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OTTY Pure Bamboo Charcoal Mattress Review


Written by Kyle

Last Updated: 31st December, 2021

Before we get into this OTTY Pure Bamboo and Charcoal mattress review. We have to mention that we have been following OTTY from the beginning.

They had started with their popular Hybrid and now have a couple of mattresses on offer. From memory foam to budget to an award-winning hybrid, each targeting a different audience. Now they have released an innovative model, the OTTY Pure model with bamboo and charcoal.

Scroll down for the OTTY Pure bamboo and charcoal mattress review (SUMMARY AT THE END).  

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OTTY Pure Hybrid Bamboo Charcoal Mattress Construction 

The OTTY Pure mattress is said to be UK's first bamboo memory foam mattress with charcoal-infused layers (as they claim), as you can imagine this is quite different to what you are to find in the UK bed-in-a-box market.

OTTY had taken their best selling Hybrid model and re-engineered the top comfort layer and its cover with bamboo and charcoal. Bamboo is marketed as a sustainable material to use in products nowadays and charcoal is said to include properties such as moisture absorption and odour elimination. But we will get into these layers further down this OTTY Pure mattress review.

Regarding safety, the foams used in all OTTY mattresses are CertiPUR and Europur approved. These are programs and certifications that inspect the properties of the polyurethane foams and set strict upper limits for certain components. OTTY products and mattresses are also fully compliant with the FIRA fire regulations set out in the UK. *All furniture products in the UK need to go through FIRA which is the UK's designated testing house to make sure they are not a fire hazard.

The OTTY Pure mattress is made up of 4 layers + 1 side support layer and a cover.

otty pure layer review
(Image credit: OTTY)

OTTY Pure Mattress Charcoal Cover 

The OTTY Pure has a thick 500gsm knit cotton cover which can be removed to clean (dry clean or with a damp cloth). The cover is infused with bamboo which is a naturally strong yet also flexible making it a very popular material in covers in the bedding industry. Bamboo is also said to be hypoallergenic making it great for those with sensitive skin.

Additionally, OTTY has included a top side mesh piece to the cover which they have not yet introduced with their other mattress models. This should help with air circulation throughout the mattress which is especially great for those hot sleepers out there.

otty pure cover review
(Image credit: OTTY)

OTTY Pure Mattress Layers 

1. Bamboo & Charcoal Memory Foam 

This is the unique bamboo & charcoal-infused memory foam layer. These elements bring their own natural antibacterial, temperature regulating and odour eliminating properties. Making it a great top comfort layer.

bamboo memory foam layer
(Image credit: OTTY)

2. Support Foam

A high-density support foam is placed just below the upper comfort layer and above the spring layer to act as a medium or transition between these layers.

This layer is known as Reflex foam, Reflex foam is known to be of a superior quality as compared to traditional polyurethane foam.

This layer is often used in hybrid mattresses to add additional support throughout the entire mattress.

support foam
(Image credit: OTTY)

3. Encapsulated Pocket Springs  

OTTY has always made it clear that their hybrid mattress incorporates some of the best mattress springs through marketing tactics such as spring to foam ratios etc. For the OTTY Pure mattress, it is stated that it is 64% spring to 36% foam.

What sets these springs apart from the other beds in boxes, mattresses with free trials or even the other OTTY models is that they incorporated 16cm full-sized springs. You will find up to 2,000 of these in the OTTY Pure, of course, this depends on which size you get.

These springs are also encapsulated, which means that they are individually pocketed which reduces motion transference making it a great mattress for couples.

encapsulated spring layer
(Image credit: OTTY)

4. Side Support & Base Foam

A side foam layer is added to enhance edge support which memory foam mattresses are known to perform poorly at. What is unique about this layer as compared to other edge support systems used by rivals is that it is made with airflow vents or holes for increased air circulation.

Finally, a base foam layer for the upper layers to rest on and ensure a solid foundation.

side support and base
(Image credit: OTTY)

How Thick Is The OTTY Pure Mattress?

All in all the mattress is 25cm in thickness. We also did some investigating for this OTTY Pure mattress review and found that it can withstand 22 stone or 139kgs per side, equating to a total of 44 stone.

Mattress Firmness 

The OTTY Pure is rated at about a 6.5 out of 10 on the virtual scale. This comfort level will, of course, will depend on your weight and sleeping behaviour but in general for the majority of UK sleepers it will feel not too soft and not too firm. The OTTY Flex is also regarded as a medium-firm mattress (also a bit cheaper and without springs).

otty pure charcoal bamboo firmness review
(Image credit: The Mattress Guide)

If you are wanting a firmer feeling mattress, head on over to our OTTY Hybrid or alternatively our OTTY Essential mattress for a softer feeling mattress. Our Best Soft Mattress list can also be a great place to start looking for a cloud-like comfort level.

OTTY Mattress Design

The overall design of the OTTY Pure mattress is neutral with the side air vents giving it a modern touch which we have not yet seen before. What makes the cover unique is the "OTTY" brand being engraved into the top cover as well as some simplistic designs. This demonstrates it's not a generic cover which some mattresses use.

pure design
(Image credit: OTTY)

OTTY Trial Period and Warranty

As with most beds that come in boxes, the OTTY Pure as with all of their mattress models includes a 100-night trial. This gives you as the buyer over three months to try out the mattress at home and if you are dissatisfied within this time frame you can return it and receive a refund. We always recommend you read the fine print when it comes to mattresses with free trials. We noticed that the trial is only applicable when the Pure is bought through the OTTY website and not marketplaces like Amazon or eBay.

OTTY also guarantee for 10 years from when you receive the mattress. This will protect any manufacturing defects. Again, we recommend to read the fine print.

Mattress Delivery   

OTTY mattresses usually arrive in a 158cm x 44cm x 44cm box (approximate measurements, will depend on mattress size). The mattress comes rolled, vacuum-sealed in plastic for protection and then ultimately boxed.

Delivery is generally in the 1-3 business day range with peak seasons delaying production to 5-10 working days.

otty mattress pure delivery
(Image credit: OTTY)

Additional Services  

OTTY offer a Saturday delivery if you are not available during weekdays. This can be selected at the checkout for an additional fee of £20.  

Additionally, they also offer premium delivery. They will deliver your new OTTY mattress to your room of choice. This is for a £10 fee.

Planned delivery is also available from OTTY. This is a great option for those who are very busy and need everything planned out. This is at a cost of £20.  

*Prices and availability may be subject to change

Payment Options

  • Debit/Credit Card  
  • Paypal
  • Amazon Pay, Google Pay, Shop Pay

OTTY Pure Hybrid Bamboo Charcoal Mattress Price and Sizes

OTTY, in general, are very well priced and could, in some instances be seen as a budget mattress. If you aren't looking to spend a fortune, we recommend checking out the OTTY Essential mattress (budget-friendly) and the OTTY Flex mattress (great value).

The OTTY Pure mattress can be ordered online in these standard sizes. Make sure to head on over to our DISCOUNTS PAGE for best deals or alternatively our best OTTY deals on the internet page.

SIZEDIMENSIONSPRICE (excl. discount code)
OTTY Pure Single size mattress90x190x25 cm£499.99
OTTY Pure Double size mattress135x190x25 cm£699.99
OTTY Pure King size mattress150x200x25 cm£799.99
OTTY Pure Super king size mattress180x200x25 cm£899.99
*prices and availability may be subject to change  

OTTY Pure Mattress Customer Reviews 

But please don’t just take our word from this OTTY Pure Bamboo and Charcoal mattress review, with OTTY mattresses being bought almost hourly you can find a whole data dump of customer reviews.

It is always wise to take a look at what some existing customers have said about the product. You can find these either on the site itself or from third party platforms.


  • OTTY donated a proportion of their returned mattresses to local organisations and charities, they have even donated to Englands women’s football squad.

Should I Buy an OTTY Pure Hybrid Bamboo Charcoal Mattress?  

To conclude this OTTY Pure mattress with Bamboo and Charcoal review, we have a few points which we think would make this mattress a great consideration. We would recommend this mattress if you are looking for:

  • A hybrid mattress.
  • A medium-firm comfort feel.
  • A mattress made with innovative materials.
Up to 50% OFF
otty discount code voucher uk
OTTY Discount Voucher Code
Save Up to 50% OFF | T&Cs apply.
Save Up to 50% OFF | T&Cs apply. Show Less
OTTY Pure Bamboo Charcoal Mattress Review
Material Quality
Motion Isolation
Edge Support
Sex/ Bounce
Company Reputation
Value for Money
100-night risk-free trial
10-year warranty
Free delivery and returns
Full-sized springs
Innovative materials
Cover is not machine washable

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Material Quality
Motion Isolation
Edge Support
Sex/ Bounce
Company Reputation
Value for Money
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