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Mammoth Mattress Reviews

Last Updated: July 5, 2021

There is no better way to get a fantastic sleep than by choosing a perfect mattress for your bedroom. It can be difficult to choose a mattress, especially if this is the first time you’ve bought a mattress (thanks mum and dad for helping us up until now!). Mammoth is an upcoming mattress manufacturer in the UK. They are widely known for providing products with medical-grade foam to customers.

The team at Mammoth create their mattresses with you in mind, collaborating with sleep experts to ensure a top-quality product.

As a health and wellbeing brand, Mammoth has teamed up with the Chartered Society of Physiotherapy in order to define products that will improve sleep. What's more, is that they are NHS award winners and official Tottenham Hotspur Partners.

Dr Shabaaz Mughal, Head of Medical and Sports Science at Spurs, said:

We are always reviewing ways we can enhance the health and performance of our players to ensure they realise their full potential. Mammoth’s elite level sport mattresses enable players to have a consistent rest and rehabilitation experience both at home and when staying at the Club’s new Lodge.”

If you’re interested in learning a bit more about Mammoth and the products that they offer, keep reading for an all-encompassing review of what they’re offering (Important Considerations in Conclusion).

The Rise Essential Mattress35mm Medical Grade™ Foam, PostureCell® technology, 1000 Pocket Springs3Medium
The Rise Plus Mattress40mm Medical Grade™ Foam, PostureCell® technology3Firm
The Rise Advanced Mattress45mm Medical Grade™ Foam, PostureCell® technology, 1200 Pocket Springs3Medium
The Rise Ultimate Mattress45mm Medical Grade™ Foam, PostureCell® technology, 60mm soft-touch SkyFoam™3Soft
The Shine Essential MattressSoft - 160mm Medical Grade™ Foam, PostureCell® technology, 60mm soft-touch SkyFoam™, Quilted Tencel® cover
Medium - 50mm Medical Grade™ Foam, PostureCell® technology, 1600 full-size pocket springs, Quilted Tencel® cover
Firm - 220mm Medical Grade™ Foam, PostureCell® technology, Quilted Tencel® cover
3Soft, Medium & Firm
The Shine Plus MattressSoft - 160mm Medical Grade™ Foam, PostureCell® technology, 90mm soft-touch SkyFoam™, Quilted Tencel® cover
Medium - 70mm Medical Grade™ Foam, PostureCell® technology, 2000 full-size pocket springs, Quilted Tencel® cover
Firm - 250mm Medical Grade™ Foam, PostureCell® technology, Quilted Tencel® cover
5Soft, Medium & Firm
The Shine Advanced MattressSoft - 160mm Medical Grade™ Foam, PostureCell® technology, 120mm soft-touch SkyFoam™, Quilted Tencel® cover
Medium - 90mm Medical Grade™ Foam, PostureCell® technology, 3000 full-size pocket springs, Quilted Tencel® cover
Firm - 280mm Medical Grade™ Foam, PostureCell® technology, Quilted Tencel® cover
7Soft, Medium & Firm
The Move Essential Mattress150mm Medical Grade™ foam3Medium
The Move Plus Mattress200mm Medical Grade™ foam5Medium
The Move Advanced Mattress140mm Medical Grade™ foam, 60mm SkyFoam®7Soft
Information may be subject to change, please check with the brand/manufacturer before purchasing.

The Mammoth Rise Mattress Collection

Mammoth offer three individual lines of mattresses, each with their own qualities and products. One of their lines is known as the ‘Rise Mattress’ which consists of four different models known as The Rise Essential, The Rise Plus, The Rise Advanced and The Rise Ultimate. The team at Mammoth have created this line in the hope of helping their customers sleep soundly. They have chosen some of the best sleep technology in the industry and have worked with it to provide an excellent line of mattresses.

Each mattress within The Rise line is created using Medical Grade Foam and PostureCell technology. Let’s dive into this a little bit more. These things work together to create a unique Mammoth Mattress. The foam and PostureCell technologies were created in line with sleep expert and medical advice to ensure that the mattresses help customers in more ways than one.

For example:

  1. The Rise line has been specifically designed to improve sleep whilst keeping individuals cool each night.
  2. The PostureCell technology is naturally cooling, meaning that it doesn’t heat up with your body temperature. This is a great option for those who tend to sweat a lot throughout the night. The technology is designed to play its part in keeping you cool as well as absorbing any extra moisture you produce.
  3. As well as this, the Medical Grade Foam is engineered to work well in ensuring that you are eased from any aches and pains all night long. Memory foam mattresses have grown in support for several years and they tend to be the first option for those who suffer from joint, bone and muscle issues. This is especially the case for those who are very sensitive to mattress features like springs. Memory foam does not contain any springs and has a spongy texture instead. The foam moulds to your body and relieves pressure from the heavier parts of your body.
  4. If this wasn’t enough, the foam also promotes spinal alignment and provides posture support to the whole body. This is especially something to look out for when purchasing a mattress for a bad back as we spend around one-third of our lives sleeping✓. Why should this be on a poorly manufactured mattress? If you love the idea of the Medical Grade Foam and the PostureCell technology, then The Rise collection from Mammoth may be worth your time.

The Rise Essential Mattress

mammoth rise essential review
(Image credit: Mammoth)

The first model in Mammoth’s Rise collection is the Rise Essential. The team have described it as ‘your introduction to a better sleep’. It has a medium feel with 35mm of the Medical Grade Foam and 1000 pocket springs (making it a hybrid mattress). The springs give the mattress a bouncy feeling, while the foam creates a softer surface. Out of the whole collection, the Essential appears to have the least amount of Medical Grade foam and pocket springs.

The Rise Plus Mattress

Rise Plus mattress
(Image credit: Mammoth)

The second model in The Rise collection is The Rise Plus. We can see slightly more foam than the Essential, sitting at 40mm. It’s worth remembering that this model does not have the same individually nested pocket springs as the Essential. This means that we can expect a firmer feel but a supportive base.

The Rise Advanced Mattress

mammoth Rise Advanced
(Image credit: Mammoth)

The Rise Advanced is the third model in this collection and consists of 45mm of Medical Grade Foam layered on top of 1,2000 pocket springs. This model is certainly more luxurious than the previous two models as there are more foam and even more pocket springs.

Generally speaking you can find thicker mattresses to be more suited to heavier sleepers.

The Rise Ultimate Mattress

Rise Ultimate
(Image credit: Mammoth)

Lastly within The Rise collection, we have The Rise Ultimate. It is made to have a much softer feel to it, leaving it perfect for those who don’t like medium or firmer mattresses. The softer feel comes from 50mm of Medical Grade Foam and a layer of SkyFoam which is even more soft and luxurious than the Medical Grade Foam.

The Mammoth Shine Mattress Collection

We love the fact that Mammoth have created their mattresses and beds with their customers in mind. We can see this as they have partnered with some of the best sleep experts in the business to create their products and materials. Why are you looking for a new mattress? Is it because your current one is causing you pain? If so, The Shine collection may be exactly what you are looking for.

You’ll know when it’s time to get a new mattress. Many people make this decision when they notice sudden back pain. You can identify this by keeping a note of how often you wake up feeling miserable with back pain after going to sleep with none. A poor mattress can cause your back to fall out of alignment throughout the night, which commonly causes pain in the morning. It is very important to be careful with this, as poor posture as a result of a bad mattress can lead to chronic pain.

As well as mattress-induced back pain, Mammoth has created The Shine collection to support those with chronic back pain. This collection is the next step up in the Mammoth range and we love to see that they care about their customers enough to increase the features. They recommend The Shine collection for those who usually wake up in pain or deal with more frequent pain. Perhaps the biggest advantage of this collection is that you can choose your firmness.

The Shine Essential Mattress

The Shine Essential Mattress review
(Image credit: Mammoth)

The first model within The Shine collection is the Essential Mattress. It consists of three zones consisting of PostureCell technology which has been proven to improve posture and relieve pain. The purpose of this specific tech is to provide support where we truly need it the most. This could be where we experience the most pressure throughout the night or where we feel the most pain. As a result, the PostureCell technology will allow us some relief from the aches and pains. The zones are protected by a luxury cover and connected with Tencel fibres.

The Shine Plus Mattress

Shine Plus mattress mammoth
(Image credit: Mammoth)

The next mattress is The Shine Plus which takes pain and pressure relief one step further. The Shine Plus has taken all the love from The Essential and added a bit more for your comfort and convenience. As there is more, this mattress is slightly deeper which will only provide you with more support throughout the night. It comes in at 270mm deep as there is now some Medical Grade Foam and five PostureCell zones. The extra two posture zones are noticeably different from that of The Essential. Additionally, the Medical Grade Foam provides even more support where it counts.

The Shine Advanced Mattress

mammoth The Shine Advanced
(Image credit: Mammoth)

The final product within this collection is The Shine Advanced. At 300mm deep, it is the deepest mattress in the collection and the one that provides the most support. This is an excellent option for those who suffer from chronic back pain and need extra support that will last a long time. With this mattress, you can expect to see two extra PostureCell zones, making that seven zones overall. This essentially acts as ‘an indulgent seven-point support system’ that is designed to provide support from head to toe.

The Essential, The Plus and The Advanced all make The Shine collection one to watch.

The Mammoth Move Mattress and Bed Collection

One excellent thing about Mammoth is that they make their products with everyone’s needs in mind. Whether this is affordability, back and chronic pain or physical needs, Mammoth have it all covered. As they love creating excellent products suitable for all types of customers, they have not fallen short in providing a range of mattress and bed combinations.

The Move Mattress and Bed Collection has been created to make sure that no one is going to sleep uncomfortably in their sleep environment. The team at Mammoth want their customers to feel like they are supported and encourage their customers to support their needs too. Mammoth has created this collection with the top motion technologies to add more movement to an individual’s sleeping environment. They have done this in an attempt to ease pain and promote fluid movement to enhance comfort.

When it comes to fluid movement when sleeping, people often find themselves stuck with an automatic or adjustable bed that has limited motor sensitivity and movement. Mammoth on the other hand has created The Move Mattress and Bed collection to create the ultimate sleep environment.

The Move Essential Mattress

Move Essential mattress mammoth review
(Image credit: Mammoth)

There are three separate models within The Move collection. Firstly, The Move Essential is 17cm deep with 15cm of Medical Grade foam. Within this, there are three PostureCell zones so we can expect a medium feel from this mattress. The Medical Grade foam and PostureCell zones work together to provide a support system for the body. This also aids with the pressure that your body may experience throughout the night.

The Move Plus Mattress

The Move Plus mattress
(Image credit: Mammoth)

The second product within this collection is The Move Plus mattress which is 22cm deep with 20cm of Medical Grade foam. As there is more foam, there are five PostureCell zones, which will only provide even more support and comfort. This model also has a medium feel to it which is the perfect match between hard support but soft comfort.

The Move Advanced Mattress

Move Advanced mattress mammoth review
(Image credit: Mammoth)

The third model is known as The Move Advanced mattress and it is 22cm deep. Despite being as deep as The Move Plus, it has been designed and manufactured slightly differently to offer more support. It consists of 14cm of Medical Grade foam and 6cm of SkyFoam. This means that there are seven PostureCell zones that provide a softer yet supportive feel.

As well as the Move mattresses, there is also a bed model within The Move collection. Mammoth have named this The Move Adjustable Divan. The clue is in the name of this product as this provides individuals with the opportunity to adjust their sleeping experience so they can experience ultimate comfort. This comes with an infrared wireless handset and consists of different features. It has two maintenance-free massage motors for the feet and head that can be adjustable for intensity and has a useful timer function. Whilst this product has an excellent specification, it’s useful to remember that it only comes in one size – 90cm x 200cm. However, these can be connected.

mammoth The Move mattress & bed review
(Image credit: Mammoth)

Mammoth Mattress Review Conclusion

To conclude this Mammoth mattress review, we will mention that they are available to purchase from over 200 independent mattress and bed stores across the UK. Mammoth as a company has created its products with its customers in mind. One of their collections might have the right mattress for you.

Be sure to also read reviews left by paying customers as there is no better source to gain additional information.

You will notice that they have very average Trustpilot reviews however better Feefo reviews. Our guess is that they may have had a bad run at some point and decided to switch to a different review system to escape the negative comments. Although this is not ideal, many mattress companies have had some bad runs.

If you are looking for a Mammoth mattress, we suggest you also look at their manual they provide.

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Mammoth Mattress Reviews
Medical grade foam
Many options to choose from
1-10 year warranty
Average customer reviews

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