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Best Dog Mattress Beds 2021

Last Updated: September 6, 2021

A dog is more often than not seen as an extra family member and is also treated that way. We want to find the best dog mattress for our furry friends and this can be almost as confusing as finding a mattress for ourselves. The considerations are slightly different but yet there are a lot of things to keep in mind when doing our research.

We are looking a bit closer at some of the best dog mattresses available in the UK right now and at the things that you should consider before buying one. There are lots of different types available on the market and depending on your dog's needs you should consider one or another.

There are people who decide not to get a dog mattress as they allow their pets to sleep in their beds, while others find this unhygienic and potentially harmful. This article also aims to clear out some of the doubts around co-sleeping with your dog and what you should keep in mind if you decide to do so.

(Important Facts, Studies, Advice, Considerations & FAQ's In Conclusion)

PetFusion Dog BedBolsterRemovable & WashableNA Years£49.95
JOYELF Memory Foam Dog BedBolsterRemovable & WashableNA Years£39.99
BEDSURE Donut Dog BedDoughnutWashable (entire bed)NA Years£19.99
The Dog’s BedFlat padRemovable & Washable1 Year£44.99
Rosewood Plush Dog BedNest / BolsterWashable (entire bed)NA Years£16.53
Coolaroo Original Elevated Pet BedElevatedWashable (hose off outdoors)NA Years£27.99
Prices are referring to the smallest size. Information may be subject to change, please check with the brand/manufacturer before purchasing.

1. PetFusion Dog Mattress

PetFusion Dog Bed
(Image Credit: PetFusion)
• Waterproof liner and water-resistant outer cover
• Memory foam mattress
• Removable and washable cover
• Older dogs with joint pain
• Puppies who aren't potty trained yet
• All dog sizes

If you are looking to give your furry family member a bed on a similar level to the rest of the family, the PetFusion dog mattress might be worth checking out. This memory foam dog bed is designed to take pressure off the joints of your dog which could make it a great option for older dogs who suffer from joint pain or arthritis.

The lounge design with an elevated edge makes for better head and neck support for your dog. The bolsters of the bed are filled with a generous amount of recycled polyfill, cotton and twill. The base of the dog mattress is made of different thicknesses of memory foam, depending on the size of your dog, and wrapped in a waterproof liner to protect it from accidents.

The outer cover is made of a breathable and skin-contact safe polyester and cotton blend, which is also water-resistant in order to slow down the absorption of liquids. You can remove the cover both from the bolster and the base thanks to handy zippers and machine wash whenever needed. This dog mattress comes in various sizes to fit any dog from a Chihuahua to a Great Dane and has over ten thousand five-star reviews.

2. JOYELF Memory Foam Dog Mattress

Joyelf memory foam dog bed
(Image Credit: Joyelf)
• Comes with a squeaky toy
• Removable and washable cover
• Fluffy bolsters for added comfort
• Older dogs
• Dogs who like to play
• Dogs who enjoy a soft and fluffy sleep surface

The Joyelf Memory Foam dog mattress is very appreciated amongst dog owners who talk about how their dogs are adapting to this bed instantly. With over ten thousand five-star reviews this memory foam dog mattress seems to be a great fit for older dogs who need a bit of extra comfort for their aching joints.

It comes with a water-resistant inner liner to protect the high-density memory foam at the base from accidents and the outer cover offers added warmth and comfort. The dog mattress is surrounded by big and fluffy bolsters for your dog to rest its head and neck on and is available in various different sizes.

The Joyelf dog mattress is easy to maintain clean thanks to its removable and machine washable cover that is easily attached again with hidden zippers. The base of the dog mattress has been lined with rubber particles to avoid the bed from sliding around. The sides are water and tear-resistant and as an added bonus, the dog mattress comes with a little squeaky toy for your dog to play with.

3. BEDSURE Donut Dog Mattress

BEDSURE Donut Dog Bed
(Image credit: BEDSURE)
• Very soft and cosy
• Machine washable
• Non-slip bottom
• Small or medium-sized dogs
• Anxious dogs who need to feel safe and comforted
• Dogs who like to sleep curled up in a circle

Just like some humans, there are dogs who prefer a softer feel to their beds rather than a firm surface to sleep on. The feeling of being cradled between the fluffy walls of this bed could help give anxious dogs a sense of security and calm. The plush fabric can also help provide some extra warmth during colder months.

The Bedsure Donut dog mattress has slightly raised edges, made of the same plush fabric as the rest of the bed, that your dog can rest its head on. The bottom of the bed is non-slip, meaning that it should stay in place even if your dog moves around in it. This dog mattress is suitable for small and medium-sized dogs that enjoy sleeping curled up rather than stretched out across their bed.

This could be a good option for those with dogs who easily get anxious either at home or while travelling in a car for example. The bed can be machine washed on a colder cycle and tumble dried on low heat. This product has a ton of great reviews and many mention how soft and cosy, yet supportive the bed is. If you happen to have a cat at home, your dog might have to share the bed as cats seem to love it as well.

4. The Dog’s Bed

The Dog’s Bed
(Image credit: The Dog's Bed)
• Orthopaedic memory foam
• 1-year warranty
• Various covers available
• All dog sizes
• Dogs who enjoy sleeping stretched out
• Dogs with joint problems

The Dog's Bed is stated by the brand to be an orthopaedic dog mattress that can help to relieve pain in joints in dogs with joint conditions like hip dysplasia, arthritis or patella luxation. It comes with two layers of foam - a sturdy base foam layer to provide the necessary support and on top sits an orthopaedic memory foam layer that is designed to provide a comfortable sleep for your furry friend.

The bed can of course also be used for younger dogs to prevent future joint problems. It comes with a waterproof inner to protect the foam and various types of mattress covers depending on what your dog likes or needs, covering both easy-wash options and more luxurious options.

The Dog's Bed comes in a wide variety of sizes to suit the smallest chihuahua to the biggest Saint Bernard. This could be a great option for those who don't mind spending a bit more in order to give their dog a supportive surface to stretch out on while possibly preventing future problems or alleviating current ones.

5. Rosewood Plush Dog Mattress

Rosewood Plush Dog Bed
(Image credit: Rosewood)
• Soft plush material
• Machine washable
• Elevated edges for comfortable head support
• Dogs living in colder cities
• Anxious dogs
• Most dog sizes

If your dog likes a cosy and warm sleep surface, this could be the right option for you. The Rosewood dog mattress comes in soft plush and has a rectangular shape with rounded edges to create a comfortable and safe space for your dog. The elevated edges can help to add to the sense of security and provides a comfortable headrest for the dog.

This dog mattress comes in a ribbed grey outer colour with cream coloured plush on the inside. It is available in various different sizes to accommodate most dog breeds. With over five thousand 5-star reviews the happy dog owners claim that they are jealous of their dogs for having such cosy beds and one even says that her niece tried sleeping in it.

The Rosewood Plush Dog mattress is machine washable at 30 degrees for your comfort but the brand advises against bleaching, ironing or tumble drying it. This could be a suitable option for dog owners living in colder environments or with dogs that need a little nest to feel safe in.

6. Coolaroo Original Elevated Pet Bed

Coolaroo Original Elevated Ped Bed
(Image credit: Coolaroo)
• Elevated platform that promotes breathability
• Easily cleaned and maintained
• Greenguard certified material
• Dogs in warm environments
• Dogs who like to stay close to the action
• Indoors and outdoors

Dogs often want to hang out where the action is but sometimes that can be a very hot place, such as outdoors on warm summer days for example. With the Coolaroo Elevated Pet Bed, your furry friends can be present but not necessarily have to lay on the hot floor or ground. This elevated dog mattress helps create some air underneath the dog which keeps them cooler and, generally, happier.

The Coolaroo Pet Bed comes in a handy, portable design that is suitable for use both indoors and outdoors. The suspended platform is designed to create low-impact areas to take pressure off the dog's joints. The base is made of a lightweight, yet sturdy steel frame that should hold the weight of most dog sizes.

The platform is made of breathable and high-density polyethylene that is 100% recyclable and Greenguard certified. It can easily be hosed off outdoors, it's resistant against fleas, mould, mites and mildew and comes in several different sizes and colours. This could be an interesting option for dog owners living in warmer environments or with dogs that tend to overheat easily.

Co-Sleeping With Your Dog

Many dog owners can't resist allowing their dogs to join them in bed as it can bring them a sense of comfort and safety. There has been lots of debate on whether or not co-sleeping with our dogs is good for our health and the research is still ongoing.

Studies have shown that animals can have a therapeutic effect on people as it increases the oxytocin levels that can help against anxiety and depression while stimulating social interaction like trust and a positive self-perception. There is also research pointing at having close contact with pets, such as getting licked by or co-sleeping with them, could increase the risk of transmission of zoonotic agents and cause serious infections.

Another study✓ suggests that co-sleeping between humans and dogs can affect the sleep quality of the human as the dogs movements could cause humans to move as well and thus lose sleep quality. However, the number of humans reporting that they had been disturbed, or even remembered moving, because of the dog's movements were low which could indicate that the positive effects of co-sleeping could weigh up the negative ones.

Co-sleeping with dogs has its pros and cons

When To Get A Dog Mattress?

No matter if you are pro or against having your dog sleeping next to you, it is always recommended to get them their own bed. Getting your dogs a mattress of their own can create a safe environment for them whenever they need it. This is also why the dog mattress should never be a place for punishment. Even if the dog sleeps in your bed at night, this can be a great place for naps throughout the day and also while travelling.

Aim at getting your puppy used to sleeping in its own bed from an early age and if they later want to alternate between their bed and yours that is up to you.

Get a dog mattress in which your dog feels safe

The Do's And Dont's When Co-Sleeping With A Dog

Even if your dog has their own sleeping space, it still might want to snuggle up in your bed. If you feel like sharing your bed with your dog, there are a few things you should keep in mind:

✓ Teach them to wait for permission before getting into bed.✗ Forget to walk your dog before going to bed.
✓ Set clear rules on where in/on the dog is allowed. Be consequent.✗ Allow your dog to sleep in your bed if you have an open wound.
✓ Change your sheets regularly.✗ Ever sleep next to a dog that is aggressive.
✓ Take your dog to the veterinary for regular checkups.✗ Allow a dog that hasn't been potty-trained into bed.

Did you know:
That dogs can suffer from sleep disorders? Research shows that some of the most common sleep disorders in dogs are obstructive sleep apnea, narcolepsy and REM sleep behaviour disorder.

The Importance Of Good Sleep For Dogs

Dogs may seem like they have a great lifestyle, sleeping for a big part of the day, waking up ready to play, eat or going for a walk. But just like for humans, sleep plays a big part in a dogs wellbeing, but also in their learning process.

A longitudinal study including more than 3400 dogs showed that dogs aged 16 weeks slept for a longer amount of time in total over a 24-hour period, but less time at night than dogs at 12 months age. The younger pups slept for an average of 11.2 hours while the older pups slept for an average of 10.8 hours per 24-hour period.

There is also research on the effects of sleep and learning in dogs that suggests that dogs have a sleep-dependent memory consolidation, similar to humans, which helps improve their learning process. It is clear that our furry friends also benefit from a good night's sleep and a good dog mattress could be more important than we think.

A good dog bed is important

The Different Types Of Dog Mattresses And Beds

There are a lot of different types of dog mattresses available on the market and if you have just gotten your first dog it might be difficult to know what type of mattress to choose. You can start by getting an inexpensive dog mattress that you think your dog would like and once you know a bit more about its sleeping routines you can invest in a more expensive one.

These are a few of the most common types of dog mattresses:

  • Nests
  • Flat pads
  • Orthopaedic
  • Bolster beds
  • Doughnut-shaped beds
  • Elevated

Depending on your dogs sleep preferences and personality you might want to choose a specific type of bed. Dogs who like to sleep stretched out could benefit from a flat dog mattress or bolster-type of bed, where they can rest their head on the elevated, fluffy bolsters.

Some dogs like to stretch out

Smaller dogs and dogs with anxiety problems often like nests or doughnut-shaped beds to curl up in, feeling safe and comforted in their own space. Larger dogs who like curling into a circle for sleep could also enjoy these types of dog mattresses. Elevated beds are great for dogs who like to sleep in different spots as these are often easy to move and can elevate your dog off sun-warm floors to help them sleep cooler.

Older dogs and those with different types of joint problems could get some relief by sleeping on an orthopaedic dog mattress. Keep in mind that, similar to some mattresses for humans, the brands sometimes state that their mattresses are orthopaedic without any medical proof or backing for this. Make sure to do your research if you are looking for a mattress for a dog with special needs.

Older dogs could benefit from an orthopaedic mattress

What To Look For In A Dog Mattress

It's not only the type of bed that you should pay attention to when setting up your dog's sleeping space. There are several other factors to keep in mind if you want to create a long-lasting and comfortable nest that is easily maintained:


The materials of your chosen dog mattress are more important than you might think. You'll want to choose a mattress that can last through the wear and tear of many years to come and not rip open after a few scratches. The mattress should also be made with breathable materials so that your dog doesn't get unnecessarily hot while sleeping. You might also want to consider an eco-friendly dog mattress that is kind both to your dog and to the environment.


Dog beds need regular cleaning, just like any other mattress and the maintenance of your dog mattress goes hand-in-hand with the material selection. Choosing a mattress that is entirely machine washable, or at least had a removable cover that you can throw in the washer will make your life a lot easier.

Younger dogs that are not fully potty-trained yet, as well as older dogs with incontinence problems, can benefit from a waterproof dog mattress or a waterproof mattress cover.


Make sure to get a mattress for your dog to grow in. The entire dog should fit comfortably on the mattress, without paws hanging over the sides. While some dogs choose to sleep in the strangest positions it doesn't mean they should have to.

The dog mattress should fit your entire dog

Help Your Dog Sleep Better In Its Own Bed

If you have decided against co-sleeping with your dog and want to make sure they get the best possible sleep in their own bed, there are a few things you can do to make them get more quality sleep:

  1. Make sure to give your dog plenty of exercise throughout the day. Each breed has its own needs so make sure that your dog gets to get outside and play as many times as it needs per day. This could help tire your dog and make them sleep better.
  2. Try letting your dog sleep alone. Sleeping in the same room as someone else could potentially disrupt their sleep because of noises or lights.
  3. Invest in a great dog mattress and place it in a spot where the dog feels safe. Make sure that the temperature in the dog's sleeping space is not too hot or too cold.
a good dog mattress can help improve your dogs sleep

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the best dog mattress?

That depends on your dog and what needs it has. Some dogs like to sleep stretched out on a larger surface while others like to curl up in a ball to sleep. You should consider its size, sleeping position, age, any possible joint problems or anxiety issues when looking for a suitable dog mattress.

How to get dog pee out of mattress?

A mix of hydrogen peroxide, baking soda and liquid soap or detergent can help get rid of urine stains from your mattress. Cleaning your mattress regularly is important if you are co-sleeping with your pet.

Best mattress for big dogs?

Larger dogs tend to enjoy sleeping stretched out so a flat pad is often suitable for bigger breeds. Some enjoy resting their heads on bolsters and some prefer completely flat mattresses. It is however very individual so you should pay attention to how your dogs sleep to see what their preference is.

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