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Best Duvet Protector 2021

Last Updated: September 6, 2021

Have you been looking for some extra accessories for your bedroom to promote hygiene? If so, a duvet protector might be exactly what you’re looking for.

Many people have only heard of a mattress protector, but your duvet needs extra care and protection too. Duvet protectors essentially slip over your duvet – acting as a protective material which lays in between both the duvet and your duvet sheets.

Duvets can be rather expensive, especially if you have invested in a luxurious one. So, taking one step further and protecting its quality is a sure way to keep it lavish for longer. There are also many other benefits of duvet protectors, including balancing out bacteria and moisture as well as keeping your duvet free of any bugs.

If you’ve decided to invest in a duvet cover, they are fully affordable so no need to worry as there will definitely be something for you. However, there are plenty to choose from so it’s best to do your research before you make a purchase.

Here’s an all-encompassing review of the best duvet cover protector options sold online (Important Considerations in Conclusion).

HOMESCAPESWaterproof Duvet Cover ProtectorDouble, King, Super-king£15.95
Soak & Sleep Duvet ProtectorSingle, Double, King, Super-king£36.99
Sterling MillZipped Quilt Duvet ProtectorSingle, Double, King, Super-king£13.99
COMFORTNIGHTSWaterproof Duvet ProtectorKing£12.50
Bedding Care UKDuvet Quilt Protector ZipperedDouble£18.99
PinzonCotton Duvet ProtectorSingle, Double, King£24.80
Prices are referring to the double size. Information may be subject to change, please check with the brand/manufacturer before purchasing.

1. HOMESCAPES Waterproof Duvet Protector

homescapes waterproof duvet cover protector
(Image credit: HOMESCAPES)

As well as offering a wealth of great sleep information for their customers, HOMESCAPES also offer luxury and affordable bedding accessories. For example, their Waterproof Duvet Cover Protector does exactly what it’s described as.

It acts as an extra feature for your bed that protects your duvet. This specific protector is waterproof, and this is a memorable feature as not all protectors are. It’s manufactured with a high-density polypropylene fabric which is highly breathable and is what makes up the cover’s waterproof coating.

This waterproof feature is great for those who like to eat and drink in bed and also great for children who tend to spill things more often than not. This is especially true for people who own feather duvets. HOMESCAPES have noted that moisture can ruin and damage these feathers which, in turn, ruin the investment. There’s little point in having such a luxurious accessory for your bedroom if it’s not fully protected and taken care of. Having a protector is therefore a fantastic way to keep your duvet in great condition. However, it’s useful to keep in mind that this duvet cover protector only comes in a few sizes, so consider this before you make your purchase.

HOMSCAPES are no stranger to providing excellent customer service and maintaining the quality of their products. They have hundreds of four and five-star ratings on Amazon which is making more individuals jump at the opportunity. Moreover, the fact that both the double and king size protectors are sitting at affordable prices makes it worthwhile to try out.

There are many other excellent features too. For example, the protector is both hypoallergenic and dust mite proof meaning that it’ll keep your sleeping arrangements neat and hygienic. This can often be a worry for many people as bedding tends to harvest bacteria. The bacteria tend to form as a result of people sweating during the night as well as hampering dead skin cells. This is where a duvet cover protector comes in handy to do the trick! The waterproof feature helps the actual duvet stay fresh and drier night after night. With excellent customer satisfaction and rapport, you can be sure to trust HOMESCAPES to keep your duvet safe.

2. Soak & Sleep Duvet Protector

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soak and sleep duvet protector
(Image credit: Soak & Sleep)

At a slightly higher price point than other duvet protectors, the hundreds of five-star reviews could indicate it is still a worthy investment. Amazon customers who have bought from Soak & Sleep believe that the protector is a great quality product as it has a luxurious feel and fits the duvet of size very well.

This duvet protector is offered in four different sizes – single, double, king and super king – so there is something for everyone. The protector is white with a solid pattern and is completely machine washable, this makes it very practical.

The fabric is made up of 50% cotton and 50% polyester, making it breathable and provides it with cooling properties to make your sleep all that more comfortable. The material makeup is great as it means there will be no rustling throughout the night allowing you the sleep you deserve. This is a downfall that some other duvet protectors have as customers often believe that others are too loud.

If you have or intend to invest in luxury bedding, there’s no point in leaving it until there’s an accident to begin protecting it. If your budget allows, we recommend saving your duvet from any spillages from the get-go.

Soak & Sleep believe that their customers shouldn’t have to ever worry about taking the time and making the effort to clean their duvets; which is why they have created their duvet protector to save you the job and to keep your duvet at its best. The protector is easy to remove as it features a zip. It is also ‘Teflon-treated’, making the protector moisture, oil and dust repellent.

Soak & Sleep have made it their mission to make sure you feel the difference between a poor and comfortable sleep which is why they pride themselves on being sleep experts who can help you.

3. Sterling Mill Duvet Protector Cover

sterling mill waterproof quilt duvet protector
(Image credit: Sterling Mill)

Sterling Mill is one of the only sellers on Amazon that don’t widely vary their prices based on what size of duvet protector you choose. This is great as the transparent pricing means you know that you’re not losing out on quality.

This duvet protector is a solid white pattern offering light thermal performance. This means that it won’t be adding any extra heat to the bed, helping you stay cool in the warmer months. If you’re investing in a luxury duvet, there is no point in buying something else that’ll only add more heat!

This duvet protector is made of 100% durable polypropylene making it very lightweight – this is useful for those who of us who are light sleepers and dislike having heavy items surrounding your body while you sleep, such as a weighted blanket. The material also means it is friendly for machine wash, making it a very hygienic addition to your bedding.

Sterling Mill has created the protector so it is 100% water and dust mite proof making it anti-allergenic and breathable. Therefore, this product provides excellent protection against any type of spillage on your duvet.

Many Amazon customers have rated the protector as both four and five-stars making it great quality and very reliable to purchase. Those who have previously purchased have suggested that it comes exactly as expected, and it is easy to use and clean.

4. COMFORTNIGHTS Waterproof Duvet Protector

comfortnights waterproof duvet protector
(Image credit: COMFORTNIGHTS)

This duvet protector is one of Amazon’s Choices when individuals are in search of a duvet protector. This appears to be the case as hundreds of customers have loved their purchases and have rated the product five stars.

Different reviewers have suggested that the protector does the job perfectly, or in other words, is impeccably fit for its intended purpose. Customers believe that it adds a bit of warmth to the bedding, helping you keep that bit warmer throughout the winter months. Perhaps the only downfall for this protector is that it currently only comes in one size (king size) but this seems to be made up in quality.

COMFORTNIGHTS have used 100% polypropylene to make up the materials for the protector which allows for the protector to be waterproof. The added waterproof feature is excellent for those who are prone to spillages and even those who love a late-night snack in bed! They have branded the protector as an economical way of protecting your duvet from spillages, meaning you don’t have to make the same trip to your laundrette or dry cleaners anytime someone has spilt something.

The fact that the protector is fully machine washable makes these trips definitely less likely. Despite it not being suitable for tumbling trying, the lightweight polypropylene material means it’ll be quick to dry for your convenience. The protector is also dust mite proof, making it hypoallergenic and therefore, a great option for the whole family. COMFORTNIGHTS recommend that their duvet protector is a great product for those who are asthmatic.

You can rely on Amazon for their fast delivery and secure returns policy options if the protector isn’t for you.

5. Bedding Care Quilt Duvet Protector

bedding care duvet protect
(Image credit: Bedding Care UK)

Bedding Care UK has created a well-rounded double sized duvet protector that could fulfil your bedding needs! At a very affordable price – and perhaps one of the most affordable out of the many sold on Amazon – it is no wonder that this protector is one of Amazon’s top choices for shoppers.

Those who have bought the duvet protector have given very positive reviews. They have noted how the cover has made their duvets feel even softer and how it may be helpful for those who suffer from allergies. They say this because the protector is hypoallergenic as it is made from anti-allergy fabric.

According to the reviews, this seems like one of the best double duvet protector solutions on the market.

Duvet covers have been created to essentially prolong the life of your duvet, and that’s exactly why Bedding Care UK has created this product. It is fully breathable and easy to take on and off with the zipper feature that it offers. The duvet is fully machine washable and tumble dryable. This feature is not often popular among many other duvet protectors.

This lightweight and comfortable protector is designed to help keep your bedding accessories fully hygienic allowing you to rely on it for a restful sleep.

6. Pinzon Cotton Duvet Protector

pinzon cotton duvet protector
(Image credit: Pinzon)

The Pinzon Duvet Protector is an excellent feature for your bedroom that isn’t to be missed. Currently coming in three different sizes, Pinzon has created this product to fully protect your duvet cover.

The core feature of the protector is that it is fully hypoallergenic, and this is something that the manufacturer takes pride in. It’s designed to keep out all harmful bacteria from the duvet such as bed bugs and dust mites by having a tighter weave to stop these bacteria from entering the protector’s surface. This is especially great for those who have pets and struggle with allergies and asthma.

When looking for the perfect duvet protector, many reviewers often seek one that isn’t noisy throughout the night keeping you awake. They also want a protector that doesn’t allow the duvet itself to slide about it as you sleep. This is why Pinzon has optimised its duvet cover by adding in newer features that take all these worries away.

For example, the protector has a secure placement on the duvet as there are ties to keep it in place. The product is also made from breathable cotton, which helps keep the noise down if you’re a light sleeper.

One thing to keep in mind with Pinzon however is that it isn’t 100% waterproof – only moisture resistant.


Looking for the perfect duvet protector can be very difficult, especially because each product has loads of great features for your convenience. However, to help aid your decision, focus on price, features, qualities and also consider what’s best for your living conditions too.


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