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eve premium hybrid mattres review uk

Eve Premium Hybrid Mattress Review

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In this Eve Premium Hybrid mattress review, we will cover their latest award-winning mattress. The Eve Premium Hybrid is well rated by customers as well as by testing organisations. Making use of springs and foam, cooling and temperature regulation technology, the Eve Premium Hybrid mattress is full of surprises and support.

We will be going into depth about the mattress construction, firmness, trial and warranty, delivery, price and much more for your convenience. So, come along with us and let’s explore this Eve Premium Hybrid mattress review (SUMMARY AT THE END)

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Eve Premium Hybrid Mattress Construction 

The Eve Premium Hybrid mattress is constructed using 5 unique layers. These all come together to create a hybrid mattress with a medium to firm feel. The Eve Premium Hybrid mattress includes 5 foam layers and a full-sized spring layer putting it in the Hybrid Mattress category.

On the health and safety side of things, Eve is fully compliant. All foams used in their mattresses are CertiPUR® certified. The materials are sourced from National Bed Federation members, ensuring the highest quality always. All foams used to manufacture Eve mattresses are CFC and PBDE free, along with all components complying with the UK fire regulations. 

To ensure that nothing slips through, Eve uses ISO standards to manufacture their products. ISO 90001 quality standards keep a certain level of professionalism. From the first cut of foam to final construction, every step has a specific process and correct way pf being done

The mattress is designed in the UK and is manufactured in Belgium.

eve premium hybrid construction
Eve Premium Hybrid Layers
(Image credit: Eve)

Eve Premium Hybrid Cover Review

The Eve Premium Hybrid mattress top cover is made from 97% polyester, 2% elastane and 1% silver. Tiny silver strands are woven into the fabric to create an antibacterial and antimicrobial surface. The polyester and elastane mix create a soft feeling cover that is also thick.

The top cover is OEKO-TEX® certified, which means the foams are individually tested to ensure that they do not contain any harmful chemicals. Eve has also made the Premium Hybrid’s cover to be unzipped and washable at 40°.

The lower part of the cover has an antislip base this non-slip coating keeping all layers above in place and holds solid as a foundation for the rest of the layers. Nothing will be shifting or slipping from under you while you rest.

eve hybrid premium cover
Cover Review
(Image credit: Eve)

Eve Premium Hybrid Layers 

1. Floatfoam® Layer    

The first layer just beneath the cover is the first contact you make with the mattress and is designed to feel soft and soothing. This graphite infused foam layer with soothing softness and pressure relief, also actively keeping you cool thanks to the graphite.

floatfoam® layer
Cooling Top Foam
(Image credit: Eve)

2. Memory Foam Layer   

A snug softness hugging your body, releasing pressure and adding light relief. This memory foam layer also has graphite infused in its materials, which actively cools down body temperature if you heat up in the night.

memory layer with active cooling
Slow-Response Memory Foam
(Image credit: Eve)

3. Support Foam Layer   

A firm foam layer designed to keep your spine aligned and provide optimal support. This layer provides sturdy support and a solid base upper for the two, soft memory foam layers.

support layer
Transition Layer
(Image credit: Eve)

4. Foam Casing Layer 1

This is the first component of the layers surrounding the spring layer. This just acts as a transition from the springs to the upper layer.

foam casing 1
Foam Casing 1
(Image credit: Eve)

5. Springs     

1500 full-sized springs, standing 12cm tall. These springs are designed to support and adapt to your every wriggle. This layer is also completely breathable due to the extra space between the springs allowing for airflow and breathability through the mattress.

The springs are encased by foam layers that support the springs and keeping them in place, adding additional side support to the mattress. the foam casing sits around the springs on the edges of the mattress, keeping the mattress from sinking near the edges.

springs and edge support
Full-Sized Springs & Edge Support
(Image credit: Eve)

6. Foam Casing Layer 2  

Finally, a base foam layer which allows for the springs to sit on and act as a foundation to completely encase the spring layer.

foam casing 2
Foam Casing 1
(Image credit: Eve)

How Thick Is the Eve Premium Hybrid Mattress?

Due to the number of layers and use of full-sized springs, the Eve Premium Hybrid mattress stands at 28cm tall. Which is 3 cm taller than the industry standard, but Eve ensures that your normal bed sheets will still fit.

The Eve Premium Hybrid can hold up to 18 stone or 114 kgs per person (based on 2 persons per bed).

Mattress Firmness 

The Eve Premium Hybrid mattress receives a 7.5 out of 10 on the firmness scale. This would be a great option for those liking a slightly firmer feeling mattress. Alternatively, Eve have the Eve Premium mattress which is not as firm as it is a memory foam mattress and does not include a spring layer.

eve premium hybrid mattress firmness review
7.5/10 in Terms of Firmness
(Image credit: Eve)

The Eve Premium Hybrid mattress is considered a medium-firm feel and thanks to the 5 foam layers and 1 spring layer, it is deeply cushioned making it suitable for side, front or back sleepers.

sleeping positions
Sleeping Position Performance
(Image credit: Eve)

Mattress Design 

The Eve premium hybrid mattress is a beautiful patterned white on top, with a grey side piece and a yellow zip separating the two. A clean finish with some style and flair in the yellow makes Eve stand out in the bed-in-a-box industry.

Neutral Design
(Image credit: Eve)

Eve Premium Hybrid Mattress Trial and Warranty 

The Eve Premium Hybrid mattress comes with a 100-night trial. This allows you to try the mattress and ensure that it is the right one for you. If for some reason you are unsatisfied, you may return the mattress within the 100 days and get your money back – no questions asked.

As is the custom in the industry, the Eve Premium Hybrid mattress also comes with a 10-year warranty. This covers a range of possible future issues such as performance issues, materials problems, splits or cracks in your mattress or any manufacture problems. That way you are secured long term.

eve night trial
100-Night Trial
(Image credit: Eve)
delivery and returns
Free Delivery & Returns
(Image credit: Eve)
eve guarantee mattress
10-Year Warranty
(Image credit: Eve)

Eve Premium Hybrid Mattress Delivery 

The Eve Premium Hybrid mattress arrives at your door, vacuum sealed and neatly packed. Simply unbox it and allow the mattress to expand to its full size.

With the standard delivery, it will be sent free of charge and takes up to 3 working days from placing your order. This is a relatively quick time frame when compared to the other mattresses we have reviewed.

Additional Services Offered by Eve

Specific Delivery – with this delivery you can choose any day of your choice even next day delivery. This extra service is an additional cost from ÂŁ6 (depending on your time slot).

Payment Options

  • Debit/Credit Card  
  • Paypal
  • Divido (0% installments)

Eve Premium Hybrid Price and Sizes

In this Eve Premium Hybrid mattress review, we do our best to cover all the possible angles so you can make a better decision. We also understand that price is probably the largest factor, that is why we have inserted the prices in a table below for you.

The Premium is available in these 3 sizes, please note these are standard prices make sure to have a look at our DISCOUNTS HERE for the best possible price. 

SIZEDIMENSIONSPRICE (excl. discount code)
Double size mattress135x190x28 cmÂŁ899
King size mattress150x200x28 cmÂŁ1049
Super king size mattress180x200x28 cmÂŁ1,199

*prices may be subject to change  

Mattress Customer Reviews 

Don’t just take our word in the Eve Premium Hybrid mattress review, please do have a look at what some customers had to say about the Premium mattress from Eve:

eve premium hybrid mattress customer reviews
(Image credit: Eve)

Eve Premium Hybrid mattress customer reviews

eve premium hybrid trustpilot
(Image credit: Trustpilot)

Trustpilot customer reviews

Eve Premium Hybrid Mattress Awards

As mentioned earlier, the Eve Premium Hybrid mattress has recently won the best buy award from Which? For December 2019.

The use of hybrid technology, exciting cooling technology and support technologies helped bring a brilliantly balanced medium-firm mattress to the UK public.

which award
Which Best Buy
(Image credit: Which?)


  • If you do decide to go with the 0% financing option you cannot use any discount codes.

Should I Buy an Eve Premium Hybrid Mattress? 

If you’re in the market for a medium-firm hybrid, this may be a great option for you. With Eve’s recent best buy award and stunning customer reviews, you can be sure your purchase is a good one.

We would highly recommend the Eve Premium Hybrid if you are looking for:

  • A medium to firm feeling mattress. 
  • A mattress made from high-tech materials.
  • A very comfortable hybrid mattress.
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eve discount code uk
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Eve Premium Hybrid Mattress Review Summary
Excellent rated premium mattress by customers and us. If you have the additional funds this would make a great addition to your bedroom.
Material Quality
Motion Isolation
Edge Support
Sex/ Bounce
Company Reputation
Value for Money
100-night risk-free trial
10-year warranty
Free fast delivery and returns
Iso 90001 quality standard, CertiPUR® and Oekotex certified
Exceptional cover
Great customer reviews
Not many sizes available