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Millbrook Beds Mattress Review

Last Updated: September 7, 2021

Are you currently looking for a luxury mattress to suit all your wants and desires? Millbrook might be exactly what you are looking for in a mattress company. Handcrafted and designed locally in Southampton, England, Millbrook has been expertly creating beds for their customers since 1946. From this, the company has developed a fantastic rapport with their customers and are widely recommended across the country.

Millbrook creates such high-quality products that they are partnered with other sleep experts such as Garmin, World Cycling Revival, Commonwealth Games England and Parkrun UK.

This review will discuss the different mattress collections that Millbrook offer, but before we do this, it is best to discuss some of the defining qualities of Millbrook as a company. When making their mattresses, designers at Millbrook uniquely chose Hampshire wool to create their products. There are many benefits of this wool from Hampshire, and Millbrook does not fall short in explaining why. They believe that the natural crimp that comes with the wool essentially acts as an extra spring, allowing the mattress to feel bouncier than others. You wouldn’t have to worry about wiry wool in this case as it is comfortable to sleep on and improves the quality of the finished product.

Millbrook as a company truly believes their customers deserve a perfect night's sleep, which is why they have chosen the best materials to handmake their products. It’s no wonder that they received the Bed Manufacturer of the Year Award 2018-2019. They believe that a great sleeping pattern is vital to a healthy lifestyle and their products do not fall short in providing this comfort.

If you’re interested, keep reading to find out some more about the different Millbrook mattress collections today (Important Considerations in Conclusion).

1. Millbrook Grandeur Mattress

millbrook grandeur mattress
(Image credit: Millbrook)

Millbrook have developed and been continuously improving their Grandeur Collection for many years. Each Millbrook mattress within this collection is generally characterised by how many springs they each have, adding to their overall quality. The amount of springs each product has is different, but they range from having 7,000 to 14,000 pocket springs. We are used to having pocket springs in our bed, but you’ll never truly experience a fantastic sleep until you sleep on thousands of pocket springs!

Starting at the mattress with the most pocket springs, we have the Grandeur 14,000 – the name even sounds luxurious. Depending on what size you choose (Single, Small Double, Double, King Size and Super King) you can experience up to 14,000 individual pocket springs. Each of these springs are hand nested, which makes up the fantastic quality that Millbrook is so proud to offer. More specifically, the Grandeur 14,000 consists of 2,000 full-sized pocket springs along with 12,000 smaller pocket springs. The smaller springs are uniquely designed to allow the mattress to contour to your body, maximising your comfort each night. This mattress also features a zonal edge spring system and a luxurious cotton cover. Again, we see the Hampshire wool coming into play to provide extra comfort.

This information extends to most other mattresses in the Grandeur Collection – we also have the Grandeur 12,000, Grandeur 10,000, Grandeur 9,000, Grandeur 8,000 and the Perfect 7,000. You can expect the number of pocket springs to differ in each mattress, but the amount of springs is reflected in the name. All mattresses within this collection come in either soft, standard or firm comfort, so there is something for everyone!

2. Millbrook Ortho Mattress

millbrook ortho mattress collection
(Image credit: Millbrook)

There are three lovely beds within this collection, and each has been handcrafted in England by the Millbrook team. Firstly, starting with the most pocket springs in the collection, we have the Ortho 3,000. This mattress has 3,000 pocket springs that are all hand nested to ensure maximum quality. Secondly, we have the Ortho 2,000 which consists of 2,000 pocket springs. The final mattress in this collection is named the Ortho 1,400 with – you guessed it – 1,400 individually hand-nested pocket springs.

With the Ortho Collection, each of the three mattresses only comes in a firm comfort setting, so it’s important to keep this in mind when shopping with Millbrook. Firmer mattresses generally provide more support for the body than a soft or standard option. The firmness helps your bones absorb a lot of the pressure from your body, and particularly targets the pressure points you’d experience while sleeping. With this, there is often less stress and strain on the muscles and joints which helps improve circulation around your whole body while you sleep.

If that wasn’t enough, each of the springs in every Ortho mattress works together to promote spinal alignment and prevent your back from caving in throughout the night. Ultimately, this allows you to intake more oxygen as you sleep.

The fantastic health features that come with the Ortho Collection shows the fundamentals of Millbrook as a manufacturer. They craft their mattress to ensure that each customer has a fantastic sleep over and over again. In turn, this will benefit not only their posture and physical health, but also their mental health as their sleeping pattern is drastically improved.

3. Millbrook Majestic Mattress

millbrook majestic mattresses
(Image credit: Millbrook)

The Majestic Collection is one of Millbrook’s larger collections and currently consists of five wonderfully crafted mattress that you can trust for a great sleep. The collection consists of the Majestic 7,000, 6,000, 5,000, 4,000 and 2,000. Each mattress has a specific amount of hand nested pocket springs, and the amount is completely reflected in the product name. For example, the Majestic 7,000 has up to 7,000 pocket springs – it usually depends on what size you decide to go for where you’d receive more springs. The Majestic 7,000 specifically has 1,000 full-sized pocket springs and 6,000 smaller contouring pocket springs. The smaller springs are embedded into the mattress to ensure you – as the customer – experience ultimate comfort every evening!

With the Majestic Collection, we also see the beautifully crafted viscose cotton cover which is entirely chemical-free, for the benefit of your health and peace of mind. Each mattress has also been finished with traditional hand side stitching to give them some extra care and attention before they’re sent out to their new owners. As well as all other mattresses from each Millbrook collection, we not only have the luxurious Hampshire wool but also English fine cotton.

Fine cotton has many benefits when embedded within a mattress, but perhaps the most important benefit is that it is completely temperature regulating. This means that you can trust that your Millbrook mattress should keep you warm in the winter and cooler in summer. This feature is useful for those who tend to overheat and sweat throughout the night. The cotton primarily acts as a moisture absorber as it is very breathable. Therefore, Millbrook mattresses could be a great addition to your homeware collection if you suffer from humidity in your home. Sweat will be absorbed, allowing the skin to stay dry throughout the night. In turn, this will aid a comfortable sleep.

4. Millbrook Motion Mattress

millbrook motion memory
(Image credit: Millbrook)

Millbrook have taken mattress manufacturing that one step further and created an entire collection to enhance the inclusivity of their mattresses. The clue is in the name with the Motion Collection – the mattresses have been designed and created to work with a curved mattress retainer bar. Essentially, this is to allow the mattress to bend at specific points, to help the customer sit up in bed or get out of bed more easily. These mattresses have not been around for very long, but Millbrook believe that everyone deserves a quality sleep; the Millbrook Collection is their idea of ensuring this.

As mentioned, the Motion Collection mattresses are designed to work with Millbrook’s divan frames or adjustable beds as they consist of a curved chrome retainer bar to support the mattress features. This means that the mattress can be propped up to support the back or the legs – whatever side is preferred each evening. This is fully adjustable too, so customers can choose to have their legs higher one night, and their back elevated another. The Motion mattresses essentially seek to provide extra support by relieving pressure from the areas where it’s truly needed.

This adjustable collection is larger than some other Millbrook collections which are great for you as there is more to choose from. The differences between each mattress largely relate to the number of pocket springs there are. However, the Motion Memory 1,000 consists of 50mm of memory foam (memory foam mattresses) which is proven to relieve pressure from different points of the body. This works very well with the adjustable nature of the mattress as there is support coming in from all regions.

Other mattresses within this collection include the Natural Motion 1,000, 1,200 and 4,000; the Ortho Motion 1,000; and the Cotton Motion 1,000. When choosing a mattress from this collection, it is best to do some research into what each mattress offers as they all feature different benefits.

5. Millbrook Splendour Mattress

millbrook beds splendour
(Image credit: Millbrook)

The Splendour Collection takes maximum comfort and support to the next level! Each mattress consists of pocket springs. Now, we know that this is the case for most Millbrook mattresses as they pride themselves on quality and luxury.

However, the Splendour Collection consists of full-sized hand nested pocket springs, separated into two layers. Here, we can see that there is no room for smaller pocket springs. This will provide the customer with superior comfort and tension. Not only this, but the Splendour Collection aids spinal alignment as the two layers of full-sized springs act as an extra layer of protection.

Within this collection, we have the Splendour 3,000, Splendour 2,000, the 1,700, 1,400 and the 1,000. If the extra layer of springs wasn’t enough to provide their customers with fantastic quality, there is some more luxury associated with the collection. For example, each mattress consists of a hand-tufted Egyptian cotton cover. Egyptian cotton is known for its porous fabric nature allowing more air to pass through than traditional cotton. With this, it becomes more absorbent of any extra moisture allowing individuals to sleep more comfortably each night.

6. Millbrook Perfect Hospitality Mattress

millbrook perfect hospitality beds
(Image credit: Millbrook)

Each mattress that Millbrook has uniquely designed and handcrafted in their Hospitality Collection comes with standard comfort options. Standard – or medium comfort in other words – is the perfect all-rounder as it meets in the middle and is well-loved across the country.

Each mattress is perfected to ensure that it provides the perfect sleep for all users. They feature one layer of hand-nested pocket springs and two rows of side stitching. If that wasn’t enough, Millbrook has extended all chances of luxurious comfort by filling each mattress in the Hospitality Collection with lamb’s wool, cashgora, silk, cotton as well as soft white fibres.

Comfort is maximised in this collection as each mattress also features a damask cover, providing a unique design to each mattress. Damask is typically known as a woven fabric with unique motif designs. We often see damask designs in some of the more high-end mattresses, and this is where Millbrook exceed expectations. In this collection, we have the Perfect Hospitality 1,400 and 1,400 PLUS, and the Perfect Hospitality 1,700, 2,000 and 3,000. You can expect maximum comfort and luxurious quality with the Hospitality Collection.

7. Millbrook Luxury Quilted Mattress

millbrook luxury quilted mattress
(Image credit: Millbrook)

This collection consists of the Luxury Quilted 1,000, 1,400, 1,700, 2,000 and 3,000. Each number again represents how many springs you can expect to have in the mattress. For example, the Luxury Quilted 3,000 consists of up to 3,000 individual pocket springs when King Size.

Each pocket spring is full-sized and hand nested, aiding your comfort and support. Individual pocket springs are known to give superior support to both the back and spine, so this option is useful for those who regularly need to deal with sort bones and joins. As such, this collection seeks to promote spinal alignment and relieve the pressure where it’s really necessary.

Even though it seems obvious that the hand nested pocket springs is where the ‘luxury’ name comes from, this isn’t the case here. The Luxury Quilted Collection features sumptuous fillings such as the infamous Millbrook Hampshire wool, silk and fine English cotton. If that wasn’t enough, all of these marvellous fillings are enveloped by a luxurious quilted top.

This top consists of hand-tufted Tencel and is knitted for your comfort. Tencel is known for being wholly anti-bacterial, making this collection useful for those who suffer from allergies and asthma. This collection is also excellent for those with sensitive skin as the Tencel is soft to touch and not harsh on the skin.

8. Millbrook Pillow Top Mattress

millbrook pillow top mattress
(Image credit: Millbrook)

If you want that extra layer of comfort when sleeping, Millbrook’s Pillow Top Collection might be what you’re looking for. This is one of Millbrook’s smaller mattress collections, but this does not mean it falls in quality or luxury.

Here, we can expect to see the Pillow Top 2,000, Pillow Top 4,000 and Pillow Top 6,000. As per usual with Millbrook, we can relate the number of pocket springs each mattress has with the number in the name. In the Pillow Top 6,000 for example, we can see up to 6,000 individually hand nested pocket springs, each of which adds to a fantastic support system for your whole body. There are 2,000 full-sized pocket springs and 4,000 smaller pocket springs which contour to your body for ultimate support and comfort.

These pillow top mattresses are available in soft, standard and firm comfort, so there is something to suit everybody’s needs. On top of each mattress, we can see where this collection has got its name from as there is a soft and comfy pillow top. This extra layer of quilted protection is softer under your joints, bones and muscles meaning it provides some pressure relief each night.

You can also expect your weight to be evenly distributed from the top of the mattress to the bottom. This collection is one for those who love being comfortable all night long while feeling like they’re literally floating (well that is how they are described in general).

Millbrook Beds Review Conclusion

With any Millbrook mattress or Millbrook bed, you can expect maximum quality, support and comfort. When making your decision, you should consider some important factors. This includes what design you think will help you sleep more each night.

Think about if you experience pain during the night, if you sweat a lot, or if you love that sinking feeling while drifting off. More so, do you prefer to sleep sitting up and need extra support that way? There will always be something for everyone at Millbrook, so check out their website and third-party platforms to find out more information today.

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Millbrook Beds Mattress Review
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