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Una Mattress Review

Last Updated: July 5, 2021

To begin this Una Organic Mattress review, we can first state how intrigued we were when we first heard of this unique product. With a saturated market and a myriad of products to choose from, now is the time that companies are making stand out products that can set themselves apart from the norm.

In this Una Organic Delux Mattress Review, we will highlight the features, layers and much more, while paying special attention to what makes the Una Mattress an organic mattress

Una Mattress Construction 

If you are going to have organic in the title of your product, it better well be fully organic, and the Una Mattress is just that, 100% organic. The mattress is designed and engineered in Germany while being made in India, which is where all the natural materials used in the mattress are grown. All certifications for the Una Mattress are based on the highest social and environmental standards, which are also independently certified. This means that Una was given the organic title because their product met the standards, they could not claim the title on their own. 

una organic mattress construction
(Image credit: Una)

The Una Mattress is a 4 layer design, that includes an all-natural cover and base. The internal layers and cover have interesting properties that we will go over in detail in their respective sections. 

In terms of the organic aspects of the mattress, the Una Organic Delux Mattress is fully loaded with all-natural materials. To the organic point, the Una Mattress is certified with 2 separate organic regulatory boards. The first being the Global Organic Latex Standard which covers the internal layers and specifies that the latex in the mattress is all-natural and certified as such.

The second regulatory board that the mattress is certified under is the Global Organic Textile Standard which certifies that the mattress cover is 70% organic cotton and 30% organic wool. Both regulatory boards have given the Una Mattress a label of ‘organic’ showing furthermore that the product is completely organic. 

This mattress is completely organic and all-natural, with no need for chemicals or CFC’s. Not only does it help the environment but also the sleeper, with a healthy and natural sleep surface.

Una Organic Delux Mattress Cover

As stated previously, the cover is regulated and certified by the Global Organic Textile Standard and is classified as a 100% organic cover. This is thanks to the materials in use to create the cover. Made from 70% organic cotton and 30% organic wool, the cover is also pesticide-free and retains the all-natural effects of the all-natural materials. This means that there is no need for chemical flame retardants, CFC’s or any other chemical substances. 

The cover can be spot cleaned, with mild soap and water, to avoid shrinking or damaging in the washing machine.

una cover review
(Image credit: Una)

Una Mattress Layers 

Not only the cover in the Una Mattress is organic but the internal layers too. This seems unlikely as the foam layers in mattresses are usually made from chemicals such as petroleum and polyurethane. The foam layers in the Una Mattress, however, are made from an all-natural latex that is extracted from the Hevea Tree.

organic latex tree sap
(Image credit: Una)

The organic latex layers also feature a unique comfort aspect, but we will cover that in the firmness section, for now, let’s jump straight into the layers.

The top (first) layer of the mattress is standard, however, the lower 3 layers are fully customisable per sleeper. This means that your Una Organic Delux Mattress will come with the top layer that covers the whole mattress, but the lower 3 layers will be split into two halves. This allows you to choose how to arrange the bottom 3 layers in the way that best suits you. This is especially helpful to those who have different sleep preferences from their partners.

1. Full-width Top Layer

The first layer below the organic cover is the full-width organic latex layer. This layer covers the whole surface of the mattress and helps it to feel like a solid sturdy mattress. This will make more sense as we explore the lower 3 layers. 

2. Soft Feel Layer

The soft layer has a density of 75 kg/m3. This is also the most elastic layer and allows for the most sinkage. This layer was designed to be the comfort layer.

3. Medium Feel Layer

The medium feel layer has a density of 85 kg/m3. This layer is in between the firmest layer and the softest, in terms of density, holding capacity and sinking feeling. Where it is placed in the mattress is up to you though.

4. Firm Feel Layer

The firm feel layer has a density of 95 kg/m3. This is the firmest of the internal, individual layers and provides the most support out of the individual layers. We will go through the comfort combinations and how they translate into firmness and comfort options further down.  

The arrangement of the 3 lower layers is dependent on the individual and their sleeping styles or position. The Una Mattress was designed to suit every sleeper regardless of their sleeping positions, whether you are a belly sleeper, side sleeper or back sleeper.

How thick is the Una Mattress?

The Una Mattress stands 24cm tall in total. The bulk of this depth is from the organic certified natural latex internal layers, which stand a total of 22,5cm tall. This just leaves the covers to fill in the extra 1,5cm.

Additionally, thanks to the individual densities of the internal layers, the Una Organic Delux Mattress can comfortably hold up to 20.5 stone or 130kg per person (based on a bed for 2 people) which serves very well if you are looking for a mattress as a heavier person.

Una Mattress Firmness 

The 100% organic build is not the only thing that sets Una apart, you’d be happy to hear that Una has even gone above and beyond in the firmness department.

With the Una you also receive 6 firmness variations on each sleepers side. This is unlike other brands who offer different firmnesses from the factory. With the Una Mattress, you can switch up the firmness at any time by simply rearranging the internal individual organic latex layers. 

Switching up the layers is made to be simple and fast. When setting up your mattress you first place the base cover. You then decide which of the 3 individual layers you would like to use and in which order for your side of the bed. The last two steps involve placing the full-width organic latex layer on top of both sleepers customised sections and finally closing the cover with the convenient zip. 

(Video credit: Una)

The comfort side of the Una Mattress is all in the organic latex layers. Each layer is fitted with 7 comfort zones designed to produce a deeper sleep. These zones are numbered from head to toe. Zones 1 & 7 - 2 & 6 - 3 & 5 have the same support, allowing you to switch which side your head lays on without worrying about losing any support from the zones. 

mattress sleeping profile
(Image credit: Una)
  1. Head zone - This zone was designed to relieve pressure by gently supporting your head and neck.
  2. Shoulder zone - This zone was engineered to gently align your shoulders and spine, helping you rest. 
  3. Lumbar zone - this zone was designed with firmer support, to better align the spine. 
  4. Pelvic zone - This zone was designed to be softer, allowing your legs, knees and feet to gently recover. 
  5. Knee zone - This zone was designed with firmer support to match the lumbar zone.
  6. Leg zone - This zone was designed to match the shoulder zones gentle support level. 
  7. Foot zone - This zone was engineered to match the head zones gentle support level

Mattress Design

The Una Mattress follows the classic cloud-like colour, promoting soft responses from your senses, with the added benefit of it being an all-natural, 100% organic product. The design follows the trend of the industry by cutting the clean white cover with a solid navy strip that also keeps the zip hidden.

Una Trial Period and Guarantee  

In terms of the trial period, Una offers the industry standard, a 100-night trial. This trial allows you to try the mattress and all of its comfort variations in your own home for 100 nights. If you arent happy with your purchase, Una will collect the mattress and give you a full refund. This is only valid during the 100-night trial period. 

The Una Organic Delux Mattress is also covered by an industry-standard, a 10-year guarantee. This allows you to rest easy knowing that if any part of the mattress has a fault, you can return it as long as it is within the 10 years. An interesting fact about natural latex is that it is highly durable and can last anywhere between 15 and 20 years.

Mattress Delivery & Box

An interesting feature about the all-natural Una Mattress is that it requires more space than a vacuum-sealed box will allow. This is due to the natural materials and components, which need more space to breathe. The Una Organic Delux Mattress is still boxed, however, it will come in 2-3 boxes, depending on the size bed you have chosen. This makes getting the mattress into your room of choice more simple than with a large vacuum-sealed box.

Payment Options

  • Debit/Credit Card  
  • Paypal
  • PayPal credit
  • Klarna

Una Mattress Price and Sizing

This is one of if not the most important factor when choosing a mattress from this saturated industry, how much is it? Well, considering the fact that this is a 100% natural, certified organic product, it is fair to assume you won't be spending the same amount you would on a budget mattress.

Below we list every size and the respective price for the sizes. All prices are excluding discount codes or sales, for special offers on Una mattresses which they only promote a few times a year check out our mattress discounts page

SIZEDIMENSIONSPRICE (excl. discount code)
Una single size mattress90x190x24 cm£950
Una double size mattress135x190x24 cm£1,400
Una king size mattress150x200x24 cm£1,550
Una super king size mattress180x200x24 cm£1,850
Una emporer size mattress200x200x24 cm£1,950
Una EU single size mattress90x200x24 cm£975
Una EU double size mattress140x200x24 cm£1,450
Una EU king size mattress160x200x24 cm£1,650
*prices and availability may be subject to change  

Una Customer Reviews 

A good customer consults other customers, it’s a good idea to head over to Una and read the customer reviews if you are still undecided. For a more objective review list, then head on over to Una’s third-party review site by the name of review.io.

Una Mattress Awards

Seeing as this is a new mattress that has recently launched, it has not won any awards yet. It is, however, certified by 2 separate regulatory bodies who certify the product as organic.


  • Certified under Control Union Fair Choice, Social and Fair Trade Standard.
  • As it is an all-natural product, that means that it is not only good for you but good for the environment as well. A quote is taken from Una’s website about why an all-natural product is good for you and the environment

“There’s no need for yucky petroleum-based foam, industrial glues and the harmful footprints they leave behind”

The Una Organic Delux Mattress also fits onto any bed frame or floor.

Should I Buy an Una Mattress?  

To conclude this Una Mattress review we can clearly see that the main selling point of this mattress is that it is 100% organic. This speaks to the companies commitment to greener production, safer products for those with sensitive skin and a commitment to making a positive difference in the environment.

We would suggest the Una Mattress for those looking for:

  • An all-natural, 100% organic mattress
  • A mattress with 6 different firmness variations
  • A mattress with comfort zones built into each layer
Una Mattress Review
Material Quality
Motion Isolation
Edge Support
Sex/ Bounce
Company Reputation
Value for Money
100% organic, all-natural materials throughout the entire mattress
6 firmness variations
7 comfort zones for deeper sleep
100-night trial
10-year warranty
Many size options
The cover is not machine washable

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Material Quality
Motion Isolation
Edge Support
Sex/ Bounce
Company Reputation
Value for Money
Final Score


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