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Tweak Pillow Review

Last Updated: July 5, 2021

Having the right pillow is equally as important as having the right mattress, it could be the difference between a perfect nights' sleep and not getting any sleep.

After reviewing the Tweak Duo mattress we were particularly excited to do a Tweak pillow review. We will be sharing our thoughts on this new entry in Tweaks product range and if it worth a buy or not.

Below is our full Tweak Pillow review with a SUMMARY AT THE END.

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Pillow Construction

The Tweak pillow follows a rather minimalistic yet sleek design. A breathable polyurethane foam layer neatly wrapped in a clean cover.


The cover is made from a visco-elastic polyester. Polyester is a great material for a cover because it is durable, resistant to shrinkage and stretching and retains its shape. You will notice the cover is also engineered in such a way to improve breathability with its pored structure for a cool nights' sleep.

A great plus for Tweak pillow is that the cover is also removable and machine washable. Tweak Slumber recommends washing on a delicate cycle, and air dry only. But don't worry the drying won't take too long as polyester is hydrophobic in nature and has quick-drying properties.


The Tweak pillow is made from a layer of polyurethane foam. Polyurethane is used very often as a top layer in mattresses because of its soft nature, quick response and durability so it won't lose its shape.

A great advantage with polyurethane compared to other foams is that it is highly modifiable and Tweak Slumber has done just that. They have included air pockets in the foam to increase air airflow so you don't get that overheating feeling you usually would get with most pillows.

Support & Comfort

The Tweak pillow is engineered to meet all types of sleepers, however, we feel it is better designed for back and stomach sleepers. The lack of thickness makes it ideal for those sleeping positions previously mentioned or for sleepers that enjoy a thinner pillow. All in all, we enjoyed the support from the durable polyurethane foam.

Polyurethane is very responsive which means it moulds quickly to the shape of your head when moving, that way you are constantly feeling the benefits and correct spinal alignment from the pillow.

Tweak Pillow Price & Size

The Tweak pillow is priced at just about the industry standard here in the UK. Please don't forget to head over to our DISCOUNTS PAGE so you can get the best price for your pillow.

70x45x9 cm£75

*prices and availability may be subject to change

tweak slumber pillow
(Image credit: Tweak Slumber)

Should I Get a Tweak Pillow?

To conclude this Tweak pillow review we want to answer the big question "is right for me"?. Although this is a subjective discussion we would recommend the Tweak pillow for those looking for:

  • A long-lasting pillow.
  • A pillow that is particularly great for stomach and back sleepers.
  • Great practicality with a machine washable cover.
Tweak Pillow Review
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