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OTTY Flex Memory Foam Mattress Review


Written by Kyle

Last Updated: 1st January, 2022

Before we get into the OTTY Flex memory foam mattress review, let us locate it in the industry. The OTTY Flex memory foam mattress is a full foam design, utilizing OTTY’s trademark foam construction and coming in at a competitive price range. OTTY claim this to be their best for value option.

In this OTTY Flex memory foam mattress review, we will talk about all the features the mattress has to offer and highlight all the information you’ll need to decide if it's the mattress for you. (SUMMARY AT THE END)

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OTTY Flex Memory Mattress Construction 

The OTTY Flex memory foam mattress is developed here in the UK (Yorkshire to be more specific) and uses the latest in foam technologies. The Flex is a 3 layer foam design, utilizing AirTech® foam which is open-cell foam, offering a blend of comfort, breathability and support.

Incorporated in the design is a unique airflow system. Since it is comprised of AirTech® foam, the entire mattress is almost 30 times more breathable than traditional foam mattresses. The airflow system encourages cool airflow and dispenses any excess heat. 

The OTTY Flex memory foam mattress can be placed on any base. Whether that be slatted, adjustable, divan/ box spring or platform/ floor.

otty flex mattress layers review
(Image credit: OTTY)

If you are accustomed to hybrid mattresses (mattresses using springs and foams) we would highly recommend you head on over to our OTTY mattress review (best awarded) and our OTTY Essential mattress review (budget-friendly) after taking in our opinion on this OTTY Flex mattress review so you can make an informed decision.

OTTY Flex Mattress Cover 

The cover is divided in two by a zip running along the middle of the mattress. This neatly brings the top white section and the lower grey section together. The cover is designed in such a way that it allows the top to be removed and washed with ease. Additionally, the cover pattern also helps with airflow to keep you cool during the hotter nights.

OTTY has included mattress handles as their customer feedback has suggested a need for such. This is always great to see as very few brands offer handles for manoeuvring. It’s also nice to see OTTY reply to their customer's demands.

OTTY Flex Memory Mattress Layers 

1. AirTech® Comfort Layer  

The Visco-elastic properties of memory foam allow for it to contour and mould to the shape of your body. This first comfort layer provides a cosier feel and by using their AirTech® foam this layer provides a blend of comfort, breathability, and support.

otty flex comfort layer
(Image credit: OTTY)

2. AirTech® Support Layer

The second layer in the design is the supportive foam layer. Also utilizing the AirTech® foam from OTTY, this layer is designed to support the sleeper and prevent niggles or pain.

supportive layer
(Image credit: OTTY)

3. Profiled Base

Lastly, we have the profiled base layer. This layer has three special-designed zoning areas, targeting comfortability and pressure relief. This layer targets pressure points and adds support to your shoulders and mid-section.

We have included an image to better display the benefits of a base with channelling cut-outs to ensure correct spinal alignment. Research shows that medium to medium-firm mattresses is best for correct spinal alignment and back pain.

flex castellated base
(Image credit: OTTY)
spinal support
(Image credit: OTTY)

How Thick Is The OTTY Flex Memory Mattress?

The total mattress thickness is 25cm, this is equivalent to the average mattress so your standard bed sheets should still fit perfectly with the OTTY Flex.

Mattress Firmness 

The Flex is a medium-firm feel mattress with emphasis on comfort, breathability, and support, thanks to OTTY’s AirTech® foam. The Flex receives a 6.5 out of 10 on the firmness scale.

otty flex memory mattress firmness review
(Image credit: The Mattress Guide)

The OTTY Flex memory foam mattress is foam-only. By making use of their AirTech® foam, OTTY provides a supportive and comfortable mattress.

OTTY Flex Mattress Design

The OTTY Flex memory foam mattress is an elegant split of white and grey. Given its colour, it can be easily placed in any room and fit in, if you decide not to cover it with any sheets.

otty flex design
(Image credit: OTTY)

OTTY Mattress Trial Period and Warranty

A 100-night risk-free trial if offered by OTTY on their mattresses. This offer allows the customer to experience the mattress and ensure it's the right one for them. Removal (if requested) of the mattress will come at no charge to the customer, which is a lovely addition. Additionally, the customer will receive a full refund.  

Also, on offer when you buy an OTTY Flex, is a 10-year-warranty. This is the standard in the industry but shows that OTTY backs their product. This highlights OTTY’s confidence in their brand and revolutionary foam technology.

Mattress Delivery   

OTTY utilizes a two-man service to deliver their mattresses. To the door, delivery is free of charge and runs Monday – Friday. Delivery is in 1-5 days. After your order is processed (usually the next working day), you will be offered a date by their couriers Keen and Able who will send you an email. If the date is not convenient you can select your own date by a calendar within the email.

OTTY flex mattress delivery review
(Image credit: OTTY)

Additional Services  

Once you have chosen your mattress, at the checkout page you can choose a PREMIUM two-man delivery to your room of choice for £40. This includes premium delivery with old mattress collection, packaging disposal and delivery to room of choice. 

Additionally, Saturday delivery is also available but this will depend on your location.

Payment Options

  • Debit/Credit Card  
  • Paypal
  • Amazon Pay
  • Apple Pay
  • Shopify Pay
  • Dividebuy. OTTY offers a 0% financing option on the Flex, with a credit approval rating of 98%. This offers an alternative way of affording a high-quality mattress, and not having to break the bank. The financing can be spread with an interest-free monthly payment starting from £33.

OTTY Flex Memory Mattress Price and Sizes

We aim to highlight all features and design components in this OTTY Flex memory foam mattress review, however, we also know price is one of the biggest deciding factors. OTTY has always been a top player if not the top player when it comes to offering very economical options in the UK mattress industry.

Below we've compiled a list of standard prices and sizes on offer, make sure to have a look at our DISCOUNT CODE page for big exclusive savings.

SIZE DIMENSIONS PRICE (excl. discount code)
OTTY Flex Single size mattress 90x190x25 cm £349,99
OTTY Flex Double size mattress 135x190x25 cm £499,99
OTTY Flex King size mattress 150x200x25 cm £599,99
OTTY Flex Super king size mattress 180x200x25 cm £699,99

*prices and availability may be subject to change 

OTTY Flex Memory Mattress Customer Reviews 

But please don’t just take our word from this OTTY Flex Memory mattress review, take a look at what some customers had to say about the mattress.  You can find these either on the site itself or from third parties.

OTTY Mattress Awards  

In terms of awards as it is still relatively new to the market the mattress has not won any awards yet however OTTY the company has been doing very well in the eyes of some established organisations. The OTTY mattress has been awarded a few awards and we also have positioned it in our Best Mattress list.

  1. NBF Small Retailer of the Year


  • OTTY donate a large proportion of their returned mattresses to local organisations and charities, they have even donated to Englands women’s football squad.  
  • OTTY is big on workplace equality and diversity, their Leeds-based warehouse is fully run by its own disabled workforce.       

Should I Buy an OTTY Flex Memory Mattress?  

In conclusion, the OTTY flex memory foam mattress has a unique internal design, utilizing revolutionary foam technology and providing a medium-firm feel. To add to this, the Flex is very well priced in its range. This would be the perfect mattress for those looking for:

  • A great-quality foam- only mattress at a great price.    
  • A mattress that is almost 30 times more breathable than traditional foam mattresses.
  • A foam mattress that includes great service and after-sales support.       
Up to 50% OFF
otty discount code voucher uk
OTTY Discount Voucher Code
Save Up to 50% OFF | T&Cs apply.
Save Up to 50% OFF | T&Cs apply. Show Less
OTTY Flex Memory Foam Mattress Review
Material Quality
Motion Isolation
Edge Support
Sex/ Bounce
Company Reputation
Value for Money
100-night risk-free trial
10-year warranty
Fast free delivery and returns
Mattress Handles
Washable and removable cover
Limited size options
Not many customer reviews

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Material Quality
Motion Isolation
Edge Support
Sex/ Bounce
Company Reputation
Value for Money
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