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Travelodge Mattress Review


Written by Andrea

Last Updated: 31st December, 2021

A mattress that has grown in popularity lately is the Travelodge mattress. If you're reading this article, chances are also that you had a few good nights' sleep during your holidays and you might be wondering: what mattress does Travelodge use?

Travelodge offers a King-Size mattress in each one of their over 1 million rooms, specially designed and manufactured for the chain by one of the industry leaders, the British brand Sleepeezee. In this article, we'll look a bit closer at the Sleepeezee Travelodge Dreamer mattress that is so popular that people want to buy it for their own homes after returning from their vacations.

Rest assured:
Your Sleepeezee Travelodge Mattress comes with a 10-year guarantee.

Travelodge Mattress Firmness And Construction 

A big part of the comfort of a mattress comes down to its firmness and this is a very subjective topic. What is too firm for one person can be too soft for another person. Our body weight plays a big part in finding the right mattress and so does other physical factors, such as pains or stiffness in our back or joints.

Another very important factor is our sleeping position. While front-sleepers and back-sleepers can benefit from a firmer mattress, side-sleepers often prefer medium mattresses as they give a bit more way for our hips and shoulders in order to maintain a healthy spinal alignment.

Generally speaking, the mattress firmness that tends to please most sleepers is medium to medium-firm mattresses. The Sleepeezee Travelodge mattress has a medium-firm rating, making it ideal for side-sleepers that aren't too lightweight and can also suit many front and back-sleepers.

The Sleepeezee Travelodge mattress is highly popular
(Image credit: Sleepeezee)

This pocket-sprung mattress consists of over 950 springs in each mattress that are designed to respond individually to the sleeper's body and movements, helping to provide maximum support and comfort throughout the night.

Did you know?
For every sold mattress, Sleepeezee donates £24 to the British Heart Foundation.


Travelodge is a well-known hotel chain with more than 580 hotels across the UK, Spain and Ireland and chances are that you have stayed in a Travelodge hotel at some point. Their rates tend to be affordable while offering good rooms with quality features such as a king-size bed, TV, Wifi, coffee and tea making facilities and complimentary hygiene products.

Find a Travelodge Dreamer mattress in all Travelodge hotel rooms
(Image credit: Travelodge)

Whether you're going on a business trip or a family weekend, staying at a Travelodge hotel is often a good choice. The Travelodge Business programme gets you discounts on flexible rate bookings and should you bring the kids they will get breakfast for free.

Travelodge also has also had its own Green programme for many years, through which they are working towards becoming a more sustainable hotel chain. They have implemented measures to reduce their carbon footprint such as using energy-efficient lighting, switching off the heating while the room is unoccupied and collecting rainwater that is recycled and used as irrigation water for the hotel's external green spaces to only give a few examples.

Sleepeezee Travelodge Mattress Price and Sizes

The Travelodge mattress can only be purchased through the Sleepeezee website and it's also the only mattress you can purchase directly through the brand. Any other mattress made by Sleepeezee needs to be bought through a retailer.

The size used in the Travelodge hotels is King size but on the Sleepeezee website, you can choose a smaller one in case a King is too big, or even a Super King if you want to up the luxury even more. If what you're looking for is a great deal, don't forget to check out our discounts page and see if there are any offers available.

SIZE DIMENSIONS PRICE (excl. discount code)
Sleepeezee Travelodge Dreamer Single Mattress 90 x 190 x 28 cm £429
Sleepeezee Travelodge Dreamer Double Mattress 135 x 190 x 28 cm £549
Sleepeezee Travelodge Dreamer King Size Mattress 150 x 200 x 28 cm £599
Sleepeezee Travelodge Dreamer Super King Size Mattress 180 x 200 x 28 cm £699
*prices and availability may be subject to change 

Sleepeezee Travelodge Dreamer Payment Options

To pay for your new Sleepeezee Travelodge mattress you can use any of the following methods.

  • Credit & Debit card
  • Paypal

Sleepeezee Travelodge Mattress Customer Reviews 

The customer reviews for the Travelodge mattress are very positive overall and many of those who purchase the mattress seem to have tried it while staying in a Travelodge hotel and fallen for it. Many seem to appreciate it slightly firmer feel and some even mention that their pains have gone away after some nights using the mattress. Another thing that many happy customer reviews mention is the quick and smooth deliveries that the company offers.

What mattress does Travelodge use?

Travelodge uses a King-size version of the Sleepeezee Travelodge Dreamer mattress in over 1 million of their hotel rooms.

What type of mattress does Travelodge use?

The mattress that Travelodge uses in their hotel rooms is a pocket-sprung mattress called the Sleepeezee Travelodge Dreamer. Pocket sprung mattresses are known as traditional mattresses that provide great support.

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