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Simba vs Casper Mattress Review

Last Updated: September 7, 2021

Welcome to our Simba vs Casper review. UK’s online mattress industry has been on the rise in recent years. Among the mattresses offered are the two very popular Simba and Casper. Both mattresses have their unique differences. But which mattress is best for you? We at The Mattress Guide put these two to the test and compare them side by side. Below you will find the Simba vs Casper mattress review.


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Simba vs Casper Construction

Simba vs Casper Cover Review


The Simba mattress cover is made from 100% polyester, the top has a unique diamond stitching which is not only aesthetically pleasing but also allows for more airflow to pass. The bottom half is more durable as this is in contact with surfaces. The cover is machine washable which is a great plus and makes the cover very practical. Unfortunately, the cover does not include any handles for manoeuvering.


The removable Casper cover is made of 99% polyester and 1% elastane. The cover is relatively similar to the Simba cover, however, what stands out is that the cover includes 4 handles and is washable, but it must be mentioned that it isn't machine washable but have to clean it with the good old damp cloth and mild detergent.

Verdict - This is a close call when comparing the two covers, you will half to ask yourself what is more convenient for yourself, moving the mattress around or opting for a quick clean in the washing machine. Both covers are soft in nature and breathable. We enjoy the look of the Simba mattress more but this is subjective and bear in mind you most probably will be covering the mattress in your bed sheets.

Materials and Layer Comparison


The Simba mattress has a total of 4 layers. From all of our mattress reviews, this is the only mattress that has a synthetic latex layer, this shouldn't be confused with natural latex.

  • Synthetic latex layer - This layer incorporates natural cooling soybean balms which help to regulate sleeping climate so you never overheat during the night.
  • Conical pocket springs - These are mini springs which just add a slight bounce and help with balancing pressure disparities.
  • Memory foam layer - The slow responsiveness properties memory foam has to offer makes it a perfect transition layer in order to feel the benefits from all the layers.
  • Polyfoam base foam - This is where the Simba mattress gets its support. This layer is also castellated which means there are channels cut out in the shoulder and hip areas to always allow correct spinal alignment.


The Casper Mattress is made from 4 different foam layers. Generally, memory and foam mattresses have a total of 3 layers but by offering 4 there seems to be a better transition through the layers.

  • Open-cell poly foam - This layer has more air bubbles when compared to traditional polyurethane foam, this allows for more airflow and breathability.
  • Memory foam layer - The visco-elastic foam layer helps extend the body contouring throughout the mattress.
  • Polyfoam layer - This thin layer is just an additional layer to transition the comfort from the slow response memory foam layer to the more sturdy base layer.
  • High-density polyfoam - Finally, the castellated base layer adds support for the mattress.

Verdict - Although it is always difficult comparing a hybrid mattress with a foam only mattress, however, we do feel the Simba mattress does bring a bit more to the table. Simba is the whole package, synthetic latex, mini springs, memory foam, and polyfoam, we feel that most people will benefit from the combination of these layers when compared to the Casper mattress.

Comparing Firmness & Feel

simba vs casper firmness comparison
(Image credit: The Mattress Guide)


We rated the Simba a 6.5/10 on the firmness scale, it's classified as a medium feel mattress. This way Simba can appeal to most of the sleepers out here in the UK.


Because the Casper has more layers than other foam mattresses and has more polyurethane foam layers when compared to the Simba, it feels slightly firmer. We gave it a 6.5/10 in terms of firmness.

Verdict - Research has shown that spinal alignment is best maintained on a medium firm mattress. Both Simba and Casper offer enough support but because the Casper is slightly firmer it may be the better option for those looking for a mattress that can hold more weight.

Simba vs Casper Comparison

Below we have included a Simba vs Casper side-by-side table to better highlight their main difference so you can make an informed choice.

TypeHybridMemory foam combination
Cover100% polyester & machine washable 99% polyester and 1% elastane, washable & includes 4 handles
Top LayerSynthetic Latex (4cm) Open-pored Polyfoam (3,8cm)
Layer 2Conical Pocket Spring Layer (2cm)Memory Foam Layer (3,8cm) 
Layer 3Memory Foam Layer (3,5cm)  Polyfoam Layer (3,8cm)
Layer 4Polyfoam (15,5cm) Polyfoam (12,7cm)
Max Weight (2 people)up to 18 stone or 114kg per personup to 22 stone or 140 kg per person
DeliveryFree, 1-3 business daysFree, 1-3 business days
Price £449-£849£375-£750
DiscountsLatest DiscountLatest Discount
Our ReviewSimba RatingCasper Rating
*Although we update The Mattress Guide regularly, data and information can be changed by the manufacturers/ brands. Please confirm with the mattress company before purchasing.

Should I Buy a Simba or Casper

To conclude the Simba vs Casper comparison, we added a few main points which you should look into before purchasing any of the mattresses.

We Would Recommend Buying Simba if You Are Looking For:

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Simba Discount Voucher Code
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simba comparison casper
(Image credit: Simba)
  • A hybrid mattress with a slight bounce to it.
  • A well-rounded mattress made from high-quality materials.
  • A cooling mattress.

We Would Recommend Buying Casper if You Are Looking For:

Up to 70% OFF
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Up to 70% OFF selected items | T&Cs apply. Show Less
casper comparison simba
(Image credit: Casper)
  • A multiple foam layer mattress.
  • A durable mattress that can hold a bit more weight.
  • A well-priced mattress.

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