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Eve microfibre pillow review

Eve Microfibre Pillow Review

For this Eve microfibre pillow review, we look at this 2-part pillow which balances an airily soft filling on the outside with a more supportive filling in the middle. Designed to suit all types of sleepers with its unique shape. The pillow can be turned to suit your preferences, if you want to know more, then let’s get right into this Eve microfibre pillow review.

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Eve Microfibre Pillow Construction

The Eve microfibre pillow is made up of a central chamber filled with 100% hollowfibre, fully polyester mesh side panels and 100% microfibre in the outer chambers. All of this wrapped up in a 230 thread count, 100% cotton casing. If you don’t know what thread count is its the number of threads woven together per square inch, basically the thought is, the more that’s crammed in the more luxurious.

The pillow has a soft cloud-like feeling with a twist, it is also supportive. Designed in a wedge shape, you can flip it to better suit your sleeping style. The boxier edge is great for side sleepers, with the tapered edge being designed for back sleepers.

microfibre construction
Eve Microfibre Wedge Shape


The Eve microfibre pillow is wrapped in a soft a sturdy cotton cover. The cover is 100% cotton with a thread count of 230. The pillow is washable at 40 degrees Celcius and should be fluffed up after washing. A great addition is the polyester mesh side panels to help air to freely flow through the pillow, that way you not left with a warm air-filled pillow. The premium microfibre pillow cover is also Oeko-Tex Standard Class II certified, which is a stringent set of tests to ensure the pillow is not harmful.

For best results, Eve suggests that you shake and plump your pillow every morning, to keep it fresh.

eve microfibre cover review
Eve Microfibre Mesh Side Panel

Support & Comfort

The Eve microfibre pillow is a worthy option for any type of sleeper, whether that be back, side or front sleepers. It is designed to be flipped with two unique edges, a tapered edge for back sleepers to easy you heads levitation and a box edge for side sleepers which is thicker to properly support your neck in this position.

support and comfort
Microfibre Pillow Head Support

Pillow Trial & Warranty

The Eve microfibre pillow comes with free delivery to your doorstep, this takes up to 3 business days.

As with most products in the UK, you have up to 14 days to decide if you want to keep it if not you can return it within these days provided there are no signs of use. This allows you to return the pillow if need be and receive a full refund.

The pillow is covered by a 3-year warranty. If it fails within that time then Eve will exchange it for a brand new one.

Free Delivery & Returns
return policy
Hassle-Free Returns
pillow warranty
3-Year Warranty

Eve Microfibre Pillow Price & Size

For this Eve microfibre pillow review, we have included a short table just showing the size and price it is available for. Don’t forget to take a look through our DISCOUNTS PAGE to get the best price on your Eve microfibre pillow.

SIZEPRICE (excl. discount)
46×67 cm £35

Should I buy the Eve Microfibre Pillow?

To finish up this Eve microfibre pillow review, we have just mentioned pretty much everything to know for you to make an informed decision but we would highly recommend it if you looking for:

  • A pillow if you are a variable sleeper.
  • A reasonably priced pillow.
  • Enjoy larger sized pillows.
30% OFF
eve discount code uk
Eve Discount Code
Up to 30% OFF almost all products.
Up to 30% OFF almost all products. Show Less
Eve Microfibre Pillow Review Summary
The Eve microfibre pillow has the soft yet supportive properties a pillow should have, giving you the best of both worlds. It has been designed with a subtle tapered shape to provide gentle head and neck support, with the tapper coming to a box edge shape on the other side. The box-shaped side is designed for side sleepers. The pillow can also be machine washed, keeping it fresh for longer.
Material Quality
Value for Money
Free delivery and returns
3-year warranty
Removable, washable cover
Suited for all sleepers: back, side and front
Rather large