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iGel Mattress Reviews


Written by Andrea

Last Updated: 31st December, 2021

If you're looking for a mattress that comes with the ability to do lots of things at once, have a read through these iGel mattress reviews. Exclusive to Bensons for Beds, the manufacturer has spent a lot of time developing their mattress technologies so they are able to offer the perfect night’s sleep.

Studies suggest✓ that insufficient sleep can lead to chronic diseases so it's important to select an ideal mattress for you to sleep on for many years. These mattresses are made with their special Graphene technology. It has been designed to fully regulate your temperature as you sleep. In fact, the brand claims that you should never be too hot or too cold. Their mattresses are also designed to cradle you just right so that pressure is taken off your limbs, giving you a good night’s rest.

There are a few online reviews mentioning iGel mattress problems, but are these just the occasional unhappy client or is there more to them?

Keep reading these iGel mattress reviews to find out more about these mattresses in order to create your own opinion. (Important Considerations in Conclusion).

iGel Advance 1600 24 cm Firm 40 Nights
10 Years
iGel Advance 2000 27 cm Firm 40 Nights
10 Years
iGel Advance 2500 Pillow Top 31 cm Medium & Firm 40 Nights
10 Years
iGel Advance 2500 Plush Top
31 cm Soft, Medium & Firm 40 Nights
10 Years
iGel Advance 3000 Plush Top 35 cm Medium & Firm 40 Nights
10 Years
Prices are referring to the single size. Information may be subject to change, please check with the brand/manufacturer before purchasing.
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1. iGel Advance 1600 Mattress

iGel Advance 1600 Mattress
(Image credit: Bensons for Beds)

The Advance 1600 is a firm mattress that comes in a variety of sizes. This mattress has been highly rated by those who have bought it thus far, rating highly on Trustpilot. Some of the reviews mention that the mattress appears to be quite firm when you first try it out, but that it is nevertheless very comfortable.

Choosing to purchase the iGel Advance 1600 means that a customer will be able to take advantage of the special features that come with this mattress. At its base lies the 1600 individually nested pocket springs that give the mattress its name.

These are surrounded by AdvantEdge foam, giving you a good level of support right up to the edge of the mattress. It doesn't matter whether you are in the centre of the mattress or on the very edge of it, you should have the same level of support. In combination with the springs, they are also designed to prevent you to roll towards the middle of the bed and potentially disturbing your partner.

Above this base is the crucial layer of Graphene gel. IGel claims that it is seven times faster at absorbing heat and releasing it when needed. If you are prone to overheating as you sleep, a system such as this could help cool you down successfully, this is particularly useful for those looking for a cooling mattress. It is also designed to provide pressure relief where needed in order to help to correctly align the hips and shoulders This will stop them from sinking too deeply into the mattress and potentially cause pain down the line. Also worth noting is that the Graphene gel contains no harmful chemicals to the environment.

Atop all of this is a FreshNow pillow-top cover that is designed to wick away moisture to help keep you refreshed as you rest. Those who struggle with overheating could potentially benefit from a mattress such as this that can help keep your temperature and sweat well-regulated as you rest. These materials are also antibacterial and hypoallergenic.

(Video credit: Bensons for Beds)

2. iGel Advance 2000 Mattress

iGel Advance 2000
(Image credit: Bensons for Beds)

Those searching for a firm and supportive mattress that is yet comfortable to rest on should definitely consider the Advance 2000 from iGel. This 27-centimetre high mattress, and the others that use Graphene technology, are available exclusively at Bensons for Beds. They are a well-known and trusted bed retailer. Purchasing through them allows you to take advantage of their free delivery service, where they will also deliver the mattress to a room of your choosing. They will also grant a 10-year guarantee on products such as these.

The base of the hybrid mattress contains 2000 pocket springs that have been encased in foam. This helps them to feel comfortable to a body at rest atop them and will help to reduce some of the side-to-side movement that could affect a mattress’s support. The springs are also surrounded by another layer of foam to help deliver stability across the mattress from edge to edge. If you share your bed with a partner, this will hopefully prevent you from rolling into each other as you rest.

On top of this base is 5 cm of iGel’s beaded Graphene technology gel. The Graphene is an anti-allergy material that also works to regulate your temperature. The beaded parts of this material are key for helping to support limbs and relieve pressure from them so the sleeper does not wake up with aches and pains. On top is a special quilted pattern that is designed to offer some extra comfort to sleep on, while also ensuring that moisture is properly wicked away from the sleeper.

This mattress has been designed to be as easy to manage as possible. It does not need to be turned, only occasionally rotated so it can stay in the best condition. To help you move this mattress easily, it has handles placed on all sides.

(Video credit: Bensons for Beds)

3. iGel Advance 2500 Pillow Top Mattress

iGel Advance 2500 Pillow Top
(Image credit: Bensons for Beds)

Some want a comfortable mattress that offers a good level of support while still remaining incredibly soft and pleasant to rest on. The iGel Advance 2500 Pillow Top mattress is available as both medium and firm models, so you can find the one that best suits you. It comes in a multitude of sizes so that you can find the right one for your size of bed. Purchasing this mattress from Bensons for Beds means that you are also going to be able to enjoy their 10-year guarantee.

At the top of this pillow top mattress is a comfortable topper. This is breathable, soft to the touch and uses iGel’s FreshNow technology to ensure that moisture is wicked away from sleepers at rest. Underneath it lies 5 cm of their Graphene gel. This is designed to absorb heat when you are overheating and release it when you are a little too cold. It is also chemical-free, which could make it a good choice both for you and the environment.

Under the Graphene, you will find a base of 2500 individually nested pocket springs. These are arranged in two layers to help give you as much support as possible. They have also been surrounded by foam that stretches from one side of the bed to the other to create a stable place for the sleepers. This also reinforces the edges of the mattress, making it more durable.

(Video credit: Bensons for Beds)

4. iGel Advance 2500 Plush Top Mattress

iGel Advance 2500 Plush Top Mattress
(Image credit: Bensons for Beds)

The iGel Advance 2500 Plush Top mattress is a great option for those who really like to tailor their sleep. The makeup of this mattress means that it should be able to deliver a good quality of sleep to people regardless of their preferences. This mattress comes in a wide array of colours and size, but also in firmness ratings. No matter what you might prefer, there should be some combination that will suit your needs.

Just like the iGel Advance 2500 pillow Top, this mattress contains 2500 springs in total, arranged over two layers to help support a body no matter how it might choose to lie on the mattress. This is aided by this mattress’s Graphene technology – the next layer up. The gel layer is incorporated in the highly breathable and soft quilted plush top. The Graphene technology gel is developed to absorb excess heat seven times faster than standard memory foam, making it a great option for those who want to find something that can adjust to their temperature easily while they rest.

It could also be a good option for those who wish to make more sustainable purchases. The brand has made sure to use second life textiles in their mattresses, and they are committed to keeping these chemical-free and hypoallergenic. On top of that, this mattress does not need to be flipped – just turned. This makes it a low-maintenance and easy mattress to care for.

(Video credit: Bensons for Beds)

5. iGel Advance 3000 Plush Top Mattress

iGel Advance 3000 Plush Top
(Image credit: Bensons for Beds)

The iGel Advance 3000 Plush Top is the most advanced mattress of these iGel mattress reviews and could be a good option for those who are looking for some extra technology and luxury added to their sleep. It comes in many different sizes and colours, as well as in two firmness ratings - Medium and Firm.

This mattress can be bought exclusively through Bensons for Beds. When you do so, you will get to take advantage of their 10-year guarantee. Since this mattress doesn't need to be turned, merely rotated every now and then, these two factors mean that you'll likely have a shipshape mattress for quite a long time. Buying from Bensons also means that you can enjoy their free delivery of the mattress to a specific room in your home.

The Advance 3000 Plush Top has been finished with a luxury quilted cover with a stylish motive in the middle. This provides a comfortable and plush sleeping surface for a sleeper to rest on. This cover has also been treated with iGel’s FreshNow technology that works to wick away moisture and provide a restful night’s sleep.

This moisture-wicking property is aided by the 7.5 cm of Graphene beaded gel that is embedded in the plush top. This has been designed to help transfer heat away from a sleeper’s body if the room is too hot. But it can also release stored heat to help someone who might feel a little too cold while sleeping. The formula gives pressure relief to better align the spine and remove some of the weight from the body’s pressure points. This prevents hips and shoulders to not sink too far down into the mattress.

Beneath this layer of gel are 3000 pocket springs. These have been encased in foam to help give maximum support to those sleeping on this mattress regardless of the position that they are in.

(Video credit: Bensons for Beds)

iGel Mattress Reviews Conclusion

This iGel mattress review shows that the mattresses from iGel have been designed with precision to meet the needs of sleepers. The development of their foams and spring systems means that they are able to offer a variety of products to those who have a few different requirements for their mattresses. In addition to being able to offer adequate support and comfort to many different types of sleepers, it is also good to see this manufacturer meeting demands for anti-allergen and chemical-free products. Shoppers who are concerned with buying sustainable, organic and eco-friendly mattresses should consider what these have to offer.

The Graphene gel technology is a unique solution, and iGel has placed it at the heart of their mattresses. This shows how confident they are of its abilities to regulate temperature. The use of springs in addition to their gel and foam also means that they are able to deliver mattresses that are not just comfortable to rest on but can also offer support where a body needs it the most.

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iGel Mattress Reviews
10-Year warranty
Anti-bacterial and hypoallergenic
iGel Graphene Technology
AdvantEdge for better edge support
Few differences between the different mattresses

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