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leesa vs casper mattress review uk

Leesa vs Casper Mattress Review

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Are you ready to see a face off? in this Leesa vs Casper mattress review, we place them side-by-side and compare their main features. Both are memory foam combination mattresses, offer a 100-night trial and a 10-year warranty. So what sets them apart? Scroll down for the full Leesa vs Casper comparison.


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Leesa vs Casper Construction

Cover Comparison

leesa vs casper cover review
Leesa vs Casper Cover Review


The Leesa cover is cut from a single piece of woven fabric. This is very unique as it gives it a nearly seamless edge. The cover is made from a poly-lycra blend fabric which is also used in performance clothing thanks to its stretchiness and breathability.


This cover is predominantly made of polyester with about 1% elastane. The Casper cover comes with handles for easy turning to extend the “bed” life of the mattress. It can also be easily removed for washing.

Verdict – The Leesa cover is its signature feature, it’s soft to the touch, modern and overall welcoming style is well appreciated by us. However, we do feel it lacks practicability. Usually, mattresses have either have handles, are machine washable or even both, unfortunately, the Leesa cover has neither. Both Casper and Leesa mattresses need to be hand washed, however, the Casper cover is removable and includes handles. With regards to practicality the Casper wins, but if that doesn’t interest you and you just looking for a very soft cover then Leesa is your best bet.

Materials and Layer Comparison

leesa vs casper layers
Leesa vs Casper Layers


Like most memory and foam combination mattresses they have a traditional 3-layer design.

  • Avena® foam – Leesa’s very own polyfoam layer which adjusts almost immediately to movement. This layer is also slightly more breathable than traditional polyfoam.
  • Memory foam – A very common second layer, memory foam has a slow response and wraps the body. By placing it below the top layer you don’t get the heat retention properties of the memory foam.
  • Polyfoam Base foam – Finally, the mattress is supportive by a dense polyfoam layer. This layer adds stability and support.


This memory foam mattress does things a bit differently, they offer an extra transition layer, bringing the total amount of layers used to 4.

  • Open-cell polyfoam – The open-pored technology in this top layer helps combat overheating at night. It has more air bubbles than generic polyfoam to ensure more breathability.
  • Memory foam layer – The visco-elastic foam layer adds additional comfort to the mattress as well as pressure relief.
  • Polyfoam layer – This is the additional transition layer to transfer your body weight evenly from the memory foam layer to the final supportive base.
  • High-density polyfoam – The channelled cut-outs ensure optimal spinal alignment in any sleeping position.

Verdict – To conclude the Leesa vs Casper layers, we would like to point out that the added polyfoam layer in the Casper mattress, does help transfer the body weight more evenly. The castellated base layer from the Casper also helps to balance out pressure disparities. The Casper mattress takes the cake when compared to Leesa’s materials and layers.

Leesa vs Casper Firmness & Feel

leesa vs casper firmness
Leesa vs Casper on the Firmness Scale


Like most foam mattresses that have a 3-layer design, the Leesa is also rated about a 6/10 on the firmness scale.


The additional foam layer adds extra support to the mattress pushing it slightly up the scale. We have given the Casper a 6.5/10 in terms of firmness.

Verdict – There cannot be a winner or loser in this regard, this all depends on your preferences but the Leesa may be more suitable to more people here in the UK. If you like mattresses more on the softer side we would recommend a Leesa mattress.

Leesa vs Casper Comparison Table

Below we have inserted a table for this Leesa vs Casper comparison. This way you can browse through the main differences between the two mattresses to help you make a more informed decision.

TypeMemory foam combinationMemory foam combination
CoverPoly-lycra blend fabric blend99% polyester and 1% elastane, washable & includes 4 handles
Top LayerAvena® foam (5cm) Open-pored polyfoam (3,8cm)
Layer 2Memory foam layer (2cm)Memory foam layer (3,8cm) 
Layer 3Polyfoam (15cm) Polyfoam layer (3,8cm)
Layer 4NAPolyfoam (12,7cm)
Max Weight (2 people)18 stone or 114 kg per person22 stone or 140 kg per person
Made InUnited KingdomUnited Kingdom
DeliveryFree, 4-7 business daysFree, 1-3 business days
Price £450-£850£375-£750
DiscountsLatest DiscountLatest Discount
Our ReviewLeesa RatingCasper Rating

Should I Buy a Leesa or Casper

This is the big question that needs to be answered. Of course, this is a very difficult question to answer depending on your preferences so what we hope to do is mention their clear difference so you can use it as a starting point when deciding which one to get.

We Would Recommend Buying Leesa if You Are Looking For:

leesa vs casper uk leesa
  • A mattress that conforms to body contours well
  • Medium feel mattress
  • A great feeling cover
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Up to £300 off all mattresses!! BOXING DAY Sale | T&Cs apply. Show Less

We Would Recommend Buying Casper if You Are Looking For:

leesa vs casper uk casper
  • A competitively priced mattress
  • Durable and heavy carrying mattress
  • Above medium feeling mattress
  • A competitively priced mattress
  • Durable and heavy carrying mattress
  • Above medium feeling mattress

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