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Simba Pro Mattress Review

In this Simba Hybrid Pro mattress review, we take a closer look at this more premium option from Simba. The Simba Hybrid Pro is their most advanced mattress ever. Which says a lot as Simba is known for their outlandish tech infusions. Here we uncover all there is to know about the Simba Hybrid Pro […]

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Simba Mattress Topper Review

In this Simba mattress topper review also known as a Simba Hybrid mattress topper, we will be analysing this bed accessory from Simba and see how this mattress topper can transform your current mattress. Mattress toppers are known to be a great option to revitalise and upgrade your current bed without purchasing a brand new […]

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Simba Duvet Review

Here in this Simba duvet review or also known as the Simba Hybrid duvet with Stratos, we do some research into the materials used, where they come from, their benefits and all there is to know about this duvet. There is always some hype around Simba products, we cannot quite tell if it's because of […]

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Emma vs Simba Mattress Review

Welcome to our Emma vs Simba mattress review, today we compare two of the biggest names in the UK bed-in-a-box industry, Emma and Simba. At The Mattress Guide we regard both mattresses highly however there are some differences you should be made aware of in order to make a better decision. This Emma vs Simba […]

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Simba vs Eve Mattress Review

In this Simba vs Eve mattress comparison, we get to bring two of the biggest names in the UK. The mattress industry is ever so fragmented, which means it is becoming more important to do your research. We highlight the most important points of parity and points of difference between these two popular mattresses. Keep […]

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Nectar vs Simba Mattress Review

In this Nectar vs Simba mattress comparison review, we bring together possibly the most disruptive mattress against one of the most demanded hybrid mattresses in the UK. We lay them side by side and compare their differences but which comes out on top? While one is an all-foam mattress, the other one is a hybrid […]

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Simba Hybrid Pillow Review

A pillow that seems to have come from the future that is adjustable to match nearly everyone's sleeping habits? In this Simba hybrid pillow review, we take a closer look at what makes this Simba pillow worth a buy or not. Simba has cemented its brand as amongst the best in the United Kingdom through […]

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Simba vs OTTY Mattress Review

In this Simba vs OTTY mattress review, we compare two of the best hybrid mattresses in the UK. Hybrid mattresses utilise the bounce and support from springs as well as the comfort from the foam. But which hybrid is better for you? Scroll down for our full Simba vs OTTY comparison. Please note this comparison […]

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Simba vs Casper Mattress Review

Welcome to our Simba vs Casper review. UK’s online mattress industry has been on the rise in recent years. Among the mattresses offered are the two very popular Simba and Casper. Both mattresses have their unique differences. But which mattress is best for you? We at The Mattress Guide put these two to the test […]

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