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ZEEQ Pillow Review

Last Updated: July 5, 2021

If you’re in the market for an all in one kind of pillow, then the ZEEQ smart pillow just might be what you’re looking for. In this ZEEQ pillow review, we will take a look at all the features this award-winning ZEEQ smart pillow has to offer. From the speakers for your favourite bedtime sounds, a smart alarm that wakes you at a convenient point in your sleep cycle and a snore monitor.

The ZEEQ smart pillow is filled with tech and all of it is designed to make you sleep better. This ZEEQ smart pillow review will highlight and explain all there is to discuss, leaving the decision to you. 

If you’re more of a ‘get to the good stuff’ kind of person, then you can scroll to the scoring summary at the end.

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ZEEQ Pillow Construction

The ZEEQ pillow is made up of a foam outer shell, with removable foam clusters on the inside, this means you can adjust your firmness to suit you. If you more of a back or stomach sleeper you can easily remove the excess foam to reduce the overall depth.

The smart pillow is also filled with useful functions and tech, all wrapped up in a Tencel fabric cover, but we’ll discuss the cover below. The ZEEQ smart pillow has a range of built-in tech features, such as a microphone, tuned to receive and monitor decibels, or your snoring level; 2 adjustable vibration motors, that react to snoring and gently vibrate; 3-axis gyroscope that tracks sleep motion through the evening; binaural audio wave technology that promotes a restful sleep; 8 wireless speakers, placed specifically for best sound experience.

zeeq pillow review construction features
ZEEQ Smart Pillow Construction

ZEEQ Pillow Features

  1. Snore Alarm - Included is a small microphone that is sensitive enough to pick up your snoring, which will then trigger the vibration motors in the ZEEQ pillow to gently vibrate, to assist or prompt you to move without disrupting your sleep and waking you up.
  2. Wireless Music - If you are one that needs music to fall asleep, the ZEEQ will help you with that. We have all tried to sleep with earphones or headphones but it's never comfortable now with the ZEEQ pillow that won't be an issue any more. Additionally, you can connect to music using your favourite apps such as; Apple Music, Spotify, GooglePlay Music.
  3. Music Sleep Timer - Don't want your music to continuously run in the background and risk it waking you up sometime during the night. No problem set a timer which will cut off the music after a predetermined time.
  4. Sleep Analysis - This makes use of the 3 axis gyroscope that tracks your sleep movements. The ZEEQ app allows checking of your snoring habits and levels. The app translates your movements into data and provides a sleep analysis for you. The app even gives you a snore score.
  5. Smart Alarm - The smart alarm uses the data to wake you at the best time during your sleep cycle. No more waking up on the wrong side of the bed. This smart alarm will wait for you to be on the right side of the bed and then wake you.
  6. Battery Life - The ZEEQ smart pillow has an impressive battery life of 2 weeks and connects directly to a micro USB charger which is provided.
snore alarm
Snore Alarm
wireless music
Wireless Music
music sleep timer
Music Sleep Timer
sleep analysis
Sleep Analysis
smart alarm
Smart Alarm
battery life
2 Weeks Battery Life


For this ZEEQ pillow review, we also wanted to just show you more about the app. As this is also what you are paying for. Below are some screenshots of the app, so you can see all the data and information the pillow and app combined display for you.

zeeq app
Sleep Analysis
zeeq app 2
Music & Alarm

P.S. The ZEEQ pillow and app work seamlessly with Alexa from Amazon.


The ZEEQ smart pillow is wrapped in a lovely and natural Tencel cover. Tencel is a wood-based fibre and naturally inhibits bacteria, keeping your pillow clean. With the Tencel fibres woven in, they naturally help wick moisture away and regulate the temperature of your pillow.

With all these features included in this high tech pillow. The ZEEQ pillow from REM-Fit also managed to make the cover washable so it's also very practical.

zeeq pillow cover review
ZEEQ Pillow Cover

ZEEQ Pillow Support & Comfort

As previously mentioned the height or firmness can be manipulated or adjusted to suit your exact sleeping needs. This is a huge plus as many other pillows only provide a one-size-fits-all solution.

The ZEEQ pillow is truly revolutionary when it comes to tech input, which is its main unique selling point. Comfort and firmness are relatively well maintained even with the high tech additions. The outer comfort foam and adjustable comfort filling are used to separate the inner tech from your head and neck.

zeeq pillow comfort review
Comfort & Support

ZEEQ Pillow Price & Size

Below is a table with the appropriate dimensions. Don't forget that you can remove the foam filling to adjust the height. Take a browse through our DISCOUNTS PAGE to get the best price on your pillow.

68x53x18 cm£199

Delivery is also free and can be delivered the next day!

Should I buy the ZEEQ Smart Pillow?

To conclude this ZEEQ pillow review, we have listed the main points for who it may suit. We hope you found this review informative and helpful. We would recommend the ZEEQ pillow if you are looking for:

  • A customisable hi-tech pillow.
  • If you have some extra pounds for an incredibly innovative pillow.
  • Enjoy larger sized pillows.
Up to 50% OFF
remfit discount code voucher uk
REM-Fit Discount Voucher Code
Save 25% on Mattresses and Up To 50% on Pillows & ProtectorsT&Cs apply.
Save 25% on Mattresses and Up To 50% on Pillows & ProtectorsT&Cs apply. Show Less
ZEEQ Pillow Review
Material Quality
Value for Money
Washable Tencel cover
Adjustable foam for various firmness levels
Free next day delivery
Sleep analysis & App

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Value for Money
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