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REM-Fit Hybrid Pillow Review


Written by Kyle

Last Updated: 1st January, 2022

Welcome to our REM-Fit Hybrid pillow review. With a number of pillows on the market, finding the right pillow is a challenge but we enjoy the challenge at The Mattress Guide. In this REM-Fit Hybrid pillow review, we cover the construction, materials used, the benefits of these materials, price and much more.

Could this be the pillow you’ve been looking for? Let’s get down to business and explore the REM-Fit Hybrid pillow, after that the choice is yours. SUMMARY AND RATING AT THE END.

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REM-Fit Hybrid Pillow Construction

The REM-Fit Hybrid pillow is made out of 2 unique layers. A polyester fibre chamber and 60 encapsulated pocketed springs, with the chamber sitting around the springs. Wrapping up the layers is the cover, which is made from 100% cotton.

The spring layer is a foam-encased layer, with all 60 springs being contained within the foam. This allows the springs to respond to weight, shape, and movement all in order to aid with spinal alignment. As the springs compress and expand this creates spaces for air to flow through the pillow. Thanks to the 9 litres of air cushioning, you’re kept cool while you sleep. 

Additionally, the polyester fibre chamber is naturally good at wicking away moisture, durable and breathable. Thanks to the design, there is plenty of space for airflow which keeps you cool as you sleep. 

Both layers are very breathable and allow for air to flow as you sleep and even move, ensuring that you’re kept cool through the night.

remfit hybrid construction review
(Image credit: REM-Fit)


The REM-Fit Hybrid pillow cover is made from 100% cotton. Cotton is naturally good at cooling and is soft to the touch and makes for a clean surface. Thanks to these natural properties of cotton, your pillow will be naturally cool, soft to touch and breathable.

The cover, however, is not removable or machine washable. In terms of care, REM-Fit advises sponge cleaning your pillow and allowing it to dry completely. Chances are you will be covering it in a pillowcase anyway so just keep that in mind too.

remfit hybrid pillow cover
(Image credit: REM-Fit)

REM-Fit Pillow Layers

The REM-Fit Hybrid pillow as previously mentioned is made from 2 distinct layers.

  • The first and innermost layer is the spring layer. This layer consists of 60 individual pocket springs encased in foam. This allows the springs to move and shift according to your movements. With each movement allowing for air to flow through the pillow, making the pillow cooler and breathable as you shift in your sleep.
  • Surrounding the springs is the polyester fibre chamber layer. This chamber has air cushioning allowing more circulation as you sleep. Polyester is naturally breathable and good at wicking away moisture.

Support & Comfort

The REM-Fit Hybrid pillow is designed to suit all sleepers. Whether that be back sleepers, side sleepers or stomach/ front sleepers. Standing at a height of 12cm, this is a tall pillow that cushions to your movements.

Thanks to the springs and chamber there is plenty of space for movement and support. The springs respond to movement in order to aid in correct spinal alignment. As you move, the springs adjust to maintain your neck can be in a healthy position. In terms of comfort, the 100 % cotton cover provides a soft to touch surface, while the polyester fibres and air chamber provide the cushioning.

REM-Fit Hybrid Pillow Price & Size

Below you will find the price and the exact dimensions of the REM-Fit Hybrid pillow. For the latest in discount codes, visit our DISCOUNT PAGE.

70x45x12 cm £79

*Prices and availability may be subject to change

REM-Fit Pillow Delivery

The REM-Fit Hybrid pillow comes complete with a free next day/ day of choice delivery service. Orders must be placed before 1 pm to qualify for next day delivery service.

For a day of choice delivery, simply select the required date when checking out. There are 2 delivery slots, a weekday slot (8 am - 12 pm) and a Saturday delivery slot (8 am - 12 pm). Both slots are available to choose when checking out

REM-Fit Hybrid Pillow Guarantee

The REM-Fit Hybrid pillow comes with a 5-year guarantee. This speaks to the confidence REM-Fit has in its pillow. This covers defects in workmanship and materials for up to 5 years.

Should I buy a REM-Fit Hybrid Pillow?

As we come to a close now, we just want to make some suggestions on this uniquely bouncy pillow from REM-Fit. To conclude this REM-Fit Hybrid pillow review, we would highly recommend the REM-Fit Hybrid pillow if you are searching for:

  • A supportive and breathable pillow
  • A hybrid design
  • A pillow with a long term guarantee
REM-Fit Hybrid Pillow Review
Material Quality
Value for Money
5-year guarantee
Supportive spring layer
Not machine washable

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