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Guide To Mattress Disposal | Free + Eco-Friendly Options


Written by Andrea

Last Updated: 1st January, 2022

At some point in life, we all decide it's time to get a new mattress. Your current mattress might not be hitting the sweet spots anymore or allowing you to get the sleep you so desperately need. Studies✓ suggest that newer bedding systems can improve your sleeping quality significantly and that a timely upgrade of your mattress is important. But one thing to keep in mind is; purchasing a new mattress often means getting rid of your old one.

If you're reading this article you are probably wondering how this can be done. Luckily for you, there are many ways you can dispose of your old mattress. You might be wondering: is old mattress disposal free? The answer depends on how you get rid of it. Few mattress disposal options in the UK are free, but there are some free mattress removal solutions as well as cost-effective solutions.

Keep reading this article for the ultimate guide to mattress disposal. Whether you're searching for mattress disposal near me, or wondering can you take a mattress to the tip, we have the answer for you.

When Should You Get Rid Of Your Mattress?

Before you decide to dispose of your current mattress, you should consider the factors or reasons surrounding why you want to in the first place. Ideally, you should be replacing your mattress every seven to ten years. So, if it is simply an upgrade of the one you have, then disposing of it is a good way to go. However, if your mattress is only a few years old and you are having some problems with it, then you should look into some options before getting rid of your current one.

If your mattress is relatively new but dirty, read our tips on how to clean a mattress and maybe you can still save it. If you tend to wake up each morning or from a nap with a sore neck or back, chances are your mattress might need turning. Depending on the type of mattress you have, some are designed to be regularly turned to prolong the life of your mattress, so this is worth considering.

However, if your mattress is leaving you in pain each morning, then it might be time to purchase a new one that is suitable for people who suffer from back pain. More often than not, mattresses are a big expense, meaning that some people have to save up for a new mattress. If this is the case for you, identifying the problem as soon as it arises and saving up straight away is a good option. Meanwhile, you can invest in products like an affordable mattress topper to upgrade your sleep environment while you're saving.

Neck could be a reason for mattress disposal

Have you decided it's time to dispose of your mattress? This guide to mattress disposal might be able to help you dispose of your mattress easily and the right way. Let’s dive in.

Not So Fun Fact!
A report from 2019 made by the TFR group states that 7,5 million mattresses end up in landfills each year, which is equivalent to fill up the Wembly Stadium 5 times.

Option 1: Can Your Mattress Be Reused? Sell Or Donate

People often tend to forget that mattresses can be reused if there are no obvious issues with them. If your mattress is still functional and you’re only looking to upgrade due to reasons other than a poor-quality mattress, then you should consider reselling it to someone else or donating your mattress to charity. There are many online selling stores that will allow you to sell your mattress for its intended value; these online platforms include Gumtree, eBay, Facebook Marketplace and many more. This will allow you to get some cash for your next mattress purchase.

You can also donate your mattress to your local charity shop. Usually, a charity shop will accept all donations. However, for larger items, you might need to contact a larger charity shop to accommodate their size. More importantly, you should also only donate your mattress if it still is of good quality. The charity shop staff will deal with this most of the time but making this decision before you go out of your way to donate might save you a lot of wasted time.

Here are some charities that could take your old mattress:

  1. British Red Cross
  2. British Heart Foundation
  3. Emmaus UK
  4. Furniture Reuse Network

Option 2: Take It To The Tip

You can dispose of your mattress by dumping it at your local tip. The contents of many mattresses are made of organic and natural material and entirely recyclable. This means you can pop it in the recycling skip if possible. One of the things to consider when it comes to disposing of your mattress at the local tip is how you intend on getting it there. If you don’t have a car, then you might need to hire a van or ask a friend to help you out.

If you have a pocket sprung mattress, then this option might be more difficult. However, it does work in most cases. For ease of transportation, simply roll up your mattress as tightly as you can and tie it together with some string (this might be a two-person job). From here, you can transport the compact mattress in a vehicle and then ask the tip employees to help you put it in the skip.

Here are some opinions on carrying a mattress on top of a car, we also recommend you see the overhang regulations✓ for a further understanding.

Mattress disposal by car

Option 3: Invest In A Mattress Disposal Service

Sometimes disposing of a compact mattress in a car isn’t possible for everyone, but there are other ways to consider. There are many mattress disposal services that are available to collect the mattress from your house and dump or cycle it for you. Waste collection services can be affordable in most circumstances, but generally, the price they charge can depend on the item you need to remove. A mattress might cost slightly more since it's a bit difficult to navigate and dispose of. Keep looking for the best deal and compare options as the disposal service market is normally saturated.

A top tip from others who have previously used an old mattress disposal service suggests that you might be more likely to get a good deal if you have various things to dump. Therefore, rather than paying around £30 for one item, you can pay £50 and have the service rid your home of loads of things that need to go. A good clean out is necessary, more often than not.

Option 4: Contact Your Local Council

Depending on where you live, it might be an easy option to contact your local council✓ to take your mattress away for you. You will be charged for this, but this can sometimes be a lot cheaper than using a private disposal service. Additionally, the price you pay will depend on what council you live in. It is also important to remember that a council collection will be a lot slower than a private removal service. Keep this in mind if you are pushed for time.

Option 5: Contact Your Retailer

Another option is contacting your retailer to dispose of your mattress. Depending on who you have bought your mattress from, the mattress manufacturer or brand might offer the option of collecting your old mattress for you. It might also be possible for your new mattress retailer to collect your old mattress for a small fee, or even for free in some cases. Even if you do have to pay for this service, this is a great option to consider because it can often be as easy as taking your old mattress away upon the delivery of your new one. A good guide to mattress disposal should make things as easy for you as possible.

Some of the retailers that take away your old mattress for you include Dreams, IKEA, Emma, John Lewis, Nectar, Silentnight and Furniture Village. It is worth checking out whether the service is free or not before you make your decision. Out of each of the named mattress providers, the maximum fee sits at around £50 for Furniture Village. If this is an added value for you when considering buying a new mattress, check out our discount codes for some of these retailers.

Mattress Disposal Service

What Should You Avoid?

When selecting your method of old mattress disposal, there are some things you should avoid doing. For instance, you shouldn’t burn the mattress or leave it elsewhere for collection. Fly-tipping is illegal, and you might find yourself with a big fine on top of the price of your new mattress. Moreover, burning household products in public is a nuisance and can contribute to environmental degradation; it's even dangerous in most circumstances. Therefore, choosing a reliable removal method is the way to go when disposing of your mattress.

Guide To Mattress Disposal Conclusion

Overall, this article works as an ultimate guide to mattress disposal. Some of your options include selling or donating, taking it to be recycled, investing in a private removal service, contacting your local council and using your new mattress retailer. Most retailers aim to work towards helping with recycling and keeping the mattress industry environmentally friendly, so entrusting them to dispose of your mattress responsibly might be a good idea.

When making your decision, you should also consider your circumstances. For example, can you compact the mattress by yourself, haul it into the car and drive to your local recycling tip? If so, then this might be a good option for you. However, if you don’t have a car or anyone to help you, paying for an external service will make things a lot easier.

Identifying when you should get rid of your current mattress can be a difficult thing to do, especially because you are sometimes recommended to consistently turn your mattress to prolong the life of it. Yet again, how do you know when it is one turn too many? Make sure that your mattress is good enough to donate or sell to someone else before attempting to do so. Even if it's not the right one for you, it might be for someone else. Purchasing a high-quality mattress that suits your needs will always be a good investment for you.

Consider this guide to mattress disposal when it’s time to get out with the old, and in with the new.

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