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Best Moses Basket Mattress 2021

Last Updated: September 6, 2021

Many parents opt for a Moses basket and Moses basket mattresses in the early days of their new child’s life. It is easy to move around your home, meaning that you can have your child close to you while knowing that they are comfortable and well-cared for.

Moses baskets are incredibly popular choices, and you could even use the same one over and over if you intend to have several children who can sleep in the Moses basket. However, you do need to make sure that you are choosing a new mattress for every new baby that will be going to sleep in the Moses basket, and that you choose the best Moses basket mattress on the market.

You need to find one that is going to be able to care for the new addition to your family perfectly and allow them to get some much-needed peace and rest.

Let’s take a closer look at some of the best mattresses you could purchase for a Moses basket (Important Considerations in Conclusion).

Mother NurtureClassic Foam Moses Basket Mattress74 x 28 cm£13.49
AlviPram & Moses Basket Mattress75 x 33 cm£24.99
Linens LimitedDeluxe Quilted Moses Basket Mattress74 x 28 cm£12.83
John Lewis & PartnersBasic Foam Moses Mattress74 x 28 cm£10
Clair de LunePalm Moses Basket/Noah Pod Mattress74 x 28 cm£11.99
GugroMicrofibre Hypoallergenic Moses Basket Mattress67 x 30 cm£10.99
Information may be subject to change, please check with the brand/manufacturer before purchasing.

1. Mother Nurture Moses Basket Mattress

mother nurture foam moses basket mattress
(Image credit: Mother Nurture)

The Mother Nurture mattress is an affordable option that is nevertheless high-quality and could provide a brilliant option for someone searching for the right mattress for their Moses basket. Likewise, if you need a quick replacement, this is a fantastic option to choose.

This mattress measures 74 x 28 x 3.5 cm but it does come in a few other sizes. This hopefully means that you will be able to buy a mattress that best fits the Moses basket that you have. It weighs 0.1 kg, and is suitable for infants between 0 and 4 months.

The mattress itself is made up of a foam layer and a removable cover. It has been made in the UK so you can be sure that you have a quality product on hand. The foam used here is nursery-grade and is free from any harmful chemicals that you could be worried about. The cover has been quilted for extra comfort and can be machine-washed at 40 degrees Celsius.

The Mother Nurture has also been certified by several governing bodies to prove that it is safe for consumers to use. It meets the British Safety Standards BS 1877-10 2011 + A1 2012, and also meets the Fire standard BS&177 2008 + A1 2011. This should give parents some peace of mind that they are buying a safe and reliable product for their child to use.

It has proved to be a hit with many, having gathered over 2000 ratings on Amazon. Choosing to buy through this supplier means that you will also be able to pick up affordable bedding for the Moses basket mattress, such as new sheets, and then you can have it all delivered to your home quickly and easily.

2. Alvi Pram & Moses Basket Mattress

alvi pram moses basket mattress
(Image credit:Alvi )

Buying items for a baby can be expensive. This is why finding products like this that can work for both Moses baskets and prams can be great as it means that you can use it for both. The ALVI Moses basket mattress has been designed to be used for both, and it is a wonderful choice that has picked up over 1500 ratings on Amazon so far.

This mattress is made from foam. This material is often found in adult mattresses too. It has special support for your baby’s spine which helps to relieve some of the pressure that anybody at rest experiences – regardless of how old you are.

Another advantage of choosing this mattress is its TENCEL cover. This mattress has good levels of ventilation, small as it is, and helps to prevent heat from becoming stored in the mattress.

The cover of the mattress is removable and can be washed in temperatures up to 60 degrees Celsius. It can also be tumble-dried. It has a layer of integrated wet protection that helps to keep the core of the mattress safe from moisture. If there is a leak on the cover itself, it is designed to absorb the moisture well and dries fairly quickly.

The mattress cover is also hypoallergenic and has been thoroughly tested for both pollutants and allergens that could disturb your child’s rest.

3. Linens Limited Quilted Moses Basket Mattress

quilted moses basket mattress
(Image credit: Linens Limited)

Measuring in at 74 x 28 x 3.5 cm, the Linens Limited Deluxe mattress is perfect for those who want an affordable Moses basket mattress without compromising on the quality of the mattress itself.

For your convenience, this mattress can be brought through Amazon. This means that you get to take advantage of a secure transaction and delivery that comes straight to your door. Whether you are a new parent or you are just trying to get as prepared as possible, this makes it a bit easier for everything to manage.

This mattress has a foam core. This is comparable to many adult mattresses and will be a great choice for your child in the first few months of their life. Foam mattresses are a great choice for support, and this is something that you should be aware of and looking after no matter how old your child is. If you can be certain that their body is well-supported even in their Moses basket, they will be able to rest better and more safely too.

The cover of the mattress is removable and is machine washable for your convenience. It is water-resistant and has been designed to offer protection against dust mites and other allergenic issues. The Moses basket mattress as a whole also helps to move air around and dissipate heat equally so as to not disturb your baby.

The mattress has also been awarded certifications from British Standards to give you peace of mind that this is a safe and reliable product to use – BS 1877 part 10:1997 and BS 7177:2008.

4. John Lewis Foam Moses Basket Mattress

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foam moses mattress
(Image credit: John Lewis)

As one of the most well-known retailers in the UK, you can trust a product from John Lewis to be of great quality. This is one reason why many prospective parents turn to them to buy products when they are expecting a new arrival. John Lewis is, therefore, able to offer some brilliant products, such as this basic foam mattress.

Though it is recommended that you invest in a new mattress with every new baby, this one does come with a 2-year guarantee to help confirm its quality.

It measures in a 74 x 28 cm so it should fit several Moses baskets even if you have bought one from a different retailer as opposed to one from John Lewis. At the core of this memory foam Moses basket mattress is a supportive foam. This will cradle your baby and ensure that they are well taken care of when you place them in the Moses basket to rest.

On top of the foam mattress is a non-removable cover. This can be wiped clean from spills and spillages to help you keep on top of its cleanliness. It has also been designed to be water-repellent so it will help to make your life easier when it comes to cleaning it.

You can head to a John Lewis store to pick this up for yourself, or you can arrange to have it delivered to your home. The organisation is easy to manage, and it means that you will be able to focus in on your new arrival instead of having to worry about when you are going to find enough time to bring everything together.

5. Clair de Lune Palm Moses Basket Mattress

clair de lune palm
(Image credit: Claire de Lune)

An affordable option that has gathered over 250 5-star reviews on Amazon is the Clair de Lune Palm Moses Basket Mattress. This measures in at 74 x 28 cm. It has been designed to be compatible with the baskets from Clair de Lune, but you should find that it also fits many other types of basket if you already have one in mind. It sits at 2.5 cm deep.

This mattress uses foam to create a restful place for your child. This foam has been carefully chosen to ensure that it is free from harmful chemicals and that it meets the latest in standards for nursery mattresses and furniture. This way you can have complete peace of mind that this is a safe place for you to rest your child – and it is made in the UK too!

The Clair de Lune mattress is a firm mattress but still designed to be comfortable. Newborns tend to spend more time asleep than awake, so it is important to find a mattress that supports healthy sleep. The cover is water-repellent, but it is wipe-clean only.

Since preparing for a new baby can be a hectic time, you will no doubt be pleased to learn that this product can be bought through Amazon. It is also dispatched and delivered by them, so you can sit back and know that your package is going to be making its way to you safely and securely.

6. Gugro Moses Basket Mattress

gugro moses mattress
(Image credit: Gugro)

Newborns can be quite sensitive and you need to make sure that you are able to accurately care for their needs right from the beginning. Choosing a hypoallergenic Moses basket mattress is perfect for working to protect your child from allergens like dust mites and also some complaints like eczema.

This mattress is also made from foam, so it should be able to provide good support to your baby as they sleep. You need to make sure that you are providing the perfect environment for your child to rest in during the first few months of their life – especially since they are going to be spending most of it asleep. Foam is comfortable but supportive. It should be a good surface for you to lay your baby on.

The microfibre cover of this mattress only helps to make it an even cosier place for you to lay your baby, and it can be easily removed to be washed if needs be. You should also find that there is a good level of air circulation through and around the mattress. This is going to be key in helping keep your baby’s temperature well-regulated whenever they are in their Moses basket.

This mattress measures 67 x 30 x 4 cm. This is slightly smaller than the universal size of mattress, but you should still find that it fits exceptionally well with many different types of Moses baskets. In particular, this type of mattress works well in Moses baskets from popular brands like Mamas & Papas or Mothercare.

If you are buying a new mattress for a basket that you already own, this is an affordable choice that you could make!


In the early days of your child’s life, you will most likely find that they spend a lot of time in their Moses basket. As a result, you need to ensure that you take the time to find a high-quality option that suits their needs. Ideally, you want to find a mattress that will fit a Moses basket that you already own if you are reusing one or bought one second-hand. However, you will find that many mattresses are of a similar size, making it easy for you to buy a new one at an affordable price.

What you do need to focus on is the material used in the manufacture of the mattress. Many are made from foam, so you need to find one that is high-quality, comfortable, and meets the latest in regulations and standards. This will no doubt give you peace of mind that your bundle of joy is resting in the optimum environment for them. Moses baskets are often a baby’s first bed, so make sure that your child has the best one you can give them.


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