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simba vs otty mattress review uk

Simba vs OTTY Mattress Review

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In this Simba vs OTTY mattress review, we compare two of the best hybrid mattresses in the UK. Hybrid mattresses utilise the bounce and support from springs as well as the comfort from the foam. But which hybrid is better for you? Scroll down for the Simba vs OTTY comparison.


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Simba vs OTTY Construction

Cover Comparison

simba vs otty cover comparison
Simba vs OTTY Cover Comparison


The new re-engineered Simba cover is now removable and can be machine washed. It is made from 100% polyester making it stretchy so it is easier to remove and put back after cleaning. The Diamond pattern on the top of the mattresses doesn’t only look good but also makes the cover more breathable.


Similarly to the Simba, the OTTY cover is made from 97% polyester and 3% spandex. The cover can be unzipped both halves can be machine washed separately. OTTY included tiny pores in the top cover to dissipate heat evenly and ensure optimal sleeping climate.

Verdict – Both covers are very similar in terms of practicality, both can be machine washed at up to 40 degrees Celsius, unfortunately, neither of the two mattresses include handles for easy turning to increase mattress longevity. Both covers are made to allow sufficient airflow, so you won’t wake up from overheating. There is no clear winner, so you will just have to pick which one looks better for you.

Materials and Layer Comparison

simba vs otty mattress material layers
Simba vs OTTY Mattress Layers


Inside the Simba Mattress you will find 4 unique layers:

  • Synthetic latex layer – This synthetic latex layer has natural cooling soybean balms, making this layer very soft to the touch and breathable. Synthetic latex should not be confused with natural latex.
  • Conical pocket springs – These are mini springs in a conical shape to add some bounce to the mattress. up to 2,500 springs in a king size mattress.
  • Memory foam layer – Used as a transition layer and to add conforming properties to the mattress.
  • Polyfoam base foam – Adds support and includes zoning areas to allow for more sinkage for extruding areas like the hip and shoulder area to ensure optimal spinal alignment.


The OTTY mattress is made up of 4 layers plus a side layer:

  • Cool blue gel memory foam – Memory foam is known to be very soft and is great for pressure relief but is also known to hold heat. Otty has infused a gel of beads to combat the heat retention property yet still keep the comforting nature of memory foam.
  • Polyfoam – This layer is used as an intermediary layer to ensure a smooth transition from the top layer to the more sturdy springs below.
  • Encapsulated pocket springs – This is what makes an OTTY an OTTY. Here they used full-sized springs (14cm). This layer adds support and bounce to the mattress. There are up to 2,000 full-sized springs in a king size mattress.
  • Base polyfoam – This base polyfoam layer just acts as a support for the springs to sit on.
  • Side polyfoam – Most mattresses with full-sized springs usually have a roll off effect but by boxing the springs in by polyfoam this is mitigated and adds extra edge support to the mattress.

Verdict – We will start off this Simba vs OTTY layer comparison by saying they are both hypoallergenic, this means it is a very low hazard to those prone to allergies. Regarding the layers, Simba has used a more diversified portfolio of layers that work very well in harmony. However, the OTTY mattress does provide more support and more edge support.

Comparing Firmness & Feel

simba vs otty firmness scale
Simba vs OTTY on the Firmness Scale


The combination of foam layers and mini pocket springs has landed the Simba mattress at around 6/10 on the firmness scale. This is a typical placement for all these online mattresses sold in a box as they appeal to the majority of sleepers in the UK.


OTTY have opted to engineer a slightly firmer mattress. The large supportive springs have shifted the mattress up the firmness scale, we rate it at about 7/10.

Verdict – Both Simba and OTTY offer great support, however, the OTTY mattress will be better received by those looking for more edge and overall support.

Simba vs OTTY Comparison

For this Simba vs OTTY mattress review, we have included a summarised table below for you to browse through and see the major differences.

Layers44 + side layer
Cover100% polyester & machine washable 97% polyester & 3% spandex, machine washable
Top LayerSynthetic Latex (4cm)Cool Blue Gel Memory Foam (3cm)
Layer 2Conical Pocket Spring Layer (2cm)Polyfoam Layer (3cm) 
Layer 3Memory Foam Layer (3,5cm)  Encapsulated Pocket Springs (14cm)   
Layer 4Polyfoam (15,5cm) Base Polyfoam Layer (4cm) 
Side LayerNAPolyfoamLayer (17cm)
Max Weight (2 people)18 stone or 114kg per person22 stone or 138kg per person
Made InUKChina
DeliveryFree, 1-3 business daysFree, 1-3 business days
Price £449-£849£349-£699
DiscountsLatest DiscountLatest Discount
Our ReviewSimba RatingOTTY Rating

Should I Buy a Simba or OTTY

Both online mattress giants offer a great hybrid mattress, but we would recommend one over the other.

We Would Recommend Buying Simba if You Are Looking For:

simba vs otty uk simba
  • A mattress made from a variety of layers each offering unique benefits.
  • A well-rounded mattress made from high-quality materials.
  • A cooling mattress.

We Would Recommend Buying OTTY if You Are Looking For:

simba vs otty uk otty
  • A supportive mattress
  • A durable mattress that can hold a bit more weight.
  • A mattress that won’t break the bank