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Best Silk Pajamas/ Pyjamas 2021

Last Updated: September 6, 2021

Pyjama or pajama, or however else you have grown up spelling it, we all deserve great sets of nightwear and loungewear to keep us comfortable. Especially now that COVID-19 is keeping us indoors for the foreseeable, we need to make sure we have plenty of comfortable clothes to keep content while staying home. Many have taken comfortable luxury one step further and chosen silk pajamas as their go-to outfit of choice while staying at home.

Silk is the ultimate embodiment of luxury. It is often used by designers and creators in the fashion industry as it can usually be very expensive. Silk is distinct from other fibres as its quality is out of this world. It often has a beautiful shine to it, it is lightweight, and it has great absorbency. The benefits don’t stop here, and we will keep exploring silk as a natural product as we move through the article.

According to a study on the rearing of silkworms✓ they had noted that:

The quantity and quality of the silk is directly proportional to the quality of mulberry leaves fed to the silkworm larvae thereby positively affecting the overall cocoon production"

You will notice that silk is measured in mommes (mm). The higher the momme, the heavier and denser the weave will be. It can range from 3 all the way up to 40, typically you will find 20 mommes to be most common.

Whether your looking for ladies' silk pyjamas or silk PJs for a gift for someone you love, silk pajamas are the ideal solution for any occasion.

Silk pajamas are certainly a luxury that everyone deserves, and you should consider treating yourself.

If you’re interested, keep reading to find out some of the best silk pajamas available to purchase in the UK today (Important Considerations in Conclusion).

LilySilkWomen's 100 Silk Pyjama100% Mulberry Silk22£118
The White CompanySilk Stitch-Detail Pyjama100% Silk19£189
LilySilkLadies Short Pajamas100% Mulberry Silk22£167
The White CompanySilk Lace-Trim Cami & Shorts Pyjama100% SilkNA£119
John LewisAlyssa Piped Silk Pyjama100% SilkNA£120
Prices are referring to the smallest size. Information may be subject to change, please check with the brand/manufacturer before purchasing.

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1. LilySilk Women's 100 Silk Pajama

LilySilk Women's Silk Pyjama
(Image credit: LilySilk)

With hundreds of reviews on Amazon, this is not a shock considering this silk pyjama set by LilySilk is 22-momme. The reviews for these silk pajamas for women paint an excellent picture of how much people love them from across the globe. At a slightly higher price than other silk pyjamas on the market, customers obviously expect great quality. Customers believe that they are beautifully made, great quality, comfortably fitting and a worthy purchase.

The reason that the LilySilk Women’s 100 Silk Pyjama Set are slightly more expensive seems to be because the quality is not diminished at all. They are made with 100% real mulberry silk, with charmeuse lustre. LilySilk has made it their mission to use pure silk to ensure their customers experience pure silk feeling while lounging and going to bed each night. The high grade of silk means that there are no extra materials included in the make-up of the material, such as cotton or polyester.

LilySilk is fully aware of the benefits of silk on the skin and hair while sleeping, which has aided the creation of this set of pyjamas. For example, they note that the material used is a great option for those who suffer from allergies because silk is generally anti-allergy and dust-mite resistant. The science, however, is unclear on this.

The mulberry silk is also fully breathable which makes them an excellent option for those who like to have their clothing regulate their temperature throughout the night. Thus, the pyjamas are designed to help you stay warm in the winter and cool in the cooler months of the year.

2. Silk Stitch-Detail Pyjama Set

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Silk Stitch-Detail Pyjama Set
(Image credit: The White Company)

The White Company are known for luxury items, whether this is clothes, homeware and furniture. They are often the go-to place for beautifully crafted and scented Christmas presents such as candles and – you guessed it – pyjamas. Their pyjama range is huge and is certainly worth a lot of attention. The White Company have designed a set of Silk Stitch-Detail pyjamas which are in line with their luxury collection.

Silk is often recommended as a great material to sleep in for many different reasons, and The White Company are very aware of this. They note that these specific silk pajamas are incredibly made for the benefit of every sleeper’s health. For example, silk naturally contains a lot of proteins✓ like the ones found in hair which usually keeps individuals’ hair shiny, sleek, strong and healthy. With that being said, silk is a great option for nightwear as it reduces friction and static, thus contributing to the health of your hair. As your hair often lays on your pyjamas each night, it might be useful to purchase silk pyjamas to keep your hair softer and protected throughout the evening while you sleep.

This Silk Stitch-Detail Pyjama Set is 19-momme. As mentioned, momme is the unit of measurement used to measure both the weight of silk and it’s quality. More specifically, the higher the momme, the more the silk material will be stronger and thicker. This way it is a lot more durable than other types of clothing material. Beneficially, a higher momme also means that the material will be able to withstand constant wear and washes. Thus, the durability of a pair of silk pyjamas is important to consider when you purchase.

The premium silk comes in both pale blue and blush colours. Not only are the colours of these silk pajamas subtle, but The White Company have recently developed the set to contain beautiful ivory stab-stitching around the collar of the pyjama set, as well as the pocket, cuffs, hems and the centre-front. Ultimately, you can rely on The White Company to provide you with a product that is of great quality and will last a very long time.

3. LilySilk Ladies Short Pajamas

lilysilk Ladies Short Pajamas
(Image credit: LilySilk)

LilySilk has created an option for those who love to wear minimal clothing when sleeping but still want that feeling of pure silk. At 22-momme, the higher price point for these LilySilk pyjamas may be justified. This pyjama set comes with a very lightweight tank top and loose shorts, ideal for those who like to keep it light when going to bed and lounging about. This is also a great option for people who can sleep better while cooler throughout the evening. Less clothing will ensure this, but so will the lovely lightweight nature of the pyjamas.

When it comes to shopping for silk pyjamas, colours are often limited by each manufacturer. This is often the case as silk is a pure material. However, LilySilk has taken this one step further and currently have eight colour way options available. They include Black, White, Claret, Dark Gray, Dark Teal, Light Sky Blue, Navy Blue and Violet. Evidently, there is a perfect colour for everyone with regards to this product.

These pyjamas are OEKO-TEX Standard 100 certified✓ – this means that they are free of harsh chemicals. They are naturally dyed, therefore you can expect them to last longer. The higher momme count means that they also won’t lose their colour as they get regularly washed. They can also be machine washed for your convenience; this is often not the case for pure silk pyjamas. There is also the option for them to be hand washed or taken to the dry cleaners. Either way, you can rely on LilySilk to provide you with a purchase that you can rely on.

4. Silk Lace-Trim Cami & Shorts Pyjama

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The White Company Discount Voucher Code
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Visit The White Company for any sales | T&Cs apply. Show Less
Silk Lace-Trim Cami & Shorts Pyjama
(Image credit: The White Cmpany)

Another set of silk pajamas that is worth considerating is that of The White Company’s Silk Lace-Trim Cami & Shorts Pyjama Set. As a lovely lightweight option, this may be a great selection for those who need to stay cooler at night. The clue is in the name – this set comes with a cami top and flowy shorts.

This silk pyjama option from The White Company is a sophisticated choice for those who adore constant luxury in their lives. The pure silk pyjamas come in two colours (Anthracite and Ivory) and are finished with a band of scalloped lace stitched into the neckline. This adds to the design that The White Company has created, and the colours are neutral and easy on the eye.

As well as the lightweight feature of the pyjama set, if this wasn’t enough, the cami top also has an adjustable strap feature. This is great for those who love changing between a looser and tighter look anytime they like.

Therefore, The White Company have truly captured the true essence of pure silk, allowing its customers to reap the benefits that silk pajamas offer.

5. John Lewis Alyssa Piped Silk Pyjama

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John Lewis Discount Voucher Code
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Visit John Lewis and Partners for the latest sales!! | T&Cs apply. Show Less
John Lewis Alyssa Piped Silk Pyjama
(Image credit: John Lewis)

If you have ever browsed or shopped with John Lewis & Partners, then you’ll know that it is a fantastic place to find beautiful and luxury items. This brand is well trusted by UK shoppers and people across the globe, so it is worth considering when on the hunt for some lovely silk pyjamas. Exclusive to this brand, John Lewis & Partners have manufactured a loungewear option – the Alyssa Piped Silk Pyjama Set.

Being 100% pure silk, it is a wonder why the reviews for this set are not fantastic. Previous customers who have bought the set believe that it is true to size however find the quality average. This set comes in Small, Medium and Large size options.

Try to keep this in mind when it comes to choosing your pair of silk pyjamas; as after all, you want to be fully comfortable when sleeping each evening. You should put as much effort and dedication into choosing the perfect set of pyjamas as you would your mattress or bedding! You should also ensure that you maintain the quality of them, by handwashing the set and keeping it good as new for longer.

John Lewis & Partners have created this pyjama set with love and your comfort in mind. They have cut the pyjamas in a relaxed shape and added beautiful extra touches. As mentioned before, they are navy in colour and are finished with premium pig-nose buttons and contrast piping at the cuffs and placket.


Hopefully, you should now have a better idea of what to look for when seeking to buy the best silk pajamas UK. There are so many silk pajamas on the market, and those listed above seem to be some of the most noteworthy on the market at the moment. Each product has its own qualities, but silk as a material shares wonderful benefits across all products.

When shopping, if the price is a factor for you, then don’t worry as there are options for everyone (Satin). Overall, consider the products mentioned above when choosing a pair of silk pyjamas.


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