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premier inn mattress hypnos review

Premier Inn Hypnos Mattress

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There has been a huge amount of fuss about this mattress, questions such as what is the Premier Inn mattress?, What mattress does Premier Inn use? and Where can I buy this mattress? have surfaced. Our goal in this Premier Inn mattress review is to answer all these questions and shed some light to get you one step closer to finding your Premier Inn mattress.

Let’s jump right into this mattress review and finally, we will show you where you can buy one from.

What is the Premier Inn Mattress?

You may want to know what is the Premier Inn mattress and why are they so sought after. Well, Premier Inn are arguably UK’s largest hotel brand with decades of experience in creating the perfect sleep experience for their customers and they don’t shy away when it comes to the mattress.

Our guess is that you have either landed on this page because A) you heard about how comfy the mattress is or B) you spent the night at a Premier Inn and experienced the mattress first hand and now want to know more.

What Mattress Does Premier Inn Use?

Premier Inn have been partnered with Hypnos to deliver their mattresses in over 780 hotels equating to 72,000 rooms. Hypnos is a British-family run mattress and bed manufacturer with over 100 years in bed making experience which is the contrary to the modern mattresses we have reviewed and our top 10 mattresses ranked. Hypnos mattresses are known internationally by their handcrafted pocket sprung mattresses made for homes, hotels and even royalty.

Now that we know what mattress Premier Inn uses we can get into the Hypnos mattress review.

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Hypnos Mattress

The Hypnos mattress is definitely on the luxury side of the spectrum. Hypnos are even sustainability friendly using natural and sustainably sourced materials which shows their stance on ethics.

Mattress Construction

The Premier Inn bed is made from over 1,000 springs which is where it gets most of its support from. The mattress is then wrapped in a hypoallergenic fabric and then tufted and finished with a wool-filled soft topper that is made to contour body shape.

As we have loads of mattress reviews on memory foam mattresses and hybrid mattresses, we are relatively new to the spring only mattresses such as this Hypnos mattress from Premier Inn. However, spring mattresses offer great ventilation due to the ample air space in and between the springs. The springs also offer more bounce which is a big factor especially when couples are buying a mattress. Finally, these types of mattresses offer excellent edge support.

Between the excellent craftsmanship and mattress construction, these are just some of the reasons the Hypnos mattress from Premier Inn are so sought after and there is so much hype around them

Premier Inn Hypnos Mattress uk
(Image credit: Premier Inn/ Hypnos)

Where can I buy this mattress?

The above information and research is made on the exact Premier Inn mattresses which are used in their rooms across the globe.

If you are looking to purchase a Hypnos mattress we have inserted buttons which will take you to some mattress options from Hypnos via some top retailers in the UK.

These mattresses offer very similar benefits and may even be more premium as they are not mass made but just our thoughts. If you are interested, we recommend having a look at what options there are from Hypnos.

For prices and availability please click below. Please compare prices from these retailers for your best savings.