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casper essential mattress review

Casper Essential Mattress Review

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This Casper Essential mattress review takes a closer look at this new value option from the mattress giant. The Casper Essential is perfect for those who don’t want to break the bank and is also a great option for children’s and guest rooms.

Below is the full Casper Essential mattress review with a SUMMARY AT THE END.

Mattress Construction 

The Essential is divided up into two stream-lined layers. The Casper Essential borrows elements from its signature mattress to still provide support and coolness in a more cost-efficient design. As the Casper Essential is a foam mattress, we understand that you may be used to a pocket sprung mattress and in that case, we would also recommend you look at our Casper Hybrid Mattress Review.

The Casper Essential is proudly made in the UK, complies with the health and safety regulations. It is even allergy-friendly as its materials do not attract dust mites, which makes this mattress perfect for those who suffer from allergies.

It is helpful to take a closer look at the layers of the Casper Essential to better understand how it provides support, comfortability and breathability.

casper essential mattress construction layers
2-Layer Foam Combination
(Image credit: Casper)


We always start our reviews with the cover as this is the first thing the eye notices. It is exciting to see Casper break the generic white top cover which almost all other online mattresses in the UK offer.

The cover is made from 98% polyester and 2% elastane. This cover is thin which allows for the beneath foam layers to better project their support and it allows for better breathability. The cover is easily removable and can be washed at up to 60 degrees Celsius. This not only shows how durable and resistant the cover is but if Casper puts that much effort in the cover the rest of this Casper Essential mattress review looks promising. What’s also a great added bonus is that the mattress comes with handles for easy turning

casper essential cover
Essential Practical Cover
(Image credit: Casper)

Casper Essential Mattress Layers 

1. Top Open-Cell Layer (6cm)

The top layer is responsive polyurethane foam. Polyurethane is more breathable than other foams such as memory foam making this an ideal top layer option.

Casper calls it “open-cell” because it is less dense when compared to traditional polyurethane foam, there are more air pockets in the foam which not only allows for more airflow but also makes it a bit softer.

top open cell layer
Breathable Top Layer
(Image credit: Casper)

2. Support Foam (12cm) 

Ultimately we have the base layer which is made from high-density polyfoam. Most mattresses buyers don’t pay as much attention to the lower layers but it is important to remember that the supportive layers play a vital role in foam only mattresses as they don’t have sturdy springs.

The Casper Essentials’ base layer includes channelled edging (also called castellated) which are cuts that add zoning and the zoning is positioned at your hip and shoulder area to allow for more give/sinkage to ensure the best spinal alignment possible.

essential supportive base layer
Support Layer with Zoning
(Image credit: Casper)

How Thick Is The Casper Essential Mattress?

This is the least thick mattress we at The Mattress Guide have reviewed, measuring only 18cm in total. But can hold up to 22 stone or 140kg per person (based on two people on the mattress).

Mattress Firmness 

We have given it a 6 out of 10 in terms of firmness. 1 being the softest and 10 the firmest.

casper essential mattress firmness review
Casper Essential 6/10 Firmness
(Image credit: Casper)

Firmness and feel depend on body distribution and weight. But the Casper Essential mattress is just about the “bed in a box” average. It is slightly softer than the original Casper Mattress this is because the Essential mattress has only two layers compared to the 4 from the Casper mattress.

Mattress Design

The simple and neutral look is not only aesthetically pleasing but also very practical or functional. This is a great option for kids or guest rooms.

mattress design at home
Simple Look
(Image credit: Casper)

Casper Essential Trial Period and Warranty  

Casper offers a 100-night risk-free trial with all their mattresses including the Casper Essential. This means you have 100 nights from the day you receive it to test it in your home and if you are not satisfied you can return it (hassle-free).

The free delivery and collections are undertaken by Caspers partners so you will not have to worry about any of the logistics.

Casper also provides a 10-year warranty on the Essential mattress. This is the current standard in the UK “bed in a box” industry but is still a great testament to its durability.

Caspers service is great, they offer 24/7 customer service which is always a plus when you have any questions or issues.

casper 100 night trial review
100-Night Trial
(Image credit: Casper)
casper essential free delivery review
Free Delivery and Return
(Image credit: Casper)
casper essential mattress guarantee review
10-Year Warranty
(Image credit: Casper)

Essential Mattress Delivery & Box

The Casper Essential mattress is rolled and vacuum packed and delivered in a 40x40x110 cm box.

Delivery is usually carried out by UPS within 1-3 business days.

casper essential mattress unboxing review
Essential Unboxing
(Image credit: Casper)

Casper Additional Services  

Casper offers great additions services:

Firstly, Planned delivery – You can choose which day you would like your mattress delivered, it is then delivered with a 2 man service, they will bring it to any room you choose and set it up. This service is at an additional cost of £20.

Old Mattress Removal – For an additional £15 you can also remove your old mattress. This service includes the removal of up to 2 previous mattresses upon delivery. We did a bit of investigating for this Casper Essential mattress review and the mattress removal is currently only available with planned delivery slots.

Payment Options

  • Debit/Credit Card  
  • Paypal

Mattress Price and Sizing

The Casper Essential mattress can be ordered online in these 8 standard sizes. These are standard prices make sure to have a look at the VOUCHER CODES WE HAVE for the best price possible.

SIZEDIMENSIONSPRICE (excl. discount code)
Single size mattress90x190x18 cm£275
EU single size mattress90x200x18 cm£300
Small double size mattress120x190x18 cm£375
Double size mattress135x190x18 cm£400
EU double size mattress140x200x18 cm£425
King size mattress150x200x18 cm£450
EU King size mattress160x200x18 cm£500
Super king size mattress180x200x18 cm£550

*prices may be subject to change  

Casper Essential Customer Reviews 

casper essential mattress customer reviews trustpilot
(Image credit: Trustpilot)

 Trustpilot Reviews

Casper Essential Mattress Awards

which award
“One of the best mattresses
we’ve ever tested”
(Image credit: Which?)


  • 1,213,446,201 Global sales since 01/01/2017

Should I Buy a Casper Essential Mattress?  

For those looking for a mattress that won’t damage the pocket, this would be a great choice. The design is very simple and sleek which is a plus. The Casper Essential is the perfect mattress for those looking for:

  • cost-effective and high-value option. 
  • well-zoned mattress where you receive relief and comforting pressure.
  • A mattress for a guest room or kids room.
  • A medium feel mattress.
An inexpensive mattress that is durable and practical. An essential mattress for any guest or children room.
Material Quality9
Motion Isolation9.1
Edge Support8.5
Sex/ Bounce8.3
Company Reputation8.9
Value for Money9.2
100-night risk-free trial
10-year warranty
Free delivery & return
24/7 customer support
Mattress handles
Durable and washable cover
Economic option
No 0% financing option available
Very Good