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otty essential mattress review

OTTY Essential Mattress Review

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In this OTTY Essential mattress review, we will be taking a closer look at the most recent mattress OTTY have to offer. Spoiler alert, this mattress uses the materials from the popular OTTY original mattress at a smaller scale and at an even more competitive price.

Below is the full OTTY Essential mattress review or if you don’t have time jump to the SUMMARY AT THE END.  

OTTY Essential Construction 

Just like the OTTY Original, the Essential follows the same construction, 4-layer design + side layer for extra edge support. This hybrid mattress is a mixture of memory foam, polyfoam and full-sized pocket springs.

OTTY is a CertiPur and Europur certified member. This is an independent testing, certification programme concerning over health and safety properties of polyurethane foam.

otty essential mattress layers construction
OTTY Essential Layers

OTTY Essential Mattress Cover 

A durable and thick knit polyester cover (97% Polyester and 3% Spandex), not only keeps all the layers together but offers comfort to the sleeper. The oversized pores in the top cover allow for more airflow as compared to standard mattress covers, so this is perfect for those who like a more cool sleep.

Apart from its breathability, it is also hypoallergenic which means it is very unlikely to cause any sort of allergic reaction.

The cover is also very practical, it can be removed and machine washed at a recommended 40 degrees Celsius.

otty essential mattress cover review
Pored Essential Cover

OTTY Mattress Layers 

1. Cool Blue Gel-Infused Memory Foam (2cm)  

This prime layer is memory foam that encompasses a mix of gel beads. Memory foam is thought to be heat retentive and thus making it a poor top layer in terms of airflow but the gel infusion helps to combat this.

2. Transition Foam Layer (2cm) 

Polyurethane is firmer than the top memory foam layer but yet softer than the pocket springs beneath it, this makes it the perfect layer to transfer your weight evenly throughout the mattress. This way you can feel the benefits from all the layers.

3. Encapsulated Pocket Springs (14cm)    

This is the layer which OTTY is known for. The Essential has 1,000 encapsulated pocket springs this is based off a king size mattress. The springs are 14cm in height, this is unrivalled by many of the other brands which offer a reduced micro-coil version. We would definitely recommend this mattress for those wanting a spring in their step in the morning.

The drawback to pocket springs is that they have a roll-off effect when tossing and turning but buy boxing in the springs (encapsulated), this reduces this effect and adds more support along the circumference of the mattress.

If you are looking for more springs in a mattress head on over to the OTTY Original mattress review, it has 2,000 pocket springs.

4. Base Layer (2cm) 

The final layer is a polyurethane foam which is standard in this industry, however, the OTTY Essentials layer is much thinner because the support comes from the springs and not the base layer like from most memory foam mattresses.

5. Side Layer

This layer boxes in the mattress and adds additional support around the edges, most mattresses sold online in a box generally are not known to have the best edge support but this layer definitely adds more stability around the edges.

How Thick Is the OTTY Essential Mattress?

The OTTY Essential has a total height of 20cm. We also did a bit of investigating for this OTTY Essential mattress review and found that the mattress can also hold a maximum weight of 22 stone or 138kg per person, (2 people max).

OTTY Mattress Firmness 

The OTTY Essential is not as firm as the Original and we have placed it at around 6 out of 10 on our firmness scale from our OTTY Essential mattress review.

otty essential mattress firmness
OTTY Essential 6/10

This medium mattress feel should appeal to most of the sleepers here in the UK. A medium feel mattress is also optimal for correct spinal alignment.

OTTY Essential Mattress Design

We like the neutral look of the mattress, the large pores on top are something that you may either love or hate but you will most probably cover the mattress in your own bedsheets, so this shouldn’t be a major deciding factor.

It is always great to see a brand break away from the common grey, white and blue and offer a slightly different colourway (the green in the logo).

otty essential design uk
Adaptive Design

OTTY Essential Trial Period and Warranty

All mattresses from OTTY include a 100-night trial and the Essential is no different. What does this mean? it means you can sleep on the mattress at home for up to 100 nights and if you don’t feel it is the right mattress for you, you can return it and get a full refund. Simply contact customer service and they will arrange the collection (at no cost to you).

Yes, you get a 10-year warranty with the OTTY Essential as well. That way you are also covered in the long run and it just shows the confidence OTTY has in its mattresses.

otty essential mattress trial
100-night trial
otty essential delivery and refund
Free delivery and return

otty essential guarantee
10-year warranty

OTTY Essential Mattress Delivery   

It will be delivered with a so-called “white glove service” this means the delivery partners will bring the mattress into the room of choice that way you don’t have to struggle if you live higher up in an apartment or aren’t physically able.

The box also includes an unboxing kit which shows the level of commitment OTTY has towards the entire customer journey.

OTTY essential mattress delivery review

Additional Services  

OTTY provide a Saturday delivery if you’re not available throughout the weekdays, this can be chosen at the checkout for a further fee of £20.

Additionally, they also offer a premium 2-man delivery team. They will deliver your new OTTY mattress to your room of choice, set it up for you and can collect your current mattress and bring it in for recycling. This is for a £30 fee. 

Planned delivery is also available from OTTY. This is a great option for those who are very busy and need everything planned out. This is at a cost of £20. 

Payment Options

  • Debit/Credit Card  
  • Paypal
  • Amazon Pay
  • Dividebuy (0% financing), if you want to know more about how this works or if you are eligible to apply you can find out more here.

OTTY Essential Price and Sizes

This may be the best part about the OTTY Essential mattress, it is extremely well priced for what you are getting.

The Otty is available in these 4 standard sizes. These are standard prices make sure to have a look at our DISCOUNTS PAGE for even better prices.  

Single size mattress90x190x20 cm£250
Double size mattress135x190x20 cm£325
King size mattress150x200x20 cm£395
Super king size mattress180x200x20 cm£465

*prices may be subject to change  

OTTY Essential Customer Reviews 

We try our best to inform you as much as we can in the OTTY Essential mattress review but we also want you to be able to see what some customers had to say about the mattress and the company as a whole.  

OTTY Awards  

otty essential mattress award nbf

OTTY sleep we’re awarded the small online retailer of the year by the national bed federation – the most prestigious bed organisation in the UK. 


  • OTTY donate a large proportion of their returned mattresses to local organisations and charities, they have even donated to Englands women’s football squad.  
  • OTTY is big on workplace equality and diversity, their Leeds-based warehouse is fully run by its own disabled workforce.      
  • The OTTY is also vegan.        

Should I Buy an OTTY Essential Mattress?  

To conclude with this OTTY Essential mattress review, we would like to start off by saying that the Hybrid mattress is a very competitive category but the OTTY Essential has done very well here.

The price and practicality of the OTTY Essential could make it a perfect option for those who don’t want to break the bank or for those looking for a bed for a kid or spare room. We would recommend the Essential for those looking for:

  • A practical hybrid mattress.   
  • A medium feel mattress.
  • An economical option.     
Very well rounded hybrid mattress offered at an exceptional price, we highly recommend heading over to the OTTY site to have a closer look.
Material Quality9
Motion Isolation8.4
Edge Support8.9
Sex/ Bounce9.1
Company Reputation9.5
Value for Money9.6
100-night risk-free trial
10-year warranty
Premium free delivery and returns
Full-sized springs
Machine washable cover
Excellent price
No mattress handles
Limited size options