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eve premium mattress review uk

Eve Premium Mattress Review

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In this Eve Premium mattress review, we dive deep into the luxurious end of the spectrum to find out is this offering is the right mattress for you or not. Without a doubt, Eve is a well established and trusted company here in the UK, their original model has always been in the spotlight for years but could the premium version be stealing some of its light?

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Eve Premium Mattress Construction 

Designed in the UK and made in Belgium. It has always been known that Eve invest heavily in research and development and the Eve Premium is no exception to this. Eve has gone hi-tech in its premium range, heads-up…. this mattress has a silver lining and graphite infused foams. Eve has also brought in an extra support layer to ensure optimal spinal alignment for any sleeping position, thus bringing the total foam layer count to 4.

The advantage of having a mattress with multiple layers is that you feel the benefits of each layer in a seamless fashion.

All foam materials used in the mattress are CertiPUR® certified, this means it has been independently tested to ensure there no harmful chemicals. Additionally, foams in the mattresses are all CFC and PBDE free.

eve premium mattress layers
Eve Premium Layers

Eve Premium Cover Review

The Premium hypoallergenic cover is a product in its own right (97% polyester, 2% elastane and 1% silver), the top panel is a luxuriously thick quilted cover with wait for it….. silver lining, yes you read correctly! Eve has woven tiny strands of silver into the cover to make it antibacterial and antimicrobial. Silver naturally prevents and kills bacteria and microbes, that way you are left with a fresh mattress.

For practicality, Eve has made the cover with 4 handles for hassle-free manoeuvring. The cover is also removable so it can be machine washed at up to 40°C. In our opinion, this is almost a must in today’s world as not many of us have the time and the money to get our mattress covers professionally cleaned.

The washable top cover is Oekotex certified, meaning it has also been independently tested to ensure it has no harmful chemicals.

In addition, Eve has also incorporated a non-slip base, which means your bed will always be in place no matter how often you toss and turn at night.

eve premium mattress cover
Eve Premium Cover
cover handles review
Includes Handles

Eve Foam Layers 

1. Floatfoam® Layer (3cm)    

The top layer is a graphite-infused foam which is engineered to allow for active cooling. The pores in this top foam layer are larger to allow for more breathability during your sleep.

float foam

2. Memory Foam Layer (2cm)   

This layer is also infused with graphite that actively removes excess heat during your sleep, always providing an optimal sleeping climate. Memory foam has slow responsiveness which means it better contours your body than most other foams, ensuring pressure relief.

memory layer
Memory Foam

2. Transition Foam Layer (3cm)   

This layer is slightly firmer than the top two layers but yet less dense than the bottom base layer. This was designed in order to get a smooth transition from the top soft foam layers to the bottom base layer. This polyurethane layer acts as the bridge between the two.

eve premium support layer
Transition Foam Layer

3. Durable Base Layer (20cm)     

Every mattress needs a sturdy base layer to ensure optimal spinal alignment. This dense polyurethane foam ensure that there won’t be any sagging in the long term. It is also castellated which means it has cut out channels which run in the hip and shoulder areas that allow for more give when in certain sleeping positions.

premium base layer
Polyurethane Base

How Thick Is the Eve Premium Mattress?

Most of the mattresses we have reviewed are 25cm in thickness. However, the Eve Premium mattress is slightly thicker, measuring 28cm in depth. This is due to the extra transition layer in the middle of the mattress. But rest assured standard sheets will still fit.

The Eve Premium can hold up to 18 stone or 114 kgs per person (based on 2 persons per bed).

Eve Mattress Firmness 

From our Eve Premium mattress review, we give it a 6.5 out of 10 firmness rating, this puts the mattress in our medium to firm category. This firmness category is also most advised by sleep specialists in the UK.

Firmness Rating 6.5/10

Mattress Design 

You cannot miss an Eve when you walk into a room, Eve is so far the only brand here in the UK using yellow. We find Eve Premium’s design is simplistic and modern, making it a great addition to nearly any environment. We enjoy this look so much we wouldn’t even want to cover it with a sheet.

eve premium design
Eve Premium Design

Eve Mattress Trial and Warranty 

They understand that it takes a bit of time to get acquainted with your new mattress that is why they offer the Premium with a 100-night trial. That means you get to try the mattress out in the comfort of your own home.

If you don’t feel that this mattress is the one for you returning it is as easy as buying it. Eve will pick up the mattress from your bedroom at no charge and fully refund you your money.

Their free premium two-man delivery service will deliver your new mattress straight to your room of choice. You will be able to book your delivery day in advance and once they are on their way they will also text you around 30 min before delivery. This is excellent service and great for the majority of us with busy work lives.

Lastly, Eve also covers you in the long run with a 10-year warranty promise. This covers any performance issues, including defects in materials and workmanship, as well as any of the components splitting or cracking.

eve mattress 100-night trial
100-Night Trial
eve premium free delivery and returns
Free Premium Delivery and Returns

eve premium 10-year warranty
10-Year Warranty

Eve Premium Mattress Delivery 

The Eve Premium mattress is vacuum sealed and rolled into a 100cm x 51cm x 51cm box and delivered within 1-7 working days. As mentioned before this is delivered by a 2-man service.

Additional Services Offered by Eve

Specific Delivery – with this delivery you can choose any day of your choice even next day delivery. This extra service is an additional cost from £10 (depending on your location).

Old Mattress Removal – If you are looking to rid your mattress to make way for your new mattress, Eve offers an old mattress removal at an extra cost of £50.

Payment Options

  • Debit/Credit Card  
  • Paypal
  • Divido (0% installments) if you would like to find out more about this financing please click here

Eve Premium Price and Sizes

In this Eve Premium mattress review, we do our best to inform you so you can make the best possible choice. We also understand that price is probably the largest factor, that is why we have inserted the prices in a table below for you.

The Premium is available in these 4 sizes, please note these are standard prices make sure to have a look at our DISCOUNTS HERE for the best possible price. 

Single size mattress90x190x28 cm£599
Double size mattress135x190x28 cm£849
King size mattress150x200x28 cm£999
Super king size mattress180x200x28 cm£1,149

*prices may be subject to change  

Eve Mattress Customer Reviews 

Don’t just take our word in the Eve Premium mattress review, please do have a look at what current customers had to say about the Premium mattress from Eve:


  • If you do decide to go with the 0% financing option you cannot use any discount codes.

Should I Buy an Eve Premium Mattress? 

To conclude this Eve Premium mattress review, we believe this mattress is an excellent mattress if have saved up some money to treat yourself and get a feel of the lavish life. Otherwise, if you are looking for more value for money, head on over to our Eve Original mattress review.

We would highly recommend the Eve Premium if you are looking for:

  • A medium to firm feeling mattress. 
  • A mattress made from high-tech materials.
  • A very comfortable mattress with exceptional service.
20% OFF
eve mattress discount code uk
Eve Mattress Discount Code
20% off + free sloth. T&C's apply
20% off + free sloth. T&C's apply Show Less
A great luxurious mattress made from advanced technology. We highly recommend having a look at their site.
Material Quality9.4
Motion Isolation9.4
Edge Support8.8
Sex/ Bounce8.5
Company Reputation9.5
Value for Money9
100-night risk-free trial
10-year warranty
Free premium delivery and returns
Innovative materials used
Machine washable cover with handles
Exceptional cover
No next day delivery
Limited mattress sizes offered