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Sprung Slats Vs Solid Slats Vs Solid Platforms

Last Updated: November 24, 2021

Sprung slats, solid slats and solid platforms are three of the main types of bed bases commonly found on offer in the UK. There are several variations that make up the structure of each base. Naturally, the combination of a good mattress with the proper bed foundation could be the key to improving your sleep quality.

The ideal option should be chosen according to the individual needs of each person. Find below some of the essential elements you should consider when selecting a long-lasting base to pair with your mattress. We have compared the different features among sprung slats, solid slats and solid platforms to help you decide which is more suitable for your needs.

Sprung Slats

Sprung slat bases are typically made from beech wood and are slightly curved. They are a popular choice amongst bed frames due to their strength and flexibility. Should the sprung slats break, they can also be relatively easy to replace compared to some other types of slats. 

Sprung Slats Vs Solid Slats Vs Solid Platforms

The curved design enables the slats to adjust to your body weight and relieve pressure points on the mattress, which can improve its overall lifespan. When the pressure is reduced, the slats return to their original shape. 

You could pair sprung slatted bases with a softer or medium-firm mattress for more gentle support. This makes sprung slats a good option as they provide extra comfort and support on top of the mattress features.

Solid Slats

Solid slats are sturdy lengths of wood placed across the bed and attached to the frame. Due to the rigidity of the slats, this type of bed frame can add some firmness to the overall feel of the mattress and could be beneficial for those who require more support. This could be ideal for heavier people who may need added support to help stop the surface from sagging over time.

solid slats

The firm slats can also add durability to the bed frame and give a sturdy feel. If you want an extra-firm surface, you can opt for a firm mattress, or if you prefer a balance between firm and soft, a mattress with a medium feel could be suitable. It's worth noting that a soft mattress may become damaged by the rigidity of the slats as they can leave dents in the structure of the mattress.

Solid Base

A solid base bed is designed to provide an even and supported surface while you sleep. The downside here is that there is restricted airflow, and the bed can often weigh heavier than those with slats, making it harder to manoeuvre.

solid base

Some solid bases can offer a mesh system or other details that can allow for increased air circulation; however, it is often not as effective as a frame with a slatted base. These bases tend to be a poor choice for those who tend to overheat in their sleep or those who live in hot or humid climates. On the other hand, they could prove suitable for anyone living in a slightly colder environment who wants to retain heat at night.

Another advantage of solid platforms is that they can come with added storage. Though the base is mainly solid, it could have a few drawers on either side of the bed that you can use to store items. These will have minimal impact on the shape and comfort of the bed as a whole – it will still feel like a solid platform from above.

What Type Of Bed Base Is Right For Me?

which bed base is best

When trying to determine which type of bed base is right for your needs, you might want to consider these essential factors, as well as your own preferences.

Platform beds look aesthetically charming and sturdy, but they can also retain a lot of heat which might not be suitable for you depending on the environment that you live in. Studies✓ show that adults aged 41-55 tend to overheat at night, so we recommend you keep that in mind when purchasing the right bed base.

If you have a firm or medium-firm mattress, sprung, slats could be a good option because they can create a balance between firm and soft while adding some bounce. Their ability to take some of the pressure exerted on the mattress away can mean that they prolong its life and potentially the life of your bed overall.

Solid slats are a good option for those who prefer a firmer and more sturdy feel and can also offer durability. When paired with a firm mattress, you can also achieve an overall firm surface which can be suitable for those with aches and pains or people carrying extra weight.


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