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Eve Mattress Protector Review


Written by Kyle

Last Updated: 1st January, 2022

To start off this Eve mattress protector review, I'm sure we can agree that every great mattress deserves to be protected and cared for. That sounds like a lot of maintenance right? Well, possibly not with the Eve mattress protector, which does the job for you.

Tired of hot nights, struggling to clean spills off your mattress or those pesky dust mites? The Eve mattress protector is just for you. In this Eve mattress protector review, we'll look at the features and properties of this protector, and we will see if it's got your mattress covered.

Can’t wait for the nitty-gritty? No problem, just skip past the detailed review and see our SUMMARY AT THE END.

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Eve Mattress Protector Materials

The Eve mattress protector has a Neotherm® coating, this makes the protector water-resistant and lives up to the ‘protector’ in its name. The water-resistance is not the only quality feature though, it also regulates temperature and guards against dust mites. As an added bonuses for the sweaty sleepers, the cotton-top wicks away any moisture keeping the surface cool and dry. 

The Eve mattress protector has a 100% cotton top, with 30cm skirts. This allows it to be soft on the top, with the extra cotton features of keeping you cool and dry, and thanks to its depth, it will cover most beds. The base of the protector is 100% polyurethane. 

The Eve mattress protector is ultra-thin and fits onto your mattress without the need for any straps. This means it won’t annoy you, won’t move by itself and will always have your back. 

The Eve mattress protector can be removed if it’s needing a wash. Eve suggests that you wash the Eve mattress protector every 3-4 weeks, to ensure that it remains durable for longer. To wash the Eve mattress protector simply pop it in at 40 degrees. There’s no need to iron your Eve mattress protector, simply pop it back onto your mattress and let it do its job.

Finally, the protector is OEKO-TEX® 100 Class 2 certified. The OEKO-TEX® laboratory tests involve about 100 parameters and take into consideration the intended use of the textile. The more intense or close the textile is in contact with skin the stricter the tests become. Class 2 refers to "articles used close to the skin".

Delivery & Warranty

The Eve mattress protector comes with a free delivery that usually takes up to 3 working days. The delivery is to your doorstep and since its a smaller products, you won’t need any additional service like a 2 man delivery team, which they offer at an additional cost. The delivery slots are between 8 am and 7 pm weekdays. 

The Eve mattress protector comes with a 2-year warranty thanks to its quality build and design. This allows you to sleep soundly knowing that it will hold up to the task of protection.

As with almost all products in the UK you have a 14 day refund period where you can return the mattress protector at zero cost to you and receive a refund. Of course, there may not be any signs of use.

Eve Price & Sizes

For this Eve mattress topper review, we also added a summary of the price and size availability but don't forget to take a quick stroll to our DISCOUNTS PAGE for the best prices out there.

UK Single size mattress90x190 cm£40
EU Single size mattress90x200 cm£40
Small double size mattress120x190 cm£49
UK Double size mattress135x190 cm£49
EU double size mattress140x200 cm£49
UK King size mattress150x200 cm£59
EU King size mattress160x200 cm£59
Super king size mattress180x200 cm£65
Emperor size mattress200x200 cm£75

*prices and availability may be subject to change

Eve Mattress Protector Customer Reviews

The Eve mattress protector has some great reviews for a smaller product. It is evident from the reviews on the Eve website that customers are really happy with their purchase.

Should I Buy the Eve Mattress Protector?

Do you need to protect your mattress? Do you want to be on the safe side? The Eve mattress protector is soft, water-resistant and ultra-thin. The protector will fit snuggly, just like a fitted sheet, on your mattress and won't hassle you or slip around. Simply put it on and allow it to work. The protector is removable and washable at 40 degrees.

The Eve mattress protector is completed with a comfort layer cotton top and temperature regulating properties, this will wick away any moisture keeping you cool and dry under the covers. With these features, the Eve mattress protector will always have your back.

To sum up the Eve mattress protector review, we would recommend it if you are looking for:

  • A long term investment into your mattress.
  • A moisture-wicking protector.
  • An Easily washable mattress protector.
Up to 45% OFF
eve discount code voucher uk
Eve Discount Voucher Code
T&Cs apply.
T&Cs apply. Show Less
Eve Mattress Protector Review
Material Quality
Value for Money
100% cotton top layer
Guards against moisture and dust mites
Wash every 3-4 weeks

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Value for Money
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