executed night after night.

emma sleep app
(Image credit: Emma)

Smart Mattresses Compared

Below is a table which shows how the Emma Motion compares to some of the leading smart mattresses.

emma motion compared to smart mattresses
(Image credit: Emma)

Emma Trial & Warranty

According to the Emma Motion Dutch site, they are following the standard mattress trial option and offer a 100-night trial. But you will have to read more into it and see what the exact terms and conditions are.

Regarding the warranty, it is shown to have a 10-year warranty which is about the standard especially for beds that come in boxes.

Emma Motion Price and Sizes

Emma have stated that they have invested several millions into this product which is reflected in its market price.

These prices are according to the Dutch site.

SIZE DIMENSIONS PRICE (excl. discount code)
Emma Motion EU small single size mattress 80x200 cm € 2,499 (≈£2,210)
Emma Motion EU small size mattress 90x200 cm € 2,499 (≈£2,210)
Emma Motion EU king size mattress 160x200 cm € 3,799 (≈£3,360)
Emma Motion EU super king size mattress 180x200 cm € 3,899 (≈£3,450)
*prices and availability may be subject to change

CEO & Founder Dr. Dennis Schmoltzi Revealing the Emma Motion

As previously mention it will first be launched in the Netherlands and France and in more countries throughout this year. As soon as it hits the UK we will update this page.

If you would like to learn more about the Emma Motion, the following video from Emma is a great place to start.

(Video credit: Emma)
Emma Motion Smart Mattress Review
100-night trial
10-year guarantee
First of its kind smart mattress
App integration
New to market

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