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Best Cheap Memory Foam Mattress 2021

Last Updated: September 6, 2021

While you don't need to spend a fortune on a luxury memory foam mattress or a Tempur mattress which by the way helped elevate the popularity of memory foam mattresses. There are quality alternatives but finding a cheap memory foam mattress can be quite a mission in today's saturated mattress market.

Here we lay out some of the best budget memory foam mattresses that won't break the bank but still maintain the best of memory foam qualities as well as some additional extras.

Although memory foam mattresses are highly sought after because of their "hugging" nature and also health benefits. We would also recommend having a browse through our overall best budget mattresses which include all types of mattresses including pocket sprung and hybrid mattresses. That way you have a large range of mattresses to then narrow it down to exactly what would suit you and your situation.

Here are the best cheap memory foam mattresses we would recommend in the UK (Important Considerations in Conclusion).

Silentnight3 Zone Memory MattressMedium60 Nights*
3 Years
InofiaGel Memory Foam MattressFirm100 Nights
10 Years
VesganttiPure Memory Foam MattressMedium-Firm100 Nights
NA Years
DozeHallie Memory Foam MattressFirm40 Nights*
1 Year
John LewisHouse Memory Foam MattressMedium-FirmNA Nights
7 Years
Prices are referring to the UK single size. Information may be subject to change, please check with the brand/manufacturer before purchasing.

1. Silentnight 3 Zone Memory Mattress

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silentnight 3 zone cheap memory foam mattress
(Image credit: Silentnight)

The Silentnight 3 Zone Memory Mattress is a top cheap memory foam mattress option as it is designed to be a simple yet comfortable mattress. Complete with 2 foam layers, a cover and standing at a height of 18cm, which is a common depth in budget-friendly memory foam mattresses. We can see that this mattress definitely meets the simple requirement and in terms of comfort it is rated as a medium feel mattress which should suit the majority of UK sleepers. The Silentnight 3 Zone Memory Mattress has many excellent reviews and receives a great score from over 5,000 customers from all platforms.

The mattress itself is Purotex treated, which is a Probiotic treatment which reduces moisture and dust-mites allergens. This treatment was designed to create a drier, fresher and all-round healthier mattress. The foam layers in the mattress have their own unique properties. The first layer is a pure memory foam comfort layer, designed to cradle your body and provide pressure relief. The second layer and base of the mattress is a zoned Miratex Foam Support layer. This layer is designed to produce pressure-relieving comfort and support for your entire body. The Zoned layer allows for softer support for your shoulders and firmer support for your hips and lower back and is engineered to provide a healthier sleep. 

For reassurance sake, Silentnight also offers a 60-night comfort exchange policy, this allows you to return the mattress for another if you aren’t pleased. To ensure peace of mind in the long run, you will also be given a 3-year guarantee with this budget memory foam mattress from Silentnight.

The overall mix of materials used, comfort grade and price make this a top quality-price contender in the memory foam mattress range which seems to be reassured by the thousands of satisfied customers.

(Video credit: Silentnight)

2. Inofia Gel Memory Foam Mattress

inofia gel memory foam mattress
(Image credit: Inofia)

Inofia is another brand that is similar to Vesgannti whereby they target people looking to purchase mattresses on a budget. This memory foam mattress is a cheap memory foam mattress that has 3 foam layers, whereas most other cheap mattress options only have 2 layers. This mattress has a firmness rating that leans more to the firm end which could be mainly because of its 22cm depth. This is significantly taller than other cheap memory foam mattresses and may also be a good fit for heavier individuals or those enjoying firm mattresses. It's important to mention that the Inofia Memory Foam Mattress is well received by customers on Amazon with some very good reviews.

This 3 layered Inofia Memory Foam Mattress is wrapped in an elastic breathable top cover which is designed to keep your body temperature at an ideal sleep temperature. The sleep surface is a zip-off design and is also hypoallergenic. Starting with the first of the foam layers, we have a gel-infused memory foam layer that conforms to your body, easing pressure points, all while maintaining an ideal temperature. The centre layer of foam is a visco-elastic memory foam layer. This layer is engineered to distribute pressure in an optimal way. The final foundation layer is a high-density support foam layer that provides the necessary counter pressure for the mattress.

Once in your room, the mattress also comes with a 100-night trial period. This allows you to test the mattress and get used to it, or return it for a hassle-free refund if it isn’t for you. There’s no need to worry about how long your mattress will last because the Inofia Memory Foam Mattress comes with a huge 10-year limited warranty, ensuring that it will last a decade without giving you problems.

3. Vesgantti Pure Memory Foam Mattress

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vesgantti pure memory foam mattress
(Image credit: Vesgantti)

The Vesgantti Pure Memory Foam Mattress is a unique cheap mattress option. It has 3 foam layers with 2 of the layers having a unique aesthetic design but more on that coming up. The Vesgantti Pure Memory Foam Mattress is well received on Amazon, where it is sold, having one of the best customer ratings in the cheaper memory foam mattress category. In terms of comfort, the Vesgantti Pure Memory Foam Mattress is rated as a medium-firm feel mattress and stands at 18cm tall but has a deeper option that stands at 22cm tall.

The 3 layered Vesgantti Pure Memory Foam Mattress is wrapped up in a removable and washable softcover. The cover is made from a Tencel blend, making it a more environmentally friendly build.

Looking into the first of the foam layers is the massage wavy foam layer. Designed in an egg crate shape, this layer is the soft comfort of the mattress. In a similar shape, the second layer is a bamboo charcoal wavy layer. This design, the egg-crate, was engineered to allow air to flow and circulate, keeping you cool as you sleep. The base of the mattress features a high-density foam layer. This layer was not only designed to provide a solid foundation but to also aid in pressure relief. The layers in this mattress work together to reduce motion transfer. This simply means that your partners tossing and turning will be their own business, while you get to the business of sleeping. 

With the Vesgantti Pure Memory Foam Mattress, you receive a 100-night trial period to test the mattress and ensure it is the one for you.

4. Doze Hallie Memory Foam Mattress

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doze hallie mattress
(Image credit: Doze)

The Doze Hallie Memory Foam Mattress is another cheap memory foam mattress option, this time from the minds at Dreams sleep company. This bed-in-a-box mattress is aimed at being simple and affordable while retaining quality. Making use of premium memory foam layers, this mattress has a comfort rating of firm, while standing at 16cm tall. In terms of how it was received, the Doze Hallie Memory Foam Mattress is the top reviewed we could find at Dreams for the budget memory foam mattress category. 

The Doze Hallie Memory Foam Mattress has layers of premium memory foam and is wrapped in a knitted, soft-to-touch cover. The foam layers in this mattress work together to mould to your body. From there, the mattress was designed to relieve pressure while providing comfort throughout the night. The Doze Hallie Memory Foam Mattress also features what Dreams call their supportive Richguard Extra foam. This provides a strong foundation and gives the mattress it's firm rating. What's interesting about this memory foam mattress is that it is also compatible with some adjustable beds from Dreams.

This mattress comes with a 40-night comfort trial, whereby you can replace your mattress if you find the comfort grade not optimal for you. It also includes a 1-year guarantee ensuring that the product won’t give any problems in the first year. For a one-off charge, it is possible to upgrade this to 8 years while adding 5 years of accidental damage cover. The charge does vary but is usually around 10% of the cost of an item. What you should also do to lengthen the life of your Doze Hallie Memory Foam Mattress, is to simply rotate it head-to-toe every week for the first few months, then once a month thereafter.

5. House by John Lewis Memory Foam Mattress

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house by john lewis memory foam mattress
(Image credit: John Lewis)

The House by John Lewis range is surprisingly affordable making it one of the cheapest memory foam mattresses we could find. The feel of this range was intended to be modern and uncluttered, it's stated to be a great mattress for occasional use or guest rooms. This affordable memory foam mattress has a firmness rating of medium-firm and is designed using 2 layers, a cover and stands at 15cm tall.

As stated, this cheap memory foam mattress is made from 2 foam layers and is wrapped in a quilted fabric cover that was designed to be soft-to-touch. The first of the foam layers is a cushioning memory foam layer. This layer moulds to the shape of your body, as memory foam does. At the base, we find the second layer which is made from a high-density foam core that is also heat-sensitive. This not only provides a solid base for the mattress but also aids in comfort. 

The House by John Lewis Rolled Memory Foam Mattress comes complete with free delivery. One thing that is very impressive is their guarantee period. The House by John Lewis Rolled Memory Foam Mattress comes with a massive 7-year guarantee, which is a longer guarantee than most cheap mattresses on the market and even some premium ones.


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