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Best Bunk Beds 2021

Last Updated: September 6, 2021

Bunk beds are typically the perfect solution for families who have more than one child to fit in a slightly small bedroom. Of course, bunk beds aren’t just practical, they are also fun and a lot of children and adults enjoy the idea of having a bunk bed.

In fact, many hostels that adults will visit regularly come with bunk beds to save on space and money. Some bunk beds come with a desk underneath or a pull-out couch, but for many homeowners, the standard bunk bed is often the best way to go. If you are looking for a way to save space in your home and still fit everyone in comfortably, a bunk bed can be a great option. 

Finding the right bunk bed is all about checking the size, the comfort and of course, the stability of the product. If you are planning on having your young children sleeping on the top bunk, you’ll need to protect their safety at night. You’ll also want to make sure that the bunk bed is within your budget and save money where you can. We have done our research and have found a range of bunk beds to suit every homeowner.

The bunk beds that we’ll discuss below offer the best value for money, stability and have modern designs that will suit your bedroom décor.

Check out some of our favourite bunk beds (Important Considerations in Conclusion).

Happy BedsAmerican Solid Pine Bunk BedSolid pine5 Years£199.99
DreamsJupiter Bunk BedSolid pine1 Year£399
Comfy LivingSingle Bunk BedSolid pine1 Year£179.50
John Lewis & PartnersWilton Bunk BedSolid pine1 Year£249
BirleaCorfu Bunk Bunk BedPolished Steel1 Year£191
StompaNexus Bunk BedSolid pine20 Years£449
Prices are referring to the smallest size. Information may be subject to change, please check with the brand/manufacturer before purchasing.

1. American Wooden Bunk Bed

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american wooden bunk bed frame
(Image credit: Happy Beds)

If you are looking for a budget bunk bed that will fit comfortably in your children’s bedroom, the American Pine Wooden Bunk Bed from Happy Beds might be the perfect option for you. With solid slatted bases for maximum comfort, you’ll find that the mattress that you buy for this bed should last for a lot longer. If you are worried about assembling this bed, it comes with full instructions that are included in the purchase – easy! The bunk bed will arrive flat-packed but it might require two people to get it together and ensure everything is in place.

If you buy these bunk beds directly from Happy Beds, you can expect a full 5-year guarantee. Interestingly, this bed can be separated into two single beds for when your kids grow out of sleeping in bunk beds or if you aren’t confident with the safety just yet. However, you should know that the barriers and study design will keep sleepers safe.

These quality bunk beds come in two colours – pine and white. This means that you can choose the perfect style product to suit your bedroom décor. It stands at 3ft tall which is a reasonable height that should be suitable for young children. These bunk beds have been reviewed by hundreds of customers who were satisfied with the style and durability of the product.

Overall, we think that these quality bunk beds are great for those looking for a bed that isn’t going to break the bank. Happy Beds is a trusted company that has been rated ‘excellent’ by over 7000 customers.

2. Jupiter Wooden Bunk Bed

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Up to 60% OFF selected items | T&Cs apply. Show Less
jupiter bunk bed uk
(Image credit: Dreams)

The Jupiter Wooden Bunk Bed from Dreams has a very attractive design and would look perfect in a modern bedroom. It has classic panel detailing and is made from solid pine wood in grey. The detailing on this bed adds a touch of class and can fit in with a range of décor.

The cost of these bunk beds is relatively high in comparison to other similar models but this is likely due to the durable structure and the unique design. Paying a high price works well if you're looking for quality bunk beds that will last many years.

These bunk beds are highly-rated, safe for children and are very easy to put together. The build time on these bunk beds is around 1 hour and will require two people. It is also possible to pay for bed frame assembly if you purchase this directly from Dreams; while this will add to the already high price, it could be worth it if you struggle with DIY. You will also get a 1-year guarantee as standard with this frame, so when you buy one of these bunk beds you know that you're getting great service and support.

The Jupiter Wooden Bunk Bed doesn’t come with an upper age limit but it does have a maximum weight limit of 75kg. It is possible to turn this set of bunk beds into two single beds when the time is right. The mattresses are not included in the purchase but you can find reasonably priced mattresses to go along. Dreams also offer a set of drawers that match the design and can be added underneath the bottom bunk to increase storage space. This will be an additional charge but is worth your consideration.

We found the Jupiter Wooden Bunk Bed to be attractive and very modern compared to other bunk beds. The design of these bunk beds is great and this bed has the edge of many others when it comes to the way that it looks.

3. Comfy Living Single Bunk Bed

comfy living single bunk bed
(Image credit: Comfy Living)

When looking at budget bunk beds, you must be considerate of the quality and the size of the bed to find that one that meets your every need and comes at a perfect price. Safety is a large concern but we found that the Comfy Living Christopher Bunk Bed is a safe and solid choice for those hoping to decorate their children’s room. This bed comes in solid pine white wood and is noted as being perfect for friends and family. It comes with an adjustable ladder and supporting side rails to ensure the safety of the person in the top bunk.

These bunk beds can be found on Amazon and so you can expect free delivery that gets there in around a week. Comfy Living offers a 1-year warranty with these bunk beds but the reviews from customers indicate that you shouldn’t have any negative feedback about this bed. These bunk beds come flat-packed for easy assembly and will stand at 149cm.

These bunk beds offer great value for money and should be seriously considered if you are looking for a budget model. They don’t come with mattresses but you should be able to pick up some high-quality mattresses easily enough. Based on what we can find online, we would suggest that the Comfy Living Christopher Bunk Bed is a great choice for those looking to free up some space. It even comes with some storage space underneath!

4. John Lewis & Partners Wilton Bunk Bed

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Visit John Lewis and Partners for the latest sales!! | T&Cs apply. Show Less
john lewis and partners wilton bunk bed
(Image credit: John Lewis)

John Lewis & Partners is a respected brand and their furniture is typically high quality, which is reflected in the price. The firm offers a range of bunk beds, so you can find the solution you want and receive incredible quality and customer service. The Wilton Bunk Bed from this company comes in three shades, white, natural and grey. We found the grey colour to be the most attractive and think that this will suit many different styles of décor in a bedroom. This bed has been crafted from solid pine and it comes with a slatted headboard that is comfortable to sleep on.

If safety is your main priority and we are sure that it is, you will be happy to hear that these bunk beds comply to the recommended safety (BS EN 747:2012+A1:2015), strength and durability requirements. However, only children over 6 should be allowed to sleep in the top bunk with an age restriction of 4 or over recommended for the bottom bunk. The barrier at the top bunk is slatted so that your children don’t feel boxed in and can get all the space they need for comfortable night's sleep.

The Wilton Bunk Bed doesn’t come with a mattress but it does require a 17cm option for the top bunk. Most budget mattresses or cheap memory foam mattresses will have a depth of around there. John Lewis & Partners have allowed for a 1-year guarantee with this product and free UK mainland delivery if you buy directly from them. As your children get older, you can remove the top bunk and transform this into two separate beds for ultimate comfort.

If you buy with PayPal credit on the John Lewis & Partners website, you can order this bed and pay 0% interest for the first four months. This is worth considering if you need the bed as soon as possible but can’t afford it right now.

5. Birlea Corfu Bunk Bunk Bed

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birlea corfu bunk bed uk
(Image credit: Birlea Furniture)

The Birlea Corfu Bunk Bed from Mattressman is a sleek and stylish bunk bed that is only suitable for children. However, you should note that these bunk beds are not suitable for children aged 6 years or under as there are risks with the height of the bed. Mattressman is a respected brand who offers everything from mattresses to headboards and bedding. This means that if you purchase this bunk bed from them, you can pick up the extras at the same time – you’ll need to buy the mattresses separately.

These standard bunk beds are priced reasonably when you consider the quality. The product has a mesh base that supports the mattress and ensures that anyone sleeping on the bed is comfortable through the night.

Mattressman notes that the finish on this bed is polished metal and it comes in just one colour option – silver. The maximum weight load for this frame is 85kg so this is something to note. These bunk beds come with a 1-year guarantee from Mattressman, and this covers any workmanship and material faults, so you get a lot for the price. As such, if you aren’t satisfied with the product, you can send it back.

The reviews for this bed suggest that it was very easy to assemble. It should also be noted that this bed can be rearranged into two separate single beds if you have the space in your home. Customers noted that this was easy enough to do. If you haven’t yet considered this bed, then for the price and quality that you receive, it might be worth a closer look.

6. Nexus Bunk Bed

nexus bunk frame
(Image credit: Stompa)

The Stompa Nexus Bed Frame is a modern bunk bed with a ladder that sits in the middle of the frame. This is slightly unusual, as many bunk beds don't have ladders directly in the centre, but it works when you consider the modern design of this bed. These durable bunk beds have been designed with slatted bases and it has a large storage area to maximise space in a child’s bedroom.

If you wish, you can convert the standard bed frame into two separate beds when your children no longer want to sleep in bunks.

These bunk beds boast a compact frame, making it suitable for smaller bedrooms. The bunk beds have been made from solid pine and come in white to suit most modern bedrooms. The mattresses are sold separately, so you only get standard bunk beds that offer quality at an affordable price. It is clear that the frames on these bunk beds have been made from high-quality materials and the price reflects this. In fact, if you buy these bunk beds from Furniture Village, you’ll find that it comes with a 20-year structural guarantee and the lowest price guaranteed.

This bunk bed is part of the larger Nexus range by Stompa which also supply bunk beds with desks and additional features if you require something a bit different. This bunk bed offers something a bit different for those who are keen to save space in their home. It fits 90cm x 200cm mattresses only so this is important to note. With a height of 163cm and a length of 208cm, these quality bunk beds will certainly meet your every need.

The Nexus Bunk Bed Frame from Stompa, despite its size, it offers more than meets the eye. It is available at many online retailers including Furniture Village and is worth taking a closer look.

Best Bunk Beds Conclusion

There are many factors to be considered when picking out bunk beds for your home. You’ll find that most bunk beds are made with children in mind and so it is important to check the maximum weight and length before purchasing a set of bunk beds for adults. Most of the bunk beds on our list can be converted into single beds, which provides parents and children with an additional option over time. We found the selection of bunk beds on the market to be very impressive and the flexible designs don't seem to affect the price too much.

If you are looking for a bunk bed for your home, consider all of the options that made it onto our list. These beds have been highly reviewed and offer optimum safety in your home. The prices will reflect the quality so this is something to consider if you are planning on choosing one on the lower end of the scale.


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